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 Graduate Career and Professional Development
   Job Searching Guide to Austin, Texas
 LL.M. candidates come to Georgetown Law from all over the United States and over 60 countries worldwide. Although many candidates are interested
 in remaining in the Washington, D.C. area after graduation, students also find that the LL.M. credential from Georgetown Law is valuable to employers
 in other legal markets. For that reason, we encourage LL.M. candidates to explore employment opportunities in geographic regions that are relevant to
 their personal ties, academic area of focus and/or prior practice experience.

 The members of Graduate Career and Professional Development are happy to assist you with your job search – whether it is local or outside the
 Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. For those candidates interested in pursuing out-of-town opportunities, we have prepared a series of job-searching
 guides for several United States cities that have traditionally been of interest for the LL.M. population.

 This guide is tailored to a job search for Austin, Texas. If you would like to discuss any of these suggestions, please feel free to stop by a Drop-In
 Session to speak with a member of Graduate Career and Professional Development.


 Directories provide a wealth of information on law firms, corporations, public interest organizations and government offices. They contain demographic
 information, organization mission, individual attorney information and other resources. The following directories can be valuable tools in researching and
 collecting contact information for your job research:

 Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory                                                                                        
 National Directory of Legal Employers                                                                                
 Hieros Gamos                                                                                                          
 Chambers Associate                                                                                               
 Law Periscope                                                                                                                                                                                                               
 West Legal Directory                                                                                                     

 Employment Web Sites

 Employment Web sites allow you to search for jobs in a specific practice and/or geographic area. The following list, by no means exhaustive, of Web
 sites should be helpful in conducting your job search:

Hieros Gamos                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Non-Profit Oyster                                                                                            
The Public Service Law Network                                                                                          
Concern Worldwide                                                                                               
National Legal Aid and Defender Association                                                                       
Equal Justice Works                                                                                         
Essential Information                                                                                              
Global Health Council                                                                                           


Texas State Government                                                                                                  
Texas Workforce Commission                                                                                        
Texas Secretary of State                                                                                           
Office of the Attorney General or Texas                                                                            
Texas Office of the Governor                                                                                 
Texas House of Representatives                                                                                  
City of Austin                                                                                                      
Travis County                                                                                                      
Austin City Law Department                                                                                 No Web site, contact at 512-974-2268
Travis County Attorney’s Office                                                                   
Travis County District Attorney’s Office                                                          

Newspapers and Legal News

Local area newspapers and legal news publications acquaint you with the legal and business environment and will contain a listing of employment
opportunities. Conduct local newspaper searches for discussions of issues that interest you in order to identify participating organizations. The
following is a list of some suggested newspapers you can consult:


U.S. Newspaper List                                                                                                        
American Lawyer                                                                                                 
National Law Journal                                                                                            

Local Newspapers and Legal Periodicals

Austin Statesman                                                                                                    
Austin Business Journal                                                                                        
The Austin Chronicle                                                                                            
La Voz de Austin                                                                          

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

CLE affords lawyers the benefits of learning about substantive legal topics and networking with attorneys in your desired geographical and substantive
area. While not all states have a CLE requirement, every state does offer CLE courses through bar associations, local law schools and CLE organizations.
For more information, please refer to the following Web sites:

American Bar Association                                                                                
Texas Bar CLE                                                                                                        
University of Texas School of Law CLE                                                                                        

Bar Associations and Professional Organizations

Bar associations are professional legal organizations with membership based on location and specialty. Becoming a member of a bar associations and/or
professional associations is a great way to learn about your area of interest and develop a professional network. Remember many bar and professional
associations provide a membership discount for students. As part of your job search strategy, you should consider joining a bar association and/or a
professional organization. For more information, please refer to the following Web sites:


American Bar Association                                                                                                    


Texas State Bar Association                                    
   Corporate Counsel Section, State Bar of Texas                  
   State Bar of Texas Section of Taxation                  
   State Bar of Texas Health Law Section                    
   International Law Section of the State Bar of Texas           
   The State Bar of Texas Labor and Employment Law Section      

Local Austin Area Bar Associations

Austin Bar Association                                         
Travis County Women Lawyers Association                           
U.S.-Mexico Bar Association                                  

Specialty Bar Associations in Austin

Asian Pacific Interest, State Bar of Texas                     
Hispanic Bar Association of Austin                      

Selected Professional Associations

Austin Legal Professional Association, Inc.                           
Austin Young Lawyers Association                                     
Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists                              
Texas Association of Bank Counsel                            
Texas Association of Defense Counsel                                 
Texas Association of Legal Professionals                         
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association                         
Texas District & County Attorneys Association                      
Texas Trial Lawyers Association                                     
Texas Women Lawyers                                    
The American Association of Nurse Attorneys                         

Chamber of Commerce

Researching the area’s Chamber of Commerce provides a wealth of information regarding the current and future economic development of the area and
affords you more networking opportunities.

Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce                                                                                     


LL.M. students and alumni/alumnae are permitted to access the employment databases, reference materials and other online and hard copy resources of
a limited number of law schools in the United States through a reciprocity arrangement organized through J.D. Office of Career Services (OCS). A
referral from OCS is required. A student may not have reciprocity with more than one law school in each State, and he or she generally needs to make
an onsite visit to access the law school’s resources. There is no reciprocity from the end of July to the beginning of December each year when law
schools are preparing for and conducting on-campus J.D. recruitment programs. There is no charge for reciprocity access, but note that counseling
services are not included. Visit to find out more about OCS’s reciprocity policy and job
search resources in other major U.S. cities. In addition to using the reciprocity option, you should also consider making use of your J.D. law school’s
career services department as an alumnus.

Alumni Network

Graduates from Georgetown Law comprise a large and powerful network, not just in this city but also throughout the world. The Network allows you
to identify graduates in the region and start connecting. Informational interviews either in person or by phone are a great way to get a sense of the legal
market in the region and your practice area of interest. Do not limit your search to Georgetown Law graduates; it is important to conduct the same
type of search of graduates from your J.D. and undergraduate institutions.

The Network                                                                                       


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