Lines With Roses by antonyraj11114


									1. Rose Is Famous For Grace.
   Advocate Is Famous For His Case.
   Horses r Famous For Race.
   But u Are Famous For Smile On Your Face.
   So keep smiling

2. Wen u smile, its like sunrise to me..
   & I want a daily sunrise in my life.. So, KEEP
   SMILING :-)

3. A cute thought 4 dose who believe in's not necessary to share every
   secret b/w true frnd,but d thing is dat watever
   u share should b true

4. The most heart touching lines ever said by a
   FRIEND who has been hurt a lot : "My all
   FRIENDS fooled me always because i loved
   them like a fool..."

5. "Failure also looks beautiful, wen u have friends
   to support u..
   Success also hurts, wen u don't have friends to

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