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									TTM Hot Air Solder Levelling Station                               PAL Compal PTH Line

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               Webcast Helpline: +44 (0) 22 7691 8293
                                                                 All goods will be sold in accordance with the Auctioneers
DIRECTIONS                                                       Standard Conditions of Sale which will be detailed in the
                                                                 Sale Catalogue. Further information will be available on
From Makati City take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).         request.
Exit at Carmona. Turn right at traffic lights or the National
Highway and follow signposts to GMA/Dasmariñas. At the
Robinson’s Junction on the Imus/Tagaytay National High-          IMPORTANT NOTICE
way continue straight following signs to Trece Martires City.
First Cavite Industrial Estate is approx. 5 kms. on the left     Although information has been obtained from sources deemed
hand side from the Robinson’s Junction.                          reliable, Henry Butcher make no warranty or guarantee,
                                                                 expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information
From Coastal Manila take the National Highway                    contained herein.
signposted Imus / Dasmariñas / Tagaytay. At the
Robinson’s Junction turn right to Trece Martires City. First     CLEARANCE
Cavite Industrial Estate is approx. on the left hand side.
                                                                 All lots must be cleared by Saturday 20th December 2003
Travel time is approximately 1 hour from Makati CBD.             unless prior arrangements are made with the auctioneers.

                                                                         HENRY BUTCHER INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                  PHILS. INC.
                                                                       ROOM 102, GROUND FLOOR, JOLLILAND BLDG.,
                                                                            670 EDSA, PASAY CITY, PHILIPPINES
                                                                       TEL. NO. +63 2 852 2910 FAX NO. +63 2 831 9507
                     Other Offices: UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, malaysia, Thailand, South Korea.
                               Associates throughout Europe, Australaisa, North and South America

                          Local Service, Global Reach – 31 Offices in 16 Countries
             GoIndustries Worldwide. Henry Butcher International. Michael Fox International. Karner & Co. Appleboom
AT:SEPZ, First Cavite Industrial Estate
Brgy. Langkaan, Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines

ON: Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th November 2003 10:30 am
(Live Webcast Wednesday 12th November only from 12 noon)

ON VIEW: Friday 7th, Saturday 8th & Monday 10th November 2003
from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and mornings of sale.
                   Webcast available @

Drilling / Routing & Associated
(10) PLURITEC “Mega” 4600 6 Spindle CNC Preci-
sion Drilling Machines. Air Bearing Spindles; 120,000
rpm; 380 bit tool changer; Broken Drill Sensors; Depth
Sensors. (1 x 1999; 4 x 1998; 3 x 1997; 2 x 1995).
PLURITEC “Mega” 4600 6 Spindle CNC Routing Ma-
chine c/w Cooling Unit (Pluritec Conversion 2003)
(3) PLURITEC “Maxima” 4 Spindle CNC Routing
Machine c/w Cooling Unit (1998/96/94)
PLURITEC “Multistation” 1 Spindle CNC Routing Ma-
chine c/w Cooling Unit (1995)                                                                                            1999
(3) BARNABY “Stackmaster” 802F Stacking                  PLURITEC “Mega 4600” 6 Spindle CNC Drilling Machine
LOVELY Drill Repointing Grinder

TELMEC SL 13.9 Jump Scoring Machine (1999)

SHODA - TECHTRON AF 100 Bevelling Machine
(7) SUNG RU SR V70 V - Cut Machines

(10) Manual Routers

EXCELLON MK IV 5 Spindle NC Router (for spares)
Board Preparation                                                PLURITEC “Maxima” 4 Spindle CNC Routing Machine

(2) TTM CT 340, Vertical Auto Panel Saws c/w Dust
LI SONG 24" Auto Edge Bevelling Machine c/w
TAIYO Clean Roller & RIBO Dust Extractor
(2) AMADA TP 110 Ton Open Fronted Power Presses
c/w KOKOPIS Kosmek Piercing System (1992)
(7) AMADA TP 80 Ton Open Fronted Power Presses
AMADA ‘Torc Pac’ 25 Ton Open Fronted Power Press
BLISS 60 Ton Open Fronted Power Press
                                                         PLURITEC “Multistation” 1 Spindle     SUNG RU SRV 70 V Cut Machines
HEIM 3A - 0BI - F Open Fronted Power Press               CNC Routing Machine

TTM CT 340 Vertical Auto Panel Saw                             TELMEC SL 13.9 Jump Scoring Machine

             For further information e-mail
                   Webcast available @

                                                                       Photo / Mask Equipment
                                                                       BARCO ‘Crescent 40’ Laser Plotting Machine (1999)
                                                                       MACDONALD DETTWILER ‘Fire 950’ Laser Photo
                                                                       INTERGRAPH CAD / CAM Computer c/w Software
                                                                       MTH - 30 Dry Film Laminator c/w Hood (2000)
                                                                       CH CCD Drilling Machine (1999)
                            1992                                       DUPONT Film Processor (1999)
AMADA TP 80 Ton Power Press          LI SONG 24” Auto Edge Bevelling   DAINIPPON Screen LD 220 - 0T Film Processor
                                                                       TECHNILITH Model 6000 Dry Developer
                                                                       DAIZO UV Exposure Machine
                                                                       (3) ORC - 680 GW Exposure Machines (2 units 1999)
                                                                       (4) ORC HMW 201B - 5K - 2 Double Side Simulta-
                                                                       neous Exposure Machine (1 unit 2001, 3 units
                                                                       (4) PARKER ‘Circuit 5’ Exposure Machines
                                                                       (2) DUPONT ‘Riston’ HRL 24 Hot Roll Laminators
                                                                       SDI MKX 2 Microclean Clean Roller
                            1999                                1999
                                                                       WANG CHANG Exposure Machine
BARCO “Crescent 40” Laser Plotting   ORC – 680 GW Exposure Machine
Machine                                                                NATGRAPH Screen Frame Drying Cabinet
                                                                       Screen Stretching Frame
                                                                       (10) TA CHEN ‘Seico’ TC 6080 GL Automatic Flat
                                                                       Screen Printers
                                                                       (3) TA CHEN ‘Seico’ TC 5070 A Automatic Flat
                                                                       Screen Printers
                                                                       (2) CH Automatic Squeege Polishing Machine
                                                                       (6) Artwork Cabinets; (10) Light Tables

                            2001                                1999
ORC HMW 201B Exposure Machine        DUPONT Film Processor

                                                                       LOVELY Drill Repointing Machine

                                     DUPONT ‘Riston’ HRL 24 Hot Roll
15 SDI MKX 2 Microclean Roller       Laminator                         TA CHEN ‘Seico’ Screen Printer

             For further information e-mail
                   Webcast available @

Plating Lines
PAL Desmear / PTH Plating Line; 2000 mm wide
capacity; 33 stage c/w 2 carriers (2000)
PAL “Compal” PTH Plating Line; 600 mm wide
capacity; 22 stage (1992)
OMIG Copper / Tin Plating Line; 2000 mm wide
capacity c/w 3 carriers (1998)
OMIG Copper / Tin Plating Line; 2000 mm wide
capacity c/w 2 carriers (1994)
PAL Copper / Tin Plating Line; 2000 mm wide
capacity c/w 2 carriers (1992)
PAL Copper / Nickel / Gold Plating Line; 1500 mm
wide capacit; 22 stage(1992)                                                        2000

MICROPLATE SYSTEMS MP 80 Gold Tab Plating          PAL Desmear / PTH Plating Line
Line (1994)
PAL Black Oxide Plating Line

Photo Solder Mask Develop Line
TTM Liquid Photo Solder Mask Developing Line c/
w Acid Precleaner (2000)

TTM Hot Air Solder Levelling Line (1996)
Dry Film Developer Line
TTM Dry Film Developer Line (2000)
Etch Lines
TTM Develop Etch & Strip Line (2001)

(2) TTM Strip Etch & Strip Lines (1999)
Flux Treatment Line
TTM Fluxing Line
                                                   OMIG Copper / Tin Plating Line

                                           1999                                     2001

PAL Black Oxide Line                               TTM Develop Etch & Strip Line

                           Wet lines available for sale prior to auction
                 Download catalogue @

                                                            Cleaning Lines
                                                            (2) IS “PUMIFLEX” Series SHD/A 24" Scrubbing
                                                            Machines (1999/1997)

                                                            (2) IS “PUMIFLEX” - 2000 Scrubbing Machines

                                                            (2) IS SCRUBBEX 4B SHD Scrubber / Deburrer

                                                            (2) MARSECO FRPCS 24 Flux Removal / Post
                                                            Clean System (1990)

                                                            MARSECO FRDS 24 (1984)
                                                            (2) TTM Post Clean Brushing Lines

                                                     2001   Hot Air Solder Levelling
TTM Liquid Photo Solder Mask Developing Line                (3) TTM Hot Air Solder Levelling Machines
                                                            (2) TTM Pre HAL Cleaning Lines (1998)

                                                            TTM Post HAL Cleaning Line (1998)

                                                            MARSECO Post HAL Cleaning Line

MICROPLATE MP 80 Gold Tab Plating Line                      IS SHDA / 24 Scrubber

                                                     1999                                               1999
TTM Strip Etch & Strip Line                                 IS Pumiflex 2000 / TTM Scrubber

                                Wet lines available for sale prior to auction
              Download catalogue @
CEDAL “ADARA” - Multipress. Single
Daylight Hydraulic Laminating Press

CEDAL Multilayer Lay Up Machine c/
w ‘Elidust II’ Dust Extractor; Copper
Foil Rack; & BOLZONI 500 kg Lift
Trolley (1996)

(2) BOLZONI 500 kg Lift Trolleys
CEDAL Model 5 RBN - 66 S Regis-
tration Bonding Machine (2000)
CEDAL Stack Lifting Conveyor

ROSENTHAL WA - S - 5 - HUB                                                                                                      1996
Sheeter c/w RIBO Dust Collector
(1998)                                      CEDAL “ADARA” Multipress

AVIO MCW 650 Super Welder (1998)                                       Inspection & Test Equipment
UHT DZ 5 Micro Drill Cell CCD Drill                                    MORIKAWA DX 2A NEW Single Spindle X-Ray Drilling
(1998)                                                                 Machine (2001)
                                                                       LLOYD DOLE “Trackscan 4000” Automatic Optical Inspec-
                                                                       tion Machine (1994)
                                                                       LLOYD DOLE MVS 1000 Verification Station (1994)

                                                                       MITUTOYO ‘Crystal” V606 2 axis Co-ordinate Measuring
                                                                       Machine c/w d.r.o and printer

                                                                       (3) UTRON 8000 HV III PCB Testers (1998)
                                                                       (2) UTRON 8000 HV PCB Testers

                                                                       (6) UTRON 6460H PCB Testers
                                                                       TTI PCB Tester (2001)

                                                                       PENN “Pemserter” Series LT/4 Collar Inserter

                                                            1998       NIKON MM 40 Measuring Metallurgical Microscope c/w
                                                                       Camera attachment
                                                                       ALPHA 600 SMD “Omegameter” Ionic Contamination Test

                                                                       MET ONE Laser Particle Counter
                                                                       CMI XRX Series Coating Thickness Tester
                                                                       CMI MRX Series Surface Measurement Tester
                                                                       GERVER GP 2 Specimen Puncher

                           2000                             1996       GLENBROOK X-Ray Machine
CEDAL 5 RBN Registration          CEDAL Multilayer Lay Up Station
Bonding Machine                                                        PERKER ELMIN 3110 Atomic Absorbtion Spectro-

                                                                       JENWAY 6405 UV / V15 Spetrophotometer
                                                                       CECO Overarm Micrometer

                                                                       MITUTOYO 3100 V - Score Checker

                                                                       X RITE Densitometer
                       2001                                            Misc Test Equipment including Vernier Calipers; High & Low Power
                                                                       Micrsocopes; Micrometres; Digital Scales; Plug Gauges; Viscotester;
MORIKAWA DX 2A NEW X Ray Drill MITUTOYO V 606 Z axis Co-ordinate
                               Measuring Machine                       Granite Surface Plates, etc…

           For further information e-mail
               Download catalogue @
                                      Clean Room Facilities
                                      (3) Class 10,000 Demountable Clean
                                      (4) Air Showers (10) Pass Boxes
                                      (2) Computer Enviromental Control
                                      Systems Room Temperature & Humi-
                                      dity Controllers
                                      General Process Equipment
                                      (2) QUALIPAK STN 5580 R Packa-
                                      ging Machines
                                      HEDINAIR Drying Oven
                                      (15) C-SUN SMO 7A Ovens                         Inspection & Test Equipment
UTRON 8000 HV III PCB Tester
                                      Machine Tools
                                      CHEVALIER FSG 1640 AD Heavy
                                      Duty Surface Grinder c/w magnetic
                                      AMADA - HARIG SG 35M Surface
                                      Grinder c/w magnetic chuck
                                      (5) Bench Drills
                                      Plant Services
                                      (2) CATERPILLAR 500 kw Generators
                                      with 3412 Engines
                                      (3) MITSUBISHI CRJ 4000 A Chiller
                                      Units (1 x 2001; 2 x 1999)                      Canteen Equipment

NIKON High Power Microscope           (60) Air Conditioning Units
                                      (5) LIANG CHI Cooler Towers
                                      (4) INGERSOLL RAND SSR - EP 75
                                      Packaged Air Compressors
                                      (2) INGERSOLL RAND SSR - EP 50
                                      Packaged Air Compressors
                                      (4) INGERSOLL RAND DXP 425 Air
                                      INGERSOLL RAND RS 106 Air Dryer
                                      DOMNICK HUNTER DXS 108 Air
                                      Dryer c/w 3 Filters (2002)
                                                                                      Spares & Consumables
                                      CULLIGAN DI Water Treatment System
                                      Waste Water Treatment System                    Factory Furnishings
                                      TCM FD 30 Forklift Truck                        Rackings; Factory Furniture; Hand &
                                                                                      Power Tools; SS. Trolleys; Access
                                      TCM FD 25 Forklift Truck                        Platforms; Dust Extractors; Dehu-
                                                                                      midifiers; Weighing Scales; Labora-
                                      Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Rectifiers,   tory Equipment; Pallet Jacks; Pres-
                                      Switchgear and Control Panels
                                                                                      sure Washers.
                                                                                      Serving Counter; SS Food Prepara-
                                                                                      tion Equipment; Burners; Refrigera-
                                                                                      tors, etc…
                                                                                      Machine Spares and
                                                                                      Large quantity of machine spares
CAT 500 Kw Generator                  TCM FD 30 Forklift Truck                        and consumable tooling.

            For further information e-mail

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