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Written by Alan Harris Although modern poetry tends to use free verse, these poems are notable exceptions which rhyme only because the whim insisted. From across my collection of poems I have selected those written with traditional or original rhyme schemes. As a bonus, the book includes sheet music for my poem "Lullaby." World War II bomber stories by his father, Keith E. Harris, whose stories are true. Some of Alan's enter into spaces beyond the usual. The book's theme is "The reality that protects you also confines you." The stories are of all different lengths. Download, choose, read, and enjoy. 23 prose essays on such topics as love, the inner Web, trusting emotions, quality, decision-making, fame, truth, knowing, quiet meditation, decision-making, and many others. Several have a humorous bent, while others take on serious topics, such as an examination of some motivations leading to suicide. Cover photos are from Australia. Poems on meditation and the inner life. Selected from the entire collection for relevance to spiritual inquiries and experiences, these poems seek understanding of issues beyond the mind yet strongly felt. They follow no denomination or established religion, yet may be found to be relevant to nearly anyone's spiritual questionings.

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