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                                                          OCTBER 2012

               HARVEST WEEKEND                 29 - 30 September
Saturday 29 September 9.00 am - Church Decoration. Lots of help will be appreciated.
Sunday 30 September 9.15 am - Harvest Family Service.
Sunday 30 September 12.30 pm - Village Hall Harvest Lunch. Ploughman’s plus Barbeque!
If you haven’t signed up at the back of the church, please call Peter (210924). Cost £6
(£3 for a child). All proceeds to Tearfund. More details inside.
Harvest Gifts. As usual, we are collecting gifts of soup, teabags, coffee, powdered milk,
biscuits, and sandwich fillings for Open Door and the Colchester Soup Run. Please bring
these gifts to church at 9.15 am on Sunday, or on Saturday morning.

                                                                 Some have concluded
                                                                 that the only answer is
                                                                 personal morality; but
Sunday, 30 September is Harvest Festival, a time when we
                                                                 that seems to be in
look back and give thanks for all God’s goodness to us.
                                                                 short supply.
Originally this was focussed on crops and fruit; and al-
                                                                 Can a society be
though we still have farms and fields around us, many of
                                                                 changed? I think it can,
us work in other areas of society. Where is your focus? If
                                                                 and of course I believe
not farms and fields, what work is most relevant to you?
                                                                 that faith in Christ is
So, how can you give thanks for your work and life, and for
                                                                 the long-term way for-
the good things that have come to you?
                                                                 ward.       However, in
News through the summer has been dominated by the
                                                                 Britain many seem
Diamond Jubilee, and then by the Olympics and Paralym-
                                                                 sceptical about this, and
pics. Britain has been energised by a new spirit of success
                                                                 determined to try al-
and hope, and many have been amazed at the change. But
                                                                 most any other option.
will there be any lasting legacy in our society?
                                                                 So, while we preach the
Gandhi said, “A nation's greatness is measured by how it
                                                                 gospel of Jesus to those
treats its weakest members.” We have been outraged at
                                                                 willing to listen, I think
Bankers’ Bonuses, and at examples of aggressive Tax
                                                                 that we can still learn
Avoidance. More recently we have been disturbed by Press
                                                                 secular lessons from the
Intrusion, especially publishing long-lens pictures of Wil-
                                                                 summer’s events. One
liam and Kate. To all of these, we have been frankly puz-
                                                                 is a new view of disabil-
zled as to what can be done about it. Our society is in-
                                                                 ity, that it does not de-
creasingly rebellious against institutions and authority,
                                                                 fine or limit a person –
and more adept at evading the restrictions of the law.
                                                                 they can still be a

              The family of Christ at the heart of Aldham
 champion, often by sheer force of personal-               WALK COLNE VALLEY
 ity. Another is a new revulsion at inequal-               On 14 October, Revd Peter Adams
 ity: can we reduce the gap between the                    (Rector from 1976 to 1985) will take our
 chief exec and the shop-floor worker, and                 Communion Service. He will use the oppor-
 make sure everyone pays their taxes?                      tunity to tell all the congregation about
 Even, can we care for the weakest in soci-                “Walk Colne Valley”, a mission to be held
 ety, and not just for ourselves? Let there                along the river from Haverhill to Brightlin-
 be some lasting fruit from the Olympic                    sea in 2014. In March this year, the PCC
 summer. What could you do, towards this,                  were keen to be involved and for one of the
 today?                                                    teams on the walk to be invited into our
                                                           Parish. Peter will use the occasion of his
 CHURCH ROTAS                                              visit to tell us more.
 Cleaning:        Mrs Tomassi                              RIDE AND STRIDE
                  Miss Tomassi                             Four riders from Aldham took part in the
 Flowers:                                                  Ride and Stride on 8 September. It was a
 Sept 30          HARVEST Mrs Byford                       fine day, little wind and not too hot. Four-
 Oct 7, 14        and team                                 teen riders visited the church, with several
 Oct 21, 28       Mrs French                               taking advantage of the National Heritage
                                                           Buildings Open Day.
 Churchyard: Ken Thompson                                  Donations may still be given, up to 15 Octo-
 DIARY DATES                                               ber, to me or to the churchwardens. All do-
 29 Sep 9.00am Church decorating                           nations are divided between the support of
 30 Sep 9.15am Harvest Thanksgiving                        church repairs in Aldham and in Essex.
        12.30pm Harvest Lunch in the                                       Angela Green (01206 211979)
        Village Hall                                       BOOK EXCHANGES
 6 Oct  10.00am Book Exchange with                         At the Book Exchange on 6 October there
        Bring & Buy and Scones                             will be a Bring & Buy stall and scones; at
 8 Oct  Vestry redecoration starts                         the Book Exchange on 3 November we wel-
 9 Oct  8.00 pm Dedham Lecture                             come the return of the ever popular Phoe-
 17 Oct 10.00am Friends of Essex                           nix Cards.
        Churches Christmas Fair                                                    Deanna Thompson
 20 Oct 9.30am to 4.00pm Chelmsford
        Anglican Bible Conference                          VESTRY REDECORATION
 3 Nov 10.00am Book Exchange with                          The recent quinquennial inspection called
        Phoenix Cards                                      for repairs and redecoration of the vestry.
 11 Nov Shoe Box deadline                                  This is expected to start on 8 October, and
 24 Nov 10.00am to 12.00 Coffee Morning                    last 2 weeks. As the church will have to be
        and Annual Book Sale at Street-                    used as temporary storage, there will be
        piece and Cummins                                  some disruption, but we hope to keep this to
                                                           a minimum.


Priest-in-Charge Revd Ian Scott-Thompson, The Rectory, Church Lane, Marks Tey, Col. CO6 1LW         01206 215772
Reader:            Mr Iain MacCallum, 9 Handford Place, Queens Road, Colchester, CO3 3NY            01206 571070
Churchwardens: Mrs Jennifer MacCallum, 9 Handford Place, Queens Road, Colchester, CO3 3NY           01206 571070
                   Dr Jan Rogan, 24 Hines Close, Aldham, Colchester, CO6 3RL                        01206 210764
Secretary:         Mrs Anne Matthews, 18 Scott Drive, Lexden, CO3 4JD                               01206 575603
Treasurer:         Mr Dick Skinner, Cedar Lodge, Colneford Hill, White Colne, Colchester, CO6 2PJ   01787 223137
Newsletter Editor: Mr Iain MacCallum, 9 Handford Place, Queens Road, Colchester, CO3 3NY            01206 571070
BAPTISM                                            COLCHESTER YOUTH OUTREACH (CYO)
We welcomed Harry Crosby of White's Cot-           Dear friend and supporter
tages into the fellowship of the church on Sun-    We start this year celebrating all that
day, 26 August. About 40 friends and family        God did last year, and eagerly anticipat-
were in the congregation. We look forward to       ing all that is ahead. Towards the end of
seeing Harry and his Mum at our monthly All        the summer several significant new op-
-age services.                                     portunities opened up for us and we enter
CONGRATULATIONS ...                                this new school year with plenty to do - it
                                                   really does feel as though God is moving
... to Sara and Jason Burton on the birth of
                                                   us up a level.
Jessica Kate on 29 August. She weighed in at
                                                   Last year we prayed specifically that by
8lb 4oz.. She has her Daddy’s looks, but her
                                                   September the number of places in which
Mummy’s hair and eyes.
                                                   we'd be working as chaplains would dou-
CBAC                                               ble from 2 to 4. So we thank God that as
The 12th Chelmsford Annual Bible Con-              well as our continuing chaplaincy work in
ference is on Saturday, 20 October from            Alderman Blaxill and the Sixth Form
9.30am to 4.00pm in Chelmsford Central Bap-        College, this month sees the start of our
tist Church.                                       role as chaplains in St. Helena School
The title this year is “Standing up for God        and Stanway School. These amazing
in a Hostile World” - Applying the book            new openings will mean we can make
of Daniel in the 21st Century. Andy Ma-            even more of a difference in the lives of
son, this year’s speaker says, ’One of the great   even more young people.
challenges for Christians is how to live in a      Next week Ben begins his year working
society that is increasingly distant and op-       with CYO as part of his degree course in
posed to biblical Christianity.                    youth ministry and we're really excited
Booking forms are at the back of the church.       about all he will bring to the team and
The cost is £14 per person if you book before 4    the new work that will happen among
October.                       Iain MacCallum      young people. Please pray for all these
                                                   new opportunities..
FRIENDS OF ESSEX CHURCHES TRUST                                             Tim Abbott. CYO
The FOECT Annual Christmas Fair will be at
Hylands House, Chelmsford, on Wednesday            SHOE BOXES
17 October, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. For further       The deadline for shoe boxes is Sunday, 11
details, please contact Rachel Grainger            November. There are some empty shoe
(dr.rockhills@lineone.net).      or    visit       boxes at the back of the church for you to
www.foect.org.uk/events.php                        fill. Alternatively, you may wish to put
                                                   individual items in the big box at the back
                                                   of the church. Before selecting your gifts,
8.00pm Tuesday 9 October in Dedham Parish          please take an information leaflet from
    Church. The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell           the back of the church. Completed shoe
      Bishop of Chelmsford speaks about            boxes can be brought to church or contact
 A Village in Heaven When Stanley Spencer,         me on 575603. Thank you.
     Artist , met 'Christ in the Wilderness'                                  Anne Matthews
The next meeting will take place on Thursday
18 October at 7.45pm in the village hall. Ali         Deadline for November Newsletter
Bedwell will be telling us about his life as an                   22 October
immigration officer. Do come and join us.                   To: Iain MacCallum or
                               Jean Jennings            Jane Smith, 7 Church Grove
WORSHIP AT ALDHAM this month                              Worship at Marks Tey

You are warmly invited to all our services.               1st Sunday
                                                            11.00 am    Morning Worship
                                                          2nd Sunday
30 Sep    9.15 am HARVEST THANKSGIVING                      11.00 am    Morning Worship
                                                          3rd Sunday
                                                            11.00 am    Holy Communion
7 Oct     9.15 am ALL-AGE WORSHIP                         4th Sunday
                                                            11.00 am    Morning Worship
                                                          5th Sunday
14 Oct    9.15 am HOLY COMMUNION
                                                            11.00 am    Morning Worship
                  with Revd Peter Adams
21 Oct    9.15 am MORNING WORSHIP

28 Oct    9.15 am HOLY COMMUNION                           Seek the LORD while
                                                            he may be found;
         CRECHE Tower Room is available                     call on him while he
                      every Sunday                                is near.
         Coffee and Tea are served after all 9.15 am                             Is. 55 v.6
               Sunday Services
                           Please support your local traders
BED & BREAKFAST              Caterpillar Cottage, Ford Street, Aldham        01206 240456
BED & BREAKFAST              Threshers, Ford Street, Aldham                  01206 242153
BOILER SERVICING             Jim Brown, Woodbine Cott., Gt. Horkesley        01206 272012
BOOKKEEPING, IT & WEBSITE 93b Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey                     01206 213139
BRICKLAYER                   Rob Cross, 19 Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey        01206 211148
BUILDER                      Ottley Whitehouse, The Pink, Copford Gn.        01206 211212
BUTCHER                      Willsher, 87 London Road, Marks Tey             01206 210365
CARE AND CLEANING            Jane McWilliams , 55 Winstree Road, Stanway     01206 330406
CARPETS & FLOORING           Tey Carpets, 91 London Road, Copford            01206 212826
CARPENTRY                    Mark Jones, 55 Winstree Rd. Stanway             07974 218925
COMPUTER ASSISTANCE          Roger Walker, 16 Hines Close, Aldham            01206 211143
DAIRY PRODUCE                J.F.Richer, Highfields Dairy, Little Tey        01206 210200
ELECTRICIAN                  Dennis White, 91 Barnhall Rd. T’shunt Knights   01621 819878
ELECTRICIAN                  John White, 8 Well Side, Marks Tey              01206 211376
FIREPLACES & STOVES          D.W.Parsons, 67 Colchester Rd., Coggeshall      01376 561938
FLORIST                      Florum, 14 Church Street, Coggeshall            01376 561229
FREE-RANGE EGGS,PRODUCE High Acre Farm, Tey Road, Aldham                     07808 186094
FRENCH TUITION, GCSE, A-lev. 6 Bury Close, Marks Tey                         01206 210682
FUNERALS                     A.Birkin & Sons, 6 West St., Coggeshall         01376 561316
FUNERALS                     Hunnaball, York House, 41 Mersea Rd.            01206 760049
FUNERALS                     W.H.Shephard, 93/94 High St.                    01206 572305
FUNERALS                     R.Gwinnell & Sons, 112 Ipswich Rd.              01206 868585
GARDEN HELP                  Brian Steel 4 Kingsbury Close, Marks Tey        01206 211419
HANDYMAN                     Bob Wheeler, Sunnyside, 1a Green La. Aldham     01206 212714
MOBILE HAIRDRESSER           Sarah, 4 Norbury Close Marks Tey                07884 005978
PHARMACY                     101 London Road, Marks Tey                      01206 212878
REMOVALS & STORAGE           K.Dobbs, Unit 1-2 Bellhouse Farm, Stanway       01206 212444
ROOFING SERVICES             Daniel Wicks, 4 Honywood Close, Marks Tey       01206 212032
TREE SURGEON                 Tony Smith, 17 Partridge Drive, Fordham         01206 241812
VW & AUDI GARAGE             John Austin, London Road, Marks Tey             01206 211483

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