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					                           Department of Administrative Services
                           KIMBERLY K. HOOD
                           Executive Director

                           Division of Facilities Construction and Management
State of Utah              DAVID G. BUXTON

   Lt. Governor

                                                   Addendum No. 1
         Date:               October 1, 2012

         To:                  Contractors

         From:                S’ean Crawford, Project Manager

         Reference:           Department of Workforce Services – Midvale Center
                              Restroom and Break Room Remodel
                              DFCM Project No. 11095920

         Subject:             Addendum No. 1

         Pages                Addendum                                                                        2 pages
                              Attachment – Roofing Warranty                                                   1 page

                              Total                                                                           3 pages

         Note: This Addendum shall be included as part of the Contract Documents. Items in this
         Addendum apply to all drawings and specification sections whether referenced or not involving
         the portion of the work added, deleted, modified, or otherwise addressed in the Addendum.
         Acknowledge receipt of this Addendum in the space provided on the Bid Form. Failure to do so
         may subject the Bidder to Disqualification.

         While we contend that SB220 should only be potentially applicable to a contract issued after the
         effective date of said bill, this is to clarify that for purposes of this contract, regardless of the
         execution or effective dates of this contract, the status of Utah Law and remedies available to the
         State of Utah and DFCM, as it relates to any matter referred to or affected by said SB220, shall be
         the Utah law in effect at the time of the issuance of this Addendum.

         1.1       SCHEDULE CHANGES:                          N/A

         1.2       GENERAL ITEMS:

               1. Submittals: All submittals, with the exception of product samples, but including shop submittals,
                  close-out documents and any other submittals required, ARE TO BE SUBMITTED IN .DOC,
                  DOCX, OR .PDF DIGITAL FORMAT.
                                                                    Project No. 11095920
                                                                      Addendum No. 1
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                4110 State Office Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 · telephone 801-538-3018 · facsimile 801-538-3267 ·
2. Alternates:
         a. Alternate No. 1 is changed to read as follows: “Removal of (1) existing drinking fountain
            at the west hallway outside of Employee Men, and installation of (1) new ADA
            compliant high-low drinking fountain including 4’ high stainless steel sheet behind the
            drinking fountain.”
         b. Alternate No. 2 is added as follows: “In lieu of VCT at Lunch Room and Break room,
            provide pricing for thin-set 12” x 12” porcelain floor tile, basis of design Dal Tile
            “Colour Scheme” or approved equal, from standard range of colors.
3. Site Access: if contractors wish to gain access to the site during the bidding period, they are to
   contact Scott Whitney at 801-965-4350.
4. Roofing: General Contractor must use an installer qualified by the roofing manufacturer to make
   all repairs to the roofing membrane. The original roofing company was Clark Roofing, the
   roofers warranty expired in 2010. The manufacturer is Sarnafil, Inc. (800-451-2504),
   Manufacturers Guarantee Number 0187446705-236305.1, the manufacturers guarantee is 20
   years, and completion date was September 25, 2005.
5. Fire Sprinkler System: Delta Fire is on contract to maintain the current fire sprinklers. The west
   addition has no fire sprinklers; the original construction has sprinklers and must be modified to
   code as required. Chapparral Fire installed the original sprinklers; S'ean Crawford misspoke
   when he said they had completed the design for the new sprinklers for the west addition, that
   design was completed by Olsen and Peterson. Installation of the new sprinklers is not a part of
   this contract.
6. Fire Alarm System: Peak Alarm is the company under contract to monitor the fire alarm system.
   The contractor must coordinate with Peak Alarm during construction.
7. Demolition:
         a. Sheet AD100: Note D14, referenced in plan 2/AD100, should read “Contractor to
            coordinate with Owner's IT Department to relocate existing rack”.
         b. The existing tile at toilet room floors appears to be installed over a setting bed.
            Contractor should note that this setting bed will need to be removed along with the floor
         c. Contractor will remove existing (very heavy!) metal safe located in the expansion area
            next to the Break Room.
8. New Construction:
         a. Clarification – all ceramic wall tile is to be installed over cementitious backer board.

                                                    Project No. 11095920
                                                      Addendum No. 1
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 4110 State Office Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 · telephone 801-538-3018 · facsimile 801-538-3267 ·

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