UTS GENAP CLASS VII 2012 by stevetaylor2013


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									I. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d
   Text for number 1-4
   I want to tell you something about my friend’s house. His house is big. It looks very
   peaceful. It has a living room, a dining room, and a garage. There are four bed rooms, two
   bathrooms, a kitchen, and a beautiful garden in front of the house. There are four chairs and a
   dining table in dining room. There are four arm chairs, a table, a sofa, a TV set in the living
   1. What kind of text is it?
       a. narrative text          b. recount text       c, descriptive text      d. report text
   2. How many bathrooms does the writer’s friend have?
       a. one                     b. two                c. three                 d. four
   3. What does the word “I” refer to?
       a. the writer’s friend b. reader                 c. the writer            d. my friend
   4. Where is the TV set in?
       a. in the dining room b. in the kitchen          c. in the bed room       d. in the living room
   5. Vina : I made sandwich………..?
       Putri : I think it is delicious.
       a. is it complicated                             c. I don’t like it
       b. what do you think of it                       d. I think it’s delicious
   6. The person who designs a house is a/an …….
       a. maid                    b. cook               c. waitress              d. architect
   7. The person who drives the airplane is a ………..
       a. stewardess              b. pilot              c. driver                d. secretary
   8. Winda               : What do you think about this novel?
       Ardi               : ……
       a. Ok                      b. I agree            c. Sorry                 d. I think it is good
   9. Teacher             : Deni …………the blackboard, please?
       Deni               : Yes sir.
       a. Sweep                   b. Clean              c. Close                 d. Throw
   10. Sandi              : Hi Sandi. Do you like chocolate?
       Putri              :…
       Sandi              : Here you are
       a. No, I don’t             b. Yes, I do          c. Sorry                 d. I hate it
II. Read the dialogue below, and then answer the following questions.
  Fandi is at the news agent. She is looking for a magazine.
  Shop assistant      : Can I help you?
  Fandi               : Is there a new sport mania magazine?
  Shop assistant      : Yes, here you are.
  Fandi               : How much is that?
  Shop assistant      : It’s Rp. 17.500
  Fandi               : Here’s Rp. 20.000
  Shop assistant      : And here’s the change, Rp. 2.500
  Fandi               : Thanks.
  Shop assistant      : You’re welcome.
  1.   Where does Fandi buy the magazine?
  2.   How much money does Fandi have?
  3.   How many people in this conversation?
  4.   Mention 5 vocabularies about part of your body!
  5.   Mention 5 vocabularies that you know (Adjective/kata sifat).

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