bike ride flyer 2012 - kaimkillenbun State School by pengxuebo


									                                                  14th Annual

                               Trail Ride
                            12th – 13th May 2012
                           Entry Fees:                                                                          Kaimkillenbun State School is currently a 2
                                                                                                               teacher school which is the hub of a small but
                                           Open Track                         $50 (*$70)                                   vibrant community.
                                           Under 16’s                         $40 (*$60)
                                           Novice/Pee Wee                     $20 (*$40)                         We endeavour to provide a safe, fun-filled
                                                                                                               weekend of bike riding for you and your family.
                          *All riders must have a MA license or obtain a MA recreational
                              license on the day, available at registration tent for $20.                      The circuit this year is about 6 kilometres from
                                        Bikes do not need to be registered.                                    Kaimkillenbun, on the Bunya Mountains Road.
 Saturday: Briefing 10.45am
 Track opens 11.00am
 Track closes 3:30pm                               MA Regulations                                               No Open Fires Allowed.
                                                Under 16 - Bike Limits
                                          125cc (2 stroke) or 250cc (4 stroke)
 Sunday: Briefing 8.45am                            engine capacity
 Track opens 9.00am
 Track Enquiries:                                                                                                      There will be free product
 John Nation 4663 4737                                                                                              giveaways at the Sunday riders
 General Enquiries:                                                                                               briefing. All riders receive an entry
 School 4663 4155                                                                                                into a draw for prizes to be drawn at
                                                                                                                     the end of the riders briefing.

                                                                                                                 Thank you to Dalby Moto, Yamaha,
                                                                                                                 Honda, KTM, M2R Helmets, Rock
Good value Family priced
                                                                                                                    Oil and Kenda Tyres, ADB,
 meals available from the                                                                                        Motorcycling Qld & Australasian
         canteen.                                                                                                            Dirt Bike
A licensed bar will operate
   on Saturday evening.

            INFORMATION FOR RIDERS                                    71 km

 Riders must wear protective clothing: boots, helmet and                                                                              Cooyar
 goggles at all times whilst riding.                                                               Bunya
 Tear off goggles not permitted.                                                                   Mountains
                                                                                                                                          Friday night camping
 A good knobby, chain and sprocket are essential.                                                                                         available (self catered)
                                                                           17 km                                          Maclagan
 2 approved fuel containers with rider’s name, if fuel is   Bell
 required on the track.                                                                X 3 km
                                                                                                                                               Showers are also
 Riders are to provide their own water.                                                                                                        available over the
                                                                                   Kaimkillenbun      17 km
 Juniors (under 16) must be accompanied by                                                                                Quinalow                 weekend.
 parent/guardian/ responsible person throughout ride.                      22 km
 Under 18 need guardian consent.
 Riders must nominate a fellow rider when registering.                                                                    Jondaryan

 NO GLASS allowed in the camping area.                             Dalby                           87 km                                Toowoomba
 No camp noise after 10.00pm
 No dogs or fireworks allowed!
    In the event of a postponement due to bad weather,
announcements will be made via ABC from 6am on Saturday
         and posted on the Dalby Moto Website at

          All proceeds from the weekend go to the Kaimkillenbun State School P&C.

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