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									I. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d
  Text for number 1-3

                                  Nasreddin Goes Shopping

  One day, Nasreddin went to town to buy new clothes. First he tried on a pair of trousers. He
  didn't like the trousers, so he gave them back to the shopkeeper. Then he tried a robe which
  had the same price as the trousers. Nasreddin was pleased with the robe, and he left the shop.
  Before he climbed on his donkey to ride home, the shopkeeper and the shop-assistant ran out.
  "You didn't pay for the robe!" said the shopkeeper.
  "But I gave you the trousers in exchange for the robe, didn't I?" replied Nasreddin.
  "Yes, but you didn't pay for the trousers, either!" said the shopkeeper.
  "But I didn't buy the trousers," replied Nasreddin. "I am not so stupid as to pay for something
  which I never bought."
   1. How many people were working in the shop?
       a. four                     b. three           c. two                d. one
   2. What did Nasreddin actually pay for?
       a. nothing                  b. the robe        c. the trousers       d. the hat
   3. How did Nasreddin go to the shop?
       a. on foot                  b. by camel        c. by donkey          d. by car
   4. Show me (good)…………….. Hotel in this city.
       a. gooder                   b. the best        c. the goodest        d. the worst
   5. I think that’s (funny)………….. Film I’ve ever seen.
       a. the funnier than         b. the funny       c. the funniest       d. the funnier
   6. Active : Putri bought the novel.
       Passive           : The novel ……………. by Putri.
       a. was buy                  b. is buy          c. were bought        d. was bought
   7. Active : Mr. Rahman wrote a letter.
       Passive           : A letter ……………. by Mr. Rahman.
       a. were written             b. was written     c. is write           d. is written
   8. Fandi : Would you like milk?
       Firman : ……….. I’d like coffee.
       a. of course.               b. No, thanks.     c. sure.              d. Ok.
   9. Maya : I lost my money, somebody stole it from me.
       Rudi : Don’t worry, take this money for you.
       Maya : …… (Refusing)
       a. I can take that                             c. Thank you, you‘re kind
       b. I cannot take that                          d. All right
   10. Windi : ………
       Sari : I think orange juice is more delicious than apple juice.
       a. Let me taste these juices.
       b. Do you think it is delicious?
       c. Do you want orange juice?
       d. What do you think about the taste of orange juice and apple juice?
II. Answer the following questions carefully.
  1. What are the characteristics of narrative text?
  2. What are the differences between comparative and superlative?
  3. Change into passive form.
     a. The little boy draws the pictures.
     b. They did the homework.
  4. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form.
     a. Living in Jakarta is ..........................living in Surabaya. (Expensive)
     b. Dian is .........................person I know. She learns everything immediately. (Clever)
  5. Do you think your parents are proud of you so far in life? Why?

                                              Good Luck

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