UTS GENAP GRADE EIGHT 2012 by stevetaylor2013


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									I. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d
   Text for number 1-5
   Last week I had a great holiday in Pulau Putri with my family. We spent our holiday from
   Friday till Wednesday. First I went diving. I did it everyday, then I went wind surfing, finally
   I enjoyed scuba diving. It was great experience.
   1. What kind of text is it?
       a. Descriptive text         b. Recount text  c. Narrative text   d. Report text
   2. Where did the writer have a great holiday?
       a. Pulau Putri              b. Friday        c. Last week        d. Sunday Afternoon
   3. How many activities that the writer do there? There are …….…activities.
       a. one                      b. two           c. three            d. four
   4. The word “Scuba Diving“ means in Indonesia is …
       a. Selancar                 b. Berenang      c. Ski air          d. Menyelam
   5. How many days did they spend the holiday?
       a. 3 days                   b. 4 days        c. 5 days           d. 6 days
   6. Putri : Can I help you, mom?
       Woman              : ………...…. (Refusing)
       a. Thank, but I can do it by my self         c. Here you are
       b. Of course                                 d. How kind you are
   7. Rosa : Can I have your cake, Rosa?
       Dani : Ok. How many?
       Rosa : Three, please.
       Budi : Ok …
       a. Here you are             b. Here he is    c. Here we are      d. Here she is
   8. Adi        : Would you like milk?
       Firman : ……………..I’d like coffee.
       a. Of course.               b. No, thanks.   c. Sure.            d. Ok.
   9. Risa is …………..than Aldi. (Tall)
       a. the tallest              b. the most tall c. more tall        d. taller
   10. Rendi : What do you think about this book?
       Feri               :…
       a. I think it is good       b. I agree       c. Sorry            d. Ok
II. Read the text below, and then answer the following questions.
                                         Snow White
  Long ago, in the Neverland, there lived a very beautiful princess, Snow White. The Queen
  was her step mother. She was very jealous of her beauty, so she wanted her to die.
  Snow White knew about the evil plan. She escaped into a forest. There she made friends with
  seven dwarfs and they lived happily.
  Unlucky the evil queen knew that Snow White was still alive and lived in the forest, so she
  went there to kill her. The Queen turned into a witch. But Snow White did not realize it. The
  witch gave her a poisoned apple. As a result, Snow White was put into sleep for years.
  In the end, a charming prince came to see her and revived her with a kiss. They lived happily
  ever after.
  1.   Where did the story happen?
  2.   Why her step mother wanted her to die?
  3.   Who came to help her?
  4.   a. Make a comparative sentences (Long/short adjectives)

          1. Football -- popular – baseball
             Football is more popular than baseball
          2. Toyota Alphard – expensive – Suzuki Avanza
          3. Your bike – fast – mine

       b. Make a superlative sentences (Long/short adjectives)

          1. I think football is …….…….. sport in Indonesia (Popular)
             I think football is the most popular sport in Indonesia
          2. I think Andi is ……………… person in the class (Intelligent)
          3. They felt ……………. (Bad) yesterday. I think they need a rest

  5. Change into passive form
     a. Putri opens the door
     b. They cleaned the classroom yesterday

                                              Good Luck

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