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									Enterprise Mobility Solutions
For Healthcare Providers

The Value of Mobile Solutions for Healthcare

Most medical professionals are familiar with smartphone and
tablet based applications that help them in day to day
operations. Yet the applications that can transform your
organization are not typically simple and readily available to

To most effectively address your health care mobility goals,
consider the mobile apps listed below. The business value and
risk of each application varies. Medical References app offer
limited value but almost no risk to providers. Electronic
Medical Records can provide much higher productivity and
care benefits but must be carefully deployed and managed to
meet compliance and privacy policies.

Possible Enterprise Mobile Applications for Healthcare

Category                                Examples

Clinical Process Support                Medical Interpreter, Order Management, Medication management

Clinical Decision Support               Medical Terminology list app, Medical resources, 3D models and interactive
                                        materials on mobile devices

Administrative                          Bed management and Staff scheduling, Appointments, Billing, Insurance
                                        claims, Inventory

Electronic Medical Records              Patients Records, Medication records

Analytical                              Mobile BI and Dashboards
Traditional v/s Enterprise Mobility Solutions

                                             Many app stores and vendors sell thousands of medical applications.
                                             These applications rarely provide the enterprise level benefits and present
                                             significant risks when used by Healthcare providers. If not incorporated
                                             into your Enterprise mobility platform and managed as part of
                                             organizational health policies, these applications can possess unnecessary
                                             regulatory and compliance risks.

                                             Traditional application providers have started to provide specific functional
                                             solutions. Yet these solutions are typically appropriate for specific back
                                             end operations and are developed to support specific dedicated devices
                                             and cannot support integration of data from multiple sources.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Healthcare Solutions
Deploying well designed, enterprise mobile solutions for Healthcare can deliver significant benefits:

      Determine best treatment: Bringing mobile patient care tools to the healthcare professionals helps providers
      accelerate decision making, select best treatment and enhance overall treatment quality.

      Reduce Complexity: Intuitive, simple to use mobile apps under one unified Enterprise mobile platform makes
      easier for clinical users to quickly and efficiently get the information they need to make care decisions.

      Empower Decisions: Delivering role based analytical data to mobile devices gives decision makers the
      information they need at ease and help them to make decisions quickly.

      Better patient care: Delivering critical information at fingertips enable care providers instantly monitor patient
      health status and take actions accordingly.
Key Features of an Enterprise Healthcare Mobility Platform

      Support for all Smartphones and Tablets to keep pace with new technologies and reduce hardware costs.

      Data Security through user authentication and encryption features to prevent unauthorized access to data and
      mobile devices.

      Role based policies to provide right information to right persons and enforce policies.

      Remote management and device configuration

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