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Minutes for Executive Board Meeting


									                          2010 Annual General Meeting
                         Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 1, 2010
Commucations Building room 202
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington
Ross Burkhart, Boise State University
Kevin Cook, Consulate General of Canada
Keith James, Portland State University
Rob McCoy, Washington State University
Michael Treleaven, Gonzaga University/PNWCSC
Dan Turbeville, Eastern Washington University
Victoria Choe, PNWCSC
Janice High, University of Alaska Anchorage
Douglass Nord, Western Washington University
Matt Morrison

08:30 – Welcome and Introduction
Minutes of 2009 Board Meeting
Agenda Approval
Membership Report
Budget Report
Board Membership and transitions; Executive, Associate Director
Relationship with the Consulate General
Funding possibilities: foundation, dues, other
2011 Annual General and Board meetings and the Secretariat
ICSI and its future, options for the PNWCSC
Supporting Campus Programs; Collaboration within the PNWCSC

Minutes (Nadine, Janice, Dan, Fr. Mike, Dog, Ross, Keith, Shawn, Rob, Kevin, Victoria)
Matt Morrison

Began: 8:30
Fr. Mike – Introduction
     last evening dinner was wonderful
     thanking Nadine for dinner recommendation
     introduction of Janie High
     Dog Nord
     Keith James – science fellowship
   Thanking Anne for all of her work
   Did we approve the minutes from last year? motioned passed
   Agenda: does anybody need to add anything?
   Find out for Kevin, who we are singing the invoices for the colleges that haven’t
   Dan suggested updated copy of the members
   Put and list members on the website
   Kevin: Out of all of the members who haven’t paid (Portland community college)
      didn’t have any contact and UA southeast
   Keith suggested if it’s appropriate to increase the membership
   >> Nadine said it might be difficult
   >>Fr. Mike reduce their spending by 5%, I would be anxious, let’s consider this
   Budget Report
          o Board Meeting $2000
          o Kevin explaining ICSI account
          o Fr. Mike – where do we expect financial future, down the road 2010
   Dog Nord – what do we face? Program enhancement grant? (from the govnt of
      Canada), used to be a BC rep on board, head of the Midwest association, head of
      the National Association
          o Ongoing feature, trying to figure out of Calendar of activities talked to in
              San Diego, National and regional organizations, improving
          o Very unclear relationship between regional and national association
          o In San Diego all three representation were present, currently in the
              meeting would like to find out what regional perspective is.
          o Has been experiencing decrease in membership rather than growth
          o Financial problems: Canada cannot support all of the organization
          o Solutions: co-sponsoring, funding may disappear (work together from
              national to local level to sustain funding).
          o Kevin: what are the regional groups
          o Pat James wanted regional presence of executive board meeting in access
          o How can we be effective promoting Canadian Study, national and regional
              level? How come regional associations not part of National level
          o Going to Ottawa and discussing view of Canadian study
          o Fr. Mike: currently there are financial problems is there an intension of
              interest, there is a long term and the short term strategy
          o Let’s not put eggs in all basket and not rely on government of Canada and
              start looking for other sources
          o As an academic association, need to start developing other sources and
              how can we bring those on board from national to regional level of
          o Dan – trying save his department other than saving the Canada Study
          o Fr. Mike – any money received has to meet the federal standards
           o Keith James – University foundation, some accountability but wave,
             foundations are set up to operate under different regulation\
           o Dog Nord – each region has its own issues, but putting up the issues into
             the national setting… Mid November another meeting, take some action at
             the national level cross regions, joint conference

October 28th reception and 29th (Friday) event at UW conference on the issue “What’s in
it for United States?”
Enders Thursday and Friday
Board meeting Saturday

Board Meeting 2011
    when: October 30th 2010 (sat) board meeting (academic year)
    economical be able to attend the conference as well as the meeting and network
      with other members
    where: Kane Hall – Walker Ames hold about 100 ppl
    national association with regional association
    5 experts in different areas speaking and a response
    Every member in the consortium could ask in grant
    Kevin: PNWER need research groups- all 45 university presidents were invited
      for presidents round table, discuss the idea of how Pan ware can support
      universities and vice versa, 15 presidents and they want to do it again
    Would presidents would co-chair, 20-25 presidents
    If presidents are interested then it will trickle down effect
    Nadine: suggests bringing graduate or undergrad students or and librarians
    Dog invite non-governmental sources for funding

Rob McCoy
    cancer in 2006 for his wife, family and medical plans, Rob is not going to be a
     board member anymore

Fr. Mike
     has been a director for ten years
     if anybody wants to take over the executive director position
     with assistant director – Dan

15 min break
Resume: 10:20 am

Fr. Mike and Kevin: relationship with the council general, relationship with ACSUS
     AGM – October 30th morning to early afternoon and board meeting afternoon sat
     Nadine: how much time and effort to put into this events
     AGM – show and tell us on courses and researches
     Booking hotel space
Fr. Mike - ACSUS – hire somebody for summer to be obliged to be in different regions
of Canada, discusses the position for ICSI
     Alberta in charge of ICSI 2011
     Need funds committed in April for 2011
     ICSI costs 40,000 plus 25,000 that was free bees
     We are going to try to keep ICSI alive and
     Dog: making ICSI as a best practice model,
     *******************

Campus programs- and ideas to use our funds
Nadine – Quebec
FM – 1995 meeting, dinner outdoors, but Kevin created a fancy dinner, do more with our
website, and more with classes electronically (meeting conferences)
Nadine- copy Jacksons website created by MY, provide a profile of the members and
their contact, weblink to their department and university,
There is opportunity link, electronic submission
Nadine – how is the communication,
Create a list serve for everybody- under a university…
List of the campus reps

Matt Morrison
    a lot of things have happen over the last year, so much potential with interface
      with the consortium
    we are now in our 20th year and we are attracting money from both countries, we
      just finished Canadian government a study on cross boarder labor issues
    Center of Regional Disaster Resilience (CRDR)- cross boarder of health alliance
      is having 3 day conference funded by DHA(Department of health affairs) in May
    Kevin: please define resilience – MM: how to combat quickly in a disaster
    Certificate program for legislators- 12 full days and monthly webinars,
      partnership with Oregon, working with UW, Patti Norri- transportation, low
      carbon fuels.
    Innovation- working with Washington State commerce – look at regional
      innovation strategy, rather than each state building, how do we connect the nodes
      in the region with the private sectors and with each other
    Link between Canada and US is very big
    Have a lot of great project in the Poli Sci
    Fr. Mike: have a group of people attending with
    MM: Northern Boarder strategy for US, really wants input from PNWCSC, cross
      boarder livestock, water policy (Columbia rivers symposium), annual reports
    Keith: I am really interested in pushing, Science, math, and technology. There is
      so much potential, sustainability, Keith would like to be a lea son (2011 meeting
      in Summer) for Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER)
    MM: invited AGM to Calgary, and FR mike explained the situation
    Kevin: if there is discounted registration fee then PNWCSC members could be
Keith: Canadian, Mexican, and US partnership – march deadline
FM: how thin can you spread your self
FM: add Dog Nord into the email and send him James Loucky, wait Keith NA link,
Victoria will send out the minute draft

Photos taken
FM meeting adjourned 12:05

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