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									                         PALM SPRINGS II

OUR THIRTY-FOURTH YEAR                            FEBRUARY 2012

                                           Irving & Dorothy Kleiner

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                                            Vinegar             15
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               PALM SPRINGS II

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               EDITOR Roy Andersen                                                President   DAVID RISCH

   EDITOR EMERITUS Israel Sweig                                       1st Vice President      RONALD HASEMANN
                                                                     2nd Vice President       SHEILA HOROWITZ
  ASSOCIATE EDITOR Harriette Sweig
                                                                                 Secretary    MARGARET BROOKS
     PHOTOGRAPHER Nylsa Carasquillo                                              Treasurer    RAE BEHLMAN

      PROOFREADERS Marcy Konigsberg
                   Martha Krichmar                                                2012 Directors
                                                              1 - RAE BEHLMAN                  9 - MARGARET BROOKS
   COMPUTER STAFF Pat Criswell
                                                              2 - LAWRENCE DRUM               10 - RONALD HASEMANN
                  Lindin Padovani
                  Constance Terranova                         3 - GLORIA REISNER              11 - DAVID RISCH

                  Eva Guimares                                4 - BETTY WOLFE                 12 - ANTHONY POMPA
                                                              5 - NYLSA CARASQUILLO           12B - CHARLIE DAVIS
           ACCOUNTS Roberta Wilson
                                                              6 - SAMUEL GORDON               14 - ALVIN MINTZ
      CONTRIBUTING Marie Clarke                               7 - MIN EDELMAN                 15 - GEORGE BROWNSTEIN
           WRITERS Harriet Lipman
                                                              8 - ISRAEL SWEIG                16 - LINDA LEYKO
                   Renee Andersen
                   Bob Fennimore                                                 17 - SHEILA HOROWITZ
                   Fred Glassman
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mailbox, located in the Clubhouse or given to the
office staff. Anonymous submissions will not be                   BRIGETTE HASEMANN

                          FROM THE PRESIDENT

T      he following directors were
       elected at the January 10,
       association annual meeting:
   Rae Behlman
   Gloria Reisner
                          Building 1
                          Building 3
                                                         entrances is complete. Moreover, we
                                                         have started the painting of these
                                                         areas. The painting process will cause
                                                         some inconvenience, and we appreci-
                                                         ate your cooperation. Once painting
   Nylsa Carrasquillo     Building 5                     is completed, I am confident every-
   Minnie Edelman         Building 7                     one will be pleased with the improved
   Margaret Brooks        Building 9     David   Risch
                                                         appearance of our buildings.
   David Risch            Building 11                       A recent problem has been the
   Charlie Davis          Building 12B            white fly attacks on our hedges. This is a
   George Brownstein      Building 15             problem common to this area and not easy
   Sheila Horowitz        Building 17             to correct. Through an aggressive program
   In addition, the Board elected the follow-     of spraying, we have been dealing reason-
ing Officers:                                     ably well with this menace.
   David Risch            President                  Regarding the Receivership Program, we
   Ron Hasemann           1st Vice-President      have now rented a third unit. The new
   Sheila Horowitz        2nd Vice-President      tenant moved in on January 15. Further-
   Margaret Brooks        Secretary               more, we have a positive cash flow from the
   Rae Behlman            Treasurer               previous two units rented. A fourth unit has
   With respect to maintenance issues,            a promising prospect.
pressure cleaning of building walkways and                              (Continued on page 31)

                           EDITOR‘S COMMENTS

A      nother year has passed and
       the budget committee has
       created a budget without an
increase in maintenance fees. It is
amazing what a good budget process
                                                    bocce courts or a screen for viewing
                                                    the Super Bowl and movies.
                                                       We need activities in our community
                                                    to improve relations between all
                                                    residents. I'm not one of the most
can accomplish.                                     outgoing people in the community and
    The committee encountered                       having activities that increase interplay
increases in several categories and Roy Andersen between residents can only benefit us
they have worked out those increases by       all. We have tried current events, ping
trimming expenses in other areas. This is     pong, bridge, exercise classes and arts and
exactly what a good budget process consists   crafts most to no avail.
of, a little give and take on the part of         We would like to hear the thoughts of
everyone on the committee. We extend our      other unit owners as to activities they feel
thanks to the committee for a job well done.  should be added to improve our relations.
    We are looking forward to comments            Palm Springs II, in the beginning, was a
from the board as to how the funds received   community with very diverse activities. It is
from Comcast are going to be utilized. I, for a shame that these activities have gone by
one, would be looking for methods to          the wayside. Let‘s resolve to improve this
improve the communications with unit          situation. Tell the board what you want to
owners or perhaps a couple of horseshoe or    see in our community...

     Arlene Stiepleman, P.A.
           Condo Queen
                            SCOTT STIEPLEMAN

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Office:             954-752-8401
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Fax:                954-341-9404

                               BOARD MEETING
BOARD BUDGET MEETING                                   All buildings have had the walkways and
December 27, 2011                                   elevator areas power washed. Painting of
                                                    these areas will begin in January 2012.
   David Risch reported the following:              FINANCIAL REPORT
   The format for the board meeting is: new             Sheila Horowitz reported the current
business items are discussed first by the           financial status.
board, and then opened up for audience              COMMITTEE REPORTS
comments.                                              Sales and Rentals: Ms. Hyatt reported
   On November 7, I attended the monthly            three sales.
meeting of the Margate Association of                  Entertainment: Marie Clarke discussed
Condominiums. Noteworthy at the meeting             the New Years Dinner Dance, the Super
was a presentation by a roofing contractor          Bowl Party and the March 24th barbeque.
on the construction and maintenance of
                                                    OLD BUSINESS
                                                       David Risch reported the interview
   Two units in the receivership program
                                                    process for a new law firm is completed, and
produced positive cash flow in November
                                                    the committee recommends The Frydman
and December. A renter for Apartment 15-
                                                    Law Group. A motion was made and
108 will be interviewed on December 29.
                                                    approved to accept the recommendation.
Three additional apartments are available to
                                                       David Risch reported he is still awaiting
                                                    several bids on an air conditioning
   Gutters have been repositioned at the
                                                    maintenance contract covering the two
trash areas. This will prevent further
                                                    clubhouses. A vendor recommendation will
deterioration of the apron areas.
                                                    be made at the January board meeting.
                                                    NEW BUSINESS
             If you find any errors in the
             Reporter please note they are             The issue of smoking inside the pool
             there for a purpose. We                areas was discussed. A motion was made
             publish     something       for        and approved to prohibit smoking at both
             everyone. Some people are              pools.
             always looking for mistakes.           GOOD AND WELFARE
                                                      No issues to report.
                                                      Meeting was adjourned at 7:27 pm

                                                              In Memoriam
                                                       It is with sadness that we report
                                                             the untimely passing of:
                                                        MORRIS GROSS .......... 14 / 101
                                                        BEN BENJAMIN ........... 12 / 201
 OK, let‘s take a vote. All those opposed to            FRANK GARAVUSO ......... 4 / 307
my ideas raise their hand and say ―I resign‖.

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W          ell, the ladies decided this one
           evening to venture out of our
           realm. We went to downtown Ft.
Lauderdale, 17th and Cordova to be exact.
The restaurant we tried was the famous
                                                     bad we couldn‘t bring any home. We will
                                                     rate ―Carlos and Pepe‘s‖ with an awesome 4
                                                     palms and hope to return soon.
                                                         There is a new restaurant, right here in
                                                     Margate, ―Café Vincenzo‖. This was our
―Carlos and Pepe’s‖.           This    Mexican       most recent exploration. Vincenzo‘s is located
restaurant has been in the same location for         on Margate Blvd. at the clock circle. The décor
25 years. The menu in itself is quite                is just lovely. The new owners have put in an
interesting. Descriptions of the entrées is a        acoustical ceiling and we can attest that you
joy to read, very entertaining.                      may now have a nice conversation with your
    We started dinner with the specialty tuna        tablemates. The wait staff is extremely helpful
dip (delicious) and of course chips and fresh        and service is prompt. The ladies arrived in
salsa. The chips are warm and toasty. Many           time for the extensive early bird choices. We
of us had as a main course, chicken nachos           were presented with warm focaccia and tasty
which is actually on the appetizer list. The         dipping oil, awesome! The $11.95 menu
plate is loaded with nachos layered with             includes a tasty green salad (spinach, arugula,
shredded chicken in a cheese sauce and then          onion, black olives and chunks of tomato)
topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese.             served with a house balsamic dressing.
    Chicken fajitas were also chosen by a                Several of the ladies tried the Veal
few ladies. The fajitas were sizzling when           Marsala with homemade linguini. A few tried
they were brought to the table. Of course            the Veal Francese also with the linguini. Veal
the normal guacamole, sour cream, peppers            Parmigana was also ordered and enjoyed.
and onions accompanied the chicken.                  The linguini was cooked ‗aldente‘. Several
Flautas was also an item ordered. It is beef         ladies brought their dinner home to enjoy
rolled in a flour tortilla, fried and topped         the next day, portions were plentiful.
with guacamole, sour cream and their                     Oh my! I almost forgot to mention the
specialty sauce. It is called Flautas, because       complimentary       glass   of   wine    which
it looks like a flute. Chimichanga was               accompanied all our meals, very good.
another item enjoyed by the ladies. It is a              One of the new owners Scott Terrell
deep fried chicken or beef burro covered             stopped by our table to introduce himself
with their own special sauce and garnished           and before we left we also met Vincenzo.
with sour cream and guacamole.                       Two very nice men and we wish them all the
    Of course all dinners were boxed to be           best in their new venture. The ladies are
brought home for another meal or two,                rating Vincenzo‘s with a terrific 4 palms and
because we all wanted to enjoy the famous            will return to try other items on the menu. I
Fried Ice Cream which by the way was too             would especially like to try the broccoli rabe.
much for one person. I think we each had at          Hmmmm my favorite.
least a pint of ice cream, rolled in the best            To everyone here in Palm Springs II,
corn flakes and drizzled with lots of warm           please try this new restaurant right here in
chocolate and caramel sauce topped with a            our town you won‘t be disappointed.
generous portion of whipped cream. Too                                              By Marie Clarke

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                            MIXED BOWLING

                  Bowling News
T     he second half of the
      season has started.
      There have been a lot
of changes in the standings,
being that it‘s a 32 week
                                                                        Bowling Rules
                                                                         you   holler   "overs!"
                                                                  before the ball passes the
                                                                  arrows, you get to throw the
season. There will be many                                        ball over, unless, you get a
more before the end of the                                        strike. In which case, you
                                                                  can renege on the "overs".
    At the moment, the team of
                                      Standings-Week 18    When    your team is about 100
Shirley Blau, David Risch, Art
                                      Team Won    Lost     pins down in the 9th frame, you
Perciasepe and Ron Hasemann are
                                        2     80    46     can invoke the rule "First Team
in first place. Tied for second place
is Team 8 with of Laura Fenimore,       8     70    56     Through Bowling Wins the Game",
Vic Bucella, Jack Slomko and            7     70    56     and your team still has a chance.
Charles Blanco, and Team 7 with         3     69    57     After   a member of the opposing
Hilda Fogel, Rafeal DelRosario,         1     66    60     team bowls 4 strikes in a row, they
Phyllis Silver and Luc Hinse.           4     66    60     must bowl the next 4 frames
    Charlie Davis made a 4-7-10         5     61    65     blindfolded.
split. Wish I could do that.                               When    you leave the 10 and you
                                        9     58    68
    Visitor Bill Criswell had a nice                       know you can't make it, but another
                                        6     52    74
231 game, maybe one day it could                           member of your team can, invoke
                                       10     38    88
happen to me.
                                                           the "Designated Bowler" rule.
    Roy Andersen, on the men‘s side has top
                                                  After   you have 4 splits in one game, you
score with 254, while for the women, Betty
                                                  may say "Kings X" and take those 4 frames
McBride has a top score of 194. That‘s what
I call great bowling.                             over. However, if you split the 2nd time
                                                  around, you must accept it.
   Plenty more coming.
                           By Fred Glassman       If   your ball goes in the gutter and jumps
                                                  back onto the lane, knocking down pins, by
                                                  golly, you get them! That's much harder than
                                                  knocking them down the conventional way.
                                                  A    ball should be declared dead when you
                                                  bowl 3 games without a strike. It shall be the
                                                  owner‘s privilege to decide on the disposition
                                                  of said dead ball - Burial at Sea, dropped into
                                                  a live volcano, or a simple burial in the city
                                                  dump. For a small fee, a league officer can be
   ―My doctor told me to gradually start an       bribed to deliver a short eulogy.
  exercise program. So today I drove past a
                                                                               Author Unknown
           store that sells sweats.‖

                                WOMEN‘S CLUB

M        arie told us at our board meeting
         that the ballet was to have been
         performed partly on stage so that
everyone could see. This request was not
complied with and although the performance
                                                             Our secretary read two beautiful notes we
                                                          received – one from Margate Fire Rescue and
                                                          the other from S.O.S. Children‘s Village – both
                                                          thanking us for the generous contributions
                                                          received from the Palm Springs II Women‘s
was beautiful, it was difficult for those in back         Club. Very gratifying to say the least.
to see anything but heads and shoulders.                      The Valentine Day‘s party has been
Sorry about that and it won‘t happen again.               changed to Saturday evening, February 11th
    Dede is still trying to get something together        at 5:30 pm. Boston Chicken is catering and
for us to visit the Bonnet House, with lunch, and         the choices are chicken, of course, and turkey
is also looking into another trip to Naples.              with veggies and escalloped apples. We‘ll have
   Our next Mardi Gras trip is Wednesday,                 delicious desserts with coffee and then
February 8th, and then March 7th and April                entertainment by the Easy Living‘ Band. All for
4th (all Wednesdays). We must have the                    $15.00 per person. Please call your building
names of those going at least two weeks                   representative by February 3rd.
before the trip. We are told this is a State                 We have a card party and luncheon
                                                          scheduled at the Park Summit on Wednesday,
                                                          February 29th at 11:00 am - $6.00 per
                                                          person. So get your games together ladies
                                                          and call your building representative.
                                                             The Installation Luncheon will be reported
                                                          upon in the March issue of the Reporter.

    Another annual meeting has passed                        See you at the slots on the 8th, Valentine‘s
without a unit owner quorum. In fact we were              Day on the 11th, as well as our next meeting
more than 100 residents short of establishing             on the 22nd at 1:00 pm when the Rhythm
a unit owner quorum. This just might be due               Chicks will be entertaining us. Don‘t forget
to the lack of communication between the                  that card party on the 29th.
board and residents.
                                                             Come one and all. You‘ll enjoy!!!
    Mr. Luc Hinse and I have sent a letter to
                                                                                       By Harriet Lipman
the board requesting a committee to
investigate the feasibility of an In-House TV
system to keep residents informed as to the
happenings in our community. We have both
offered to be on this committee. Hopefully
this committee will be established by the
board in the January 31st meeting.
    We believe it is necessary for the board to
have a complete and open communication
system with unit owners. If you also feel this
way please come to the meeting on January
31st to show your support and let the board
know that you are a concerned citizen of Palm
                                                            To be honest, Mr. Jobs, the last time an
Springs II.
                                                           apple caused so much excitement around
                              By Roy Andersen               here involved Adam, Eve and a snake...

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                                                                            TAKE OUT ONLY

                                                                            TAKE OUT ONLY

     Common Computer Mistakes to Avoid

H        ere is a list of mistakes that
         people commonly make.
         These can save you time,
         money, and aggravation.
                                                           just yank the cable out, the cable
                                                           can break. This can be an expensive
                                                            Blocking air vents
 Not using a Surge Protector                             All computers have air vents that
    or Unlimited Power Supply                             are used to dissipate heat. If you
If you don't have your computer,                          pile papers on those vents or put
monitor, printer, and other equipment plugged      them too close to draperies, your computer
into a good surge protector, you are playing       can overheat and cause quite a bit of
with fire. A good surge protector will absorb      damage.
the power surges and keep your equipment
safe. A good surge protector will give you
                                                    Don’t drink while using your computer
                                                   It doesn't matter if it is water or whiskey,
insurance against a lightning strike.
                                                   when liquids are spilled on computers, dam-
 Not having antivirus software                    age is almost inevitable. Telling you to not
If your PC is running Windows, you will want       eat or drink near the computer is fruitless.
to make sure that you have a good antivirus        So I'll just say, be careful to keep liquids
software installed and that it is set to           away from computers.
update automatically. You don't have to             Moving a laptop with the power cord
spend a fortune on antivirus software. AVG             attached
(        and     Avast         When you move your laptop from place to
( offer good free antivirus          place, always remove the power cable, USB
programs.                                          drives, and any removable cards or other
 Cutting the power to your inkjet                 objects that stick out from the computer.
    printer without turning it off first           This will reduce the possibility of breakage
The print head is the core of an inkjet            during transport.
printer. They need to "park" their heads            Clicking on things you shouldn't
properly. This restricts the print head from       Be careful what you click on. Rogue
moving accidently and ensures that the             antivirus programs are rampant today. They
print head is positioned and sealed                pop up out of nowhere. They will tell you
correctly. Turning the printer off by using its    that your computer is infected and ask you
on/off switch will make sure the print head        to click to let them remove the virus. When
is properly parked. Don't turn it off by using     you do, they can infect your computer, even
the on/off switch on the surge protector or        if you have an antivirus program installed.
by pulling the plug.                               Learn all you can about the antivirus
 Yanking a cable out of your computer             program that you have installed and what
Be sure you gently remove any cable that is        alerts it may give you. Ignore any other
attached to your computer. Many cables are         alerts, even if they seem legitimate.
attached with screws or plastic tabs. If you                       Extracted from Compu-KISS

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PHYSICAL THERAPY                                                 GUY’S PAINT &
                                                                  BODY SHOP

                                                                       Collision Specialists
                                  Marcela Belmana                        Free Estimates
                                   PHYSICAL THERAPIST
                                                                    214 MARGATE COURT
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                          Honey and Vinegar!
Continued from Last Month                              tablespoon each of sweet clover honey and
For the Body’s Health - Outside                        vinegar. Apply to the face and neck. Let dry
     End foot odor by soaking the feet a               completely, then sponge off with cool water.
couple of times a week in 1/3 cup vinegar                  Hair spray build up can be prevented by
added to a small pan of water. Toss in a tea           rinsing hair regularly with one tablespoon of
bag too.                                               vinegar in a glass of water.
     Itchy skin can be relieved by substituting            To make a soothing bath, add 1/2 cup apple
one teaspoon of vinegar in ½ glass of water            cider vinegar, 1/3 cup salt and two tablespoons
for the usual soap one may be using. Simply            sage to a tub of very warm water.
rub this potion onto the skin and forgo the                Work one tablespoon olive oil into one
irritation of soap.                                    cup of thoroughly mashed, freshly picked,
     Much of the harm of long baths can be             strawberries. Add 1/4 cup sweet clover
overcome by adding ½ cup of vinegar to the             honey. Use to revitalize the skin before
bath water. Do not rinse off.                          bathing.
     Spread a generous layer of honey on                   For youthful skin, and to melt wrinkles
mild burns. It will promote healing.                   from the face and neck, fold one tablespoon
     Cuts and abrasions, when washed with              honey and one teaspoon vinegar into a
vinegar, are less likely to become infected.           lightly beaten egg white. Pat this solution
     To relieve the itch of poison ivy, mix            onto clean skin and allow to dry. Rinse with
vinegar with an equal measure of water.                cool water.
Dab this frequently onto affected areas.                                 Extracted From the Internet
     To ease the pain of shingles, gently pat
on full strength vinegar. Do this at least four                     Who Said That!
times a day and three times during the                 Some ―catchphrases‖ have become synonymous
night. The discomfort will be much relieved.           with TV characters. We provide you with two
     One teaspoon vinegar in one cup of water          lists….try and match them correctly.
is a great final rinse for the hair. It is a           1. Mom always liked you best.   A. Steve McGarett
preventive against dandruff and scaling of the         2. Stifle!                      B. Jackie Gleason
scalp.                                                 3. Who loves you, baby?         C. Jack Webb
     Use a bit on vinegar in the final rinse           4. Yabba Dabba do!              D. Sgt. Schultz
water to take the frizz out of a new                   5. Book em Danno.               E. Kojak
permanent and to revive an old one.
                                                       6. This is the city…            F. Eddie Haskell
     Swimmers can reduce their chances of
                                                       7. How sweet it is.             G. Tattoo
developing ear infections by using vinegar
                                                       8. Gee, Mrs. Cleaver.           H. Jack Benny
ear drops. Dilute vinegar half and half with
                                                       9. De plane. De Plane.          I. Lurch
water and use after every swim.
                                                       10. I know nutting.             J. Geraldine
     Night sweats can be prevented by
applying full strength vinegar to the body             11. Now cut that out            K. Fred Flintstone
before retiring.                                       12. Youuuu rangggg.             L. Tommy Smothers
For Beautifying the Body                               13. What you see is what        M. Archie Bunker
                                                           you get.
     For soft, glowing skin, beat an egg white
until nice and frothy and then add a                                   Answers Page 25

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                          Rep. Washer and Dryer              Extend Plumbing & Elec.
 COVERED                  Plum/Elec., 2 Baths                Fan Bathroom Vent
                          Self Clean Oven/Clock              Door Seals and Gaskets

                               PALM SPRINGS II - CROSSWORD PUZZLE

1    2     3    4         5     6      7    8              9    10   11   12

13                        14                     15        16

17                   18                                    19

20                   21                          22   23

                24                          25

     26    27                               28                  29   30   31
32                              33     34                       35             E
36                        37                               38                  D
39                   40                               41
42              43                               44
                45                          46

47   48    49                          50                       51   52   53

54                        55    56                         57
                                                                                       Never an idle mind!

58                        59                               60
                                                                                           Solution Page 27
61                              62                         63

ACROSS                                                           DOWN
 1. Witches                    37.   C&W‘s Haggard                1. Strong dislike        32. ―Moonstruck‖
 5. Dough                      38.   Lose luster                  2. Beerlike brews            actress
 9. Clouseau‘s rank            39.   Bard‘s ―before‖              3. Surprised sound       33. Frenzy
    (abbr.)                    40.   Disentangle                  4. Pose                  34. Live and breathe
13. Jai ____                   41.   Elbowed                      5. ―Candid ____‖         37. Military branch
14. Lower in rank              42.   Make as good as              6. Encourages            38. Stable youngster
16. Degrade                          new                          7. Sensible              40. Lion‘s ―meow‖
17. Old and New, in            44.   Talent                       8. After FDR             41. Notably luxurious
    the Bible                  45.   Head covering                9. Satiric               43. Rose garden‘s
19. Norway‘s capital           46.   Anka or Simon               10. Loch ____                 danger
20. Telepathy (abbr.)          47.   Regenerated                 11. Shopper stopper       44. Secure
21. Netman Sampras             50.   Rumple, with ―up‖           12. Not amateurs          46. Fashion designer
22. Becomes taut               51.   JFK to RFK, abbr.           15. Actress Getty             Emilio
24. Male Titles                54.   Nose tickler                18. Imitating             47. Jump ____
25. Teamster‘s rig             55.   Discoverer of               23. Discharge             48. Adam‘s domain
26. Porcelain                        Greenland (3 wds)           24. Kitchen Basin         49. Strong
    tableware                  58.   Actor Sean                  25. Row                       attachment
28. Remote control,            59.   From then on                26. ___ Boothe Luce       50. Ore deposit place
    slangily                   60.   Mason-Dixon ____            27. Adds to the payroll   51. French cheese
32. Hold tightly (to)          61.   Finishes up                 29. Uniform color         52. Divorce town
33. Imperfection               62.   Chow ____                   30. Downy duck            53. Dedicative verses
35. Rush                       63.   Some August                 31. Swamp Growth          56. Hoop lip
36. ―Listen!‖                        babies                                                57. Angled annex

          P l e a s e               P a t r o n i z e                O u r     A d v e r t i s e r s

                                        Palm Springs II
February 2012                                                                                    CHECK BULLETIN BOARD

                                            Events                                               For Changes and Additions

   Sunday          Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday             Friday         Saturday
                                                                       1                     2              3                4

        Happy                                           Table Tennis
                                                         7:00 pm
                                                                             9:30 am
                                                                            Exercise Class

                                                                             10:30 am
                                                                            Card Games
                                                                             7:00 pm

          Day                                                               Groundhog
             5                6                    7                   8                     9              10          11
                 Women‘s Club      Bowling              Table Tennis        Sales/Rentals
                 Board Meeting      9:00 am              7:00 pm             9:30 am
                 10:00 am          Card Games                               Exercise Class
                 Card Games         7:00 pm                                  10:30 am
                  7:00 pm                                                   Card Games
                                                                             7:00 pm                             Valentines
                                                        Mardi Gras
                                                                                                                 Day Party
   Party                                                  Casino
                                                                                                                  5:30 pm
  5:00 pm                                                  Trip
           12                 13                   14                  15                16                 17          18
                 Reporter          Bowling              Table Tennis        Sales/Rentals
                  9:00 am           9:00 am              7:00 pm             9:30 am
                 Card Games        Card Games                               Exercise Class
                  7:00 pm           7:00 pm                                  10:30 am
                                                                            Card Games
                                                                             7:00 pm


           19                 20                21                     22                23                 24          25
Men‘s Club       Reporter          Bowling              Women‘s Club        Sales/Rentals
Brkfst Meeting    9:00 am           9:00 am             Meeting              9:30 am
9:30 am          Card Games        Card Games           1:00 pm             Exercise Class
                  7:00 pm           7:00 pm             Table Tennis         10:30 am
                                                         7:00 pm            Card Games
                                                                             7:00 pm


           26                 27                28                     29
                 Reporter          Bowling              Card Party &
                  9:00 am           9:00 am              Lunch 11:00 am
                 Card Games        Board of Dirs        Table Tennis
                  7:00 pm           Meeting              7:00 pm
                                    7:00 pm
   Consider yourself a
         Hire only the best
         Real Estate Service
            in your area
          Contact Sunrise
        Real Estate Services
                                              FLORY ARIZA
   Your Neighborhood Realtor                      Hablo Español
        All Your Real Estate Needs            954 465 9721
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                         Special Events
S      pecial events committee did an awesome
       job for our annual ―New Year‘s Day Dinner
       Dance‖. I would be remiss if I didn‘t take
this time to thank each and everyone for a job
                                                           annual outdoor barbecue. Door Prizes as well as
                                                           great food catered by Party Caterers. The cost of
                                                           the barbecue is $ 15.00 per person. Arlen Mathewz
                                                           will again return to entertain us, with his fantastic
well done: Margo Brooks, Renee Andersen,                   impersonations. There will be plenty of dates to
Gloria Reisner, Shirley Fleissner, DeDe Carpino,           purchase tickets for this event: Monday, 2/13 6-7
Linda Leyko, and although they were under the              pm, Tuesday Feb. 28 6-7 pm, Tuesday March 6 1-
weather I cannot forget Peggy Young and                    2 pm, and March 13 6-7 pm.
Maurine Dionne. Thank you one and all. The                      There will be no tickets sold after March 13, no
committee is now working on next year‘s party.             exceptions, so please don‘t call me! There is a new
Can we really top this past year, who knows.               time for the barbecue, 4 to 8 pm. Hopefully this will
Lest I forget a very special thank you to                  enable everyone to enjoy the day in some shade.
Rosemarie David who so graciously helped us                     We have set a date for another Flea Market.
with the cleanup of the kitchen and hall.                  This year it will be Saturday March 31. If you
    We have scheduled our annual Super Bowl                would like to have a table please contact anyone
party for February 5 at 5:00 PM. On the menu               of the special events committee: DeDe 954 968
beside snacks and refreshments is a special treat          2814, Linda 954 933 1028, Peggy 954 971 3287,
of meatball and sausage sandwiches. But, of                Maurine 954 974 2621, Margo 954 972 8722,
course feel free to bring your own snacks. Eddie           Gloria 954 971 9600, Renee 954 933 2015,
Young will have his special gaming board for all           Shirley 954 973 2177, or Marie 954 975 3205.
who wish to enjoy. This party is open to all               There will be a nominal fee for the table. This
residents of Palm Springs 2, so please join us.            will be strictly a flea market no crafts.
    Saturday March 24 is the date set for our                                                    By Marie Clarke

   Sugar Coating the Truth                                 kill, they ―grease, waste, or render the enemy
The dreaded euphemism is with us. It is our                inoperative.‖ Torture is now ―tough negotiation‖
government, our economy, movies and television,            and war ―coercive diplomacy.‖ ―Phrases like
our magazines, books and newspapers. It comes              these make your eyes glaze over and that‘s the
from politicians, scientists, writers and corporate        point. People don‘t want you to know what they
leaders; its purpose, quite simply is to say               are doing, if they can use euphemisms that are a
something without actually saying it.                      little hard for you to understand, then they have
    Call it what you will, ―elliptical language,‖          done their job.‖
―nice talk,‖ ―comfort words,‖ the euphemism has                 Euphemisms are not new by any means. In
invaded the English language.                              1837 sea captain Frederick Marruyat after seeing
    For instance, Wall Street didn‘t collapse; the         an American woman take a spill while visiting
Dow Jones average didn‘t plunge. Instead we                Niagara Falls asked her if she hurt her ―leg.‖ The
witnessed an ―equity retreat in the midst of a             woman fuming at the query, informed him that
soft economy.‖                                             the proper term was ―limb.‖
    Airline incidents don‘t call a crash a ―crash.‖             In 1930, a woman at a dinner party rebuked
It‘s an ―involuntary conversion.‖ Car crashes are          the soon-to-be Prime Minister for requesting
moments of ―sudden deceleration.‖                          ―breast of chicken.‖ He should have asked for
    Author Ralph Keyes says, ―I‘m amazed by                ―white meat.‖ The next day, Churchill in his
the different ways in which we manipulate                  trademark rapier way, sent the woman a corsage
language through euphemisms!‖ According to                 with note attached: ―Put this on your white meat.‖
Keyes, this is military terminology. Soldiers don‘t             Submitted by Iz Sweig, By Michael Williams

                                    PETE’S BARBER SHOP
                                           ALL HAIRCUTS $10.00

                                                      Se Habla Español

                                           Mon-Fri: 7AM - 6PM
Need a Ride?                               Saturday: 7AM - 5PM

FTL Airport $40                     • Regular Cuts • High-N-Tights
FTL Cruise Ships $40                • Fades • Flat Tops • Hot Shaves
MIA Airport $80
                                     5833 Margate Blvd., Margate
               Call Chris               (Next to Ace Hardware)
          954-881-2714               SAME LOCATION SINCE 1956
                                    1 BLK WEST OF SR7...NORTH SIDE
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                                        SCOTT M. JABLON, D.C.
                                          Palm Lakes Chiropractic Office
                                     We accept Medicare assignment, Workmen‘s
                                     Compensation, personal injury and accidents
                                             8327 W. Atlantic Boulevard
                                              Coral Springs, FL 33071
                                                (Ramblewood Plaza)
                                             954-510-BACK [2225]

                                          Rick is Back!
                                      Painting by the hour
                                                       $15.00 an hour

                                                           Call Rick

                           The New Year Bash

T      he New Year bash was a great
       success and extremely well attended
       by about 100 Palm Springs II
residents. The Easy Living Band lived up to
it‘s name with Easy Listening music all night
                                                           This is a very
                                                       unusual picture of
                                                       Al and Dede Carpino
                                                       just sitting together,
                                                       as Dede is always
long. They played through the night and                busy in the kitchen,
served up a great assortment of dance                  serving food, or
music, they were terrific.                             selling raffle tickets.
    The moment of the evening came when                Don‘t they both have a great smile?
Linda Leyko made the announcement that                     The ladies responsible for all of this
Irving and Dorothy Kleiner were celebrating            merriment are shown below. If you missed
their 70th year of marriage bliss. The girls of        them at the party, we hope the hats they
the entertainment committee brought out a              made will make you smile.
cake and a bottle of champagne to help
them celebrate the occasion.

                                                         Linda Leyko      Marie Clarke, Gloria Reisner,
                                                                               and Dede Carpino

    Another moment of joy was George and
Natalie Brownstein dancing in the aisles.
Just another of our residents celebrating
married bliss for over 70 years. There must
be something in the air in Margate. They
also brought along some of their family who
                                                       Margo Brooks, Shirley Fleissner, Renee Andersen
were celebrating the new year with them
here in Palm Springs II.
    In case you missed it this was a Chinese
                                                                           Please Patronize
Night Out with food from the RED GINGEED GINGER
                                                                           Our Advertisers
Asian Bistro on West Sample Road in Coral
Springs. The ladies made an excellent choice
                                                         Tell them where you saw their ad
of caterers as the food was terrific.

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                                                       Fort Lauderdale • Miami • Palm Beach

                                                            AIRPORT SHUTTLE
                                                               & Executive Car Service

                                                 The Official Shared Ride Shuttle
                                                & Executive Car Service at the
                                       Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

                                             Conveniently located curbside outside
                                                        the baggage area

                                                      Door to Door Service

                                                      Rates & Reservations
                                          24 Hour Advance Reservations Appreciated


                                     CONVENIENT ONLINE RESERVATIONS

                              CULINARY CORNER
Below I‘ve listed a few quick and easy recipes          SUGAR SNAP PEA SAUTE
for some tasty vegetables:                                2 tsp. olive oil
BROCCOLI AND CORN SCALLOP                                 ¾ lb. fresh sugar snap peas
 2 tbsp. chopped onion                                    1 red bell pepper (cut into thin strips)
 2 tbsp. butter or margarine                              ½ cup sliced shallots
 1 tbsp. flour                                            ¼ cup Kraft light Asian toasted sesame
 1¼ cup milk                                              dressing
 1 8 oz. Monterey Jack cheese (shredded)                  ¼ cup sliced almonds, toasted
 1 can 11 oz. corn, drained                               Heat oil in large nonstick skillet on medium
 12 Ritz crackers, crushed (about ½ cup)                heat. Add vegetables; stir fry 6 to 7 minutes
 2 pkg. (10 oz.) each frozen broccoli spears,           or until crisp-tender. Stir in dressing; cook 1
 thawed and drained                                     minute or until heated through. Top with nuts.
  Heat oven to 350 degrees. Cook and stir               Yields 6 servings
onions in 1 tbsp. butter in saucepan on                 QUICK ITALIAN SPINACH PIE
medium heat for 1 minute. Blend in flour.                 1 (16 oz.) low fat cottage cheese
Gradually add milk, stirring until well blended;          4 eggs beaten
cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add            1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen chopped spinach,
cheese; cook until melted, stirring frequently.           thawed and drained
Add corn and ¼ cup cracker crumbs; mix well.              1 cup part skim mozzarella cheese
  Arrange broccoli in 12 X 8 inch baking dish;            (shredded)
top with sauce. Melt remaining butter; mix                1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
with    remaining   crumbs.     Sprinkle    over          1 tsp. dried oregano leaves
ingredients in baking dish.                               1 jar (7 oz.) roasted red peppers, well
  Bake 30 minutes or until heated through.                drained and chopped
Yields 8 servings.                                        Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all
                                                        ingredients until well blended. Pour into 9 inch

            SUDOKU                                      pie plate sprayed with cooking spray. You may
                                                        substitute ½ cup chopped bell pepper for the
            5                7    8     2               roasted peppers. Bake 40 minutes or until
                                                        center is set. Yields 8 servings
                   6         4          9                                                By Marie Clarke
 1    8     4                     7                             Who Said That! - Answers
                                                           1.   Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Bros. Show
 3                           2          1    7
                                                           2.   Archie Bunker
                        6                                  3.   Kojak
 9    2            4                         8             4.   Fred Flintstone
                                                           5.   Steve McGarett on Hawaii 5-0
            9                     6     5    1             6.   Jack Webb on Dragnet
      1            7         6                             7.   Jackie Gleason
                                                           8.   Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver
      6     3      1              4                        9.   Tattoo on Fantasy Island
 Complete the grid so each row, column and 3              10.   Sgt. Schultz on Hogan's Heroes
 by 3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit          11.   Jack Benny
 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku,           12.   Lurch on the Addams Family
           visit                       13.   Geraldine on Flip Wilson
                Solution on Page 27                                        Quiz Page 15

 Serving Our Community for Over 20 Years                    TAX RETURNS
For Reservations
                                                        Let a professional accountant
954-752-9454                                          do your taxes to insure accuracy.
 or e-mail                                                     Free Estimate.

          Airports ● Cruise Ships                                           You will be surprised
                                                                          how much you will save.
     And All Your Transportation Needs
                                                                                  Ask for Steve.

      Experienced Licensed
      Practical Nurse (LPN)                                  10% DISCOUNT
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    Will care for either you or your                           March 15th.
      loved one in your home.
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      and Ventilator care.                                   TEL. 954-803-9582
    Can work Full or Part Time
     I reside in your community                                           S.B.F.
                                                        ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATES
  Call Gloria - 954-973-6318
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          For Sale
     Electric Hoyer Lift
   Lift from bed to chair
       or chair to bed
Purchased new March 2011                                                   HAIR SALON
Available at Palm Springs II
(561) 715-6607
                                                 7644 Margate Blvd., Margate, FL 33063

              For Rent                                    Are you Protected?
                                                    Lock Doors
    Beautiful 2 Bedroom/2 Bath                      Check smoke detectors
                                                    Turn off faucets
       Cable, Pool, End Unit                        Confident with personal condo insurance?
     Available March 1, 2012                    Contact us to review your unit owners coverage needs.
         $750 Per Month
       (906) 364-4369                                  100 NE Third Ave, Ste 850 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
                                                               Ph. 800-243-6899 Fax: 407-786-2503

    MARCY KONIGSBERG recently made a                      The can opener was invented 48 years
trip to Alaska to visit her daughter and when          after the can.
she returned she was accused of bringing                                    *       *       *
the cold back with her. Brrrrrr.                          Dictionary: A place where success comes
               *        *       *                      before work.
   Nurse: A person who wakes you up to                                      *       *       *
give you sleeping pills.                                  Yawn: The only time some married men
               *        *       *                      ever get to open their mouth.
   The estimated number of M&M's sold                                       *       *       *
each day in the United States is 200 million.              Research has shown that allowing
               *        *       *                      chocolate to melt in your mouth produced
   To burn off the calories of one plain M&M           brain and heart rate activity that was similar
candy, you need to walk the full length of a           to - and even stronger than - that produced
football field. That‘s a lot of walking for 200        with passionate kissing.
million.                                                                    *       *       *
               *        *       *                         Committee: Individuals who can do
   If the population of China walked past              nothing individually and sit together to
you, in single file, the line would never end          decide that nothing can be done.
because of the rate of reproduction.                                        *       *       *
               *        *       *                         Criminal: A guy no different from the
   Women wishing to enter Canada to work               rest....except that he got caught.
as strippers must provide naked photos of
                                                                            *       *       *
themselves to qualify for a visa!
                                                          Tears: The hydraulic force by which
               *        *       *                      masculine willpower is defeated by feminine
  Marriage: It's an agreement in which a               waterpower.
man loses his bachelors degree and a                                                    By Echoes
woman gains her masters.
               *        *       *                      H A G S              C A     S H             I   N S     P
                                                        A   L   A   I       A   B   A   S   E       R   E   A R
         Solution - Puzzle on page 25
                                                        T   E   S   T   A M E       N T     S       O S     L O
     6    9    5    3       1   7   8   2   4           E   S   P       P   E   T   E       T   E   N S     E   S
                                                                    S   I   R S         S   E M     I
     2    3    7    6       8   4   1   9   5
                                                            C H     I   N A             C   L   I   C K     E   R
S    1    8    4    5       2   9   7   3   6           C   L   I   N G         F   A U     L   T       H   I   E

U                                                      H A      R   K       M E     R   L   E       F   A D E
     3    4    6    8       5   2   9   1   7
                                                        E   R   E       R A     V   E   L       P O K       E D
     7    5    8    9       6   1   2   4   3           R   E   S   T O R       E           F   L   A   I   R
O                                                                   H A     I   R       P   A U     L
K    9    2    1    4       7   3   5   6   8
                                                        R   E   B O R N             M U S       S       B   R O
U    4    7    9    2       3   8   6   5   1          O D O R              E   R   I   C   T   H E     R   E D
     5    1    2    7       4   6   3   8   9           P   E   N N         S   I   N C     E       L   I   N E
                                                        E N D S                 M E     I   N       L   E O S
     8    6    3    1       9   5   4   7   2                       Solution - Puzzle on page 17

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      Service Calls Radio Dispatched
              To Your Home

                                                       Call TERRY AT 954-783-KEYS

              $10.00 OFF THE SERVICE CALL WITH THIS AD
                     (EXCLUDES ANY OTHER OFFERS)
                             FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED

                  Serving Broward residents for Over 25 Years
       Re-keying ~ Master-keying ~ Repairing Medeco High Security Locks
                  Repaired ~ Re-keyed ~ Installed ~ Keys Made
                    Sales & Service of Security & Fire Safes
                               HEALTH NEWS

     10 Small Changes for a Healthier Life

H       ave you ever sat and thought ―I
        can‘t lose weight or get fit or
        change my life because it‘s too hard
or takes too much time?‖ We‘ve all had
those thoughts but by making small
                                                      minutes of exercise. If you have time to
                                                      sit for 30 minutes and play angry birds or
                                                      surf the net, you have time to do some
                                                      quick exercises.
                                                      Find the parking spot that is the furthest
changes a little at a time, you CAN do                away from the entrance when grocery
anything you want. Those small changes                shopping or at the mall and walk. Have
slowly add up to big changes over time.               you ever seen people circle the parking lot
    Here‘s a list of some small changes you           for the closest space to the door? It‘s
can implement in your life that will make a           especially funny when you see it at the
huge impact on your journey to a healthier            gym or health club. You can fit in
life:                                                 hundreds, if not more, extra steps each
 Cut out sodas. Even diet drinks can make            day simply by parking further away from
 your body latch on to excess weight. One             your destination and walking a little bit
 can of soda has 140 calories in it. If you           more each day.
 only cut out one soda a day, that could              Instead of sitting and watching TV for
 equal almost 15 pounds lost in a year.               family time, go on a walk or play a game
 Substitute water with orange slices for a            of catch in the yard. Make it fun and
 flavored treat or drink more water. Your             everyone will be happier and that makes it
 body needs it to survive                             easier to stick with it.
 Avoid fast food whenever possible. You              Switch out your butter and vegetable oil
 can rely on healthier options like Subway            for water, olive oil or coconut oil while
 when you are on the go and in need of a              sautéing. You absolutely can sauté using
 quick meal. Eating real food takes longer            only water, but if you must use oil, switch
 for your body to digest so you are getting           it for a healthier option.
 the nutrients you need to fuel your body,            Do squats while cooking dinner. Or leg
 and you feel satisfied longer.                       lifts, or bicep curls. Don‘t waste the time
 Order salad dressing on the side and dip            while you are standing around stirring or
 your fork in for flavor in each bite. By             watching your dinner cook, you can do
 dipping your fork in the dressing before             many exercises while cooking dinner,
 each bite, you get the flavor and taste              talking on the phone, or even when doing
 without the added fat and calories.                  housework.
 Time your Internet use. For every 30                Make a workout appointment. Like you
 minutes    you   spend   online,   do   5-10         would a doctor or dentist appointment,
                                                      and keep it. Why not put it on the
           THANK YOU                                  calendar now!
                                                      Startsmall. Don‘t take on too many
    I want to thank everyone for the cards,           changes at once, but add another step
calls, flowers, hospital visits, prayers, and         when you feel comfortable. Take on one
genuine concern during my hospital stay.              new challenge at a time and before you
I am blessed to have so many thoughtful               know it, you‘ll be amazed at how far
and caring friends.                                   you‘ve come.
                                   Judy Risch                               From the Internet

                 AIRPORT VAN SERVICE
                     LICENSED AND INSURED

  AIRPORTS          (954) 345-3010
   CRUISES             Se habla español

                                                                  For Sale
                                                            Bldg. 5 Corner Unit
                                                  Enclosed Patio, completely renovated
                                                  including new hurricane windows and
                                                  air conditioner. very bright with white
                                                  kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Shows
                                                  like a model, with or without furniture.

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                                                  Serving South Florida Since 1967    Broiled Seafood—Steaks & Chops

                                                                                          Baking done on Premises
 Need Help with ERRANDS??                                                              Ten Homemade Specials Daily
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   Right in your community. A trusted,            L                          HOME OF THE 14oz CUP OF COFFEE

                                                         250 STATE RD. #84 - FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33315
 experienced, neighbor will be there for a                           PHONE: 954-525-5641
                                                                        OPEN 24 HOURS
      helping hand at a great price!                  4701 COCONUT CREEK PKWY. - MARGATE, FL 33063
                                                                   PHONE: 954-979-4722

      Call AMY 954-736-6498                           1393 N.W. 136TH AVENUE - SUNRISE, FLORIDA 33325
                                                                     PHONE: 954-838-7473

                                                          CERTIFIED AIDE
                                                       Seeks job taking care of elderly
                                                         From 11:00 pm to 7:00 am
                                                            Have References and car
                                                                  (954) 588-9824

                         Sporting Thoughts

R       ecently I was discussing my
        childhood baseball days with a close
        friend. It immediately brought back
                                                      manhole covers for home and second plate
                                                      and car fenders for first and third. Some-
                                                      times we used chalk to draw the base on
                                                      the street. We often struggled to find a
                                                      tennis or spaldeen ball to play with. We
                                                      used broom handles for bats and there were
                                                      very few gloves available for our use.
                                                          As I think back to those special times
                                                      and my neighborhood friends, I realize what
                                                      made our game special was the fact that we
                                                      kids organized the game, we created the
                                                      ground rules, we chose the teams, we did
                                                      our own umpiring, and we enforced the
memories of the stickball games we played             rules. We decided when the game began,
in Brooklyn as kids.                                  and when it ended. We learned that if a
    We had one street in the neighborhood             dispute could not be resolved to everyone‘s
on which we frequently played ball. We used           satisfaction through compromise, or by one
                                                      side convincing the other, the game would
From The President
(Continued from page 3)                               end and everyone would be the loser. There
    At the December board meeting, the                were no adults involved.
Fryman Law Group was selected as our new                  Think of the skills we learned on that
attorney. They were the unanimous recom-              street and how they could be applied later in
mendation of the interview committee of               our lives.
Ron Hasemann, Luc Hinse, and myself.                      Organized sports for kids are fine, but
    By the end of January, we will be paint-          with adults handling the rules, choosing the
ing the wall behind the stage. The special            teams, determining which player plays
paint used will allow us to use this wall as a        where, umpiring, and handling dispute
projection screen. This will enhance the              resolutions, the kids aren‘t gaining the same
super bowl party and movies offered by the            life skills we acquired just playing stickball
Special Events Committee.
                                                      on an inferior street.
    In the way of future projects under con-
                                                          Perhaps organized sports for kids can
sideration this year, I would like to place a
                                                      find ways to involve the kids in some of the
bench at each building. The general location
will be near the building entrance. In addi-          decisions thereby helping them acquire
tion, we will be continuing the landscape             needed life skills.
                                                                                   By Roy Andersen
improvements started last year. The re-
placement of furniture in the atrium of the
main clubhouse will be investigated. Finally,           Meet Your New Neighbors
we will begin developing a plan to update                  Welcome to the Neighborhood!
the auditorium in the main clubhouse
    In conclusion, I want to thank the                  Bernard Martineau and
Special Events Committee for the excellent              Anita Provencher..................... 4 / 208
New Years Day dinner and entertainment.                 Gertrude Hixon .................... 10 / 407
As always, stay well and enjoy the sun.

     Teresa Macri
                                                   Focused on Your
                                                  Real Estate Needs

                                                   Selling or buying a home is a complex
                                               transaction. It takes time effort and
                                               expertise. As your Realtor, I bring 20
                                               years of experience in the residential
                                               resale markets and put it to work for you.
                                                   I will give your property maximum
                                               exposure while screening all prospective
                                               buyers; I get the job done with personal
                                               attention, persistence and integrity.
                                                   I am a Graduate of The Real Estate
            BROKER ASSOCIATE                   Institute (GRI) and a Certified Distress
        GRI RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST             Property Expert (CDPE). I am fluent in
                                               three languages, English, Spanish and
            954-802-0006                       Italian.
                                               Visit my web site:

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                                            Ramblewood Diner
                                             Family Restaurant
              The Florida Bar
                Elder Law
                                                                Great Food / Great Value
                                                                     Great Service

                                                                    Daily & Senior Specials
      Arlene Lakin, Esq.
         ATTORNEY         AT    L AW                            Extensive Menu Serving
                                                               Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

                                                                         All Baking
         Palm Lakes Plaza                                            Done on premises…
    7284 West Atlantic Boulevard
       Margate, Florida 33063                                         Take out Available

     Telephone 954-975-5159                      Open 7 AM - 9 PM, 7 Days a Week
     Facsimile 954-972-4701                 8203 W. Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33071
                                              (954) 575-1166

                                CRAFT CORNER

I     have had several requests to start the
     arts and crafts class once again. But
     instead of a class each month I will be
placing a craft in the Reporter for your crafting
pleasure. I hope you all enjoy.
                                                         3.Using photo as guide, paint each section
                                                           with a different color. Paint each plastic lid
                                                           with a different color. Let dry.
                                                         4.Glue a jewel, flat marble, or tile into the
                                                           center of each plastic lid. Let glue dry.
   Even plastic bottle lids can be recycled into            Just let your imagination run wild...
a contemporary art canvas. Turn the lids into                              By Renee Andersen 12B / 301
a fantastic art project like this one that‘s
sophisticated but easy enough for kids to do.             Senior Discounts?—Just Ask!!
                                                         Gone are the days of your grandmother‘s
                                                         ―Early Bird Special‖ at the local diner. As baby
                                                         boomers reach retirement age, many retailers
                                                         are featuring new and improved discounts
                                                         exclusively for the 55 and older crowd.
                                                             Even places where you would not normally
                                                         expect a senior discount cannot be excluded.
                                                             Would you expect a senior discount from
                                                         Publix, Albertsons or Gristedes? We know we
                                                         wouldn‘t, but they all offer a senior discount,
                                                         but only on certain days. Simply ask someone
        Plastic Bottle Lids on Canvas                    at the grocery store what day it is applicable.
                                                         Usually Tuesday or Wednesday.
Materials Required:
 Canvas – 8‖ x 8‖ (or any desired size)                     This is also true for restaurants, but then
 Plastic bottle lids (from water bottles) – on          the discount usually applies everyday and is
                                                         available just by asking. You may have to
  the 8‖ canvas art I used 16 lids – on the
                                                         show proof of age but your drivers‘ license
  smaller canvas, I layered lots of lids)
 Paint brush - ½‖ flat                                  has that information. Good examples are
 Acrylic paints- assorted bright colors of your         Applebee‘s, Bennigan‘s, CiCi‘s Pizza, Golden
                                                         Coral, Sweet Tomatoes, Village Inn. Just ask.
 Pencil                                                     Even retail and apparel stores are offering
 Ruler                                                  discounts. Great examples are Kohl‘s, Kmart,
 Tacky Glue                                             Big Lots, Bealls and Banana Republic.
 Assorted jewels, flat marbles, small glass             Discounts can be as much as 20% off your
                                                         entire purchase. And all you have to do is ask,
  mosaic tiles
                                                         not too shabby in today‘s economy.
                                                             Most airlines, hotels, motels, car rental
1.Use a pencil and ruler to measure and mark
                                                         agencies     have    always    offered     senior
  sections on canvas. On the 8‖ canvas, I
                                                         discounts. Again, just ask.
  divided it into 16 - 2‖ squares. On the 4‖ x
                                                             We all like to save a few dollars and there
  8‖ canvas, I measured 3‖ x 3‖ for the
                                                         is no harm done if you just ask. It is far better
  center, flanked with two 2‖ x 3‖ sections.
                                                         in your pocket than in the merchants pocket.
2.Glue one plastic bottle lid into the center of
                                                         Whoever said that getting older was a bad
  each section. On the 8‖ canvas, I glued
                                                         thing, obviously didn‘t know about these
  every other lid reversed. One up, one down,
                                                         fantastic senior discounts! Hope you all enjoy
  one up, one down. On the small canvas, I
                                                         a fatter wallet.
  layered all sorts of sizes and shapes. Let
  glue dry.                                                                  By Ann McCloskey, 15 / 204

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                                               Sav-a-Lot                        30
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Errands Amy                          30        Belmana, Marcela                 14
Licensed Practical Nurse             26        Plumbers
Cleaning Service                               Around the Clock Plumbing        12
Jose & Mily Cleaning Services        22        Webb‘s Plumbing                  30
For Sale / Rent                                Realtors
Electric Hoyer Lift                  26
                                               Ariza, Flory                     20
Unit for Rent                        26
                                               Ashford, Janet                   14
Unit for Sale                        30
                                               Macri, Teresa                    32
Insurance                                      Stiepleman, Arlene                4
Insurance Office of America          26
Home Improvement                               Café Panini                      10
Ability Jalousie Doors                8        Café Vincenzo                    18
Air Duct Aseptics                    30        Lester's Diner                   30
B & L Screening, Windows             24        Ramblewood Diner                 32
Broward Factory Service              16        Zuccarelli's Restaurant          12
C.A.C. Inc.                           8
                                               Taxi Services
Carbonneau's Home Repair             20
                                               Dependable Car Service           26
Rick‘s Painting                      22
                                               Go Airport Shuttle               24
Sun-Away Windows                      6
                                               Heshies                          12
Locksmith                                      Need a Ride?                     22
Sunshine Lock & Key                  28        Reliable Airport Van             30
Medical                                        Tax Returns
Jablon, Scott M., (Chiropractor)     22        S.B.F. Accounting Associates     26
Ophthalmology                                  Travel Agents
Burks, Randy, MD                     22        Cruise Options, Inc.             12

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  Poolside BBQ
   Saturday, March 24, 2012
    At the Main Clubhouse Pool
 The Menu: BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Burgers, Kosher
 Hot Dogs with all the toppings. Corn on the Cob,
Baked Beans, Potato & Pasta Salad and all the extra
        trimmings. Soda, Tea and Water

           $15.00 per person
    Disc Jockey from 4 to 8 pm
                 Door Prizes
 Gate will open at 3:30 pm for wheelchairs
      Monday         February 13   6 - 7 pm
      Tuesday        February 28   6 - 7 pm
      Tuesday        March 6       1 - 2 pm
      Tuesday        March 13      6 - 7 pm

 Tickets will not be sold after March 13
                NO EXCEPTIONS


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