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									I. Choose the best answer a, b, c or d.

Text for number 1-5

Last Sunday was a fine, sunny day. My friend and I went to the swimming pool. After changing (46)
... clothes in the restroom, I cover my body with a large towel because I felt uncomfortable walking
toward the swimming pool only in swimsuit. Then I (47) ... my towel and put it on a chair next to the
swimming pool before I plunged in. I really enjoyed the water as it was very refreshing.

At 5 p.m., my friend called me and asked me to go home. I took my towel from the chair and went to
the restroom to change my wet clothes. (48) ... we went home, we bought some drink. It was really
enjoyable. I love swimming very much.

1. a. we                        b. our                   c. us                   d. ours
2. a. took off                  b. get out               c. released on          d. blew out
3. a. After                     b. Before                c. If                   d. So
4. Where did the writer put his towel?
   a. in swimming pool       b. in restroom         c. on a chair                d. on his house
5. What kind of paragraph is suitable with the text above?
   a. Descriptive            b. Narrative           c. Recount                   d. Report

Text for number 6-10

Last month, my family and I (6) ……… to the beach. We wanted to (7) …….. our mind and
enjoy the fresh air. We want there early in the morning by car.

After parking our car, we (8) ……… along the beach barefooted. We could feel the
smoothness of the sand. The cold sea water touched our feet.

Then, we looked for a place to take a rest. We rolled out the mat on the ground and meals
together. While eating, we saw many things. Many children (9) ………. sand castles.

6. a. built                     b.   enjoyed             c.   want               d.   went
7. a. bathe                     b.   refresh             c.   collected          d.   stoved
8. a. enjoyed                   b.   picnic              c.   walked             d.   want
9. a. ate                       b.   built               c.   collected          d.   picnic

10. What kind of paragraph is suitable with the text above?
    a. Narrative text           b. Recount text      c. Descriptive text         d. Report
11. Teacher   : It’s dark here, Mir
    Amir       : Yes, Sir
    Teacher    : ……, Please!
    Amir       : All right, Sir.
    a. Close the door            b. Turn on the lamp     c. Clean the boards     d. Open your book
12. went – Surabaya – My mother – to – two days ago
     1        2           3        4        5
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 3–1–2–4–5                b. 3–1–4–2–5             c. 3–1–5–4–2            d. 3–4–1–2–5
13. expensive – is – car – The – most – the
        1       2     3     4     5      6
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 4–3–2–1–5–6              b. 4–3–2–5–6–1           c. 4–3–6–5–1–2          d. 4–3–2–6–5–1
14. Is – younger – my father – My mother – than
     1       2         3           4         5
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 4–2–5–3–1                  b. 4–1–2–5–3            c. 4–1–5–2–3          d. 4–3–2–5–1
15. Diana – studying – at seven – English – was – morning
      1          2            3        4      5        6
    The best arrangement of the words above is …
    a. 1–2–4–5–3–6                b. 1–2–4–3–6–5          c. 1–5–2–4–3–6        d. 1–5–4–2–3–6
16. Ratna       :…
    Mawar       : I think the programs on TV are interesting.
    a. Do you agree about program on TV?
    b. Do you like programs on TV?
    c. What do you think about the TV programs now?
    d. What would you like to watch on TV?
17. Dina        : Would you like another piece of cake?
    Dewi        : …………………, that would be nice.
    a. I don’t think I would b. Yes, please        c. No thanks                 d. I don’t think so
18. Deni        : Would you like a cup of tea?
    Sandi       : ………………… (Refusing)
    a. Sure                   b. Yes, please       c. Thank you                 d. No thanks
19. Winda       : Could you show me your photo album, please?
     Salam     : …………………………… (Accepting)
     a. Sure, here you are. b. I'm afraid I can't. c. I agree                   d. I think so

20. Rahmat      : Would you help me with this exercise, please?
    Ardi        : …………………………… you must do it by yourself.
    a. Sure                   b. I'm afraid I can't. c. I agree                 d. I think so

II. Read the text carefully, and then answer the following questions.

     Last Friday, my friend asked me to accompany him to buy a new shirt at a department
     store. We left the house at 3 p.m. by motorcycle. As soon as we arrived there, we went to
     the clothes section. I left him choose the shirt. But an hour later, I felt bored just watching
     him confused in choosing the shirt so I left him and went to the cassette counter. Then
     thirty minutes later I went back to the clothes section but I couldn’t find him there. I went
     to the parking area. I saw his motorcycle was still there but I couldn’t find him. I waited
     for him for a few moments then finally I gave up and decided to go home by bus after
     attaching a message on his motorcycle.

1.   Where did they buy the new shirt?
2.   How did they go?
3.   Who was bored?
4.   When did they leave their house?
5.   Why the writer gave up and decided to go home?

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