Experience A Thrilling Adventure Tour In India

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Anima Sharma
                       Experience A Thrilling Adventure Tour In India                                  by Anima Sharma
                       in Travel / Travel Reviews     (submitted 2012-12-28)

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                       India has an incredibly diverse climate and topography - no
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                       and mangrove), floodplains, grasslands, deserts, oceans and             Statue Cruise, 9/11 Memorial, Bus. Book Now and
                       beaches. This gives you endless opportunities for adventure             Save.
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                       India is a popular tourist destination, but not much more than
                       the Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle. The Himalayas are                A Walk for Sunshine DVD
                       breathtaking and the surrounding hills provide a fantastic setting      An Appalachian Trail Movie Entertaining &
                       for hiking, skiing and rock climbing, while the fast-flowing rivers     Inspiring
                       cascading through them are perfect for rafting, kayaking and
                       canoeing or even fishing. Besides being famous for the views of         Escorted Tours 40% Less
                       white sandy beaches, coastal areas also offer a variety of              Escorted tours are up to 40% less than traveling
                       water sports such as diving and snorkeling.                             on your own.
                       Forests, grasslands and desert areas support a variety of
                       wildlife creating a diverse situation for an adventure trip. Here in    Whitewater Rafting, MT
                       India you will get more than 500 national parks and wildlife            Whitewater rafting, hiking adventures in Glacier
                       sanctuaries in India, offering the thrill of wildlife jeep safaris on   National Park, MT.
                       elephant back or boat when you have the chance to see many              www.glacierguides.com
                       rare and rare species such as the tiger. The country is also a
                       glory for birdwatchers with many known bird sanctuaries,                Grand American Travels
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                       namely Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur - a
                       unbelievable wetland sanctuary.

                       Part of the adventure is in the form of travel - bikers; imagine
                       crossing the deserts of Ladakh snow height in the enigmatic
                       Enfield Bullet! On the other hand you can take a jeep safari through the Himalayas or, if you prefer to stand, there is
                       an unbelievable variety of hiking chances on short walks in the alpine fields for hiking powerful low height on some of
                       the steps highest in the entire globe. If cycling is your thing, is pushed to the limit and bike tour Rajasthan. Or why
                       not see India or perhaps riding the back of a camel in a desert safari romantic. Specialist tour operators offering
                       adventure holidays in India are well aware of the needs of responsible tourism and eco-travel so in this environment
                       conscious world progressively from a trip to India can offer the adventurous traveler like short treks to weekend trips
                       with a wide range of activities while promoting the conservation of this incredible country.

                       Nowadays the logistics of organizing eco adventure holidays to India easy area - search the Internet and you will
                       find professional tour operators that can help you choose the right trip for you and make all necessary arrangements
                       for the trip - to wherever you go, whatever you want to do and any transport and accommodation you need for
                       your trip, you can be sure that they will organize everything efficiently and smoothly. World renowned for its high
                       passes, snow covered mountains tops, rivers and serene valleys all this makes this high passes land a heaven for
                       adventure lovers. Leh, the capital of this region gives a kick start to this journey full of adventures. Travel up and
                       down the beautiful mountains witnesses artistically built monasteries, colorful markets, and quiet villages with natural
                       aura complements. Use this time to explore the traditions, cultures and lifestyles, choosing between various forms of
                       hiking, such as biking, hiking, rafting or horseback. You can also visit Markha Valley in Uttarakhand is one of the
                       most popular short treks which you can enjoy during India tour.

                        About the Author
                       The author is the expert writer having vast experience about the travel industry. Currently she is writing on various
                       topics related to Adventure companies like: weekend trips from delhi, short treks, mountain biking trips etc.
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Description: Adventure tourism is the apotheosis of the beach party - is going out and doing something you love, something that can be as challenging as you want, but it gives a sense of accomplishment and not just a tan.