WOOD COUNTY CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY
                                         HOT CHECK INFORMER
                                             SEPTEMBER 1, 2012
                                 The Checklist: Keeping you up-to-date on Hot Checks!
**** P.O. BOX 689 * QUITMAN, TEXAS 75783 * 903-763-4515 * FAX 903-763-5105                   ****
Dear Merchant,                             Michel Adrian Davis       Samuel Hulen Morris
   In an effort to keep you informed, I    Leta Dorsey               Gloria Mosley
                                           Carol Gatewood Drinkwater Ruby Dee Neagle
have prepared for you the “Hot Check”      Sheryl Louise Dubose      Janie Neighbors
newsletter. Please use this information to Vernon Murrell Eddy       Tanya Newton
guard against receiving bad checks in the  Melanie Ann Eiland        Cheryl Jo Norman
future.                                    Raymond Elam              Tiffony Nicole Norman
                                               Latoya Marie English       Charles Gary Orrick
My Hot Check Department                        Jennifer Ensminger         Judy Beets Owens
                                               Michael Wayne Evans        Anna Pettis
collected $44,972.95 from                      Mary Ann Fairchild         Mark Christopher Phillips
 June 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012.              Dessa Fletcher             Barbara Jeane Plata
If you have any questions feel free to call    Billy Fritz, Jr.           Karen Ann Polk
                                               Kenoly Frost               Kenneth Loy Precise
me or my staff and we will be glad to assist   Loretta A. Fuller          Steven Craig Prince
you in any way.                                Donna L. Gouge             April Lynne Proctor
                                               James William Greer        Sharon M. Ragle
Very Truly Yours,                              Sarah Griffis              Amanda Read
                                               Lauren D. Hajek            Chelsey Leann Reuther
                                               Davey Leon Hall            Vickie Rickman
Jim Wheeler                                    Mary Burge Hall            Tracy Risinger
Criminal District Attorney                     Ronald Hargraves           Gregory Keith Roberts
Wood County, Texas                             Robert Harker              Lisa Renee Roberts
                                               Joseph Aaron Harley        Helen Harper Rutherford
                                               Leslie Harley              Jared Wayne Scoggins
For Your Information:                          Charles R. Harred          Samuel L. Shallenberger
Our office has received complaints of          James R. Harris            Staci Michele Sharp
alleged worthless checks on the                Tammy Suzanne Harvey       Coleton Shrum
following individuals:                         James Carl Hearn           Ronah Kaye Shrum
                                               Cathy J. Henderson         Stephanie Slagle
                                               W.Z. Henderson             Candice Caylin Smith
Arwa Abutouk                                   Nyantwonezia Henry         Candice Lee Smith
Austin Corey Akin                              Brandon Scott Hicks        Lisa Michell Smith
Derrick Russell Alford                         Cindy R. Hogue             Rosie L. Smith
Lisa Gaye Almand                               James Anderson Horn        Tracey Smith
Mary Keener Armstrong                          Jessica Kate Hudson        Jacob A. Sneed
Miranda B. Asmussen                            Marcellia Hukill           Susan Sorrosa
Maegan Annette Baugh                           Angel Hults                David M. Speck
Judy Beard                                     Michael Dean Hutton        Reba Stone
Tim Black                                      Michael T. Ingram          Donna Straight
Kendra Lee Bolt                                Jessica James              Jonathan Sublette
Cody Eldon Britton                             Travis Jay                 Kelvin Tunstle
Harold Brooks                                  Sabrina Jerome             Tamatha G. Turner
Ernest L. Brown                                Bobby Hue Jones            Cheryl Hancock Washington
Stephen C. Brown                               Debra Horn Jones           Mallory Marie Watkins
Doris Ann Burley                               Ashley Kennedy             Rebecca Watkins
Karon Burns                                    Shane Kibodeaux            Jerry Brandon Webb
Ronny Burns, Jr.                               Dale Ray Kirk              Debra Ann Wesley
Marilyn Thompson Cano                          Jimmy K. Kitchens          Andrew J. West
Rachel Yulonda Chandler                        Deborah Klis               Audrey Wileman
Tonya Chapman                                  Linda Lindner              Harry John Williams
Syble Mae Charbeneau                           Michael Lynn Liston        Kandy Remay Williams
Jamie Clark                                    Chamar Dewayne London      Ricky Everett Williams
Juliet S. Clark                                Laurie Lowrimore           Billy Harold Wilson
Tamara Michele Clark                           Billy Jack Lowry           Clarence A. Wofford
Melissa Ann Clower                             Erol Lutvi                 Michael David Wood
Marshall Cogburn                               Charlicie E. Lyle          Diane C. York
Brenda K. Cook                                 Michelle S.J. McGuire      James R. York
Stephanie Lea Cooke                            Sandra Tebo McKinney       Martha Young
Dalton Cotten                                  Karen Mangham              PLEASE VERIFY DRIVER’S LICENSE
Brenda Cox                                     Jimmie Floyd Martin        NUMBER AND DATE OF BIRTH FOR EACH
Andrew Cude                                    Tammie G. Mathis           PERSON PASSING A CHECK TO YOUR
Rita McLemore Cummings                         Eugene Christopher Mayo    BUSINESS. ASK TO VIEW THEIR ACTUAL
Christina Davis                                Rubie Mays                 DRIVER’S LICENSE.
Matthew W. Davis                               Constance (Connie) Mize

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