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					                                                                                                                     May/June 2012 • No. 252

                                                                               Master Gardeners,Wild One’s Native
                                                                               Plant Group members and other local
                                                                               plant experts will be available during the
                                                                               event to help with design and planning
                                                                               for your gardens or natural areas.
                                      Are you getting tired of mowing,         We can’t guarantee what plant species
                                      watering, fertilizing and weeding your we will have, but we always hope
                                      lawn? Well, don’t be afraid to replace for Green Dragons, Cardinal Flower,
                                      part (or all) of it with something       Lupine, Sugar Maple, Spice bush and
Homestead Sundays                     beautiful, earth friendly, easy and      lots of other favorites. For a full list of
Step back in time and explore
rural Midland County in the           fairly inexpensive. Native wildflowers species, check out our web site where
1870s at Chippewa Nature              require nothing from us, but provide     you can also find plant descriptions,
Center’s Homestead Farm and           several benefits. The flowers support requirements and pictures of the plants
Log Schoolhouse this summer.          pollinators, provide food and cover      we are likely to have.
Each Sunday afternoon from            for butterflies, provide seeds for the   For the opportunity to get first
1:30-5 pm, you can visit the log      birds and add year-round interest        choice, we encourage you to become
cabin and chat with volunteers        to your yard, just to name a few. An     a CNC member and shop early at our
as they demonstrate skills such       added bonus is that maintenance          member’s only sale on Thursday, May
as cooking on the woodstove           is reduced, as there is no need for      24 from 1-8 pm. New members who
and weaving on a loom. Kids           irrigation, fertilizers or chemical      join in May will receive a free plant!
can dig into a trunk of old-time      pesticides, giving you a “greener” yard. The sale is open to the public Friday
games and will love visiting the      Having trouble finding fantastic         and Saturday, May 25 & 26 from 9 am
sheep, pigs, cattle and chickens.                                              to 8 pm. Cash, checks and credit cards
                                      affordable native plants? Well, have
Visit often to watch heirloom                                                  are accepted.
                                      we got a deal for you! Over the
varieties of vegetables, flowers
                                      last seven years, Chippewa Nature                   Generously sponsored by:
and herbs mature in our gardens
throughout the summer!                Center has sold over 36,000 native
                                      wildflowers, trees, shrubs and vines
After you visit the farm, you won’t   for planting into area landscapes,
want to miss a visit to CNC’s         much to the pleasure of the animal                   P L a C E

one-room Log Schoolhouse to
                                                                                                                                    a studio of P.M. Blough, Inc.
                                                                                                   Landscape Architects • Land Planners • Arborists

                                      residents sharing the earth.
                                                                                                            Grand Haven, MI • Charleston, SC
                                                                                                                     616.402.239 8

experience fun, interactive lessons
from days-gone-by. Open up a                                                     Inside...
McGuffy’s Reader, scratch your
name on a slate board and enjoy                                                  Director’s Take............................................2
recess with some 19th century                                                    Nature Notes: Night Singers..................3
schoolyard games.                                                                Universal Paddling Access ...........................4
The Homestead Farm and                                                           Rethinking Land Stewarship ......................5
Log Schoolhouse will be open
Sundays from May 27-September                                                    Registered Programs ................................6
2. Watch future issues of CNC                                                    Walk-in/Affiliate Programs .....................9
News, the weekly e-news, our                                                     Volunteer Spotlight ...............................12
Facebook page and our web site
for more details throughout the
season. See you at the Farm!                         Inspiring people and institutions to protect the natural world
                                                                     I’ve been proud that CNC has contributed so much to                                                                      American Toad: Toads can be found in many habitats, but
                                                                     that.”                                                                                                                   when it comes to breeding, they head for water like other
                       Director’s Take                               Doug Moore (CNC’s 2nd full time naturalist) worked
                                                                     alongside Chris from 1973 to 1982 and notes, “Chris’
                                                                                                                                                         Nature Notes                         amphibians. Song: high-pitched, sustained trill that carries
                                                                                                                                                                                              a great distance.
                       Dick Touvell                                                                                                                      Janea Little,
                                                                     friendly, unflappable, even-tempered demeanor and                                   Senior Naturalist                    American Woodcock: This odd shorebird performs
                       Executive Director                            super-competent stewardship of the endowment fund                                                                        a courtship song-and-dance that is a wonder to behold.
                                                                     have been mainstays to the success of CNC over the                                                                                               Watch and listen for them in
                                                                     years. I’m sad to see such a dedicated employee with a           Night Singers                                                                   open fields bordered by woods.
    A salute to Chris Anderson . . .                                 long institutional memory leave the staff, but wish him                                                                                          Song: multi-faceted; begins with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      insect-like PEENT on the ground,
    retiring after 38 years of Service! the best in his well-deserved retirement.”                                                    May and June are delightful
                                                                                                                                      months to enjoy the outdoors                                                    then whistling and tweeting
                                                                     Chip Francke (CNC naturalist 1982-1990) remembers,               at twilight and after dark. And                                                 sounds as the male spirals a
    “Remarkable” . . . a word I’ve heard many times from             “Chris’ door was always open and I always marveled
    friends and colleagues when describing Chris’ Chippewa                                                                            one of the things that make                                                     hundred feet or higher into the
                                                                     at how fast he could work a calculator. I still wonder if        them special is the multitude of                                                air, and then plunges back to the
    Nature Center career that spans over four decades.               he really was hitting the right numbers or if it was all a
    His career began in 1966, volunteering as a “Junior                                                                               nighttime singers! Here are some                                                ground.
                                                                     ruse; and when the door closed, he just used one finger          of the species and their sounds
    Counselor” at the first Nature Day Camp. Chris                                                                                                                                                                     Whip-poor-will: Sadly, a song
                                                                     like the rest of us. I think a test is in order.” LaNora         to listen for in late spring/early
    remembers many firsts during his career, including the                                                                                                                                                             you are less and less likely to hear,
                                                                     Love (CNC’s Office Manager 1976-1986) credits Chris              summer:
    acquisition of the Homestead, the first Syrup being                                                                                                                                                                as Whip-poor-wills are in serious
                                                                     for teaching her the value of “keeping good records,                                                                                              decline. Song: an easy one to
    evaporated on an open fire and most fondly, CNC                                                                                   Spring Peeper: These small
                                                                     noting dates on everything and tracking the sequence of                                                                                           remember, as the bird seems to
    acquiring the Oxbow property and helping to create                                                                                treefrogs get started in April
                                                                     events, which has greatly benefited me since leaving the         (March this year, of course!), and                                               clearly call out in a loud, high
    the trail system. Chris reminds us that these early CNC          Nature Center.”
    years also included “mowing trails with a ‘hand’ lawn                                                                             sing for several weeks. Song: a                                                  voice, “WHIP-POOR-WILL!
    mower – sure got easier when we moved up to a self-              It is with great respect that we salute Chris Anderson           sharp, loud, high-pitched PEEP.                                                  Common Nighthawk:
    propelled mower!!! Tractors came later.”                         for his countless contributions, including consistently          Leopard Frog: Generally                                                          Nighthawks are heard during
                                                                     delivering clean financial audits and the meticulous             thought of as a “summer frog,”                                                   migration, but their population is
    Chris reminds me frequently that his career choice was           preparation of required government reports. It is
    influenced by the fact that, “I grew up learning to love                                                                          leopards seem to get an earlier                                                  undergoing the same crash as the
                                                                                                                 with sincere         start every year. Song: a long,                                                  Whip-poor-will. Watch for their
    the outdoors                                                                                                 appreciation         slow snore, or like the sound of                                                 sleek, boomerang-shaped forms
    – because of                                                                                                 we say thanks        a finger drug across an inflated                                                 in the twilight sky, especially along
    my nature-                                                                                                   for 38 years                                                                                          rivers. Song: a nasal, insect-like
    loving parents                                                                                               of outstanding                                                                                        PEENT, similar to the woodcock.
    and spending                                                                                                                      Green frog: Green frogs seem
                                                                                                                 service and          to have no use for early spring,                                                 Barred Owl: Barred Owls begin
    my summers                                                                                                   dedication. We
    at our cabin in                                                                                                                   and will wait for balmy summer                                                   nesting in April, but they are
                                                                                                                 wish Chris and       nights to get started with                                                       famous for being vocal year-round,
    the woods on                                                                                                 Sue the best in
    Grand Traverse                                                                                                                    courtship. Song: a strong, single                                                with over 100 different calls!
                                                                                                                 this next phase      PLUNK, like someone plucking a                                                   Song: The most typical calls are
    Bay. From back                                                                                               of their life’s      banjo string.                                                                    “Who Cooks for You, Who Cooks
    when I started                                                                                               journey. Note: If
                                                                                                                                      Gray Treefrog: This frog                                                         for You-all?”.
    as a high school                                                                                             you are interested
    kid, I have always                                                                                                                generally calls from trees or                                                    To learn more about night sounds,
                                                                                                                 in being a part of                                                                                    check out the CD, “A Guide to
    hoped that                                                                                                                        other perches, while other frogs
                                                                                                                 a farewell send-     are calling from the water below.                                                Night Sounds,” available in the
    people would                                                                                                 off celebration in
    learn to love                                                                                                                     Song: a sharp, strong trill, often                                               Nature Center Store.
                                                                                                                 June, please let     mistaken for birds calling.
    and appreciate                                                                                               me know and we
    our world – and                                                                                              will send you an
                                                 Chris Anderson, Director of Finance

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2         Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                            May/June 2012               3
                       Universal Access in Midland County                                                                                                          Rethinking Land Stewardship
    From Vision to Reality ...                                      formal dedication                                            There I was, yanking up garlic mustard, trying                                parks and wilderness that are founded in a
    Universal Access to local rivers and more!                      of the sites will be                                         to reduce the invasion of this non-native                                     perspective that views humans as part of,
                                                                    Friday, June 8 at                                            plant from the Nature Center’s Beech-Maple                                    rather than apart from, nature.”
                                                                    the Tridge, where a                                          Woods. As I pulled, I brooded, “Only in an                                    The book’s editors reflect that: “As threats
                                                                    demonstration will                                           affluent society could we justify spending                                    diversify and expand and more ecosystems
                                                                    occur on how to                                              time and money to weed a ten-acre wood.”                                      and ecological elements are endangered, it has
                                                                    use the launches.                                            Then I mulled over all the other exotic plants                                become impossible to protect all values from
                                                                                                                                 invading the Nature Center, along with invasive                               all possible threats in all places. Choices must
                                                                    It’s been a delightful                                       lampreys, emerald ash borers, beech bark
                                                                    experience                                                                                                                                 be made.”
                                                                                                                                 disease, cowbirds, cats and dogs. And of course
                                                                    working with                                                 there are soil, temperature and fire regime                                      Now I know that Chippewa Nature Center
                                                                    the community                                                changes, along with insecticides and herbicides,                                 has always focused on educational, rather than
                                                                    partners on                                                  and increases in light and noise. So I asked                                     truly preservationist, goals. So over the last
                                                                    this project as                                              myself, “Self, where should we draw the land          Volunteer picking garlic   decade, we have concentrated on restoring
                                                                                                                                                                                          mustard at CNC.         only select areas to their pre-1800 status. The
                                                                    listed here. Also,                                           management line?”
                                                                    it couldn’t have                                                                                                                 goal of these special sites is to provide a sort of outdoor
                                                                                                                                 Apparently, I’m not the only perplexed person pondering. I          exhibit where visitors can glimpse an earlier ecosystem
                                                                    become a reality                                             recently read an article by Ted Gostomski of the National           and compare it with today’s unrestored system. However,
                                                                    without the financial support to match the original W.K.     Park Service, who reviewed the book Beyond Naturalness:
          City of Midland’s Universal Access site at the Tridge                                                                                                                                      even with only 1,200 acres, we are being forced (by time
                                                                    Kellogg grant. Thank you to The Herbert H. and Grace A.      Rethinking Park and Wilderness Stewardship in an Era of             and money constraints, along with unrelenting outside
    Imagine a canoe and kayak launch site that would                Dow Foundation, Midland Area Community Foundation,           Rapid Change (edited by David Cole and Lauie Yung). Mr.             ecological “forces”) to reduce the size of such “exhibits”
    enable people to access our local rivers, whether they          Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN), The          Gostomski comments that:                                            to include only parts of our River Point, Beech-Maple
    are wheelchair users, are restricted by hip and knee            Dow Chemical Company, Midland Rotary Club, Midland              “The simultaneous pressures of climate change, invasive          Woods, boggy wetland and a few other nooks.
    replacement, back injuries, limited carrying ability, trouble   Kiwanis Foundation and Kiwassee Kiwanis Foundation.             species, pollution, land use, and habitat fragmentation          So here’s my practical question to you. As Chippewa
    with balance, difficulty getting in and out of a watercraft     It seems that everyone in our community will benefit            are too large and are pushing us away from any                   Nature Center approaches its 50th birthday in 2016,
    and even those who would just appreciate an easier,             from these projects, including people with disabilities,        semblance of pristine, “self-willed” lands. Consequently,        what land management goals should we
    smoother access point, rather than trying to enter from a       who according to the 2000 census, number 19% of adults          managers must decide to accept change or to                      pursue over the next 50 years? Feel free
    steep slope.                                                    between the ages of 21 and 64. For those 65 and older, the      guide change because resisting change is becoming                to contact me with your sage advice at
                                                                                                                                    prohibitively expensive in the time and effort that is ,
    The seed for such a vision was planted in October               number rises to 42%.
                                                                                                                                    required, but also in the resources we put at risk by            or 989-631-0830.
    2006 when the W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded a                 We hope you have the opportunity to experience                  narrowing the field of management options available for
    $400,000 matching grant to the Midland Area Community           paddling our local rivers. Two resources about accessing        protecting them.
    Foundation (MACF) to fund local projects that enhance           our rivers are “A Paddler’s Map of Midland County” put
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Phil Stephens
                                                                                                                                   [H]umans have influenced the landscape for centuries,
                           universal recreation access to           together by CNC and “Discover the Chippewa River” by                                                                                               Senior Naturalist
                                                                                                                                   and it is time to articulate goals and objectives for
                           everyone. After years of dreaming        the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy, both available at
                           and planning by a committee of
                           local organizations spearheaded
                                                                    Chippewa Nature Center.
                                                                                Access to Recreation Committee
                                                                                                                                                           CNC Affiliate Group Meetings
                           by the MACF, two projects were
                           completed – a paved nature trail at        •   Arnold Center                                           Homestead Quilters                                                Oxbow Archaeologists
                           West Midland Family Center and             •   The Arc of Midland                                      Wed, 5/23 • 9 am-2 pm • All Ages                                 This group meets every Wednesday evening and Saturday
                           the Oasis Spray Park at the Midland        •   Chippewa Nature Center                                  Wed, 6/27 • 9 am-2 pm • All Ages                                 morning at CNC.Visit
                                       Community Center,              •   City of Midland                                        Pick up a needle and learn this beautiful craft with the          Oxbow or call 989.631.0830 for more details.
                                       both universally-                                                                         Quilters at their regular monthly meeting.                          Valley Herb Society
                                                                      •   Disability Network of Mid-Michigan
                                       designed projects.                                                                          Midland Hike and Paddle Club                                     Thurs, 5/3 • 7 pm • All Ages • Tea Blending
                                                                      •   Midland Area Community Foundation
                                         Now it’s time for                                                                         Thurs, 6/7 • 7 pm meeting • 6 pm Hike • All Ages                 Thurs, 6/7 • 7 pm • All Ages • Clean the CNC Herb Garden
                                                                      •   Midland Community Center
                                         the vision of creating                                                                  Join the MHPC for their monthly meeting featuring                 Join the VHS for their monthly meeting. For program
                                                                      •   Midland County Parks & Recreation                      “Sleeping Giant Provincial Park” by Chris Hamilton
    accessible river access points to become a reality, as three                                                                                                                                   information, please call Cathy at 989.631.0830.
    such sites are about to open to the public. The launches          •   West Midland Family Center
                                                                                                                                   Mid-Michigan Rock Club
    will be located at Midland’s Tridge, Sanford Park and                                                                         Tues, 5/1 • 7 pm • All Ages
    CNC’s Chippewa River Access Site. All three launches                                                                          Tues, 6/5 • Call for time • All Ages
    will be open annually from May 1 through October 15,                                    Tom Lenon                            Join the MMRC for their monthly meeting. To learn more,
    with the hours of operation unique to each site. The                   Director of Land & Facilities                         visit

4         Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                                  May/June 2012              5
                                                                                                                                              Teen Trex: Ride the River in a Kayak                                  Local Kayak Trip
                                    Field Trips & Workshops                                                                                   Sat, 5/19 • Register by 5/11 • Ages: 13-17
                                                                                                                                             No.          Time                  Fee / CNC Member
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Wed, 6/6 • Register by 6/1 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   No.         Time                   Fee / CNC Member
                            If a program must be canceled, participants will be notified in advance and fees refunded.                       Y12-03        2-5 pm               $15 / $12                          F12-17       6-9 pm                $22 / $15
                                                                           Join experienced birders Kyle Bagnall and Janea Little on a       The weather has gotten warmer and the water is calling!               Join Tom Lenon on a quiet kayak trip down the Chippewa
      Walk 100 Miles at CNC!                                               trip to this special spot during the peak of spring migration.
                                                                           We’ll explore a variety of habitats over the course of three
                                                                                                                                             Come explore the Chippewa River by kayak. Whether this is
                                                                                                                                             your first kayak adventure or your 100th, this will be a fun-filled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   River.This relaxing trip is a great way to see resident wildlife
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   such as Bald Eagles, turtles and muskrats and discover local
                Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2012 • Ages: 9 & up                        days at sites such as Crane Creek State Park, Magee Marsh         trip. With any luck, we’ll see a herons, hawks, turtles and fish.     history from a new point of view. If weather or water
             Non-member: $10 • CNC Member: $7                              Wildlife Area, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Sheldon        Pack your water bottle and some dry clothes (just in case),           conditions are not favorable, this trip will be canceled and
                                                                           Marsh State Nature Preserve and Oak Openings Metropark.           and we’ll provide a snack to share. We will paddle from the           participants will be refunded.
                Register now to walk, ski or snowshoe                      We’ll also stop at the Great Black Swamp Bird Observatory,        canoe landing at CNC to the Tridge.
                       100 miles at CNC in 2012                            Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center and the                                                                                   Nayanquing at Night
               and explore the outdoors all year long!                                                                                        Practical Outdoor Skills                                              Thurs, 6/7 • Register by 6/1 • Ages: 18+
                                                                           Sportsmen’s Migratory Bird Center. In 2010, we saw 144
                                                                                                                                              Sat, 5/19 • Register by 5/11 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
          Call 989.631.0830 or visit us online for details.                species on the trip, including White Pelicans, a Kirtland’s                                                                             No.           Time                   Fee / CNC Member
                                                                           Warbler, Lark Sparrows and Summer Tanagers!                       No.           Time                   Fee / CNC Member                 F12-18         6-11 pm               $30 / $20
      Voyageur Canoe Trip                                                  We’ll travel to Ohio in a Nature Center van. Lodging is           W12-06 9 am-12 pm                    $22 / $15                        Nayanquing Point, located on the Saginaw Bay just north of
      Wed, 5/2 • Register by 4/27 • Ages: 12+, under 18 w/adult            included in the registration fee and will be in Port Clinton      Join Dennis Pilaske for a morning of learning and practicing          Linwood, is well-known as an outstanding area for wetlands
                                                                           at the Fairfield Inn. Amenities include a swimming pool,          practical outdoor skills that are the foundation for many             species.Yellow-headed Blackbirds,American and Least Bitterns,
    No.            Time                    Fee / CNC Member                continental breakfast and complimentary high speed                outdoor activities. Learning these fundamentals can really
    F12-10          6-8:30 pm              $22/ $15                                                                                                                                                                Sedge and Marsh Wrens, Swamp Sparrows, Black-crowned
                                                                           internet. (The entire hotel is a non-smoking establishment.)      enhance any outdoor adventure. We’ll be learning and applying
    Join Dennis Pilaske and Tom Lenon for an exciting adventure                                                                                                                                                    Night Herons and many other species can be seen and heard
                                                                           Registration assumes DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. If you                     several different kinds of knots, work on basic map and compass
    as we explore the river in a 29-foot voyageur canoe.The canoe          are registering by yourself, please indicate your need for                                                                              here. On this evening trip, we’ll enjoy viewing many species
                                                                                                                                             skills, try our hand at fire building, sharpen knives, make water     from an observation tower and while walking some of the
    is a fiberglass reproduction of the birchbark canoes used by           a roommate and one will be assigned to you. Participants          safe to drink and dig into other essential equipment and clothing.
    voyageurs to haul loads of trade goods and valuable animal pelts       should bring two sack lunches (coolers will be available)                                                                               dikes along the wetland areas. But the show isn’t over once
    in the 18th and 19th centuries. During the trip, we’ll explore         and plan on eating other meals out (a simple breakfast is          Local Kayak Trip                                                     the sun goes down, as the “thunder pumper,” the American
    the natural and cultural resources of the area and share stories       provided by the hotel).                                            Thurs, 5/31 • Register by 5/25 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult         Bittern, then starts its unique call. Join Senior Naturalist Janea
    of the past, all while having a truly unique outdoor experience.                                                                                                                                               Little for this evening field trip to enjoy a great birding spot.
                                                                             Bird and Wildlife Road Survey in Isabella County                No.          Time                 Fee / CNC Member
    We expect this program to fill up quickly, so sign up right away!
                                                                             Tues, 5/15 • Register by 5/9 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult      F12-15        6-9 pm              $22 / $15                            Local Kayak Trip
    If weather or water conditions are not favorable, this trip will
                                                                                                                                             Join CNC staff on a leisure kayak trip to travel down the              Wed, 6/13 • Register by 6/8 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
    be canceled (determined the afternoon of the trip at CNC’s             No.           Time                 Fee / CNC Member
    discretion) and participants will be refunded.                         F12-12         6 am-10:30 am $25 / $18                            river. Interesting facts about the natural and cultural history       No.          Time                 Fee / CNC Member
                                                                           Join CNC’s Director of Land and Facilities, Tom Lenon, as         found along the way will be pointed out. This trip is an              F12-19        6-9 pm              $22 / $15
      Michigan’s Wild Pathways Series:                                                                                                       easy way to relieve the pressures of the week, get a little
                                                                           we do a road survey looking for a variety of birds and other                                                                            Join CNC’s Janea Little on a leisurely kayak trip down the
      Ludington State Park                                                                                                                   exercise and get out and enjoy the outdoors! If weather or
                                                                           wildlife in Isabella County. Road surveys are one way to                                                                                river. Interesting facts about the natural and cultural history
      Sat, 5/5 • Register by 4/26 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult                                                                              water conditions are not favorable, this trip will be canceled
                                                                           monitor species in an area from year to year. As you slowly                                                                             found along the way will be pointed out. This trip is an
    No.            Time                    Fee / CNC Member                drive back roads early in the morning, you will often spot a      (determined the afternoon of the trip at CNC’s discretion)            easy way to relieve the pressures of the week, get a little
    F12-09 8 am-6:30 pm                    $35 / $28                       variety of species that can be recorded and then compared         and participants will be refunded.                                    exercise and get out and enjoy the outdoors! If weather or
    With over 20 miles of trails winding through 5300 acres                to other years. Habitat changes over the years can also be                                                                              water conditions are not favorable, this trip will be canceled
                                                                                                                                              Kayaking the Deadstream Swamp
    of dunes, shoreline, woods and wetlands, Ludington State               documented.We will meet at the Visitor Center, do a survey                                                                              (determined the afternoon of the trip at CNC’s discretion)
                                                                                                                                              Sat, 6/2 • Register by 5/25 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
    Park offers some wonderful hiking. Trip leader and Senior              for approximately 2 hours and then stop for breakfast before                                                                            and participants will be refunded.
    Naturalist, Phil Stephens, has hiked and backpacked many miles         heading back to the Center. Please note: The program fee          No.         Time                 Fee / CNC Member
    in Michigan, and will help you understand the environmental            does not include the cost of breakfast.                           F12-16       8 am-6 pm           $35 / $28                             Adventures for Women: Kayak Trip
    and geologic features of this intriguing area. For our 5 to 7                                                                            The Deadstream Swamp, west of Houghton Lake, is one                    Wed, 6/20 • Register by 6/15 • Ages: 14+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                             Adventures for Women:
    mile hike, wear sturdy shoes and put rain gear, water and a                                                                              of the biggest remaining Northern White Cedar swamps
                                                                             Kayaking the Chippewa River                                                                                                           No.          Time                 Fee / CNC Member
    lunch in your day pack. The spring weather by Lake Michigan                                                                              in all of North America. Join experienced trip leaders Kyle
                                                                             Thurs, 5/17 • Register by 5/11 • Ages: 14+, under 18 w/adult                                                                          F12-20       6-9 pm               $22 / $15
    will be cooler than inland, so bring warm clothes.The 2.5- to                                                                            Bagnall and Jackie Kelly as you paddle CNC kayaks through             Enjoy a quiet paddling trip down the Chippewa River, a wide,
    3-hour trip to the park is in a Nature Center vehicle.                 No.           Time                 Fee / CNC Member               the heart of this National Natural Landmark on the scenic             slow-moving river perfect for either beginners or experts
                                                                           F12-13         6-9 pm              $22 / $15                      and remote Dead Stream. Beaver, muskrat, waterbirds and
      Birding Ohio: Crane Creek Region                                                                                                                                                                             who want to relax. On this trip, we’ll watch for herons,
                                                                           Enjoy a quiet paddling trip down the Chippewa River, a wide,      other wildlife abound in the marshes and bogs of the largest
      Fri, 5/11-Sun, 5/13 • Register by 5/2 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult                                                                                                                                          eagles, map turtles, orioles, flycatchers, muskrat, mink, fish
                                                                           slow-moving river perfect for either beginners or experts who     semi-wilderness area in the Lower Peninsula. Participants
                                                                           want to relax.We’ll drive to CNC’s Chippewa River Access Site                                                                           and other wildlife who call the river “home.” Kayaking is a
    No.            Time                    Fee / CNC Member                                                                                  should bring water and a lunch to eat on the river. Limited
    F12-11 6 am-6 pm                       $275/ $245                      (about seven river miles upstream), put the kayaks in the river                                                                         wonderful way to gain a new perspective of the river, with
                                                                                                                                             opportunities exist to get out of the boats during the                close-up views of tree trunks battered by breaking spring
    The Lake Erie shoreline in northwestern Ohio is known                  and float down to our main canoe launch just downstream of        trip. Some paddling experience required. Kayaks, personal
    as one of the best birding areas in North America. Birders             the Pine/Chippewa River confluence.Along the way, we’ll watch                                                                           ice, contrasting scenes of peaceful forest versus lawns with
                                                                                                                                             flotation devices, paddles and transportation are provided.           mowers blazing, and the different habitats within the river
    from all over the continent make a spring pilgrimage to the            for herons, eagles, map turtles, orioles, flycatchers, muskrat,
    region in search of warblers and other migratory songbirds.            mink, fish and other wildlife who call the river “home.”                                                                                itself provided by varying water depths and substrates.

6          Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                                                   May/June 2012                7
     Upside-Down and Swamped: What to do When
     Paddling Turns to Swimming
                                                                     Local Kayak Trip
                                                                     Thurs, 6/28 • Register by 6/22 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                                                                                       Walk-in Programs                                                                                       FREE!
     (A Canoe and Kayak Training)
     Tues, 6/26 • Register by 6/20 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult    No.          Time               Fee / CNC Member
                                                                    F12-21       6-9 pm             $22 / $15
                                                                                                                                      Trails at Twilight                                                 Fishing Fun for Kids
    No.         Time                  Fee / CNC Member              Join CNC’s Dennis Pilaske on a leisurely kayak trip down
                                                                                                                                      Tues, 5/1 • 7:30-9:30 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult              Sat, 5/5 • 9:30-11:30 am • Ages: 5+ w/adult
    W12-07 6-9 pm                     $28 / $20                     the river. Interesting facts about the natural and cultural
    Join Tom Lenon and Curt Holsinger, our seasoned staff, for                                                                       Evening is one of the best times of day to explore nature         Learn the basic skills of fishing.We will learn to tie a simple knot,
                                                                    history found along the way will be pointed out. This trip is
                                                                                                                                     along our trails: predators prowl while other critters creep      practice casting, rigging the pole, placing a worm on a hook and
    a three hour “tour.” This will be a program that Gilligan and   an easy way to relieve the pressures of the week, get a little
                                                                                                                                     cautiously. Join Phil Stephens for a leisurely stroll. Shhh ...   have time to fish. Parent or guardian must accompany the child.
    the Skipper should have had before their trip! During this      exercise and get out and enjoy the outdoors! If weather or       besides looking, we’ll listen for owls and other creatures.       Limited space available, so call ahead to reserve your spot.
    on-water program, we will cover different paddling strokes      water conditions are not favorable, this trip will be canceled   You may borrow our binoculars. Dress for the weather,               Full Moon Stroll
    and braces, as well as gear and canoe/kayak types. You will     (determined the afternoon of the trip at CNC’s discretion)       and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. The program will be
    also see other rescue techniques such as the Capistrano         and participants will be refunded.                                                                                                   Sat, 5/5 • 8:30-10:30 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                                                                                     canceled in the event of rain.
    Flip and the Eskimo Roll. During the program, you will have                                                                                                                                        Join CNC Senior Naturalist Janea Little for this guided walk
    the opportunity to challenge yourself by practicing these                                                                          Ephraim Williams, Pioneer Fur Trader                            by the light of the full moon! We’ll listen for the sounds of
    skills. Come prepared to be in the water and to learn things                                                                       Wed, 5/2 • 7-8 pm • All Ages                                    many nocturnal animals including deer, beaver and coyotes,
    that you never knew were possible in a canoe/kayak!                                                                              EphraimWilliams arrived at “The Forks” of theTittabawassee        and perhaps spot a bat or migrating nighthawk in the
                                                                                                                                     and Chippewa Rivers in 1828 to reopen a trading post as           twilight sky. Flashlights are optional, as our goal will be to
    Tom and Curt have hours of paddling experiences in                                                                               an agent of the American Fur Company. For the next 12             keep our eyes adjusted only to the moonlight.
    diverse and adverse conditions and have led numerous                                                                             years, Ephraim and his brothers were leading traders in the        Nature for Youth: Birds, Birds and More Birds
    paddling trips and rescue trainings. As both will attest to,                                                                     Saginaw Valley at the very end of the fur trading era. Step        Sat, 5/5 • 1-2:30 pm • Ages: 5-9 w/adult
    as you become more confident and comfortable with your                                                                           back in time as Kyle Bagnall, Manager of Historical Programs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       This program is designed to help kids develop a connection
    paddling skills, you will gain more freedom to venture out!                                                                      presents a costumed, first-person program based on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       to the natural world through fun, hands-on activities including
                                                                                                                                     life of Ephraim Williams. You’ll hear tales of this renowned
                                                                                                                                                                                                       experiment stations, games, crafts and more.
                                                                                                                                     pioneer family as they were caught up in the War of 1812,
                                                                                                                                     established a farm in an unbroken forest, traded with Native       Woodland Flowers and Ferns
                                                                                                                                     Americans and built the first sawmill in the Saginaw Valley.        Sun, 5/6 • 2-3:30 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult
                                    Workshop/Field Trip Registration Form                                                            This program will be held at Green Point Environmental Learning   Enjoy a leisurely walk to discover woodland wildflowers,
                                                                                                                                     Center located at 3010 Maple Street in Saginaw. It is co-         ferns and flowering trees along the Arbury and Meadow
    REGISTRATION: Send payment and completed registration form to: Chippewa Nature Center, 400 S. Badour Rd., Midland, MI                                                                              Mouse trails this afternoon. Bring your field guide or camera.
    48640. Telephone registration by credit card only (989.631.0830). Participants will receive confirmation of registration.        sponsored by the Friends of Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge
                                                                                                                                     and Chippewa Nature Center. Admission is $2 per person,           Meet Educator Jeanne Henderson at the Visitor Center. All
    You may join CNC at the time of registration to receive the member discount.                                                                                                                       ages welcome, but most appropriate for ages 10+.
                                                                                                                                     and free for members of the Friends of Shiawassee NWR or
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Unless otherwise noted, the deadline is one week prior to the start of the program.
                                                                                                                                     Chippewa Nature Center(show your membership card).                  Woodland Wildflowers
    CANCELLED PROGRAmS: CNC reserves the right to postpone or cancel programs due to conditions beyond its control.                                                                                     Tues, 5/8 • 9:30-11:30 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                                                                                       Birds & Bagels Hike
    Participants will be notified prior to the program, and they may choose a full refund or credit toward another program.                                                                            Many of our woodland wildflowers bloom in May. To
                                                                                                                                      Thurs, 5/3 • 7-10 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
    Name ______________________________ Day Phone _______________ CNC member? Yes____ No_____                                        Early May – does birding get any better? Beginner and             identify them and learn about their natural history, join
                                                                                                                                     experienced birders alike are invited to join Senior Naturalist   Phil Stephens for a walk on our trails. You may borrow a
    Address _________________________________________ City______________________            Zip ___________
                                                                                                                                     Janea Little for 2+ hours of birding, followed by bagels in the   wildflower identification book and hand lens.
    E-mail Address (optional, for confirmation): ________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                     Visitor Center to recover from our hard work and make a list        Birding by Habitat Hike
    q I would like to receive CNC’s weekly e-newsletter.                                                                             of the many species we are sure to have found. Resident birds      Wed, 5/9 • 6:30-8:30 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
    q I would like to receive my CNC member newsletter and quarterly program guide via e-mail. (Members only)                        will already be in nesting mode, and lots of migrant songbirds,   Join CNC’s Director of Land and Facilities, Tom Lenon, for
                                                                                                                                     shorebirds and hawks should be on the move. Loaner binoculars     this hike during a prime birding time. During the hike, several
    Program #           Program Name          Time Preference (If applicable)                      Date(s)                 Fee       are available. Generously sponsored by Big Apple Bagels.          habitats will be visited, and Tom will discuss where certain birds
    __________          ___________________________________________________                        ______                  _____                                                                       can be found and why. Many times, the bird you are trying to
                                                                                                                                      Mustard Pull
    __________          ___________________________________________________                        ______                  _____      Thurs, 5/3 • 6-7:30 pm • Ages: 12+, under 18 w/adult             identify can be narrowed down by just observing what habitat
     __________         ___________________________________________________                        ______                  _____                                                                       or location within the habitat they are found in.
                                                                                                                                     Help control invasive exotic plants at the Nature Center.
                                                                                                   Total Enclosed $_________         We will focus on pulling garlic mustard, a very aggressive         Woodland Wildflowers
                                                                                                                                     plant invading our woodland understory that can crowd              Thurs, 5/10 • 10 am-12 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult
    Other Notes: ______________________________________________________________________________________                              out spring beauty, Dutchman’s breeches and trillium. Our          Woodland wildflowers have a short window of opportunity
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________                                 objective is to remove garlic mustard from especially             to get their blooming done before the forest canopy leafs
                                                                                                                                     sensitive areas before it completely takes over. Meet at          out and stops the sun from reaching the forest floor where
                                                       FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                                                           the Visitor Center. Gloves will be provided. If weather           these guys live. Come on out and take a hike with Naturalist
                                                                                                                                     conditions are unfavorable, the cleanup will be canceled.         Karen Breternitz to find out if they are getting the job done
    Received from: ____________________________________________________________________                                              Please call Phil Stephens at 631-0830 if you plan to come.        and if the early spring pollinators are doing their job. Meet
    Received by :________________ Registered _________ Confirmed _________Validation __________                                                                                                        at the Visitor Center.

8         Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                                          May/June 2012                 9
      Woodland Wildflowers                                              located along Wildfowl Bay on the east side of the Saginaw
                                                                        Bay, is owned and managed by the Saginaw Basin Land                                                         Summer Exploration Days
      Wed, 5/16 • 10 am-12 pm • All Ages
                                                                        Conservancy. The preserve features one of the largest             Tues-Fri, 8 am-5 pm • Sat, 9 am-5 pm • Sun, 1-5 pm            Add a special element to your visit this summer by
     Woodland wildflowers put on a great display in the Beech                                                                             All Ages, under 18 w/adult                                    exploring Summer Exploration Days! This indoor
                                                                        remaining areas of undeveloped shoreline (4,746 feet) and
     Maple Woods every spring. Join CNC Naturalist Karen                                                                                                                                                program includes a variety of self-guided, hands-on
                                                                        much of the remaining coastal wetlands on Sand Point.             Tues, 6/12-Sun, 6/17 • Birds of Prey
     Breternitz to look for spring beauties, trout lily, trillium and                                                                                                                                   exploration stations. Experiments, crafts and scavenger
     possibly fungi! Meet at the end of the Homestead Road.             Approximately half of the preserve is wetlands, attracting        Tues, 6/19-Sun, 6/24 • Wasps, Hornets & Bees
                                                                        wildlife that includes Bald Eagles and Marsh Wrens. The           Tues, 6/26-Sun, 7/1 • Water, Water Everywhere                 hunts are just a few of the types of activities you’ll find.
      Mammal Hike                                                                                                                                                                                       The activities change weekly, so feel free to come back
                                                                        State of Michigan has recognized the importance of this
       Tues, 5/22 • 7-9 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult                                                                                                                                                 again and again!
                                                                        property by officially designating it an “Environmental
     During this hike, Director of Land and Facilities, Tom
                                                                        Area,” a title placed on only about 8.5% of the Great Lakes
     Lenon, will especially focus on looking for and discussing                                                                         Center. We’ll take a walk looking for slugs, worms and          Center to mark the start of this special season. Meet at the
     the mammals that can be found at the Chippewa Nature                                                                               anything else that’s slippery or slimy.We’ll take a closer      Visitor Center, where we’ll begin our hike.
     Center. Tracks, burrows and other signs left behind by             The preserve is located at the southwestern base of             look at these critters and discover how slime really helps
                                                                        the Sand Point Peninsula in Caseville Township of Huron                                                                          Birds & Bagels Hike
     mammals will be explored.                                                                                                          them live. Dress appropriately – you may get “slimed!”
                                                                        County. Parking for the preserve is located on the bay side                                                                       Fri, 6/22 • 7-10 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
       Members Only – Native Plant Sale                                                                                                   Green Dragons of Chippewa Nature Center                       Migration is over, but there will still be plenty of nesting species
                                                                        of M-25, approximately 4 miles southwest of Caseville,
      Thurs, 5/24 • 1-8 pm • All Ages                                                                                                    Tues, 6/12 • 9:30-11:30 am • All Ages, under 18 w/adult        to be found! Beginner and experienced birders alike are invited
                                                                        halfway between Dunn and Crescent Beach Roads.
     CNC members get to shop early and get first choice of                                                                               Thurs, 6/14 • 7-9 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult              to join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for 2+ hours of birding,
     the plants at the sale. Here’s your chance to purchase             To participate in the hike, please meet Janea at the
                                                                                                                                          Sat, 6/16 • 10 am-12 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult          followed by bagels in the Visitor Center. Loaner binoculars are
     ferns, trees, shrubs, vines and wildflowers that are native to     preserve’s parking lot at 9 am. Although we will mostly stick
                                                                                                                                        Join Naturalist Karen Breternitz as we pursue the Green         available. Generously sponsored by Big Apple Bagels.
     Michigan. Plants that are propagated from native genotypes         to trails, wear sturdy hiking boots, in case we see something
                                                                        wonderful and need to go bushwhacking. Loaner binoculars        Dragons of CNC. Each year, we find more and more of              Monsters of the Deep
     are easier to establish in your home landscape than non-                                                                           these unusual plants in different locations. Some are huge!
                                                                        will be available. The hike will take place rain or shine, so                                                                    Sat, 6/23 • 1:30-3 pm • Ages: 5+, under 18 w/adult
     native plants. We will have some of the most sought after                                                                          Some are just babies getting started in a new area. What
     species that are not readily available from local retailers.       please dress for the weather.                                                                                                   Okay, so our ponds aren’t all that “deep” and aquatic insects
                                                                                                                                        will we find this year? Meet us at the pavilion at the end of   aren’t really “monsters,” but if you are only a couple of
     Come early for the best selection!                                   Full Moon Stroll                                              the Homestead Road to find out!
                                                                          Sun, 6/3 • 9-11 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult                                                                               millimeters long, a Predacious Diving Beetle looks pretty
       Native Plant Sale                                                                                                                 Bird Nest and Nesting Behavior Hike                            scary, and a pond is like Lake Huron! Join Naturalist Phil
       Fri, 5/25 • 9 am-8 pm • All Ages                                 Wind-up your weekend with a relaxing, guided walk by the
                                                                                                                                         Thurs, 6/14 • 7-9 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult              Stephens to collect aquatic critters and take a closer look
       Sat, 5/26 • 9 am-8 pm • All Ages                                 light of the full moon! Senior Naturalist Janea Little will
                                                                                                                                        During this hike, Director of Land and Facilities,Tom Lenon,    with microscopes before putting them back into the water.
     Here’s your chance to purchase ferns, trees, shrubs, vines         lead this walk, and challenge you to get your “night eyes”
                                                                        going by walking without the light of flashlights (but bring    will especially focus on looking for nesting birds and talk
     and wildflowers that are native to Michigan. Plants that are
     propagated from native genotypes are easier to establish           them anyway, just in case!). Please wear dark clothing so we
                                                                        aren’t quite as noticeable to wildlife (and to better keep
                                                                                                                                        about where some of the common birds nest and why.
                                                                                                                                        Common nesting behaviors will also be pointed out.                 Preschool Story Hour
     in your home landscape than non-native plants. We will
     have some of the most sought after species that are not            your night eyes in the dark).                                     Who Lives in a Wetland Neighborhood?                                                       Ages: 3-5 years w/adult
     readily available from local retailers. Come early for the          Native Trees and Shrubs for the Landscape:                       Sun, 6/17 • 2-4 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult                                            9-10 am & 10:30-11:30 am
     best selection!                                                     Touring the Garrett Arboretum                                  If you were to live in a wetland, who would be your                                                  Are You an Ant?
                                                                         Fri, 6/8 • 6:30-8:30 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult           neighbors? Many different plants and animals have special
       Nature for Youth:Turtles & Frogs                                                                                                                                                                                                Thurs, May 3 and Sat, May 5
                                                                        Bring your questions and share your knowledge with us as        features which allow them to survive in water or water-
       Sat, 6/2 • 1-2:30 pm • Ages: 5-9 w/adult                                                                                                                                                                                       Raccoons • Thurs, May 17
                                                                        we hike through the Garrett Arboretum of Michigan Trees         soaked habitats. Get to know these creatures and their
     This program is designed to help kids develop a connection                                                                         adaptations as we walk around the wetlands and discover
     to the natural world through fun, hands-on activities              and Shrubs. We will discuss the benefits of using native                                                                                                       Squish! A Wetland Walk
                                                                        plants in your landscape, look at which species are most        their wetland address. Meet Educator Jeanne Henderson                                       Sat, June 2 and Thurs, June 7
     including experiment stations, games, crafts and more.                                                                             at the Wetlands Area pavilion. All ages welcome, but most
                                                                        attractive and pest free, and look at characteristics that                                                                                         Waiting for Wings • Thurs, June 21
       Exploring Sand Point Nature Preserve                             help to identify some species. Meet at the Visitor Center.      appropriate for ages 8+.
       Sat, 6/2 • 9 am-12 pm • Ages: 18+                                                                                                 Native Trees and Shrubs for the Landscape:                         Come spend an hour learning about nature! The hour will
                                                                         Slimy Critters - Earthworms and Slugs
     Join Chippewa Nature Center Senior Naturalist, Janea                                                                                Touring the Garrett Arboretum                                       include a story and an outdoor activity, and may include
                                                                         Sat, 6/9 • 2-3:30 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult
     Little, for a two-hour hike to explore the 139-acre Sand                                                                            Wed, 6/20 • 9:30-11:30 am • All Ages, under 18 w/adult               songs, art, rhymes and other age-appropriate activities.
     Point Nature Preserve in Huron County. The preserve,               Want to get “slimed?” Join Jackie Kelly on a journey to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wee Stroll
                                                                        world of the slippery, slimy critters at Chippewa Nature        Bring your questions and share your knowledge with us as
                                                                                                                                        we hike through the Garrett Arboretum of Michigan Trees
                                                                                                                                        and Shrubs. We will discuss the benefits of using native                     Ages: 6 mos.-2 yrs. w/adult
                                                        Homestead Sundays                                                               plants in your landscape, look at which species are most
                                                                                                                                        attractive and pest free, and look at characteristics that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   9-10 am & 10:30-11:30 am
                                                        Sundays, 5/27-9/2 • 1:30-5 pm • All ages                                        help to identify some species. Meet at the Visitor Center.                    Fri, May 11 & June 8
                                                        Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy a peaceful afternoon              Summer Solstice Hike                                                This program is designed for parents to take a
                                                        at the Homestead Farm. Staff and volunteers will be on hand at our               Wed, 6/20 • 7-9 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult                    staff guided walk with their child, learn about the
                                                        log cabin and one-room schoolhouse to answer your questions, give               The Summer Solstice occurs at 7:09 pm this evening,
                                                        tours of the farm and teach lessons from long ago. Kids of all ages can                                                                              outdoors and learn ways to introduce children
                                                                                                                                        marking the longest day of the year! Join Kyle Bagnall on an                to the natural world around them.
                                                        help with chores, play traditional games and visit the farm animals.            exploration through woods and fields of Chippewa Nature

10            Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                                   May/June 2012                11
                          Volunteer Spotlight                                                                                                                        CNC Membership
                                                        Jose Igancio Gonzalez Tom Misner           Betty Thayer                      All CNC members receive in-home delivery of the bi-monthly newsletter and quarterly program guide,
     Maple Syrup Season Success!                                                                                                                     program discounts, members-only events, a 10% store discount and more!
                                                        Marilyn Goodall        Danny Naso          April Thivierge
     We would like to express our sincere               Holly Goodnight        Brian Nylander      Lora Tower              General membership                                            society memberships
     appreciation to the 194 volunteers for all of      Kristina Griffith      Natalie Pacholke    Rebecka Tubbs            – Individual (18+) - $28                                     – Meadow Society $100–249
     their help during the 2012 Maple Syrup Day         Robin Hamann           Frieda Pan          Brooke Tweedie           – Senior Individual (60+) - $23                              	 •	 Recognition	in	Annual	Report	and	newsletter
     on March 17. The beautiful summer-like day         Emalene Hamilton       Kshitish Patankar   Sam Ungerleider                                                                       	 •	 Eligible	for	Grandparent	benefits
     provided a great opportunity for over 1,700                                                                            – Family/Grandparent - $45
                                                        Dorothy Hickerson      Manal Patankar      Michelle Vouaux              (Children/grandchildren under 18)
     visitors (a record number) to experience                                                                                                                                            – Woodland Society $250–499
                                                        Nora Hickerson         Amanda Pedraza      Jason Walker
     the maple syrup season at the nature center.                                                                           – Senior Couple (60+) - $31                                  All	of	the	above	benefits	plus…
                                                        Max Hlavacek           Nathan Pell         Karol Walker
     In addition to enjoying the sights and smells,                                                                                                                                      	 •	 Exclusive	program	presented	by	a	CNC	naturalist
                                                        Mary Hoagland          Sarah Peng          Maia Walker
     1,037 visitors enjoyed the taste of pancakes       Sahne Hogan            Ben Pennock         Qwynn Walker                                                                          – River Society $500 +
     smothered with real maple syrup. A special                                                                                              cnc legacy society                          All	of	the	above	benefits	plus…
                                                        Fred Holsbeke          Kelsey Pennock      Bart Waters
     thank you to the members of Explorer Post                                 Ernie Perry         Katie Waters                       Express your love and appreciation of nature       	 •	 Exclusive	program	with	meal	presented	by	a	CNC	naturalist
                                                        Clif Holsinger
     2795 for all their hard work in parking a record   Connie Holsinger       Dannelle Pickering  Marianne Waters                Please consider making a commitment to give to         – Life Membership—$1,500 (May be paid in three annual installments)
     number of cars for this event. Below are the       Seth Hughes            Bonnie Pochert      Lori Weaver                   Chippewa Nature Center through your estate plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                         All	of	the	above	benefits	plus…
     names of the individuals and organizations that    Joann Hynes            Grace Potter        Spencer Wejrowski               Please contact Dick Touvell, Executive Director,
     provided the hands-on support to make this                                                                                                                                          	 •	 20%	Nature	Center	Store	discount
                                                        Nelda Johnson          Luke Purchase       Zachery Wells                      at to
     event a success. Thank you again!                                                                                                                                                   	 •	 Confidence	in	knowing	that	your	gift	supports	CNC’s		
                                                        Madalyn Jozwiak        Lois Ann Reed       Nicole Wiggins                             further explore the CNC                         mission to inspire future generations of people and
                                                        Mary Lou Jozwiak       Connor Reinberg     Michelle Wilkins                                Legacy Program.                            institutions to protect the natural world through
     Rebecca Alyea            Dolores Daudt             Rachel Kacel           Darby Reynaert      Aimee Wilson
     Barbara Anderson         Alec Davis                                                                                                                                                      our endowment fund.
                                                        Ksusha Karnoup         Maddi Rice          Lacey Wright
     Debbie Anderson          John Davis                Stephanie Keck         Megan Rochlitz      Morgan Wright
     Kayla Andreski
     Tyler Ashland
                              Kate Dawson
                              Kali Dent
                                                        Kayla Keyser
                                                        Kat Kowalczyk
                                                                               Kelsey Ropp
                                                                               Sharon Roy-Krahner
                                                                                                   Sandy Wuobio
                                                                                                   Alpha Phi Omega-
                                                                                                                                     Host Your                                                          Eco-friendly toys, gifts, books
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and more available at the
     Ashleigh Babcock
     Evan Bates
                              Craig Devendorf
                              Wendell Dilling
                                                        Randy Kursinsky
                                                        Allie Ladwig
                                                                               John Ruppel
                                                                               Judy Ruttan
                                                                                                       Central Michigan
                                                                                                                               Birthday Party at CNC!
     Charlie Beacom
     Curt Bedbury
                              Marcia Dilling
                              John Ditzler
                                                        Elizabeth Ladwig
                                                        Van Lam
                                                                               Leslie Saxon
                                                                               Sara Schluckebier
                                                                                                   Alpha Phi Omega-
                                                                                                       Saginaw Valley
                                                                                                                                                               CNC members
                                                                                                                                                               can have a
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nature Center
     Tyler Berhens            Joan Donatelli            Maggie Lazarowicz      John Shaver             State University
     Deborah Berry            Phil Donatelli                                                       Boy Scout Troop 763
                                                                                                                                                               full birthday
                                                        Samantha Lazarowicz Laquodra Simmons
     Linda Berry              Adam Dupuis               Gavin Levely-Loose     Jessica Sirias      Circle K Club                                               experience for
     Lynn Biddinger           Darrell Eagle             Mary Levy              Marcia Smith            Northwood                                               children 4-12
     Regina Billotti          Ed Elliott                Sheldon Levy           Samanatha Smith         University                                              years old and up
     Bob Bissonnette          Jim Elmore                Elan Lipschitz         Marc Snyder         DowGives Volunteers                                         to 19 of their
     Jeff Bowen               Mary Elmore               Sydney Lipschitz       Colette St Louis    Dow High Key Club                                           friends. A CNC
     Chase Brenske            Susan Erhardt             Devon Looker           Scott St Louis      Homestead Quilters
     Cathy Breternitz         Elizabeth Evens                                                                                                                  Educator will
                                                        Gabe Looker            Caleigh St. Louis   Midland High Key Club                                       coordinate a
     Emily Breternitz         Jack Failla               Kayona Loose           Mark Steidemann     Midland Woodcarvers
     Lindsay Breternitz       Shirley Failla                                                                                                                   2-hour themed
                                                        Michael Madaj          Willy Stewart       The ROCK Youth
     Bruce Brooks             Amy Felzke                Jayshree Mahajan       Mike Sutkowi                                                                    experience
     Bob Burditt              Bill Ferris               Rekha Mahajan          Rose Sutkowi                                                                    that includes
     Danielle Burelle         Hannah Fetner             Andrew Malecki         Jessi Szyperski                                                                 personalized
     Dan Burns                Petro Fin                 Jim Malek                                                             invitations to send to your guests, outdoor
     Carol Busick             Bill Fitzgerald           Andrew Mandrona                                                       exploration and games, an indoor craft, indoor
     Taryn Butler             Marijean Fitzgerald       Janet Martineau
     Randy Calkins            Bree Flores                                                                                     party games, a gift for the birthday child and a
                                                        Adam Matzke                                                           goodie bag for each party guest. The room will
     Ryan Calkins             Walter Foster III         Rob Maxwell
     Sharon Calkins           Vicki Fulkerson                                                                                 be decorated to match your child’s party theme
                                                        Erin McCann
     Mary Canze               Brandon Gallagher         Trevor McDonald
                                                                                                                              before you arrive.
     Aaron Cochran            Howard Garrett            Marianne McKelvy
     Maxine Cottrell          Lee Gerovac                                                                                        Call 989.631.0830 for more information
                                                        Philip Meister                Cathy Devendorf
     Aaron Cummings           Herm Gieseler                                                                                          or to schedule a birthday party.
                                                        Cathy Menning
     Susan Dalgarn            Elizabeth Goff            Elsie Misner
                                                                             Director of Volunteers &                                                                                          M-F 8 am-5 pm • Sat 9 am-5 pm • Sun 1-5 pm
     Janet Danek                                                                            Outreach

12           Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                       May/June 2012                 13
               February-March 2012                                                                                               Save the                                                                           Tickets
     Rent-a-Sap Bucket            Sharon Brady                    John Houvener                 Ann Towsley & Don Boys
     Bruce & Pat Albrecht
     Barbara Anderson &
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                                                                                                                              Aaron Allwardt, Educator                Katie Fox, Lead Preschool Teacher       Shannon Lamblin, Lead Preschool
                                      Welcome New Members!                                                                    Chris Anderson, Director of
                                                                                                                                   Finance & Operations
                                                                                                                                                                      Steve Frisbee, Lead Preschool
                                                                                                                                                                         Teacher/Nature Day Camp
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eric Lang, Preschool Teacher
                                                                                                                              Sue Anderson, Administrative               Program Coordinator                  Rachel Larimore, Director of
     Marjorie I. Ball             Dwight & Sally Hoffman          Roger A. & Vickie S. Nagy     Susan Valley                       Assistant                          Brent Gilbert, Housekeeper                 Education
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                                                                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Griffin, Preschool Teacher
     Susan Clark                  Deirdre Holsinger               Mike & Sarah Porcaro          Ruben Vaughn, III             Deana Beckham, Office                                                           Janea Little, Senior Naturalist
                                                                                                                                                                      Sally Hahn, Interpreter
     John & Ruth Copp             Seth Hughes                     Dave & Daria Potts            Danielle Ward                      Coordinator                                                                Kerry Maloney, Marketing Manager
                                                                                                                                                                      Jeanne Henderson, Educator
     Kaitlyn Dassinger            Jason & Kristyn Hultberg        Kim Reinhart                  Scott & Sara Williams         Barb Blackhurst, Educator                                                       Shawn McDonald, Educator
                                                                                                                                                                      Jamie Hockstra, Director of
     Ms. Marci L. Dassinger       Shane Jeffries                  Mary Ann Renz & Tim Tesar     Stuart Wilson                 Karen Breternitz, Naturalist/              Marketing & Communications           Jacque Molitor, Educator
     Michael & Alysia Diffendal   Zeina Joukhaji & Ei-Nachef      Amy Robinson                  Meadow Society                    Technology Manager                  Curt Holsinger, Land Maintenance        Susan Noble, Preschool Teacher
     Roy & Sandra Dunlap          Rich & Deb Kadish               Martin Schindel               Ken & Gay Bagnall             Ron Burk, Land & Facilities Assistant      Coordinator                          Dennis Pilaske, Director of
     Mr. & Mrs. Rob & Michelle    Lee & Anne Koski                Tom & Cindy Schuetz           Jeffrey Bruzewski             Logan Christian, Educator               Patrick Huber, Facilities Coordinator      Interpretation
          Ellis-Hutchings         Kurzer Family                   Fernao Silveira               Chris & Regina Curtis         Amanda Ciaravino, Office                Cindy Kacel, Office Professional        Adam Schmidt, Educator
     Allen Forster & Susan        Joseph Laframboise              Lori Simon                    Dr. Richard & Donna                Professional                       Sherry Kacel, Educator                  Phil Stephens, Senior Naturalist
          Bradshaw                Conrad J. & Connie Latuszek     Lee Simpson & Laura                Dolinski                 Jill Derry, Preschool Teacher           Jackie Kelly, Educator                  Ellen Theriault, Educator
     Gina & Walter Foster         Paul W. & Lori L. Meylan            Robinson                  Peter & Jan Doty              Cathy Devendorf, Director of            Allison Kendall, Preschool Teacher      Dick Touvell, Executive Director
     Kari Geurts                  Michael, Lynea & Aislyn         Ron Snear                     Lou & Judy Firenze                Volunteers & Outreach               Jenn Kirts, Educator/Nature Day Camp    Bruce Vaydik, Caretaker
     Jonathan Gittins                 Murphy                      Rick & Sarah Tanner           Earl & Marilyn Soules         Sylvia Erskine, Housekeeper                Director                             Joan Vaydik, Office Professional
     Bill Hammond                 Henry David & Patricia          Keith & Kim Tollenaere                                      Michelle Fournier, Educator             Susie Kruse, Program Scheduler          Grant Winchell, Educator

14         Chippewa Nature Center                                                                                                                  May/June 2012          15
400 S. Badour Rd.
Midland, MI 48640-8661

                                                                                                               NOW ter
                                                                                                               2012- for
                                                                       Nature                                       13!

                                                                 •	Classes for 3- & 4- year olds
                                                                 •	2,3 or 4 half-day classes
                                                                 •	High quality early childhood
                                                                   education in the context of nature
                                                                 •	Scholarships available
                                                                 Registration packets available online!

 Nature Day Camp
    •	Camps for ages 6-14
    •	Full and half-day
      week-long sessions
    •	3-day mini camps
    •	Overnight camps

     See Walk-in Programs, Nature Day Camps!
          Register now for 2012
     starting on page 11 phone or in person.
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