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                                              Becoming a
                                              Mount Man:
                                                Seniors Reflect
                                               on their Journey
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                Message From Brother James Kelly
         My Dear Alumni and Friends of the Mount,
              We Xaverian Brothers have never been elitist in          We have had a very
         our approach to education. From our first days in
         the United States, we have taught boys of a wide
                                                                  busy fall at the Mount.
                                                                  You’ll read of our annual                                   theMount
         range of abilities. In the very early days, the          Saint Francis Xavier
         Brothers could have up to a hundred boys in one          Society reception and
         classroom, ranging in ability from Albert Einstein-      our 27th Annual Alumni
         intelligent to severely limited. The Brothers didn’t     Golf Outing. Our Saint Francis Xavier Society                         The Mount
         complain. They knew their job was to teach those         reception was one of the nicest we’ve had. The
         boys in front of them, and that’s what they did. A       two student speakers, Nick Springmann ’10 and                       is published
         friend of mine, Brother Robert Houlihan, began his       Sean Dornbush ’10 did a beautiful job, and our                   quarterly by the
         teaching career at St. Teresa’s School in Brooklyn       development office saw that the reception was per-           Mount Saint Joseph
         with 74 ten year olds in the fourth grade. These         fectly planned. The alumni golf tournament, was              Development Office.
         boys were divided into six reading groups by ability,    once again, sold out. I particularly enjoyed being
         and Brother Robert taught them nine subjects. He         driven about the course this year in a golf cart by
         taught the boys who were in front of him. At the         James Poisal ‘03, our Director of Alumni Relations.
         Mount we have always represented the great bell          It gave me a chance to see all of the foursomes as
         curve. We have the “best and the brightest” and          they were playing. Of course, this is reunion season,
         those who struggle to learn. Then, of course, we         so every Saturday night is devoted to class reunions.       Brother James M. Kelly,
         have the great group in the middle, those boys who       I particularly enjoyed the Golden Gael reunion this                 C.F.X. President
         are quite bright but not always as motivated as we       year. The Class of 1959 was out in force, and they
         might like them. My mentor, the late Brother Ivan        presented the school with a gift of $109,000 for
         Corkery, always described them as “the normal            the endowment. That is the largest Golden Gael                  Barry J. Fitzpatrick
         boys whom you have to trick into learning.”              gift the school has ever received. I’m very grateful                       Principal
              Mount Saint Joseph has two programs which,          to Jim Burns and his classmates for organizing the
         in my humble opinion, set us apart as a Xaverian         reunion and the reunion gift.                                 Emily Wilson Rollins
         School. We have the DePaul Program for students               I always enjoy discovering things about the                  Executive Director
         with diagnosed dyslexia and dysgraphia and the           Mount which I never knew. Recently Bill Lenczycki                   of Development
         Ryken Program for boys who need some remedia-            ’62 gave us an aerial view of the old Mount, the
         tion when they come to the Mount. We accept              Mount of the first half of the twentieth century. I
         about fifteen boys every year into the DePaul            never knew that our current football field wasn’t                  James Poisal ’03
         Program and seventeen boys into the Ryken                always the football field. In this aerial view the                       Director of
         Program. Currently, we are building, in the base-        baseball field and tennis courts are on the site of                 Alumni Relations
         ment of Founders Hall, a new specialized study           our current Plevyak Field. We’ve had the picture
         center for the students in the Ryken and the             enlarged, and it will be hanging in our development                  Jess Jankoviak
         DePaul Programs. Students in the DePaul Program          conference room for any of the older alumni who                           Director of
         are charged an additional $6,100 in tuition              would like to walk down memory lane. I have always                  Communications
         because teachers in the DePaul Program work with         regretted that we didn’t save more of the old campus
                                                                                                                                    and Events, Editor,
         15 boys a day while the rest of the faculty teaches      and the “Catholic Gothic” architecture of the old
         on average 125 boys a day. Yet, despite the larger       Mount. I particularly regret the loss of the chapel,                     The Mount
         tuition, our DePaul Program has been oversub-            but even more than that, I regret the loss of the
         scribed since it was founded nine years ago. Boys        trees. Even now when our facility director tells me                  Erin Van Bavel
         in the DePaul Program are scheduled into regular         that a tree has to come down, I mourn. We had to                          Director of
         classes, and I’ve had a number of them in my hon-        remove the huge, old tree which was in the middle of                  Annual Giving
         ors English course and honors Latin II course.           the junior parking lot, and as it came down, I thought
         They’re bright boys who learn differently. Our           of all the Mount history which it had witnessed.
         DePaul teachers help them to deal with their learn-           As I write this, we are in the midst of the dreaded               Cathy Steffe
         ing differences and to keep themselves organized.        Spirit Week which precedes Homecoming. Only I                          Development
              The Ryken Program, named after our holy             dread it. The boys love it! They get to dress like                   Office Manager
         founder, Brother Theodore James Ryken, is geared         Bozo the Clown or their favorite super hero or God
         toward those boys who need remediation as they           only knows what. I must admit that their boyish exu-                   Brandy Fefel
         enter the 9th grade. It is our hope that by the end of   berance is refreshing, but I’m glad it only happens                     Development
         the 10th grade they will be able to handle the regular   one week a year. Too much purple paint everywhere!
                                                                                                                                        Office Assistant
         curriculum. We limit the number of students in this           Please remember that you are always most
         program to seventeen so that we have the ability to      welcome at Mount Saint Joseph. I look forward to
         educate them on a more individual level. During          seeing many of you at Beef and Beer night, the
         their freshman year they take an English and a read-     evening before Thanksgiving. Remember that your
         ing class rather than English and modern language.       job is to recruit the next generation of Mount men.
              I am quite proud of these programs at the Mount.    If you know of any 6th, 7th or 8th grade boy who
         They reflect so beautifully our Xaverian tradition of    would be a good fit for the school, please call our
         teaching boys of a wide range of abilities. Brother      admissions secretary, Mrs. Arlene Beach, to make
         Dominic O’Connell, the first principal, who had a spe-   sure the young man is receiving material from the
         cial love for disadvantaged boys, smiles every day in    Mount. And, remember, every day to say a prayer
         heaven as he looks at the Mount. I’m as sure of that     for the Mount.
         as I am of anything. Brother Dominic would not be a                                                     Sincerely,
         happy camper if he thought we had become an intel-
         lectually or economically elitist school.
                                                                             Brother James M. Kelly, C.F.X., President

    2                                                                    The Mount
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         News from Alumni Relations
                                                  Upcoming Events
        Alumni Beef                     Fall Drama                               Alumni Ice                  Alumni Bull
       and Beer Night                   Production -                            Hockey Game                       &
         November 25, 2009
                                       Romeo & Juliet                        December 19, 2009               Oyster Roast
           MSJ Cafeteria                December 4 - 6, 2009                 Gardens Ice House              February 20, 2010
             7-11 p.m.                    MSJ Auditorium                   in Laurel, MD • 4 p.m.           MSJ Memorial Gym
                                                                        Talent is never sparse at the            6 p.m.
      To purchase tickets or for      December 4th: 7:30 p.m.           annual Alumni Ice Hockey
      more information, please                                          Game. This is always an enter-     *Please note that all
                                      December 5th: 7:30 p.m.
      call the Development Office                                       taining event to play in or just   tickets for this year’s
      at 410-646-4700 or visit        December 6th: 2:00 p.m.                                              Bull & Oyster Roast will
                                                                        watch and socialize with fellow                                         alumni. Be on the lookout for      be sold in advance.
                                                                        registration forms in the mail.    There will be NO tickets
                                                                        For more information, please       sold at the door. For more
                                                                        contact James Poisal '03 at        information, please visit
           AT T E N T I O N ALL                                         410-646-4700.            

              Nominate Someone
                   for an
           Alumni Association Award
         Do you know someone who exemplifies what it means
         to be a Mount man? Someone who has continued to
         serve the Mount and their surrounding community
         after graduation? If so, make sure they are nominated
         for an Alumni Association award! There are three
         awards for which we will accept nominations.
         Please take some time to think about some worthy
         candidates and email the candidate's name, class
         year, and reasoning for why they deserve to win the
         award to James Poisal '03 at
         All nominations must be submitted no later than
         January 31, 2010.

         The winners will be honored at the Alumni Association
         Communion Breakfast in March. Below are the
         descriptions of the Awards:

         Knight of the Tower Award - Given to alumni for
         their service and dedication to the Alumni Association
         Board of Directors
         Al Shields Service Award - Given to someone
         who has given an exceptional amount of service to
         the Mount
         Alumnus of the Year Award - Given to an alum-
         nus who performs an outstanding deed or service

                                                                    Fall 2009
                                                                  Summer 2008                                                           3
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          News from Alumni Relations

        Mrs. Cheryl Del Gavio, members of the Alumni Association Board and Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. pose with Brian Mears '10 and Sean
        Dornbush '10. From left: Bill Lenczycki '62, Jack Pundt III '71, Mike Dooley '66, Brian Mears '10, Cheryl Del Gavio, Sean Dornbush '10,
        Pat Hall '74, Brother James Kelly, C.F.X.

                                                          On October 8, 2009, members of the Mount Saint Joseph Alumni Association
                      Frank V.                            Board of Directors gathered along with Cheryl Del Gavio, wife of alumnus Frank
                                                          Del Gavio, Jr. '62, to congratulate seniors Brian Mears and Sean Dornbush for
             Del Gavio, Jr. ’62                           receiving scholarships from the first Frank V. Del Gavio, Jr. '62 Endowment Fund.
                                                          The fund, which was established in the fall of 2009, will be used to provide a
                  Endowment                               scholarship to a rising senior who is eligible for financial aid based on the school's
                                                          criteria, exudes exceptional school spirit, and is dedicated and devoted to Mount
             Fund Presentation                            Saint Joseph by providing service to the school, just as Frank V. Del Gavio, Jr. '62
                                                          did during his time as an alumnus of Mount Saint Joseph.

                                                                                                     Alumni Gatherings
                                                                                 We're flying south for the winter! Brother James will be
                                                                                 visiting southern Florida on February 24, 25, and 26, 2010.
                                                                                 All Florida alumni and friends are invited to attend
                                                                                 designated receptions. Please look for invitations in
                                                                                 your mailbox after the holidays, or call Emily Rollins at
                                                                                 410-646-4700 for more information.
        Alumni Association Board members pose with Brother James Kelly,
        C.F.X. and James Poisal '03 at their annual picnic
                                                                                 Mount St. Joseph wants to hear from Atlanta area alumni.
           Congratulations to the 2009 Ravens                                    The Mount has never traveled to Georgia, but wants to
             Raffle Winner - Gary Beach ’87                                      know if our Atlanta alumni are interested in getting together.
        The winner of the 2009 Ravens Raffle was chosen on August                If you are interested in coming to a Mount St. Joseph alumni
        22, 2009 at Ships Café in Catonsville. Congratulations to Gary           gathering in the Atlanta area, please contact Emily Rollins at
        Beach '87 who has won four season tickets to every Ravens      
        home game this season, plus the option of first right of refusal
        for playoff tickets. Special thanks to Sharon and Jim Andrews,           If there is enough interest, exact dates, times and locations
        owners of Ships Café, for their continued support of Mount               will be chosen and sent to you. Thank you for supporting
        Saint Joseph Alumni events.                                              the Mount and we hope to hear from you!

    4                                                                    The Mount
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         News Accolades and Achievements
                                       Alumni/Faculty Spotlight
             There are many great achievements made by our alumni, faculty and staff throughout the year.
                          Below are some recent accolades that we felt should be showcased.

                    Frank Kolarek ’71
         In early July, Mayor Sheila Dixon congratulated
     Mr. Frank Kolarek ’71 for being named one of
     Major League Baseball’s “All-Stars Among Us.” The
     campaign honors individuals making extraordinary
                                           contributions to
                                           their communities.
                                                                         Paul Upman ’58        Richard Siejack ’59   Florian Wawrzyniak ’58
                                               Kolarek was one
                                           of 30 winners                          Knights of Columbus Deputies
                                           nationally and was
                                           nominated due to           During the 2009-2010 Fraternal Year, three graduates of Mount
                                           his contributions          Saint Joseph were elected to serve as state deputies for the Knights of
                                           to the Baltimore           Columbus: Paul Upman ’58 in Ohio, Richard Siejack ’59 in
                                           community                  Maryland and Florian Wawrzyniak ’58 in Vermont.
                                           through his foun-
     dation, League of Dreams. League of Dreams assists
     children with mental and physical disabilities by provid-                                          Jonathan Duerr ’00
     ing opportunities for them to play baseball and softball
                                                                                                 Jonathan Duerr ’00 was recently named as
     in a safe and supportive environment.
                                                                                             the runner-up for Man of the Year for the Palm
         As a result of Kolarek’s outstanding contributions to
                                                                                             Beach Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).
     the Baltimore community, he joined the other winners
                                                                                             In order to receive this honor, he raised more
     at the 80th Major League Baseball All-Star Game in St.
                                                                                             than $30,000 for the organization, which is the
     Louis. Frank took part in a special presentation before
                                                                                             world’s largest voluntary health organization
     the game and participated in a variety of All-Star events
                                                                                             dedicated to funding blood cancer research, edu-
     in the days leading up to the game.
                                                                                             cation and patient services. This led the LLS to
         For more information about League of Dreams,
                                                                                             ask him to serve as the current Chairman for the
     please visit
                                                                                             LLS Man and Woman of the Year for 2010.

                     Dr. Elizabeth Pease
      AP French teacher Elizabeth Pease traveled to San
      Antonio, Texas this past summer to present a workshop
      entitled, “Pour la chronologie: Writing & Teaching an
      Historically-Anchored French Language Curriculum” at
      the 2009 AP College Board Annual Conference. In her
      session, she showed other educators how, by organizing a
      curriculum chronologically, students learn better and are
      provided with a historical foundation upon which to
      build: walking them through the culture, time and evolu-
      tion of ideas. This is the second year she has presented at
      the AP College Board Conference. Her presentation has
      also been accepted for the Pennsylvania State Modern
      Language Association's conference on October 15-17th.

                                                                    Fall 2009                                                                   5
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        Participants in the Kicks 4 Cans event pose on

        Plevyak field before the tournament begins

                                                   It’s about                                                     Seniors
                                                                                  Maximize Their
                                                                                  Mount Experience

            “Don’t be an 8 - 2:30 type of guy.”
            Every freshman hears this upon enter-
            ing the halls of Mount Saint Joseph, and
                                                         W                  hile there are many of these students to be found at Mount
                                                                           Saint Joseph, in doing research for this article, the
                                                                         Development Office sent an email to faculty and staff asking
                                                                        for their nominations for who they thought would be the best
                                                         examples of a Mount man. The honor was given to seniors Dave Comberiate
                                                         and David Arnold, who have overcome the challenges of being at a college
                                                         preparatory school and have excelled both in and out of the classroom - all
                                                         while exemplifying the Xaverian charisms and upholding the standards
                                                         expected of a student at the Mount.
            it is a phrase that is reiterated time and       For Dave Comberiate, the choice to attend Mount Saint Joseph was all but
            time again throughout their four years       made for him. Being one of seven children (six boys and one girl), he is the
            here. That’s a tall order for a freshman:    fifth Comberiate to attend Mount Saint Joseph. His brothers Anthony '93,
                                                         Joseph '98, John '02 and Thomas '05 have set a high standard for him at the
            you’re at a new school, trying to make       Mount, and Dave is determined to make his mark here as his brothers have.
            new friends, adjusting to a different            “It was difficult in the beginning, because I rode the bus to school, pretty
            class schedule, sometimes taking gruel-      much restricting me to being an '8-2:30 guy',” he reflects. “I tried to get
                                                         involved by playing fall and spring sports and then through involvement in
            ing classes, and you're supposed to bal-
                                                         activities that were held during school and on the weekends.” Since his junior
            ance athletics and clubs on top of this?     year, Dave has expanded his roster of extracurricular activities to include lead-
            Yet, many students find ways to get the      ership positions with the National Honor Society and Student Council where
                                                         he serves as President and Vice President, respectively. He has also played JV
            most out of their time here by becoming
                                                         soccer, has run with the JV track team and is currently playing on the Varsity
            involved in activities both inside and       volleyball team. In addition to these achievements, he's also managed his
            outside of school - enriching their lives    academic career, receiving prestigious academic awards such as the AP Scholar
            and transforming them from young boys        Award and a Maryland Distinguished Scholar Honorable Mention.
                                                             Moreover, Dave is also a leader outside of Mount Saint Joseph. He is a
            into men.                                    Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Alumnus, and this summer he

1000760_MSJHS                                          10/29/09    2:12 PM     Page 7

                                               participated in the Archdiocese of Baltimore's High School
                                               Leadership Institute (more commonly known as High LI).
                                               This honor is given to students who have been nominated by
                                               their youth or campus minister. “Participating in these leader-
                                               ship groups has allowed me to build relationships with people
                                               at other schools,” he states. “It's really helped when I'm organ-
                                               izing events for Mount Saint Joseph and I think it has fostered
                                               friendships that will be with me as I transition from high
                                               school into college.”
                                                    These connections have already proven fruitful. Recently,
                                               he organized the first annual Kicks 4 Cans event, a charity soc-
                                               cer tournament that brought together students from Mount
                                               Saint Joseph, Maryvale, Seton Keough and Mount de Sales.
                                               The event raised over $500 and collected canned goods to ben-
                                               efit My Brother's Keeper and the Maryland Food Bank.
                                                    In the future, Dave plans to major in business and poten-
                                               tially found his own company. Yet, for the time being, he's
                                               enjoying his final year at the Mount. When asked about what
                                               he will miss the most, he replied, “I really can't pinpoint one
                                               thing; there are a lot of different aspects that I'll miss. One
                                               thing I do have to say is that thanks to the Mount and the
                                                                                                brotherhood that      Dave Comberiate leads a group discussion at the Senior Leadership
                                                                                                is formed here, I     Institute
                                                                                                have had the
                                                                                                opportunity to        sings in the Mount Saint Joseph choir. He hasn't slacked aca-
                                                                                                become extremely      demically, either. He currently has an adjusted GPA of 4.43, is
                                                                                                involved. I've        a member of both National Honor and Spanish National
                                                                                                improved upon         Honor Societies and recently received a Maryland
                                                                                                myself and truly      Distinguished Scholar Honorable Mention. He's also enriched
                                                                                                grown as an indi-     his athletic resume by playing on the Varsity golf team and
                                                                                                vidual.”              becoming a leading scorer on the Varsity soccer team.
                                                                                                     Another senior       On top of all this, Dave is in the process of organizing a
                                                                                                who's seen a great    mission trip to Ethiopia in February. He says, “One thing that
     (photo courtesy of the Catholic Review)

                                                                                                change in himself     the Mount has instilled in me is a sense of mission. It's true
                                                                                                since entering        when Brother James says that the students here make the
                                                                                                Mount Saint           school; there's just something different about us here. I haven't
                                                                                                Joseph in 2006        experienced it anywhere else.”
                                                                                                is Dave Arnold.           After graduating, Dave hopes to attend either the U.S.
                                                                                                A native of           Naval Academy or Princeton University to major in biome-
                                                                                                Catonsville,          chanical or aerospace engineering. He will miss Mount Saint
                                                                                                Dave was home-        Joseph and the relationships he's built here and cites certain
                                                                                                schooled through-     aspects of the school that he will carry with him long after he
                                               Dave Arnold makes a play against Calvert Hall    out his childhood     leaves, one of them being the openness and acceptance that is
                                                                                                and decided to        felt by anyone who enters the Mount Saint Joseph community.
                                               attend Mount Saint Joseph for two reasons: he knew he wanted           “Upon entering St. Joe as a freshman, I never thought I would
                                               to play sports and, from living in the area, he knew a few boys        be involved in anything other than sports. Yet, through people
                                               who were also planning on going to the Mount. Like                     seeking me out and allowing me to explore my talents outside
                                               Comberiate, it took Arnold a few years to truly embrace all            of sports, I've come to appreciate these new experiences and am
                                               that the Mount had to offer. “In the beginning, I was a really         thankful for each and every one of them.”
                                               quiet kid,” he says. “I've always been a sit back and watch type           Both of these modest, articulate, talented young men attrib-
                                               of person and wasn't really involved in anything but soccer.”          ute their transformations to the culture and opportunities
                                                    That all changed his junior year when he was asked to par-        they've encountered here at Mount Saint Joseph. They've
                                               ticipate in the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School (XBSS)              taken the saying “Don't be an 8-2:30 guy” to heart and dedi-
                                               retreat. During the retreat, Dave realized that he had a lot to        cated themselves to making their time at the Mount not only a
                                               offer in terms of leadership for the Mount Saint Joseph com-           time of academic growth but one of personal growth as well.
                                               munity. Through XBSS, Arnold became involved in Student                They are great examples of how, if you let it, Mount Saint
                                               Council and began expanding his activities to include those            Joseph can become an integral part of your life - helping to
                                               outside of the athletic realm. Currently, he plays the piano and       change boys into men, men who matter, Mount men.

                                                                                                                Fall 2009
                                                                                                              Summer 2008                                                                 7
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          News from the Development Office

         Donors Thanked
         at Saint Francis                         Each fall, members of the Saint Francis Xavier Society gather for a
                                                  celebratory mass and reception held on the Mount Saint Joseph campus.
         Xavier Society                           The Saint Francis Xavier society is comprised of committed individuals
                                                  who, in the spirit of Saint Francis, the patron saint of the Xaverian
         Reception                                Brothers, donate $1,000 or more to Mount Saint Joseph.

                                                  The Society supports the Mount's belief that academic excellence is an
                                                  achievable goal for all young men as each one learns and grows according
                                                  to individual talents. This year, seniors Nick Springmann and Sean
                                                  Dornbush addressed the Society and thanked them for their generosity.

                                               Sean Dornbush '10 poses with his      Student volunteers mingle with guests at the Saint
                                               family and Brother James Kelly,       Francis Xavier reception in the MSJ cafeteria
                                               C.F.X. after addressing attendees

        Senior Sean Dornbush '10 thanks the
        crowd for their generosity

        “I thank you for this wonderful
         gift, and I ask that you contin-
         ue with your donations so that
         one day another young man,
         one who may not have had the
         chance if not for your support,
         can stand in the same place I
         am now and tell you about his
         transformation from a boy into
         a man, a man who matters, a
         Mount Man.”
                                                    Student volunteers pose with President Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. at the reception
                         — Sean Dornbush ’10

    8                                                          The Mount
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                                                                        The Annual Fund
                                                                     for Mount Saint Joseph

                                                                                     What is the Annual Fund
                                                                                     and why is it important?
                                                                          The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign that
                                                                          supports day to day education at Mount Saint Joseph.
                                                                          Tuition alone does not cover the cost to educate our stu-
                                                                          dents. After tuition is applied, Mount Saint Joseph still
                                                                          needs to fund approximately $1,800 per student. The
                                                                          money raised by the Annual Fund covers that gap.
                                                                          Annual Fund also supports our need-based financial aid
                                                                          program. This year alone 260 students received over $1.3
      Senior Nick Springmann '10 addresses the crowd at the               million in aid.
      Saint Francis Xavier Reception on September 30th

      “Our future is uncertain, but there is one
       thing I am sure of: because of your generous
       donations, my classmates and I have                                   What are the Goals for 2009-2010?
       been able to take part in a life-changing
       experience. You're the reason we're here and                       On July 1st, 2009, we started rebuilding the Annual Fund
       you will hopefully be the reason for future                        from $0. We hope to raise $850,000 by June 30, 2010.
       students at St. Joe. After graduation in                           With many students and families applying for financial
       May, I will leave the Mount, but the Mount                         aid, it is crucial that we achieve our goal.
       will never leave me.”
                                                                          A gift in any amount is greatly appreciated. Every gift
                                — Nick Springmann ’10
                                                                          to the Annual Fund makes a difference in a student’s
                                                                          education and experience at the Mount.

                                                                                 What are some ways to give?
                                                                          1. Make a pledge to the Annual Fund and pay it off
                                                                             with several payments over the course of the year.
                                                                             Many donors choose to make monthly, quarterly or
                                                                             semi-yearly payments. We will gladly work with
                                                                             you to set-up an installment plan.
                                                                          2. Make a yearly donation by sending a payment via
      Nick Springmann '10 with his parents, Mark and Tressa
                                                                             cash, credit card or check.
      Springmann and Brother James Kelly, C.F.X.
                                                                          3. Participate in your company's Matching Gift
                                                                             Program. Many companies will match your dona-
                                                                             tion enabling you to double the impact of your gift.
         After a Mass in
         the Auditorium,                                                  4. Donate stock to Mount Saint Joseph. Please con-
             guests were                                                     tact the Development Office for more information
          treated to food                                                    on stock gifts.
       and conversation
              in the MSJ

                                                              Fall 2009                                                               9
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         News from Alumni Relations
                                The 27th Annual Alumni Association

                                       Golf Outing
                   September 28, 2009 marked the 27th Annual Alumni Association Golf Outing at Rolling Road Golf
                Club in Catonsville. Although the day started a bit windy, it calmed down and the 31 foursomes
                experienced sun and nice temperatures for the majority of the day.
                   Due to the extraordinary efforts of the Development Office and the Alumni Golf Committee and,
                headed by event Chairman Charles Gilbert '70, this annual outing was again a huge success. When the day
                was done, over $35,000 had been raised. This is the only event sponsored by The Alumni Association in
                which all proceeds go directly to the tuition assistance fund. This fund enables the school to provide
                financial assistance to students who would otherwise not be able to afford a Mount Saint Joseph education.

         From left: Bill Metz '67, Mike Dooley '66, Sal Cimbolo '57 and Golf Outing   Faculty members (from left) Gregory Boehmer, Brian
         Chairman Charles Gilbert '70 stop to pose for a photo.                       Murphy, Christopher Sapienza, and Jerry Naylor '75 were
                                                                                      joined by Geof Rodriguez '10

         The 27th Annual Alumni Association Golf Committee would like        Members of the Columbia Fleet Service Foursome smile for a photo
         to thank Corporate Sponsor CDigital, whose foursome is shown        prior to teeing off. Columbia Fleet Service was a Corporate Sponsor of
         above.                                                              this year's Golf Outing.

   10                                                                  The Mount
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                         Thanks to the Following Tee and Green Sponsors

          Mount Saint Joseph              Mechanical Sales, Inc.             Pete Pappas & Sons     Sun Rich Fresh Foods
          Alumni Association              410-964-0841                                              443-577-1200
                                                                             Rossman - Hurt -
          Asbestos Specialists            Metz Insurance Agency,             Hoffman, Inc.          Tony Vitrano Company
          443-271-7304                    Bill Metz '67                      410-465-4300           410-799-7444
          Bare Bones Grill &
                                                                             Saint Agnes Hospital   William Bassler '69/
          Brewery                         John G. Mohler III, D.D.S. '98
                                                                             410-368-6000           Rolling Road Golf Shop
                                          Morgan Personal Injury Law,
                                                                             Scott Swidersky,       An Additional Thank You
          Basciani Foods, Inc.            Robert Morgan '73
                                                                             Class of 1992          to the Official Beverage
          610-268-3044                    410-589-3322
                                                                                                    Sponsor for the 27th
          Bunzl Mid-Atlantic              Overhead Door                      Ship's Café & Pub      Annual Alumni Golf Outing:
                                          Company of Baltimore, Inc.         410-744-1838
                                                                                                    Leone Produce, LLC
          Centric Business Solutions      410-636-6300

          The Class Produce Group

          Fast Signs Catonsville

          Fells Point Meats

          Ferrante Bros. /
          Nick's Sausage Company

          Friends of Golf and
          Sal Cimbolo ’57

          G.L. Shacks of Catonsville

          Holly Poultry, Inc.

          Instant Whip

          Jacoby - Mark Debinski '83,
          410-615-0170 / Rich Hunt
          '82, 410-409-1466

          J.J. McDonnell

          Kunzler Meats

          Lakeview Title Company

          Marlin Moon Grille
                                                                    Fall 2009
                                                                   Winter 2006                                                   11
1000760_MSJHS   10/29/09    2:13 PM    Page 12

                                                  Class Notes
                                         For more Class Notes, visit

                                 ———Birth Announcements———
        Joseph Parlett ’45 would like to          Sean Dolan ’95 and his wife Rebecca      Nick Salmon ’98 and his wife had
        announce the birth of his first           welcomed twin boys, Finn Patrick and     their first baby, a girl named Liliana
        great-grandchild, Juliet Malick in        Seamus Unitas Dolan, on September        Mae Salmon, on April 29, 2009.
        September.                                5, 2009.
                                                                                           Juan Carlos Roman’s ’98 wife,
        Gary Brown ’72 welcomed the birth         Tim Bibo ’96 and wife Kristen are        Evynette, gave birth to son Ian David
        of his first grandson (Caleb) born        thankful for the birth of their first    Roman on September 9, 2009.
        August 14, 2009.                          child, Anna Lindgren Bibo on March
                                                  7th, 2009.
                                                                                           Mark Bastress ’99 and his wife Ava
        Todd Wolters ’87 and wife Andrea                                                   would like to announce the birth of
        welcomed their first daughter, Reagan     Nick Zohdi ’97 and his wife Melissa      their 2nd daughter, Olivia Marie, on
        Elizabeth, on September 18th, 2009.       would like to announce the birth of      August 12, 2009.
                                                  Caden Delaney Zohdi, on September
                                                  20, 2009.
        Jason McLaughlin ’90 and wife Ann                                                  Chris Dembeck ’01 and his wife
        welcomed their 3rd child, Nathan                                                   Laura welcomed their first child, Ava
        Charles, on March 20, 2009.               Charles Joshua Davenport ’97             Laura Dembeck, on August 10th.
                                                  received a Master of Arts from
                                                  Fairfield University in May 2008, just
                                                  before the birth of his daughter,        Michael A. Ostroff ’02 and his wife
                                                  Abigail Rose.                            Alexandra are pleased to announce the
                                                                                           birth of their son, Tomas Federico on
                                                                                           May 9, 2009.

                        ———Weddings and Anniversaries———
        Larry Turner ’50 and wife Iris            Mike Kunkel ’79 and wife Denise          Marcus DeVere ’96 married his
        celebrated their 50th anniversary         recently celebrated 22 wonderful years   girlfriend of four years, Ellen
        on June 20, 2009.                         of marriage.                             McNamara in Austin, Texas on July
                                                                                           11, 2009. In attendance were fellow
                                                                                           Mount Alumni from the Class of '96,
        Robert G. Roeder ’51 and wife             Jason (Jay) Schaufele ’86 recently       Gene Kilcourse, Ryan Frashure, Mike
        Elizabeth will celebrate their            celebrated his 20th wedding              Bieda, and Alan Nelson.
        55th wedding anniversary on               anniversary with his wife Tammy.
        October 17th.
                                                                                           Dr. John G. Mohler, III ’98 was
                                                  Frank Wichert ’90 married Nicole         married to Jenny Graves from
        John Weber ’56 and his high school        Williams on June 6, 2009. The            Rockville, MD on May 2, 2009.
        sweetheart, Joan, just celebrated their   couple currently reside in
        50th wedding anniversary.                 Arlington, VA.
                                                                                           John Hall ’03 married Lauren
                                                                                           Mooney (Seton Keough '03) on
        Dennis Hupp ’61 and his wife Lila                                                  August 22nd.
        recently celebrated their 41st
        wedding anniversary.

   12                                                           The Mount
                                                                The Mount
1000760_MSJHS    10/29/09     2:13 PM     Page 13

                                                         Class Notes
                                             For more Class Notes, visit

       Class of 1941                                     For more information, please contact Alex
                                                         Schilpp at”             Class of 1975
       Jerome Mead has recently reconnected
       with fellow classmate, William J. Temmink,
       at the Pickersgill Retirement Community.          Class of 1961                                 Mike Gary is currently
       He states, “I thought it might be of interest                                                   celebrating his 28th year
                                                         Reconnect with your classmates and            in real estate as a Broker at   Michael Gary
       that after sixty-eight years two Mount
                                                         the Mount! Contact Class Agent Joe            Mohler & Gary Realtors in
       graduates are renewing old friendships!
                                                         Riley at               Howard County.

                                                         Class of 1966                                 Class of 1976
       Class of 1944
                                                         Reconnect with your classmates and            Reconnect with your classmates and
       Joe Dickerson would                               the Mount! Contact Class Agent Mike
       like to thank the                                                                               the Mount! Contact Class Agents John
                                                         Dooley at or         Kirby at or Joe
       Development Office for                            Hank Carll at
       putting on a great                                                                              O'Boyle at
       Reunion. It was
       especially nice for those                         Class of 1968                                 Class of 1979
                                   Joe Dickerson
       who were of the special                     ’44
                                                         Reconnect with your classmates                After being away from Maryland for many
       February Class of 1944.
                                                         and the Mount! Contact Class                  years, J. Michael Cecil will be moving back
                                                         Agent Urb Leimkuhler at                       before the end of the year. Mike sends his
                                                                 regards to all his classmates and wishes he
       Class of 1949
       Robert Verderaime has been selected for           Class of 1970                                    MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH
       inclusion in the 2010 Best Lawyers in
       America publication list for the 6th
                                                         For the 4th consecutive year Michael               LAUNCHES ALUMNI
                                                         Quinn has been chosen by his peers as a
       consecutive year. He has also been selected       Connecticut Super Lawyer and for the 6th         CLASS AGENT PROGRAM
       to be included in the Super Lawyers of MD         consecutive year he is listed
       for the 3rd consecutive year.                                                                     Last year the Development Office, along
                                                         in Martindale-Hubble                            with a dedicated group of alumni,
                                                         Preeminent Lawyers.                             launched the Class Agent Program. The
                                                                                                         program is designed to help classmates
       Class of 1955                                     Class of 1971                                   stay connected with one another and
       Reconnect with your classmates and                                                                with Mount Saint Joseph.
                                                         Ed Audy writes,
       the Mount! Contact Class Agent Roger              “Saturday 9/26 the class                        Class Agents support the general mission
       Davis at                        of ’71 gathered at Fred & Michael Quinn ’70     of Mount Saint Joseph and are
                                                         Alice March’s Knotty Pine Inn                   knowledgeable about its current
                                                         in Canton. A good time was had by all.          programs, projects and needs.
       Class of 1959                                     There was a moment of silence and a toast       They work with staff to organize
                                                         for our recently departed classmate and         reunions, promote special events and
       Reconnect with your classmates and                former class president, Mike Howe, and
       the Mount! Contact Class Agent Jim                                                                communicate the news and needs of the
                                                         there was lots of catching up. Everyone
       Burns at                                                                      school. We encourage alumni to
                                                         especially enjoyed the visits from Mr. Ted
                                                         Rukowitz and Mr. Hal Sparks.”                   reconnect with you classmates by
                                                                                                         contacting your Class Agent.

       Class of 1960                                     Class of 1974                                   The program is debuting with 14
                                                                                                         classes: 1951, 1955, 1959, 1960, 1961,
       Reconnect with your classmates and                Reconnect with your classmates and the          1966, 1968, 1974, 1976, 1982, 1983,
       the Mount! Contact Class Agent Bob                Mount! Contact Class Agent Patrick Hall         1985, 1989, and 1990. Check your
       Riley at                     at                        year’s Class Notes section for more
       Robert F. Riley writes, “Members of the                                                           information.
       class of 1960 reunited at Kent Narrows,
       MD for 2 days of golf, sailing and dining                                                         If you are interested in becoming
       but mostly rehashing old “war stories”                                                            a Class Agent, please contact
       about our days at the Mount. Plans are                                                            Erin Van Bavel at 410-646-4700
       under way to celebrate the Big 50 next year.                                                      or

                                                                         Fall 2009
                                                                        Winter 2006                                                                       13
1000760_MSJHS     10/29/09     2:13 PM     Page 14

                                                     Class Notes
                                              For more Class Notes, visit

        could attend the 30th reunion this fall.     of the film “Bronx Paradise” which he
                                                     worked on. The film is currently being
                                                     shopped to HBO and being pitched as a
        Class of 1982
        To reconnect with your classmates and
        receive updates from Mount Saint             Class of 1984                                     Class of 1991
        Joseph, please contact Class Agents
        Rich Hunt at or         Harry ‘Buck’ Sipes would like say “Hey” to        Lorn Hinish and Jaclyn Trunzo are expecting
        Chuck Cullen at         the Class of 84 and remind all that we are        their first child on Nov 1st.,
                                                     in the planning stages of our 25 year             Isabella Marie Hinish. Hinish
                                                     reunion. He’s also very proud of his son          is practicing Entertainment
        Class of 1983                                                                                  Law and Real Estate and was
                                                     Michael, who graduated from MSJ on 24
                                                     May....25 years after the “Old Man.”              fortunate enough to go on
                       Reconnect with your                                                             tour with two various bands
                       classmates and the                                                                              to entertain our
                       Mount! Contact Class                               Class of 1985                                 troops
                       Agent Rob Scranton at                                                                            overseas.
                                                  Reconnect with your                                           An
                                                                                                                                         drew Schneider,
                         James Lee, a                                     classmates and the
                                                                          Mount! Contact Class                        Class of 1996
                         professional actor, spent
                         2 months in Baton                                Agent Chris DiLullo at
                                                                                          Andy Schneider and wife
         James Lee, ’83 Rouge, Louisiana                                                                                  Shannon are expecting twin
                        working on the play                                                                          ’00 boys! Andy recently joined
                                                      Mike Hackett,
                                                                    ’85                               Dan Schneider,
        “Satellites.” He is also awaiting the                        Mike Hackett looks                     Campbell & Company
        outcome                                      forward to seeing all his fellow classmates at    as Vice President, Institutional Marketing.
                                                     the upcoming 25-year reunion! Mike                His band, The Players Band is still going
                                                     resides in Hampstead, MD with his wife,           strong, with brother, Dan Schneider ’00
            DECEASED ALUMNI                          Lynn, and four daughters. He is employed          on guitar.
              AND FRIENDS                            at Honeywell in Columbia, MD as a
                                                     Program Manager.
                                                                                                       Class of 2000
            Please remember in your prayers the
             souls of all our faithfully departed,   Class of 1986                                     Joseph Selba graduated
          especially our recently deceased alumni                                                      from University of
               and friends and their families.       Robert ‘Bob’ Topper was recently elected          Maryland Law School on
                                                     president of the board of The Arc of              May 15, 2009.
                 Daniel P. Flanagan ’42              Howard County. He continues to work for
                    Chester Ruby ’43                 M&T Bank as VP of Corporate Banking                                              Colin Lengyel,
                                                                                                       Class of 2005                                 ’05
                  Joseph A. Liberto ’44              for the Central Maryland Region.
                    Eugene A. Fox ’47                                                                  After graduating from the University of
                 Joseph E. Unger Sr. ’63             Class of 1989                                     Scranton in the Spring with a degree in
                    Dennis J. Lee ’70                                                                  Finance and a minor in Accounting, Colin
                   David M. Burke ’78                Reconnect with your classmates and                Lengyel accepted a job with AXA
                                                     the Mount! Contact Class Agent Phil               Equitable.
                   Mark A. Kusiak ’82
                                                     Huber at
                                                                                                       Class of 2006

          IN OUR PRAYERS                             Jerel Jones’s documentary film “Exposing
                                                     the Darkness” has been selected to premiere       Walter Wall graduated from UMBC with a
                                                     at the International Black Film Festival of       B.S. in Physics in May 2009, a full year
          To submit the name of a sick member                                                          early. He was cum laude and is pursuing a
         of the Mount community for the prayer       Nashville.
                                                                                                       PhD in Physics beginning this September at
                list, e-mail Jess Jankoviak at                                                         Johns Hopkins.
               Class of 1990
                    Donna Canuel                                                                       Class of 2007
                                                     Reconnect with your classmates and
                     Ed Ewers ’58                    the Mount! Contact Class Agent Scott
                                                                                                       Pat Terranova is spending the summer
                   Kathleen Saunders                 Canuel at
                                                                                                       interning in the Mayor’s Office in Chicago
                    Darleen Engles                                                                     as a Kemper Scholar. As part of this

   14                                                                     The Mount
                                                                          The Mount
1000760_MSJHS     10/29/09    2:13 PM    Page 15

                             The Reunion Season Has Begun
              Members of the class of
                1960 reunited at Kent
                     Narrows, MD this
                 summer to reconnect
              and begin making plans
              for their upcoming 50th
                       reunion in 2010

                                                                 The Class of
                                                                 1949’s 60-year

                                                                                  Class of 1979’s 30-year reunion

        Former Mount boarding students
        meet for a “Residents Reunion”

                                                                                  The Class of 1944 kicked off the
                                                                                  reunion season last spring with a
                                                                                  luncheon on campus

                                                                   The Class of 1989’s
                                                                   20-year reunion

   15                                               Fall 2009
                                                   Winter 2006                                                    15
1000760_MSJHS    10/29/09     2:13 PM     Page 16

        Mount Saint Joseph — We’re Now on Facebook!
            The decision to interact with others via the Internet is a move     the school could form a different relationship with the school in
        that is to be made with caution. We are hearing more and more           addition to interacting with each other.
        stories of people receiving consequences in their professional or           In order to fulfill these goals, Poisal and Jankoviak reviewed
        academic lives for their Facebook profiles, tweets, or other            established groups and pages for one that could serve as a
        information they've placed online. Even worse is when an                launching platform - an example of what they wanted or a place
        educator or academic institution is called out for their online         where they could publicize the official page once it was created
        identity. Yet, with all these potentially negative aspects, for a       and launched. In their search, they found a fan page created by
        school such as Mount Saint Joseph, the online positives have            alumnus Matt Hall '03 that had an established fan base and that
        outweighed the negatives. We have                                                                        was already providing accurate and
        made the leap into the social                                                                            relevant news about the school to
        networking space and have received                                                                       its audience of over 680 fans. Poisal
        an overwhelming response from                                                                            and Jankoviak worked with Hall to
        our alumni, faculty and friends.                                                                         become Administrators of the page.
            The idea of creating an official                                                                     In doing so, the pair garnered
        space within the social networking                                                                       editorial control of the content, wall
        arena had been discussed multiple                                                                        posts, messages and overall page feel
        times since the onslaught of                                                                             on Mount Saint Joseph's behalf.
        popular sites such as Facebook and                                                                            Once editorial control of the
        MySpace in the early 2000s. The                                                                          page was secured, it was time for
        administration faced many issues as                                                                      the official launch to the school's
        it was deciding whether or not to                                                                        constituents. Through emails to
        participate in the social media                                                                          alumni, parents of current students
        trend. After doing some initial                                                                          and friends of the school, Mount
        research, it was decided that the                                                                        Saint Joseph announced the official
        least intrusive and most efficient                                                                       launch of the page and saw the
        way to begin the Mount's social                                                                          number of fans escalate rapidly,
        media efforts would be through                                                                           reaching over double the original
        Facebook.                                                                                                number of fans by the end of the
            With over 300 million users                                                                          first week. Since that time, the
        around the world, Facebook                                                                               number of fans has steadily
        presents a unique opportunity for                                                                        increased and, as of late September,
        institutions looking to start a social                                                                   Mount Saint Joseph's fan page has
        media campaign. There is a                                                                               more followers than fan pages of
        captive audience who has opted                                                                           Loyola Blakefield and Calvert Hall.
        into this service and who is looking                                                                          Currently, the page is monitored
        for contact via the Internet. For                                                                        on a round-the-clock basis,
        this reason, among others,                                                                               maintaining that the content and
        Facebook was the most logical                                                                            user comments are acceptable and
        choice for Mount Saint Joseph.                                                                           reflective of the school's Catholic
        Many of the young men who had                                                                            values. Examples of current posts
        graduated were members of the                                                                            include links to press releases and
        social networking site and there                                                                         articles that feature Mount Saint
        were already existing groups                                                                             Joseph, updates on class reunions
        touting the values, teachers and                                                                         and even information about the
        classes of the school.                                                                                   faculty and staff at the school.
            Now that the vehicle for the                                                                              “The response from our fan
        launch had been determined, it was                                                                       base has been overwhelming,”
        time for the administration to figure                                                                    states Jankoviak. “We have parents,
        out how it wanted to portray its                                                                         alumni, and students interacting
        brand to the public. This responsibility has been given to James        with us in a way that was previously unattainable. It allows the
        Poisal '03, Director of Alumni Relations, and Jess Jankoviak,           school to provide another level to our constantly evolving
        Director of Communications and Events. The two felt that in order       relationship we have with our audience - and allows them to
        to measure the success of their efforts that it was imperative to set   reciprocate through comments and posts of their own.”
        goals for the page. With input from the school's administration, it         In the future, the Mount hopes to connect its Facebook
        was agreed that the official Mount Saint Joseph High School             fans to its proprietary online community and fundraising
        Facebook page needed to be a main source of information about the       software, but for now Poisal and Jankoviak are simply pleased
        school, but it also needed to play a supporting role to the content     with the results.
        on the school's main website. Additionally, the page also needed to         To find Mount Saint Joseph on Facebook, please visit
        provide enough original content that alumni, family and friends of

   16                                                                    The Mount
1000760_MSJHS   10/29/09    2:13 PM    Page 17

         News briefs

                                                                 Principal Barry Fitzpatrick poses with the senior class outside of Ryken Hall

                                                                                Happy Birthday,
                                                                                   Mr. Fitz!
                                                                     In early September, Principal Barry Fitzpatrick celebrated his
                                                                     60th birthday. In true Mount spirit, the senior class gathered in
                                                                     the area surrounding the St. Joseph statue on campus to surprise
                                                                     Mr. Fitzpatrick with their rendition of Happy Birthday and a card
                                                                     signed by the entire class. A banner then was unveiled from the
                                                                     top of the tower and students received cupcakes from the cafeteria
                                                                     to commemorate the occasion.

                                                                              Students Participate in Great
                                                                               Prostate Cancer Challenge
                                                                           On Saturday, September 26, 2009, ten Mount students
                                                                           participated in the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5K to
                                                                           honor President Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. Brother, who
                                                                           has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, was
                                                                           present to cheer on the boys as they completed the 3.1 mile
                                                                           race. Student participants include: Louis Damiano '11, Paul
                                                                           Delisa '12, Nick Greenway '13, Collin Griffith '12, Casey
                                                                           Manion '11, John Meyer '13, Tommy O'Donnell '11, Patrick
                                                                           Rogers '11, Andrew Siske '11 and Brett Smoot '11. Special
        Students pose with Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. after completing    thanks to the Alumni Association, who sponsored the team
        the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5K
                                                                           in this endeavor.

                                                                       Fall 2009
                                                                      Winter 2006                                                                17
1000760_MSJHS    10/29/09   2:13 PM   Page 18

            News briefs
            Over 40 Mount Saint Joseph High School Students Receive AP Scholar
              Awards from The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program®

                                                 Mount Saint Joseph High School is pleased to announce that 49 students have earned
                                              AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP Exams.
                                                 The College Board's Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) provides motivated and
                                              academically prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level
                                              courses while still in high school, and to earn college credit, advanced placement, or
                                              both for successful performance on the AP Exams.
                                                 The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students'
                                              performance on AP Exams.

                                   1 student qualified for the National AP Scholar Award by earning
                              an average grade of 4 or higher on a five-point scale on all AP Exams taken,
                                      and grades of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.

                                                               — Mark Perez ’09

          18 students qualified for the AP         13 students qualified for the             17 students qualified for the
          Scholar with Distinction Award by        AP Scholar with Honor Award by            AP Scholar Award by completing
          earning an average grade of at           earning an average grade of at            three or more AP Exams with
          least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken,         least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken,         grades 3 or higher.
          and grades of 3 or higher on five        and grades of 3 or higher on four
          or more of these exams.                  or more of these exams.                           — Sean Brophy '10
                                                                                                     — Kevin Chang '10
                — Andrew Biedlingmaier '09                — Samuel Anacker '09                       — David Comberiate '10
                — Andrew Bleinberger '09                  — Connor Blasdel '10                       — Christopher Costabile '09
                — Evan Campbell '09                       — Ryan Dreibelbis '09                      — George Eichelman '10
                — Joseph Caparros '09                     — Jesse Felts '09                          — Michael Graves '09
                — Andrew Coccoli '09                      — Matthew Gorman '09                       — Connor Groh '09
                — Brendan Gerrity '09                     — Matthew Kennelly '09                     — Colin Harvey '09
                — Peter Gleichauf '09                     — Brendan Madden '09                       — Frederick Hindman, Jr. '09
                — Kevin Hall '09                          — Samuel Read '09                          — Christopher Kulp '09
                — John Hill '09                           — Connor Ritmiller '09                     — Brian Mears '10
                — Joshua Kulp '09                         — Robert Schmitz, Jr. '09                  — John Newman III '09
                — Aaron McCormick '09                     — Alexander Slafkosky '09                  — Matthew Novak '09
                — Tevor McCray '09                        — Patrick Stafford '09                     — Nathan Scavilla '09
                — Paul Moran '09                          — James Szczybor '09                       — Garen Shahverdi '09
                — Mark Perez '09                                                                     — Matthew Sprankle '09
                — Steven Reckard '09                                                                 — David Weglein '10
                — Michael Roth '09
                — Joseph Slattery '09
                — Michael Wellen '09

                            Congratulations to those students who earned awards!
     18                                                            The Mount
1000760_MSJHS   10/29/09    2:13 PM    Page 19

         News briefs
       Jalen Robinson ’12 Travels Abroad
       with US National Soccer Team
                                                        After helping Mount St.
                                                        Joseph to the MIAA A
                                                        Conference soccer finals
                                                        last fall, sophomore
                                                        Jalen Robinson '12 was
                                                        selected to play with the
                                                        U.S. Soccer National
                                                        under-15 squad in

                                                      Within the first few days
                                                      of the team's weeklong        Brad Hresko ’07 (left) and Gary Beier ’07 (right)
                                                      stay, Robinson was            split their weekend series in Annapolis
                                                      named captain - beating
                                                      out approximately 20                  Alumni Face Off
                                                      other teammates for the
       Sophomore Jalen Robinson ’12 poses in front of title. The trip, which took             in Annapolis
       Broussia Stadium in Germany.
                                                      place May 15 to May 24,
                                                      was the U.S. team's only      Former MSJ Gaels met the weekend of
       scheduled foreign training camp of the 2009 season. The U.S. played a        September 27th at the Naval Academy in
       friendly match with the German National U-16 team.                           ACHA Division I play. 2007 graduates Gary
                                                                                    Beier (US Naval Academy) and Brad Hresko
       Robinson, a defender who has been playing soccer since the age of            (Towson) faced each other on the ice as the
       four, states, “I felt very honored to be appointed captain of such a         two teams split the weekend games.
       talented team in my first international match. It was a great feeling and    Towson won 5-3 on Friday while Navy
       to be able to play overseas where soccer is such a popular sport was         blanked Towson 4-0 on Sunday.
       extremely rewarding.”
                                                                                    Mount Saint Joseph would like to wish all
       Robinson plays for MSJ's Varsity soccer team and is hoping to pursue         of its alumni the best of luck in their
       the sport in college and then on a professional level.                       academic and athletic pursuits this year.

                                                                                    Baseball Teams
                                                                                    This past summer, the Mount Saint Joseph
                                                                                    Championship baseball teams of ’86 & ’87
                                                                                    got together for a miniature reunion. The day
                                                                                    began with a round of golf in the morning and
                                                                                    continued with a pool party cookout in the
                                                                                    afternoon. The day wouldn't be complete
                                                                                    without a viewing of the 1986 Championship
                                                                                    win at Old Memorial Stadium. Alumni came
                                                                                    from as far away as Florida & Virginia and
                                                                                    were joined by Coach Jody Harris.
       Members of the ’86 & ’87 Baseball teams reunite for a round of golf

                                                                      Fall 2009
                                                                     Winter 2006                                                        19
1000760_MSJHS    10/29/09   2:13 PM   Page 20

                                                                                Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                        Alumni Association
                                                                                 U.S. Postage           Board of Directors
                                                                                   PAID              Jack Pundt, III, ’71, President
                                                                                Baltimore, MD
                                                                                                     Charles Gilbert ’70, Vice President
                                                                                  Permit #1
        The Mount                                                                                    Mike von Paris ’70, Secretary
        Mount Saint Joseph High School                                                               Pat Hall ’74, Treasurer and
        4403 Frederick Avenue                                                                            Past President
        Baltimore, MD 21229-4199                                                                     Ed Audy '71
                                                                                                     Kevin Connelly '84
                                                                                                     Joe Cremen '95
                                                                                                     John Denhardt '82
                                                                                                     Mike Dooley '66
                                                                                                     Matthew Garbark '03
                                                                                                     Ryan Greer '98
                                                                                                     Matthew Hall '03
                                                                                                     Paul Harris '66
                                                                                                     John McKenna '48
                                                                                                     Greg Morgan '80
                                                                                                     Jack Pundt IV '97
                                                                                                     Craig Radoci '03
                                                                                                     Eric Schneider '71
                                                                                                     Craig Sigismondi '81
                                                                                                     John Weber '56
                                                                                                     Nick Zohdi '97

         Show Your Gael Pride with an Alumni License Plate!
          Sometimes a car sticker, flag, or license plate holder isn't enough to emphasize the love and dedication you feel towards
                your alma mater. If you feel this way or just want to showcase your Gael pride, please contact Cathy Steffe in the
            Development office to receive information about the Mount Saint Joseph Alumni license plate (available in MD only).


   20                                                             The Mount                                                                20

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