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Margie Pizarro: Single Mother of Four and 3L at Charleston School of Law, Charleston, SC by LawCrossing


Margie Pizarro, A Mother Of 4 Children Is A Third-Year Law Student At Charleston School Of Law. She Has Done The Part Time Job As A Public School Teacher And Involved In Many Activities Of Student Organization Like Black Law Students Association, Moot Court Board.

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									STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                        1. 800.973.1177

                              Margie Pizarro: Single Mother of Four and 3L at
                              Charleston School of Law, Charleston, SC
                              [By Rebecca Unzicker]
                              Having had the “golden rule” taught to her at an early age, Margie Pizarro holds the values of fairness and equity in high
                              regard…so much so that when she saw a Court TV special about a South Carolina man who had been on death row for 20 years
                              although many believed he was not guilty, she immediately decided to do what she could to help the man’s attorney obtain a
                              new trial.

“When I saw this case, I thought, ‘Gosh, I’m             Q. What do you do for fun?                            “I wake up some mornings, and I just want
going to help that attorney get that man off             A. I enjoy spending time with my children             to say, ‘Forget it! This is too hard! I am too
death row, save his life,’” Pizarro said.                and family and friends! I love to cook (and           tired!’” Pizarro said. “Then I think about all
                                                         eat!), and I am always ready to try a new             of those people that I would let down if I don’t
A public school teacher at the time and a                recipe as well as a new restaurant!                   finish this program.”
single mother of four, Pizarro applied to                Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
law school and began to volunteer in the                 A. In my CD player, I am alternating                  Striving to be a role model to her children,
attorney’s office during the Christmas                   between contemporary gospel artists                   Pizarro also thinks about people who are
holidays and summer vacation.                            William Murphy, III, and Israel Houghton              “similarly situated” and looking for an
                                                         and New Breed. In my cassette player                  example of someone who persevered and
“This was my first experience in a law office,           (yes, I have one in my car), I am listening to        found success. A former fifth-grade teacher,
and it solidified my desire to get a law                 The Best of Roberta Flack.                            Pizarro said she often told her students that
degree,” Pizarro said.                                   Q. What is the last magazine you read?                she also experienced living in poverty and
                                                         A. I read the online versions of TIME and             living in a single-parent home.
Now a third-year law student at Charleston School        People-TIME when I want to keep up with the
of Law, Pizarro will graduate in May as a member         “real world” and People when I want to keep up
of the new school’s first graduating class.              with the celebrity’s version of the “real world.”
Considering the study of law to be “empowering,”         Q. What is your favorite TV show?
Pizarro said working in the lives of others is           A. My favorite TV shows are The Big Valley and
something she has always wanted to do.                   Bonanza. We only had one TV in our home
                                                         when I was growing up, so we always had to            “I lived the same thing,” she said. “You can’t
                                                         watch what my mother wanted to watch, and             tell me a story that’s going to be that shocking
                                                         she loved westerns. Today, I watch all those          to me. And because of the fact that I have
                                                         westerns by choice, and even though we have
                                                                                                               experienced it, grew past it, and have gained
                                                         more than one TV in the house, my children
                                                                                                               some semblance of success, you can do the
                                                         are just as hooked as I am!
                                                                                                               same thing. Everything is possible.”
“Being able to help someone make a                       Q. What is something most people don’t
fresh start and become a productive and                  know about you?                                       Pizarro’s many activities include involvement
                                                         A. Most people don’t know that I am a wedding
contributing member of society is what I was                                                                   in student organizations such as the Black
                                                         coordinator and an usher at my church, Lord
created to do!” Pizarro said.                                                                                  Law Students Association and the Moot Court
                                                         of the Harvest Christian Faith Center. I also
                                                                                                               Board. She has planned or assisted in the
                                                         have a secret desire to be a singer on our
Despite her enthusiasm, law school has not               praise team. I really want to audition, and I         implementation of activities including the
been without its challenges. A full-time                 am secretly hoping that you can get by with a         Reception for Minority Lawyers and Judges,
mother with a part-time job, Pizarro struggles           “desire to sing” more so than “a really good          Minority Law Day for Middle and High School
to find time for the amount of work required.            singing voice.” I’m probably wrong!                   Students, volunteer work at Crisis Ministries
                                                                                                               Shelter, and mentoring at local public schools.

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                          1. 800.973.1177

                                              “Before the meal was served, one of the          That was such an awesome moment, and
                                              shelter organizers asked for a volunteer to      it strengthened my resolve to use my law
                                              bless the meal. A little boy no older than       degree in ways that would help others.”
                                              four years old raised his hand to volunteer to
                                              pray, and boy did he say a prayer! He prayed     On The neT
                                              for the food and for the volunteers who
                                              made the food and for the shelter and for the    Charleston School of Law
Of her many activities, a recent experience
                                              people ‘who made’ the shelter.”        
volunteering in a homeless shelter’s soup
kitchen is perhaps her favorite of her law
                                              Pizarro said she was “beyond tears.”             National Black Law Students Association
school career.
                                              “I realized at that moment the importance
“We were preparing and serving food to the
                                              of small, random acts of kindness. Even          Crisis Ministries Shelter
women and children who were living in the
                                              that small boy recognized the enormous 
shelter, and there were about 70 people
                                              value in doing something to help another,
waiting in line to be fed for the evening,”
                                              and he acknowledged his gratefulness.
Pizarro said.


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