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					A. Choose the best answer a, b. c. or d.

1. Rudi : I am Rudi
   Ani : My name’s Ani.
   a. nice to meet you                            c. what is your name?
   b. see you later                               d. thank you
2. Juan          : Hi Carlos. ………
   Carlos        : Fine, thanks
   a. hello!                                      c. goodbye!
   b. how are you?                                d. morning!
3. Putri         : It’s getting dark. ………. The light please!
   Andi          : All right.
   a. put off                                     c. get off
   b. turn on                                     d. turn off
4. Father        : It’s getting hot in this room. Switch on ………… please.
   Daughter : Sure.
   a. the fan                                     c. the light
   b. the heater                                  d. the refrigerator

5. Laili       : What are you looking for?
   Putri       : A ………
   a. spoon                                   c. bowl
   b. plate                                   d. knife
6. Linda       : I feel hungry.
   Ani         : Do you ………. something to eat?
   a. hate                                    c. know
   b. need                                    d. enjoy
7. Adi         : That’s a nice pet bird.
   Rendi       : ……….. I just got it at a pet shop.
   a. sorry                                   c. oh, thank you
   b. you’re welcome                          d. see you later
8. Mother      : I need two eggs and some frying oil.
   Daughter : What do you ……….. to prepare, Mom?
   Mother      : An omelet.
   a. dislike                                 c. want
   b. hate                                    d. buy

B. Read the following text. Then answer the questions.

         Indonesia is famous for its Batik. Everywhere you go, you see people wearing
batik shirts and dresses. Indonesians also like to use batik for table-clothes and for
curtains. Everywhere in Indonesia, batik has many uses.
         A man who uses batik for a different reason is Amri Yahya. He is a famous batik
artist in Yogyakarta. He lives somewhere in Yogyakarta. People come from all over the
world to see Amri’s batik paintings. They also have to spend a lot of money to buy those
paintings. American tourists like his works very much.

1. The paragraph above is tells about ……..
2. Who is Amir Yahya?
3. Where does he live?
4. Who like Amri’s batik paint?
5. Why American tourists like Amri’s batik paint?

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