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					Press Release
25 January 2011

Council of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong for 2011

We are pleased to inform you that at our Annual General Meeting held on 16 December 2010, the
Council of the ASHK for 2011 was elected as follows:

Position / Committee                                              Council Member
President                                                         Mr. Jeremy Porter
Immediate Past President, Strategy & Projects Committee           Mr. Simon Walpole
Vice President, Professional Matters Committee                    Mr. Peter Duran
Asia Regional Support Committee                                   Mr. Nigel Ke
China Committee                                                   Mr. Stuart Leckie
Education Committee                                               Prof. Wai-Sum Chan
Experience Committee                                              Mr. Tony Cheng
General Insurance Committee                                       Ms. Queenie Hui
Investment & Risk Management Committee                            Ms. Ka-Man Wong
Life Insurance Committee                                          Mr. Roddy Anderson
Life Insurance Committee                                          Mr. Sai-Cheong Foong
Membership & Publications Committee,                              Dr. Louis Ng
Secretary & Treasurer
Retirement Schemes Committee                                      Mr. Jack Mak

We look forward to your continued support of the actuarial profession in Hong Kong.

                                                   - End -

The Hong Kong actuarial profession body was formed in 1968 as the Actuarial Association of Hong Kong
(AAHK) and, 26 years later, its successor, the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) was duly
incorporated in January 1994. The ASHK is a full member of the International Actuarial Association (IAA),
which has 63 full member organizations and 26 associate member organizations around the world. The
membership of the ASHK is now around 780 with over 460 Fellows fully qualified through examinations by
the professional bodies in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia and elsewhere. It is one of the largest such professional
body in Asia. The ASHK is governed by an elected Council with a President, an Immediate Past President, a
Vice President and 10 Council Members. The ASHK sets certain Professional Standards and Actuarial
Guidance Notes for members to follow.

                                  The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
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