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                                                                                          May 2007

                                    Dear Colleagues,
      VOLUME 9, ISSUE 3
        SPRING 2007                           May the Peace of Christ be with you!

                                               At this writing, the NCEA Convention has come to a close. The Archdiocese of
      TABLE OF CONTENTS             Baltimore played host to 9000 delegates from across the country and four foreign countries. The
                                    week of April 9th -13th saw the Archdiocese shine as it fulfilled its claim as the Premier See.
A Message from the                  Conventioneers saw the beauty of our historical Basilica and the significance that this magnificent
Superintendent              Cover   edifice has in both the history of the United States and in American Church History.

                                                Throughout the convention, people continuously approached me to comment and
ARTICLES                            applaud the hospitality and graciousness of our volunteers. We went out of our way to make
                                    sure that the conventioneers felt welcomed and at home. Three teachers from Omaha, Nebraska
Classifying Workers             2   made it a point to say that they never felt so comfortable so far away from home. They even
                                    shared with me that coming from a beef state, a crab cake was really a treat.
Textbook/Technology Funds       3
                                               People were extremely impressed with the artistic talents of our students. We are still
Farewell From Helen Scimeca     3   getting messages from across the country giving us kudos for the Celebration of the Arts
                                    performance. The First Night activities gave our colleagues a “little taste of Baltimore” and the
                                    Inner Harbor became a promenade of friendship and camaraderie. The Urban Event saw our
NCEA 2007                       4   colleagues join in an uplifting prayer service that culminated with a wonderful dinner and a
                                    inspirational key note address by Dr. Skip Sanders. Our Technology Showcase, presenting the
ANNOUNCEMENTS                       technological advances of both students and faculty, was an outstanding success. People were
                                    utterly amazed of what has been accomplished. In fact, one of the conventioneers from Australia
Let’s Go Science Show           4   asked if he could be part of one of the on line courses that the Division of Catholic Schools
                                    sponsors. Of course, Dr. Redline, with great excitement and graciousness, accommodated his
SCHOOLS                             request.

                                               Many of our own teachers approached me to offer affirmation and appreciation for
Urban Vicariate News           4    the opportunity to have such a valuable experience. They found the workshops and sessions
                                    they attended fulfilling and enriching. In their own words they came away recharged, excited
Eastern Vicariate News         7    and rejuvenated. Of course, everyone was overwhelmed by the number, diversity and variety of
                                    the exhibitors. One teacher felt that she needed three days alone to visit all the vendors.
Western Vicariate News         11
                                                All of this could not have happened unless we had the generosity of time, talent and
EVENTS                              energy of so many of our own people who helped to make this event enjoyable and successful.
                                    Our Archdiocese did shine for all to see; it reaffirmed the good that we are doing and the talent
                                    that exists among our students and professional staffs. We gave witness that the Archdiocese,
Distinctive Scholars           14
                                    which is the birthplace of the parochial school system in America, still plays an integral role in
                                    the great legacy of Catholic education. We have a lot to be proud of, but what we are most proud
Flowermart                     15   of is our people.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS            16
                                              Peace and all good things!

                                                                                          Sincerely yours,

                                                                                          Dr. Ronald J. Valenti
                                                                                          Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors
                  by Sarah Biran and Kathy Hoskins, Gallagher, Evelius & Jones
                One of the many questions to be answered when hiring an individual is whether the new worker will be an employee
    or an independent contractor. Answering this question correctly is important because misclassifying a worker can lead to
    serious consequences. An employer that classifies a worker as an independent contractor without a reasonable basis for doing
    so may be held liable for employment taxes for that worker and may also be subject to fines and penalties if the IRS later
    determines that the worker is in fact an employee. The worker may also claim that s/he was improperly denied employee
    benefits, or that the employer failed to comply with various laws that give rights to employees (e.g., FMLA, FLSA). This
    article summarizes the relevant factors in determining whether a new worker is an employee or an independent contractor.
                There is no single definition of the term “employee” under the law. Generally, if an entity for which a worker
    performs services has the right to direct and control the worker’s tasks, methods, and results, the worker is an employee. It is
    not necessary that the entity actually exercise control over the worker’s manner of performing services; it is sufficient that the
    entity has the right to do so. By contrast, an independent contractor may be responsible for completing particular tasks, but the
    entity will not have the right to tell the contractor how to do the work.
                The hiring entity and the worker cannot simply choose which classification they would prefer — the classification
    depends on the entity’s right to direct and control the worker. To determine whether or not a worker is subject to “direction and
    control,” one must look at the whole relationship between the worker and the entity. No one element or factor determines
    whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor.
                Three primary categories of evidence should be considered when classifying workers: behavioral control; financial
    control; and the relationship of the parties. Behavioral control refers to the degree to which the hiring entity can control the
    means by which the worker does his or her job, including instruction, hours of work, hiring of assistants, mandatory training,
    and progress reports. Financial control refers to the degree to which the entity controls the business aspects of the worker’s
    activities, including compensation arrangements, opportunities for profit or loss, or the marketing of the worker’s services to
    the general public. Finally, the relationship of the parties refers to the parties’ perception of their relationship, including any
    written documents describing the relationship, eligibility for benefits, and the length of the relationship. After looking at all of
    these categories, one should be able to determine whether, on balance, a worker is subject to the direction and control of the
    entity. If the person is subject to direction and control, then the person is an employee. If not, then the person may be classified
    as an independent contractor.
                Because each position must be evaluated according to the facts and circumstances of the particular relationship, it is
    difficult to speak in the abstract about who should be an employee and who should be an independent contractor. However,
    there are some general tips to keep in mind.

                   ·    Factors that tend to indicate employee status are those that indicate a greater degree of direction or control,
                        such as providing instruction about how to complete tasks; requiring training; set hours of work (full-time
                        or part-time); payment at regular intervals (e.g., salary or hourly wages paid at set intervals); working for
                        only one entity; a continuing relationship (even if part-time or seasonal); and eligibility for benefits.
                   ·    Factors that tend to indicate independent contractor status are those that indicate a greater degree of autonomy,
                        such as the ability of the worker to hire assistants or subcontractors; advertising his or her services to the
                        general public; payment based upon completion of particular tasks; a temporary, non-recurring relationship
                        with the entity; and not being eligible for benefits.
                   ·    Workers classified as independent contractors are not eligible for and may not receive employee benefits.
                   ·    Having a written independent contractor agreement or issuing a 1099 may indicate that the parties intend a
                        worker to be an independent contractor, but such facts are not conclusive. They are simply factors to be
                        evaluated in determining the degree of direction or control.
                   ·    Employers generally should not classify workers differently if they perform substantially similar
                        functions. For example, a basketball coach and a baseball coach should be classified the same way if
                        each coach’s duties for the school are otherwise similar.
                   ·    Employers generally should not classify current employees as independent contractors in connection
                        with their performance of related functions. For example, a teacher (employee) should not receive
                        additional compensation as a “consultant” (independent contractor) for serving on an academic
                        committee or training a new teacher. Any additional compensation should be paid to the teacher/
                        employee and is subject to applicable withholding.
                   ·    An individual can be an employee of more than one entity, meaning that part-time status does not
                        necessarily indicate that someone is an independent contractor. For example, a music teacher or
                        guidance counselor who provides services to two schools may be an employee of both schools.
                   ·    Employers should document their reasons for classifying any worker as an independent contractor.

              This summary is meant to provide guidance in classifying workers and is not all-inclusive. In each case, the hiring
    entity will need to review all aspects of the relationship with a new worker to assess the relative degree of direction and
    control. Workers generally should be classified and treated as employees unless they clearly qualify as independent
    contractors. Questions should be referred to the Division of Human Resource Services.

       Textbook/Technology Funds Remain Intact
         Despite Looming State Budget Deficit
                by Mary Ellen Russell, Maryland Catholic Conference
         The close of the 2007 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly brought limited victories to
the Catholic school community though the state’s anticipated $1.5 billion deficit prevented any progress on programs
that would increase state spending or decrease revenues.

          Funding for the Nonpublic Schools Textbook/Technology program remained stable at $4 million, the
same allocation as last year. At that level, the program will provide a continued $90 per pupil allocation at schools
serving a large number of students from low-income families, and about $35 per pupil at other participating schools.
          A new provision was added to the Textbook/Technology program after questions were raised about an
approximate $90,000 in funds that were not spent after all schools had received notice of their total allocations. The
unspent funds, largely the result of allocations that had been designated for schools that subsequently closed, were
required by law to be returned unused to the state. The new provision will allow the State Department of Education
to reallocate unused funds to schools that did not meet the program’s deadlines due to unusual circumstances, such
as a school that has just recently opened.

         Parity for Nonpublic Schools
         Two other laws passed that will benefit the state’s nonpublic school community, and that promote providing
a reasonable level of parity between public and nonpublic schools. The first will allow nonpublic school students
to have the same access to workers’ compensation coverage that is available to public school students when they
participate in unpaid work-based learning experiences. The second will allow law enforcement authorities to
disclose to nonpublic school superintendents or principals the same information they are currently allowed to
provide public schools regarding allegations of violent or sexual crimes involving a school employee or contractor.
         Finally, a nonpublic school parent will be included on a subcommittee of the state’s Maryland Comprehensive
Cancer Control Plan that will address issues relating to public awareness of and access to the human papillomavirus
(HPV) vaccine as a preventative to cervical cancer, and the possibility of mandating the vaccine for school students.

          Still more work to do…
          While the state’s fiscal constraints stood in the way of passing even a limited version of the BOAST
Maryland tax credit or legislation that would extend the Quality Teacher Incentive Tax Credit to nonpublic school
teachers, General Assembly members continue to express concern about the financial challenges faced by nonpublic
school teachers and families. Because the competition for limited state funds will only intensify next year, it is
imperative that our school community continues to actively advocate for the merits of providing increased state
support to our students, teachers, and families. Remember – the annual savings nonpublic schools provide the state
- $1.3 billion - nearly EQUALS the projected state budget deficit!!

Farewell from the Director of the Media Resource Center
         Dear Principals and Faculty:

          I’d like to share with you a decision I have made regarding my position as Director of the Media Resource Center of
the Archdiocese of Baltimore. After much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to leave Baltimore and return to my hometown
of Buffalo, New York, for the new academic year. All of my family is in the Buffalo area and I really miss my family very
much. As you well know, family is very important. With this in mind, I have taken a full time position as Campus Minister/
Religion teacher in an all girls’ Catholic High School in Kenmore, NY, Mount Saint Mary’s Academy.
          I will remain at the Media Resource Center until August 3, 2007, and then move to Buffalo . My personal email will
remain if you would like to send a note at any time. I’ll always cherish the memories and friendships I
have formed with many of you throughout my fourteen years here in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. I thank you for these
memories and friendships and ask for your continued prayers and friendship. You will always remain in my prayers.


                                                                    Helen Scimeca

         Science, NCEA & Urban Vicariate Schools
         Thank you to the Hippodrome Foundation, Inc., for providing the opportunity for Baltimore City Catholic
Schools to attend the Let’s Go Science Show at the Historic Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore—for free!—on April 3,
2007. This wonderful performance, featuring Professor Smart and Ms. Knowitall, balanced education and
entertainment to show elementary students that Science is FUN!

         As part of their mission, the Hippodrome Foundation invites young audiences to the Hippodrome for a
theatre experience and encourages them to enjoy art and theatre in the years to come.

                          The following Baltimore City Catholic Schools attended the
                                    Let’s go Science Show at the Hippodrome:

                                             Archbishop Borders
                                            Catholic Community
                                                 Father Kolbe
                                               Fr. Charles Hall
                                           Mother Seton Academy
                                             Our Lady of Fatima
                                          Shrine of the Sacred Heart
                                                  St. Ambrose
                                              St. Mary’s, Govans
                                               St. Rose of Lima
                                             St. Thomas Aquinas
                                             St. William of York

                   NCEA 2007, April 10-13                        Basketball is not the only game in town at
                                                                             St. Frances Academy
                   A Banner Success!                                 St. Frances Academy senior LaKisha
                                                            Walker sank two overtime free throws to seal the fifth
                  With Pratt and Cathedral                  consecutive championship for the Panthers. Since the
                  streets flanked by colorful               mid-1980’s, SFA has earned thirteen basketball
NCEA Catholic Schools Banners, the 104th                    championships – five for the boys and eight for the
NCEA Convention provided fun for all.                                SFA graduates have consistently utilized their
Thanks to organizers Carol Goldbeck and                     basketball skills to earn academic opportunities at
Mark Pacione and the many people who                        colleges. This year’s Big East Player of the Year, Angel
served on the local committees, over 9,000                  McCoughtry of Louisville, is a St. Frances graduate.
delegates and vendors attended the week-long                         Basketball, however, is no longer the only
                                                            game in town for SFA. In recent years the Academy
convention, enjoying special sessions                       has established new programs in baseball, golf, track,
pertinent to their educational field as well as             volleyball, tennis, and, most recently, lacrosse. Six
special events provided by Baltimore                        weeks after LaKisha Walker hit her free throws, SFA
organizers. The Celebration of the Arts at the              sophomore Melvin Henderson scored the first
Meyerhoff on Monday evening, First Night’s                  lacrosse goal in SFA history during a 9-1 loss to Palotti.
                                                                     SFA is bound to earn future championships
“Taste of Baltimore” and fireworks, the                     in sports other than basketball. More significantly,
Concert at the Basilica, Teachers’ Night Out                academic opportunities will surface for our college-
at Power Plant Live as well as many specific                bound student-athletes.
events such as the Urban Event at the Reginald
Lewis Museum, Catholic Sports and Values
Day, a walking tour of the harbor and Priests                                          Representing the SFA track team,
Day all made for an extra-special,                                                     senior Christina Jones earned
extraordinary week!                                                                    some attention during her
                                                                                       long-jump attempt.
                                Urban Vicariate Schools
 Cathedral Alumnus Completes Cross-Country Run                                        Mercy High School
       to Raise Funds for Those Battling Cancer                            This spring, Mercy High School students have
           Christian McEvoy, ’96, covered over 3,200             been attending field trips across the Maryland area. On Friday,
                                   miles in his run across       March 23rd, twelve Mercy Juniors and Seniors traveled to the
                                   the United States to          College of Notre Dame to attend a conference entitled:
                                   raise awareness and           “What’s in your Leadership Toolbox?” Topics of discussion
                                   much needed funds for         included: Values & Leadership, Appreciating Diversity and
                                   cancer survivorship           Communication Skills. On April 19th, twenty-four Mercy
                                   programs. Christian
                                                                 Seniors attended the 7th Annual AP Psychology Convention
                                   and his team raised
                                                                 held at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Brooklandville,
over $242,000 for their designated beneficiaries. Fueled
                                                                 Maryland. The theme of the convention was: “How to Make
and inspired by the strength, courage, and determination
of cancer survivors, McEvoy’s Coast to Coast: A Run              the World a Better Place for Adolescents.” Seven Mercy
for Survivorship kicked off in San Francisco on July 1,          students presented projects relating to the conference theme.
2006, and finished on December 16, 2006, in                                Other students enjoyed field trips revolving around
Narragansett, Rhode Island.                                      the arts. Six Mercy students traveled to the Baltimore
           The School of the Cathedral community is              Symphony Orchestra on April 21st and seventy-five Mercy
proud of Christian and the momentous feat he                     students visited the Walters Art Museum on April 25th.
accomplished. Students and faculty welcomed him back
to his alma mater to speak on February 28, 2007. WMAR
TV reporter Sherrie Johnson came to school to interview
Christian and featured his story on the morning and
                                                                                St. Thomas Aquinas School
nightly news broadcast. Additionally, Marty Bass and
                                                                           St. Thomas Aquinas School is very pleased to
Don Scott from WJZ TV filmed “Coffee With” in the
                                                                 announce that 8th grade student Robert
school foyer while they interviewed Christian as he
shared his incredible story! To learn more about his run         K. Berger recently presented an essay on
click on                                To Kill a Mockingbird at The Big Read
                                                                 kickoff event sponsored by The Mill
                                                                 Valley Cultural Arts Umbrella. Robert’s
                                                                 presentation was met with loud applause
 Web-Based Learning at                                           from the audience!
   Father Kolbe School
          Technology and                                                    The School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrated 100
science classes in grades                                        years of teaching at St. Thomas Aquinas School with a special
five through eight have                                          Mass on May 6th.
implemented Sharepoint:                                                    St. Thomas Aquinas School collected $637 to help
Web-Based Learning                                               with hospital bills for St. Joseph’s School, Fullerton, student
Management System                                                Xavia Pizorri, the recipient of a heart transplant. These
after three teachers learned of its usefulness                   efforts were initiated by 4th grader Kaylea Collavini.
during an on-line course offered on the Ideas 4 Us web
          On a Discussion Board, teachers have posted
                                                                             Red Canoe Restaurant Showcases
assignment criteria on topics such as North Bay
                                                                                   Catholic High Artwork
Adventures, Living Stations of the Cross, student                          The Red Canoe Restaurant, located at 4227 Harford
autobiographies, etc. Students then post finished                Road in northeast Baltimore City, showcased artwork from
assignments, PowerPoint projects, as well as critiques           Catholic High’s Advanced and Intermediate Art students from
and suggestions for each other’s work. Teachers and              April 22 to May 22. Catholic High art teacher Ms. Elaine
students can interact easily from both school and home.          O’Doherty worked with Red Canoe owner Nicole Selhorst
Web-Based Learning is minimizing paperwork for                   for more than a year to coordinate this exciting showcase.
teachers and students. Students are required to use                        The following students participated in the exhibit:
proper grammar and sentence structure when replying              Emma Barbato ’08, An Dang ’07, Maria Diacoloukas ’07,
                                                                 Megan Ferrin ’09, Lindsey Fortier ’08, Sarah Fraim ’07,
and cannot use slang or IM language.
                                                                 Ali Gue ’07, Rebecca Jones ’09, Maeve Lynch ’08,
          Sharepoint:        Web-Based        Learning           Christlyn McCaskill ’09, Vi Nguyen ’07, Catie Oshiro ’08,
Management is a powerful tool for the future of                  Blair Shipley ’07, Victoria Single ’08, Kristine Sloan ’09,
education and our students are acquiring life-long               Lauren Torres ’07, Kara Vyskocil ’07, Adrianne Williams
learning skills as they use this innovative on-line              ’08, and Michelle Wozniak ’09.
learning system.

                              Urban Vicariate Schools
 Fourth Straight VFW Maryland Teacher of the                 St. Bernardine Catholic School
         Year Award for Mount St. Joseph                      Many, Many Years Ago, Back
         Mount Saint Joseph history teacher, Jody                      before HBO...
Harris, ’79, has been named the VFW Maryland                 ...the second grade class of St.
Teacher of the Year. This is the fourth year in a row        Bernardine Catholic School
that someone from Mount Saint Joseph has won this            took a trip back to the early
award, which recognizes teachers who teach                   20th century. They visited the
citizenship education topics regularly and promote           library and met with Mona
America’s history and traditions. The past four year’s       Lisa DeGross, author of
recipients have been: Religion Teacher Tim Breen             Granddaddy’s Street Songs.
(2004); History Teacher, now Guidance Counselor,             She read her book, which depicted the
Kevin Shearer (2005); History Teacher Sean                   life of an Ay-rabber on the streets of Baltimore. The
Gibbons (2006); and History Teacher Jody Harris ’79          students interviewed senior citizens and created a
(2007). This is the first time that teachers from the        timeline and Venn diagram to compare and contrast
same school have won the award four years in a row.          life in the early 1900’s to the present time. New
In this photo, from left, are Jody Harris ’79, Sean          words were added to their vocabulary, such as
Gibbons, and Kevin Shearer. Tim Breen was not                icebox, outhouse and washboard. The culminating
available for the photo.                                     activity was a trip to the Museum of Industry, where
                                                             they participated in acting like longshoreman,
                                                             bankers, grocery store clerks and pharmacists. They
                                                             learned to value a good education because it can
                                                             make the difference between a skilled and an
                                                             unskilled job opportunity. All their information,
                                                             including pictures, was put into a PowerPoint
                                                             presentation for the principal and parents to view.

           The Seton Keough High School                                 The Cardinal Gibbons School
         On Wednesday, March 28th, the Archdiocese                    Brother Kevin Strong, the first President of
of Baltimore Division of Catholic Schools named Ms.          The Cardinal Gibbons School, was presented with
Lori Olivi Seton Keough’s Teacher-of-the-Year and            the Michael J. Garra Leadership Award by the
Dr. Curtis Turner the Doris Musil Memorial Award             NCEA at the 104th Convention in Baltimore. This
recipient.                                                   award honors a lifetime of leadership and excellence
         This award is named                                 in administering Catholic Secondary Education. This
for the late Doris Musil, an                                 marks the second major award Brother Kevin has
Assistant Superintendent who                                 received in the past three years, having also received
exemplified excellence in                                                              the prestigious Doris Musil
educational        leadership.                                                         Award from the Archdiocese
Nominations for this award are                                                         of Baltimore in 2005.
accepted each year from across                                                         Brother Kevin’s career as a
the entire Archdiocese. From                                                           Brother has taken him all
the nominations one educator,                                                          over the eastern seaboard
who best exemplifies the                                                               and has seen him serve as
educational spirit of Doris                                                            teacher, Principal and
Musil, is chosen.                                                                      President in schools, as well
         Dr. Turner came to Seton Keough in the fall                                   as working with the
of 2001. While serving as principal, he also teaches         Aspirancy Program, and prospective members of the
calculus and coaches the varsity golf team. During his       Christian Brothers.
tenure, the school has seen a significant increase in
enrollment. He developed a partnership with Northrop                   The School also welcomes Donte Carter to
Grumman to encourage Seton Keough students to                the position of Varsity Football Coach. Coach Carter
pursue careers in science and technology, while also         has a strong football background. He received a
overseeing the continued growth of Seton Keough’s            college scholarship as a quarterback, and is certified
esteemed fine and performing arts programs.                  in Special Education.

                                Eastern Vicariate Schools
            Mount de Sales Academy Students                                     St. John the Evangelist School
              Participate in Lenten Projects                                   “Oh My Goodness Gracious – Be Careful
          The students of Mount de Sales Academy spent                What You Wish For!” is a line from an original play
the season of Lent reflecting on the meaning of service and           written and performed by the students of Mrs.
performing acts of charity. Students participated in several          Zorica’s 8th Grade Literature class. The students
school-organized projects and countless projects on their             learned that teamwork is essential in creating and
own time. One of the most popular projects was a coin drop,           performing a successful play.
which benefited mission work in Haiti and raised funds to
educate women in Africa. Janet Snell, ’07, suggested this
                                                                                The play begins with a teenage boy, Erik,
cause after learning from her brother, a Peace Corps member
                                                                      who is tired of his father and sister badgering him
in Africa, that the cost of educating a high school woman
in Africa costs only $10 per year. Students raised $3,000 as
                                                                      all the time. He wishes to be someone else, and in
they raced to fill their class coin buckets. Other projects           his dreams he becomes Elizabeth from The Pirates
included support for the students of Saint Louis Cathedral            of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, a homeless person,
School in New Orleans and Happy Helpers for the Homeless              and lastly, a contestant on Deal or No Deal. Erik
in honor of Tara Howard ’05. These projects helped                                                  realizes that his life
students put their faith into action and encouraged them to                                         isn’t really that bad,
continue acts of service throughout the year.                                                       and he is thankful for
                                                                                                    the family he has. He
                                                                                                    also learns that
                                                                                                    homeless       people
                                                                                                    should be treated with
                     Holy Family School
                                                                                                    respect, that team
           Holy Family School’s seventh-grade student,
Evan Sheppard, will travel to Holland this summer for 20
                                                                                                    work is important
days to participate in the People to People Sports                                                  when solving an
Ambassador Program. Evan will compete in wrestling.                                                 important task, that we
While in Holland, he will attend meetings with government                                           need to help all
officials, interact with other students his age, participate in                                     people, and prejudice
educational activities and experience stays with host                                               is not right.
families.                                                               Caroline Menedez (L) and
                                                                          Lydia Whiteford (R)

                                                                                   Spalding Student Receives
       Community Mural at Our Lady of Victory –
                                                                             Capital-Gazette Newspapers Academic
     Funded by a grant from MD State Arts Council
          For 12 days, Sylvia Benitez-Ditto was an Artist-                                All-Star Award
in-Residence at OLV. Ms. Benitez-Ditto first surveyed the                       On April 11, 2007, Danielle Willis, a
community for landmarks and then designed a template                  Spalding senior, received the Capital-Gazette
incorporating multiple panels to form a mural 6 feet high             Newspaper Academic All-Star Scholarship worth
and 27 feet wide. You can find views of Our Lady of the               $15,000. She has a 4.7 weighted GPA, scored 1930
Angels Chapel at Charlestown, the Inner Harbor skyline,               out of 2400 on the SAT and is an active member of the
Arbutus Fire Department, Mount de Sales, Ice Cream                    National and Latin Honor Societies.
Cottage, Hollywood Theatre, Seton Keough, Cardinal                              Danielle is also involved in several extra-
Gibbons, Our Lady of Victory School and our pastor Fr.                curricular activities. She is the secretary of the Tri-M
Timothy Klunk and school principal Thomas Riddle.                     Music Honor Society and plays in the Wind Ensemble.
          Every student, and some staff, participated in some         She served as captain and was named MVP on her field
aspect of painting the mural. All students were involved              hockey team and was co-captain and awarded most
whether artistically talented or not. Geometry was used to            improved on the girl’s ice hockey team.
design the mural’s initial                                                      Her greatest contribution so far has been
form. Composed of dots                                                creating “Lambs for Love,” a volunteer group that
of color, familiar sites                                              provides therapeutic services for the elderly and
soon took shape. Mixing                                               disabled and spreads awareness of agriculture in
colors and discovering                                                Maryland.
how applying shades                                                             Principal Kathleen Mahar commented,
helped form the shapes of                                             “Danielle is an exceptional student. Her work ethic is
the buildings fascinated                                              intimidating and hard to compete with! Her service to
the students.                                                         her community is enthusiastic and generous. We are
                                                                      very proud to call her an Archbishop Spalding student.”

                              Eastern Vicariate Schools
  St. Philip Neri School                                              Our Lady of Mount Carmel Schools
 Twenty Students Win                                                   The dance department in the elementary
  Local Short Story &                                         school, accompanied by their teacher Mrs. Nannette
    Poetry Contest                                            Arciaga, sent dancers to Disney World for a National
          Each year the                                       Competition and walked away with an award for “Best
Greater Ferndale Woman’s                                      Open.” Pictured from left to right starting in the back
Club of Linthicum Heights holds a Short                       is Mrs. Arciaga, Alex
Story and Poetry Contest for the area middle schools.         Claridge, Kelly Aquilla,
This year was the first year SPN participated.                Principal Mrs. Lisa
Students in 7B, 8A and 8B, under the direction of             Shipley, Heather Rucci,
their language arts teacher, Olivia Northcraft, went          Brittany Hutchison,
to work. Bernadette Simon, President of the Woman’s           Alison Eshman, Olivia
Club, commented that the SPN students walked away             Bonner,       Samantha
with the majority of the awards. The stories and poetry       Znamirowski, Clarice
that were submitted by the students truly showed that         Steg, Erica Wheeler and
the school has an excellent Language Arts program.            Sarah Conway.
Winners in the categories of First, Second, and Third
place, along with Ms. Northcraft and their parents,                    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel’s middle school
attended a reception that was held on April 3rd at the        service group took to the frigid waters of the Gunpowder
Woman’s Club clubhouse where they were presented              on Saturday, March 3rd, to raise money in support of
with their certificates and cash prizes.                      the Marshy Point Nature Center. The service group
                                                              members earned nearly $500 in the Center’s 1st Annual
                                                              Popsicle Plunge.

           St. Joseph School, Cockeysville                            In the High School, new members were
         We have many children to be proud of at St.          inducted into the National Honor Society: Morgan
Joseph School - Cockeysville. On Saturday, March              Anderson, Kristin Bewig, Kevin Eshman II, Amy
31st, twelve 7th grade boys represented our school at         Fowler, Ernesta Griciunaite, Meghan Hartnett,
Calvert Hall’s Academic Olympics. One of our three            Samantha Keys, Jessica Miller and Christina Polek.
teams won first place! Scott Wiedmaier, Billy
Hirsch, Austin Strzelczyk and Peter Slattery were
members of the winning team. We congratulate them                                Loyola Blakefield
and the other 8 boys who participated. Maria Conner                     Loyola Blakefield hosted the Baltimore
(pictured left) and James Bacon, also 7th graders, won        Catholic Forensic League Tournament on March 21,
                                the Optimist Club             2007. Top-performers in each event throughout the
                                Zone Contest and              season were invited to compete. Twenty-seven Dons
                                represented SJS in the        competed in this tournament and captured the
                                state contest held in         Baltimore Catholic Forensic League Championship for
                                Ocean City on April           the fourth consecutive year, placing first overall in
                                21-22. This year’s            speech, and second in debate. Loyola was the only
                                topic was “My                 school to earn points in all ten events. The following 15
                                Greatest Challenge.”          students will represent Loyola Blakefield and the
                                Maria was named first         Archdiocese of Baltimore at the National Catholic
                                place girl and received       Forensic League Championship in Houston, Texas,
                                a college scholarship         over the Memorial Day Weekend: Nick Bateman,
                                of $1,500.00! We are          John Bernier, Francis Cabatac, Chris Cimaglio,
                                also proud of Emily           Mark Grobaker, Alex Jackson, A.J. Jaunzemis,
                                Hooper (pictured              Buzz Klinger, Dennis Lilly, David Lustig, Chris
                                right) who was                Mangels, Dan Martin, Nick Meriwether, Jon Welsh,
                                awarded a Knott               and Kevin Wenger.
                                Scholarship. Emily                      Based on their performances at the National
                                will be attending             Forensic League District Tournament on March 31st, Buzz
                                Mount de Sales                Klinger and David Lustig have qualified for the National
                                Academy this fall.            Forensic League Championship in Wichita in June.

                              Eastern Vicariate Schools
                                                               Monsignor Slade Catholic School
                                                                      Student Rosary Guild
                                                       Middle school students in Slade’s Rosary Guild have been
                                             performing missionary work around the world. They receive requests for
                                             rosaries from many places around the globe. Since 2003, students have
                                             made and given away over 10,000 rosaries to countries around the world,
                                             including India, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Haiti, and Chile.
                                                       The Rosary Guild, consisting of 35 students in grades 5 through
                                             8, meets monthly to receive materials to make 10 rosaries. They discuss
the meaning and importance of the Rosary, gain a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith, and focus on the request
of the Blessed Virgin Mary: PRAY THE ROSARY. They have organized a Living Rosary at the school and participated
in Holy Hour with a local priest. Sharing thank you letters received from all over the world inspires the students to
continue the wonderful, special work they do to help promote devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Notre Dame Preparatory School                             St. Mary’s Elementary School, Annapolis
         In April, Notre Dame                                     Fifth Graders Adopt a Pilot!
Prep dedicated The Margot and                        St. Mary’s Elementary School fifth graders have adopted an
Diane Dippold Women’s Collection           airline pilot! Through Southwest Airline’s Adopt-A-Pilot program, the
of the Mother Philemon Doyle               students are participating in a four week educational and mentorship
Library. A collection ‘by, for and         program with a very important message: education and character are
about women,’ as Dr. Diane Dippold         important in reaching personal goals. The curriculum, developed in
MacIntosh explains, it supports            cooperation with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and
NDP’s Middle and Upper Level               the National Association of Teachers of Math, covers geography, math,
curricula. That day, the school also       science, civics, history, aviation, creative writing and research skills. Most
launched The Drs. Houston and              recently, the fifth grade explored the history of aviation focusing on the
Diane Dippold MacIntosh Women’s            personal contributions of everyday Americans like the Tuskegee Airmen.
Lecture Series, featuring Farooka          The lesson coincided with Congress’s national recognition of the Tuskegee
Gauhari. Mrs. Gauhari lived in             Airmen of World War II and underscored the importance of personal
Afghanistan during its Russian             service the powerful difference it can make in the lives of others.
occupation and wrote about her
experiences in Searching for
Saleem: An Afghan Woman’s                          Congratulations to St. Michael the Archangel Teachers
Odyssey. The MacIntosh Lecture                  who received the Sister Rose Anita McDonnell, IHM Award
gives voice to women, ensuring that          sponsored by Sadlier Publishing for Innovative Math Instruction
from year to year individuals have                   Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Sue Dover (picture: middle) and
a forum where they may speak to            Mrs. Anita Grauer (picture: right), 1st grade teachers at St. Michael the
the experiences of women in                Archangel School, Overlea, who were awarded the Sister Rose Anita
meaningful and educative ways.             McDonnell, IHM Award for Innovative Math Instruction at the NCEA
                                           (National Catholic Educational Association) convention held in Baltimore,
                                           April 10–13th. This award established in 1944 honors prestigious Catholic
                                           educators. Mrs. Dover and Mrs. Grauer received their awards at the 2007
                                           NCEA Annual Awards Breakfast sponsored by William A. Sadlier, Inc.
                                                     Mrs. Dover and Mrs. Grauer creatively vary instructional
                                           strategies to meet the learning styles and educational needs of their
                                           students. The teachers incorporate a variety of activities that stimulate
                                           learning in an interactive atmosphere and make learning fun. “Watching
NDP headmistress Sister Patricia
                                           the teachers interact with their students is a joy. Their love of learning is
McCarron, SSND, (second from right)        transmitted to their students,” says Mrs.
stands with (l to r) Dr. Houston           Patricia R. Kelly, Principal (picture:
MacIntosh, NDP librarian Ellen Cullen,     left). Each teacher continues to update
and NDP alumna Dr. Diane Dippold           instructional strategies through
MacIntosh ’58 dedicate The Margot and      workshops, continuing education, and
Diane Dippold Women’s Collection.          educational journals.

                                Eastern Vicariate Schools
                                   Our Lady Queen of                  Calvert Hall Students Seek Service Opportunities
                                       Peace School                           Guided by our mission, Calvert Hall engages
                               “These kindergarten students          in a multitude of service projects throughout the year.
                              from Our Lady Queen of
                                                                     A sampling of recent projects:
                              Peace School got to take a
                              “peek into the past!” Ellen
                                                                              Will Crowther, Bobby Herster-Dudley,
                              Perticone from The Maryland            Billy Houseman, Nick Ibello, Pat Lambdin, Ryan
                              Historical Society visited the         Murphy and chaperones Mr. Marc Parisi and Rev.
primary level classrooms with her presentation on Maryland           Marty Nocchi traveled to De La Salle Blackfeet
Native Americans. Students in each primary class had a               School, a San Miguel school run by the Christian
chance to participate. There were plenty of opportunities for        Brothers on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in
hands-on experiences, cooperative learning, and problem              Montana. Our students taught lessons and learned
solving. Students especially enjoyed trying on the Native            about Native American culture.
American articles of clothing. All of this was made possible
                                                                              Calvert Hall, Loyola, Maryvale and NDP
through a grant from the Knott Foundation.”                          students played in the Habitat Football Classic to raise
                                                                     funds for Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity.
                                                                              All 1200 students and every faculty/staff
                 St. Joan of Arc School                              member from Calvert Hall were placed at numerous
          St. Joan of Arc School students recently filled            service sites in Baltimore and on campus for School-
hospital bags for young children who go the emergency                wide Service Day.
room for treatment at Harford Memorial Hospital in                   Although Calvert
Havre de Grace. The bags are filled with crayons, pads               Hall        students
of paper, stickers, and a small toy as well as a card made           participate in service
by the students. Over the past 10 years, St. Joan of Arc             projects throughout
students have filled over 4500 hospital bags. According              their four years at
to Dr. Jane Towery, principal at St. Joan of Arc, “This              The Hall, Service
worthwhile community service project has given the                   Day gives them the
students the opportunity to reach out to help other children
                                                                     unique opportunity to witness what can be
at a time when they may be frightened and not feeling
                                                                     accomplished when everyone works together.

                                                            St. Jane Frances School
                                  Good news was bestowed upon St. Jane Frances School earlier this school
                                 year. High school scholarships were awarded to the following SJF students:
                                 Zachary Auld and Ryan P. Mannion were awarded an Academic Scholarship
                                 from Cardinal Gibbons; Olivia Renaldo was awarded a Presidential Scholarship
                                 from Archbishop Spalding High School; and an $8,700 Full Tuition Generosa
                                 Scholarship from Catholic High School; Mitchell Bode was awarded the
                                 Salvatore Aquia ’97 Memorial Scholarship from Archbishop Curley High School;
Madeline Bonn was awarded a $500.00 Mission Award from Catholic High School; Julia Howser was awarded a
$4,000 Neumann Scholarship from Catholic High School; Michelle Nappi was awarded a $4,000 Neumann
Scholarship from Catholic High School; Meg Puglisi was awarded a $3,000 Presidents Scholarship from Catholic
High School. We would like to congratulate the SJF students for jobs well done!

              St. Margaret School Applauds Student Achievers and Looks Forward to Special Visitor
         St. Margaret School (SMS) proudly announces that Knott Scholarships have been awarded to eighth graders
Ellen Barker, Jenny Hottle, Meghan Mazurowski, and Joseph Hoff. Ellen, Jenny, and Joseph will attend The John
Carroll School and Meghan has enrolled at Notre Dame Prep.
         In other school news, seventh grader Jimmy Plunkett recently received a Student Achievement Award from the
Town of Bel Air. Middle School Teacher Donna Murphy also was recently honored as SMS Teacher of the Year. SMS is
a proud participant in the National Cool Kids Reading Campaign.
         This May, Gabriel Thelus, director of St. Rose of Lima School in Haiti, will travel to the United States to visit
with SMS students. Just one year ago, SMS concluded its Million Penny Project, which resulted in an over $10, 000
donation to the impoverished Haitian Catholic School.

                   Eastern/Western Vicariate Schools
                              Our Lady of Hope/St.                  St. Stephen School
                                   Luke School                         Alexa Saunders, 8 th
                                    The children of          grader at St. Stephen School, has
                               Our Lady of Hope/             been chosen as one of the winners
                               St. Luke Pre-                 for Safest Kids in America by
                                Kindergarten                 writing, designing, and producing
                                received a special           an eight-page magazine called
                              visit from Monsignor           “TIME for Kids” about weather
                  Joseph Lizor who came wearing his          safety. Out of hundreds of entries
     military uniform. Monsignor Lizor explained to          from around the country, Alexa’s
the children about his “dress greens” and the many           entry was chosen as one of the six final winners. She
medals and awards he received while he served in the         won a $1,000 savings bond and also appeared at the
United States Army. He explained the importance of           pandemic influenza summit at Campbell’s Soup
supporting the American Flag and our country.                Headquarters in Camden, N.J. She will be in a training
Following his presentation, the children colored a           video for the Safe America Foundation.
picture of the American Flag.

                                                      The John Carroll School
                                 John Carroll English teacher, Mrs. Geczy, along with Art teacher, Mr.
                        Gaudreau, staged a two day show that included senior reactions to the Holocaust.
                                 After intensive study of the Holocaust, Senior Honors English students were
                        given a culminating assignment to express, in a creative way, their feelings for all they
                        had absorbed.
                                 Students were asked to produce a creative, visceral reaction to what happened
                        to children during the Holocaust. The creative reaction could take the form of poetry,
                        short story, painting, drawing, video, sculpture, dance, etc. The creative expression
                        also had to be displayed or shared in some manner.
                                 Mr. Gaudreau’s ceramics students created amazing works of art in the form of
                        boxes resembling barracks filled with a variety of items representing their interpretations
                        of the Holocaust and the reactions of those persecuted by the Nazis.

         Saint Ursula School                           Western Vicariate Schools
         Mrs. Christine Lorber
received the first Teacher Awardee             St. Jude Math-A-Thon Sets New Record at Trinity School
Grant from the Saint Ursula School                    Trinity School students raised a record $15,000 for St.
Board to attend a 6-day Curriculum           Jude Children Research Hospital in Tennessee through a problem
Mapping Seminar in Park City, Utah,          solving, fundraising program created by St. Jude’s as a way for
this summer. The award is given in           students around the country to raise money for the hospital. Trinity
honor of Mother St. Joseph, an               has raised $80,000 for St. Jude’s over the past four years.
educational leader and co-foundress of                Using Math-A-Thon Fundbooks or CD-ROMS, students
the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.          work on a number of problems for which they receive sponsorships.
Mrs. Lorber graduated from Saint             The funds they raise support St. Jude in its efforts to continue
Ursula School and Towson University.         research into pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood
She has an Advanced Professional             diseases.
Certification, an Advanced Catechist
                                                      Through this program,
Certificate, a Certificate in Teacher as
                                             students have the opportunity to
Leader in Technology, and a Masters
                                             improve their math skills while also
of Education with Specialization in
Teacher as Leader in Technology. Mrs.
                                             learning the value of helping others.
Lorber has been teaching at Saint
Ursula School for 26 years.

                             Western Vicariate Schools
                                                  Bishop Malooly Visits Woodmont Academy
                                              Students honor him with donation to soup kitchen
                                    Every Mass at Woodmont Academy is special, but one last week was
                             particularly significant. Bishop W. Francis Malooly made his first visit and celebrated
                             Mass at Woodmont Academy on March 22nd. Students honored the Bishop by raising
                             $1,000 to donate to Our Daily Bread.
                                    The Bishop greeted students, teachers, and parents, recalling many whom he
                             has met during the sacrament of confirmation. During Mass, he genially interacted
                             with the assembly and spoke about the importance of service, spiritual growth, and
sharing our faith. Following Mass, the Bishop was presented with a “spiritual bouquet” and the donation. Students
raised over $2,000 during their Enterprising and Charitable Kids Day by selling homemade goods, crafts, and
setting up pay-to-play games. Half of their proceeds went to Our Daily Bread and the other $1,000 was donated to
the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in honor of Kelli Carter, a classmate who died of cancer last year.

 St. John, Westminster, 5th Grader                                 St. Augustine School
     wins Vocation Prayer Card                       St. Augustine School will commemorate 150 years of
                 Contest!                    excellence in education by holding a 150th Anniversary Gala on
          Evie Hoff, a 5th Grader at St.     Saturday, October 13th, from 7-11 p.m. at The Great Room at Savage
John School, Westminster,                    Mill. The event will feature a buffet dinner, live music and silent
Maryland, has won First Place in the         auction. All are invited to attend this very special celebration.
Vocation Prayer Card Contest. The            Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information,
Archdiocesan-wide contest includes           please contact Sherry Mobley, Director of Advancement, at 410-
all schools and religious education          579-1097,
programs inclusively. Sponsored by
the Serra Club of Baltimore, this                      St. Augustine School is very pleased to congratulate Mrs.
annual contest seeks the support,                                             Patricia Schratz, Principal, on
assistance, encouragement and talents                                         the celebration of her 25th
of all students who participate in                                            anniversary in the field of
creating an original prayer and                                               Catholic education. Mrs. Schratz
corresponding illustration in support                                         is a shining example of dedication
of vocations.                                                                 and professionalism and is loved
          In the letter accompanying                                          by faculty and students alike.
the $100 prize, Mr. Reynolds,                                                     Congratulations, Mrs. Schratz!
President of the Serra Club, asked
students to continue to pray for                     St. Augustine School congratulates fourth grade student
vocations to the priesthood and              Laura Arvin on receiving a prestigious Knott Tuition
religious life. The Vocation Office sent     Scholarship.
out copies of Evie’s illustrated prayer
card to all Baltimore Archdiocesan
schools. We congratulate Evie on her
accomplishment and pray for families
                                                Saint John’s Catholic Prep Students Support Birthright for Easter
to encourage vocations as her                          The Saint John’s Catholic Prep Interact Club members organized
illustration so beautifully depicts!         a service project for the Easter holiday to benefit Birthright of Frederick
                                             County. Students in the club collected monetary donations from the school
                                             community and purchased many baby necessities to fill the baskets. Some of
                                             the items included baby seats, formula, diapers, stuffed animals, musicals,
                                             toys and clothes. Many items were also collected for the mothers in need.
                                                                 The Easter baskets were donated to Birthright of
                                                                 Frederick County on April 4, 2007. The Rotary Club of
                                                                 Carroll Creek was also very generous in supporting the
                                                                 project by making a monetary contribution. Saint John’s
                                                                 is very proud of its students for their continued generosity
                                                                 and service to the community.
                                                                  (Back) Katie Denney, Andrew Marcel-Keyes, Luke Mancini, Andy Russo.
                                                                  (Front) Cortney Krauss, Ali Stefaneli, Gabriela Alico.

                               Western Vicariate Schools
                                  St. Maria Goretti High School                Our Lady of Perpetual Help Student
                                        This marks the first year of               Wins Carson Scholars Award
                                Goretti’s new and innovative music                     Amy Domby, an eighth grade
                                 program under the direction of the          student at Our Lady of Perpetual Help
                                 Cumberland Valley School of                 School in Ellicott City, was recently
                                  Music. Cumberland Valley’s                 awarded the prestigious Carson Scholars
                                  established reputation lends the           award. This award recognizes and rewards
                        talent and experience of 53 faculty members          students in grades 4 – 11 who strive for
for classes, private instruction, workshops, and special events. This        academic excellence (3.75 GPA or higher)
year, regularly scheduled classes alternated with visiting artists,          and demonstrate a strong commitment to
including the Shenandoah College String Quartet, an opera singer,            their community. The award is given
jazz drummer, oboist, and composers. Next year will see expanded             without regard to race, creed, religion or
course offerings, such as choir, musical theater, choreography, and          financial need and is to be used for
jazz dance. Recently CVSM provided musical and vocal directors               attending a four-year college or university
and a choreographer for Goretti’s spring musical production of               after the student graduates from high
Guys and Dolls. Mrs. Bonnie Pratt, on completion of her 30th                 school. The Carson Scholars Fund was
production as Drama Director at Goretti, commented that this                 founded in 1994 by Johns Hopkins
partnership has raised the Drama Program’s level of                          pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson and
professionalism. “It is wonderful to have our talented students              his wife, Candy. Since its creation, the Fund
showcased in something of the caliber of Guys and Dolls.”                    has awarded over 2,250 scholarships.

            Resurrection-St. Paul School                        St. John Regional Catholic School
          When school started last fall, the faculty of                Eighth graders at St. John Regional
Resurrection-St. Paul School challenged the 8th grade       Catholic School are learning the elements of
students to a basketball                                    digital video production. As part of a cross-
game. On Thursday,                                          curricular media project and to illustrate the
March 29, 2007, that                                        importance and interrelationship of the 8th
game took place in Mt.                                      grade core curriculum, the project combines
Hebron High School’s                                        Social Studies, Science and Computer classes.
gym. The faculty played                                     The production replaces the Trimester 3
hard and had some really                                    projects for these subjects. Students have learned the elements
good moves but the                                          of video production by writing a script about Ft. Detrick, taping
speed and sharp shooting of the students gave them an       footage with portable video cameras, editing video footage using
edge over the faculty. Although the students won the        Microsoft Moviemaker, adding music and audio using Audacity
game, the true winner was Believe in Tomorrow. The          and publishing their work to a DVD. Enrichment assistance for
event raised over $2,700 which will be used to fulfill      the project was provided by Frederick Community College, The
the wishes of sick children. The event was so much          Discovery Channel and officials from Ft. Detrick in Frederick.
fun for the players, cheerleaders, and spectators that      Students will present their videos during a special parent
the school hopes to make it an annual tradition.            screening.

                                     Mother Seton School Celebrates Church Vocation Awareness Week
                              So GOD, what do you want ME to do for YOU? Students and staff at Mother Seton
                           School pondered that question during Church Vocation Awareness Week—March 12th -16th.
                              Children prayed to discern God’s calling, to develop their gifts to do God’s work in the
                           world, and to have the courage to do what God wants.
                              Sister Mary Catherine Warehime, DC, Postulant Liz Sjoberg and Seminarians, Joe
                           Upton and Sylvester Ochieng, talked about how they responded to God’s call. Fifth graders
                           promoted religious vocations through art by creating relief prints.
                              Seventh grader, Rose Samples, admired Sr. Mary Catherine Warehime for her persistence
                           to become a Daughter of Charity. At the moment, Rose believes she is being called by God
                           to become a teacher and a coach. However, she will continue to ask: “So God, what do you
                           want me to do for You?”

                       2007 Distinctive Scholars
                                                      Saint John’s
                                                      Catholic Prep          Katherine Bidinger
                                                                             Melissa Lineburg
                                                                             Rachel Smith

                                                      Loyola Blakefield      Christopher Cimaglio
                                                                             Mark Grobaker
                                                                             Andrew Oles

                                                      St. Maria Goretti      Molly Jameson
                                                                             Heather E. Morgan
                                                                             John J. Streifel

Archbishop Curley     Daniel R. Flanagan              St. Mary’s             Julian Lewis Bouma
                      Lucas A. Horn                                          Barbara Brann Cole
                      John DennisWoodward, Jr.                               Christopher Lawson Ruland
Archbishop Spalding   Laura Doran                     Maryvale               Nicole Bouchard
                      Helen Higuera                                          Stephanie Diegel
                      Joseph Wyrwas                                          Heather Lawson
Bishop Walsh          Leah Scarpelli                  Mercy                  Karen M. Buchheister
                      Jordan Stanley                                         Aubrey M. Doran
                      Stephanie Wilmes                                       Ashley A. Kowalski
Calvert Hall          William Doub                    Mount de Sales         Mary Crocamo
                      Patrick Gregg                                          Claire Huggins
                      Ryan Kelly                                             Rebecca Tilyou
Cardinal Gibbons      Daniel K. Hughes                Mount Saint Joe        Joseph Altmann
                      John R. Michaels                                       Anthony DiChiara, Jr.
                      Wyatt Seth Wheeler                                     Thomas Meyer
Catholic High         Rossella Procopio               Notre Dame Prep        Gabriella LaVerghetta
                      Laura Sposato                                          Sarah Miller
                      Nicole Stumpf                                          Catherine Wisniewski

                                                      Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Caitlin Kinnear
St. Frances Academy   Chanaye De’aira Jackson                                Kasha Leese
                      Morgan Paige Russell                                   Christina Polek
                      Deonte Melvin Tuggle
                                                      Seton Keough           Montana Aydlett
Institute of                                                                 Meghan Brown
Notre Dame            Caitlin Adams                                          Stephanie Velky
                      Angela Bucci
                      Amanda Ward                     Towson Catholic        Brandon Britto
                                                                             Kelly Lurz
The John                                                                     Anthony Powell
Carroll School        Kyle Hanratty
                      Jillian Hughes
                      Meaghan Moxley

        90th Annual Flowermart at Mount Vernon
                  on Friday, May 4th
              St. Philip Neri
                                                                                 olic H

                                                               1st Plac late Heart of
                                                                       e Booth         M
                                                                               Contes ar y--
                                                                                     t Winn

St. Ignatius Loyola Academy--1st Place Booth
             Contest Runner Up

                         Ca   tholi
                                                                         Institute of
                                                                                        Notre Dam

                              St. Mic
                                     hael th
                                            e Arch
            Division of Catholic Schools Calendar
17            Fathers Day                                           SUMMER RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY!
18 – 22       Principals’ Academy                                    Baltimore Area Catholic Schools Fair
                                                                            Wednesday, July 11th
4             Independence Day                                                     6 – 8 P.M.
11            Catholic Schools Summer Fair                               Archbishop Curley Cafeteria
              (Archbishop Curley, 6 - 8pm)                                     (air-conditioned!)

August                                                                     To reserve a table call Jan:
6-10          Supply Pick up from The Catholic Review              410-625-8482 or email:
13            PowerSchool Basics for Principals and
              New Local Administrators (8:30am – 3pm)
                                                                                 FALL ‘O7!
13            New Teacher Orientation (9am – 3pm)
14            PowerGrade for New Teachers (8:30am – 3pm)
                                                                            MARK YOUR CALENDARS:
14-16         Pick up Child Nutrition Packet
              from Central Office (9am - 2:30pm)                         Catholic High Schools Fairs:
15            Operation TEACH Commissioning                                   Sun., Sept. 9, UMBC
              Liturgy and Dinner                                                University Center
              (4 – 6pm, College of Notre Dame)                                       3 - 5 P.M.
16-17         New Principal Orientation (overnight)                   Sun., Sept. 16, College of Notre Dame
20-22         Curriculum Mapping for registered                              Marion Burke Knott Gym
              Elementary Schools                                                     3 - 5 P.M.
22            Staff Retreat Day/Principals and Teachers
              in Central Maryland                                          NEW! Central Maryland
              (Frederick and Washington Counties)                            Catholic Schools Fair:
23            PowerSchool Local Administrators                     Sun., Oct. 7, Frederick Community College
              (8:30am – 3pm)                                                        1 - 3 P.M.
3             Labor Day
9             Catholic High Schools Fair (3 – 5pm, UMBC)
11            Secondary Executive Committee (1:30 - 3:30pm)
12            Child Nutrition Food Service Meeting (1:30 - 3:30pm)
14            Superintendent’s Luncheon (11:00 am -2:30pm)
16            Catechetical Sunday
16            Catholic High Schools Fair (3 – 5pm, College of Notre Dame)
17-21         ACRE – Religion Curriculum Assessment (grades 5+8)
18            SKIP-Screening Kids for Intervention and Prevention meeting for registered Principals and Early
              Childhood Educators (1 – 3pm, St. John Regional Catholic School, Frederick)
19            Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium Summit (by invitation)
20            Elementary Principals’ Collaborative Council (9am – 2pm)
21            SKIP-meeting for registered Principals and Early Childhood Educators (1 – 3pm, Msgr. Slade)
26            SKIP-meeting for registered Principals and Early Childhood Educators (1 – 3pm, IHM)
26            ALMA (9am – 12noon)
27            Teacher Focus Group (1 – 3pm)
30            Fall Survey Due

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