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					In order for a potential loss (which may occur) can be covered by
insurance (insurable) then it should have the following characteristics:
1) the occurrence of loss of uncertainty, 2) the loss must be limited, 3)
the loss must be significant, 4) the ratio of losses can be predicted and
5) loss is not catastrophic (disaster) for the insurer.

The question arises, death is a certainty, why be insured? Even though it
is something that contains a certainty, but when exactly when the death
of a person are beyond the control of that person. So that when the
moment of death that really contain the uncertainty is what causes it

There are two forms of agreement in determining the payment amount at
maturity of insurance, namely: the contract value (valued contract) and
indemnity contract (contract of indemnity). Value of contract is an
agreement where the payment amount has been determined in advance. For
example, the sum assured (UP) in life insurance. Indemnity contract is an
agreement that the number santunannya based on the number of actual
financial loss. For example, the cost of hospital care.

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