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					                                                              FNT Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

                                                                                         Job Descriptions

Job Description:

Complaints Manager handles a team of executives who are directly responsible for handling complaints
received from customers, for investigating the complaints, coordinating with distribution and internal
teams for corrective measures so as to deliver resolutions to customers. The manager ensures that all
complaints are dealt with fairly and reasonably and in a timely manner. The manager should have a
passion for customer delight, so as to enhance customer satisfaction, customer retention and minimize
the number of complaints. A complaints manager is also an important bridge between clients and the
organization. He is also responsible for giving feedback to minimize complaints, rectify recurring and
systematic problems to improve planning and future service delivery.

Complaints Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for end to end resolutions of customer complaints received from various customers, online
portal of the regulator, the management desk and other forums·

Managing and supporting team of 10 executives handling resolution to complaints·

Understanding the reasons and factors (RCA) behind complaints and work towards solving client
problems and drive process improvements.

Setting up of robust review and supervisory workflow, monitoring team and working towards reducing
complaint numbers and eliminating escalations·

Meeting with process owners, distribution team and relaying client complaints related to the particular
product / services·

Training the team continuously to meet the SLA and improve the quality and efficiency·

Continuously communicate with Customers to reduce complaints from the products support.
                                                               FNT Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

                                                                                          Job Descriptions


      Complaints Manager Education, Training and Qualifications Post Graduate or Graduate with
       commensurate experience.
      In this job, practical experience is very important. Having worked into Web Applications clientele
       retention profile for 3 to 4 years of which two years in team handling role.
      Further, the job requires strong skills such as excellent client service ethics and troubleshooting.
      Excellent communication and client retention skills are the prerequisite for the job.
      Masters in Business Administration and Management is the best preferred degree from an
       accredited and certified institute.
      Complaints Manager Skills and Specifications.
      Excellent communication skills.
      Good writing skills.
      Excellent troubleshooting abilities.
      Team handling skills.
      Should be a quick thinker and be able to think of solutions to client problems instantly.
      Should be quick and alert to client demands and complaints.
      Should be creative in finding solutions for client complaints.
      Should be organized and meticulous in work.
      Ability to maintain excellent external and internal client relations.
      Ability to work under stress since the job can frequently tend to be very stressful.
      Should have a genuine concern for client complaints and work with dedication towards finding
       solutions and retaining customers.

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