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									I. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d.

    Text for number 1-4

                                   The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs

         Once upon a time, there lived a happy family in a village. A man and his wife lived happily
    on a little farm, tending their flock of geese and selling their eggs at the market. They were not
    rich, but they were happy with their life together.
         One day a new goose flew in among their flock. The couple was surprised to find a shiny
    golden egg in her nest. Each and every day after that, the goose laid another egg of solid gold!
         The couple was soon richer than they had ever dreamed of, but they were not happy. They
    grew impatient with only one golden egg a day. The farmer said to his wife, "Our goose must be
    full of gold. Why should we wait to have more eggs?"
         "If we cut her open," his wife agreed, "we can get all the eggs at once." So they killed the
    goose! They were very surprised to find that it was just like any other goose inside. Even worse,
    there would never be any more golden eggs!

1. What kind of text it is?
   a. Descriptive              b. Narrative            c. Recount               d. Report
2. How many golden eggs did the couple get each day?
   a. 1                        b. 2                    c. 3                     d. 4
3. How did the couple relieve their impatience?
   a. By killing the goose.                     c. By tending their flock of geese.
   b. By selling the new goose.                 d. By selling the eggs at the market.
4. What moral value can we learn from the story?
   a. We should know our limitation.            c. We should stand on our own feet.
   b. We must be honest to get success.         d. We must be patient, not be greedy to get richer.

    Text for number 5-9

        Once upon a time, there was a king who was very powerful and rich. But he was always
    unhappy, because he felt ill all time. No doctors knew how to cure him, not did any medicine do
    him good.
        One day, he called all his wise men to his place and asked them what to do. ”There is only
    one way.” said a very old man.” If you can find a happy man, take his shirt and wear it, you will
    be soon cured.”
        So, the king sent his men to search for all the happy men. They traveled all over the country,
    but they could not find one. There was nobody who was completely satisfied. If a man was rich
    and healthy, he had a bad wife. Everybody had something to complain of.
        The men were very tired of their long search, and did not know when to go home. Just as they
    were worrying about that, they saw a poor workman who was singing merrily while he was at
    ”Are you happy?’’ they asked the man.”Yes, I am as happy as a lark, “answered the man.
    ”Give us your shirt, said the men.’’ We’ll give you as much many money as you need.’’
    ’’Alas!’’ cried the workman, ’’My shirt is dirty.’’

5. What kind of text it is?
   a. Descriptive              b. Narrative          c. Recount             d. Report
6. Who could cure the sick king?
   a. A happy workman          b. A palace doctor    c. A very old man      d. A wise man
7. Why was the king always unhappy?
   a. He was not powerful anymore             c. There were no good doctors
   b. His man in a palace is greedy           d. He got sick all the time
8. What can you learn from the story?
   a. It teaches us to be generous to the poor c. Money can solve our difficulty
   b. Looking for a good doctor is not easy d. Standing on our own feet is important
9. The king sent his men to search for all happy men.”
   The underlined word is similar to …
   a. get for                  b. take for             c. look for            d. give for

      Text for number 10-13

          Once upon a time, there was a young girl and her mother in small village. The girl was
      beautiful but very lazy. She never helped her mother to earn a living. Everyday, she dressed up
      and admired her own beauty in the mirror. Besides being lazy, she was also spoiled. Whatever she
      wanted she must get. This made her mother very sad.
          One day, the mother asked the girl to accompany her to the market. “OK, but I don’t want to
      walk beside you; you have to walk behind her.” The girl said. With a sad heart, the mother agreed.
      So the girl walk in front and mother followed behind her, carrying a basket.
          The mother and daughter looked very different. The daughter looked very beautiful in her
      pretty dress, while the mother looked very old in her simple dress.
          On the way to the market, people greeted the beautiful girl and asked who the old woman
      behind her was. The girl said that old woman is her servant. The mother was very sad but she kept
          Finally, the mother couldn’t bear the pain anymore. She prayed to god to punish her daughter,
      and God answered the prayer. Slowly the girl’s legs’ turned into stone and third process continued
      to upper part of the girl’s body. The girl began to be panic.
          “Mother, please forgive me.” She cried and cried. But it was too late. Finally her whole body
      turned into stone.
          Until now people can still see the tears falling down the stone. That’s why that stone is called
      “Crying Stone”.
10.   Where did the story above take place?
      a. In the market                               c. In the jungle
      b. Near a river                                d. In the small village
11.   Why was the woman sad?
      a. Because she and her daughter were poor.
      b. Because the people in the market looked down her and her daughter
      c. Because her daughter was told to other people that she was her servant
      d. Because her daughter became a crying stone
12.   “One day, the mother asked the girl to accompany her to … (par 1 line 11)
      The underlined word refers to …
      a. The arrogant daughter                       b. The old woman
      b. The wicked man                              d. The lazy woman
13.   What is the story about?
      a. The old woman and her kind daughter                 c. The lazy girl and her wicked mother
      b. The old woman and her arrogant daughter             d. The bad people and the spoiled girl

      Text for number 14-16

          Last Sunday was a fine, sunny day. My friend and I went to the swimming pool. After
      changing (46)... clothes in the restroom, I cover my body with a large towel because I felt
      uncomfortable walking toward the swimming pool only in swimsuit. Then I (47)... my towel and
      put it on a chair next to the swimming pool before I plunged in. I really enjoyed the water as it
      was very refreshing.
          At 5 p.m., my friend called me and asked me to go home. I took my towel from the chair and
      went to the restroom to change my wet clothes. (48)... we went home, we bought some drink. It
      was really enjoyable. I love swimming very much.
14. a. we                       b. our                  c. us                   d. ours
15. a. took off                 b. get out              c. released on          d. blew out
16. a. After                    b. Before               c. If                   d. So

17. went – Surabaya – My mother – to – two days ago
     1        2           3       4         5
     The best arrangement of the words above is …
     a. 3–1–2–4–5                b. 3–1–4–2–5           c. 3–1–5–4–2            d. 3–4–1–2–5
18. expensive – is – car – The – most – the
        1        2    3     4      5     6
19. The best arrangement of the words above is …
     a. 4–3–2–1–5–6             b. 4–3–2–5–6–1          c. 4–3–6–5–1–2          d. 4–3–2–6–5–1
20. Is – younger – my father – My mother – than
     1      2          3           4         5
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 4–2–5–3–1                b. 4–1–2–5–3           c. 4–1–5–2–3             d. 4–3–2–5–1
21. Diana – studying – at seven – English – was – morning
      1          2          3        4       5       6
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 1–2–4–5–3–6              b. 1–2–4–3–6–5         c. 1–5–2–4–3–6           d. 1–5–4–2–3–6
22. Dina        : Would you like a piece of cake?
    Dewi        : …………………, that would be nice.
    a. I don’t think I would b. Yes, please        c. No thanks                 d. I don’t think so
23. Deni        : Would you like a cup of tea?
    Sandi       : ………………… (Refusing)
    a. Sure                   b. Yes, please       c. Thank you                 d. No thanks
24. Winda       : Could you show me your photo album, please?
     Salam     : …………………………… (Accepting)
     a. Sure, here you are. b. I'm afraid I can't. c. I agree                   d. I think so

25. Rahmat        : Would you help me with this exercise, please?
    Ardi          : …………………………… you must do it by yourself.
    a. Sure                     b. I'm afraid I can't. c. I agree               d. I think so

II. Read the text carefully, and then answer the following questions.

         Last Friday, my friend asked me to accompany him to buy a new shirt at a department
     store. We left the house at 3 p.m. by motorcycle. As soon as we arrived there, we went to
     the clothes section. I left him choose the shirt. But an hour later, I felt bored just watching
     him confused in choosing the shirt so I left him and went to the cassette counter. Then
     thirty minutes later I went back to the clothes section but I couldn’t find him there. I went
     to the parking area. I saw his motorcycle was still there but I couldn’t find him. I waited
     for him for a few moments then finally I gave up and decided to go home by bus after
     attaching a message on his motorcycle.

1.   Where did they buy the new shirt?
2.   How did they go?
3.   Who was bored?
4.   When did they leave their house?
5.   Why the writer gave up and decided to go home?

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