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The new Garlock actuator for valves

The Scotch Yoke principle – characterized by its high torque.

Garlock‘s pneumatic part-turn valve actuator transmits force from the piston to the shaft by means of a lever
arm system (Scotch Yoke principle). This principle yields up to 20% savings during force transmission
compared to the rack and
pinion principle because the highest force is generated at the highest valve torque. This cost-effective
principle and a compact design with reduced dimensions enable easy
handling and minimum air (energy) consumption.

The product line features double acting actuators with a torque ranging from 7 Nm to 8000 Nm and single
acting actuators with 5 Nm to 2600 Nm. Service life is considerably extended by the Garlock actuators made
of very sturdy anodized aluminum housings.
They boast smooth running properties and gentle starting behavior that extends valve life and guarantee high
corrosion resistance. For very aggressive atmospheres Garlock special coatings made of epoxy resin,
nickel or PTFE are the right choice. The high-quality design guarantees a service life of at least 2 million
switching cycles. The efficiency of the actuators is furthered optimized by the rolled bearing surfaces,
resulting in minimization of the stick-slip effect and durable and reliable piston sealing.
All actuators are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards.

We are quality certified according to ISO 9001.

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Company information/ Profile:
The company has 16 global operations employing over 1,900 people in eight countries. Garlock Sealing
Technologies has specialized in fluid sealing technology since 1887 and offers a range of more than 100,000
high-performance sealing products for companies.
Our aim is to develop our sealing solutions continuously to meet increasing industrial and environmental
requirements. Input from continuous dialogue with our customers is utilized in Garlock development work,
thus enabling optimized production processes.

Focus on innovation
Innovative sealing technology is a Garlock trademark. Since its formation, Garlock has been continually and
successfully engaged in the development of innovative products of highest quality. Many national and
international patents, the first comprehensive asbestos- free seal range worldwide, outstanding solutions for
static and dynamic sealing systems and high-quality valves are just some examples of the progressive
technology offered by the
Garlock group.

Production location Neuss
At our location in Neuss we manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic seals, KLOZURE® oil seals, PS-SEAL® lip
seals, GYLON ® PTFE gaskets, fibre gaskets, HELICOFLEX® spring energized seals, valve packing, spindle
packing, graphite packing, CEFIL’Air® pneumatic seals and valves. In addition to our production facilities, our
sales, coordination and customer service departments are headquartered at our location in Neuss. In close

cooperation with our business partners and customers, our engineers here develop special solutions with
innovative technology boasting new materials, designs and application possibilities to meet individual

Nils Beatty
Garlock GmbH
an EnPro Industries family of companies

Falkenweg 1 | 41468 Neuss, Deutschland
Telefon: +49(0) 2131 349 120 | Fax: +49(0) 2131 349 110 120

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