; How to Face SSB Interview
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How to Face SSB Interview


SSB (Services Selection Board) exam or interview is one of the toughest interviews in the world.

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									How to Face SSB Interview

SSB (Services Selection Board) exam or interview is one of the toughest interviews in the world. The
selection process of SSB includes five major steps such as screening test, psychological tests, group
discussion, personal interview and conference. SSB evaluates and test the candidate on the basis of their
personality, potential, intelligence and compatibility for commission officer in the Indian Army Force.

SSB Interview is a face to face meeting to assess the candidate for the Indian Army. The most common
factor that you should give in preparing yourself for interview is your time and efforts. Here we present
some types of questions that may arise during the selection process and also help you to prepare

       Screening test is the first test in the selection process. It comprises of questions based on
        intelligence like blood relation, puzzles, mathematical aptitude etc and all these comes under
        non verbal part.
       After screening test, candidate go for psychological test which are conducted by a skilled person
        usually psychologist who evaluate on the basis of personality. The questions asked in this phase
        are of different types and revealed your true personality and for that one need to be true in
        every question asked by the psychologist.
       Third phase include group discussion or test held during the third and fourth day of selection.
        This test checks your communication skills, listening power to the other group members, ways
        of expressing yourself, how you share your knowledge and your leadership and coordination
        with group members.
       Now personal interview is conducted and check your pre- determined qualities. You need to be
        cool in this process and don’t lose your ground even in tough questions. Interviewing officer can
        ask question personally like about your friends, family background, educational background,
        working professionals, hobbies and interests etc.

Now some tips to face SSB interviews that will help you during the interview:

       Be clear about what you have been said in the interview
       Refresh your knowledge
       Take a few long breathes that will help you to calms down
       Listen carefully before answering the question
       Try and collect as much information about the city or place you live in because they may ask
        about your place in detail
       Be sure regarding your hobbies
       Follow proper dress code
       Be truthful and straight to the point
       Try to develop your analyzing capability
       Display proper body language
       Know your strength and weakness
       Go through daily newspaper so that your general knowledge increases

And at last as we all know that First Impression is the Last Impression so make your first impression to
the point that ensures your selection for Indian Army.

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