Novus Entertainment to offer Vonage Internet Phone Service

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					Novus Entertainment to offer Vonage Internet Phone Service
Novus now offers customers a one-stop-shop for their high-speed Internet, cable television
and telephone services
Mississauga, ON, November 1, 2005 – Vonage Canada, a leading provider of Internet phone service in Canada,
today announced an agreement with Novus Entertainment that will see Novus offer Vonage Internet phone service in
Vancouver. Novus Entertainment provides cable TV and high-speed Internet access to residential buildings in
Vancouver’s downtown core.

“Vonage Canada is excited to work with Novus Entertainment,” said Gary McLean, Director Channel Sales, Vonage
Canada. “Through this relationship Novus will be able to enhance its current communications service offering and
provide customers with the convenience and benefits of flat-rate, full-featured Internet phone service.”

Vonage Internet phone service is available immediately through Novus Entertainment. Consumers will be able to
purchase the Vonage Internet phone service as part of a bundled offer with NovusTV and Novus Internet products.
Customers who purchase Vonage Internet phone service and Novus Internet products will receive a discount on their
Internet service. When a customer signs up for the services the discount is applied to the customer’s Novus account
and the discount is deducted once the customer has been a Novus customer for 60 days.

“At Novus we strive to meet the growing needs of our customers,” said Donna Robertson, Co-President and Chief
Legal Officer of Novus Entertainment. “With the addition of Vonage Internet phone service Novus currently is the only
communications service provider in Vancouver to offer Cable TV, high-speed Internet and phone service,” Doug
Holman, Co-President and Chief Financial Officer added. “Demand for Internet phone service in Vancouver is strong.
By including Vonage Internet phone service in our product line, our customers have direct access to a flexible,
feature-rich, portable phone service while at the same time saving money on their Novus high-speed Internet service.”

How Internet Phone Service Works:
To get started making phone calls over the Internet, all that’s needed is a Vonage phone adapter, which plugs into
almost any high speed Internet connection and works with any touch-tone telephone. Within a short period of time of
connecting the Vonage adapter, customers can start making and receiving calls. With voice quality and reliability that
is comparable to traditional phone service, the only real difference will be in the great savings every month.

Customers can choose from various flat rate, feature-rich residential and small business plans to fit any lifestyle or
budget, including these popular packages:**

         $19.99/month - Residential Basic Plan – 500 minutes of local and long distance calling throughout Canada
         and the United States. Incoming calls are free and unlimited

         $34.99/month – Residential Province Unlimited Plan – Unlimited calling province-wide, plus 500 long
         distance minutes throughout Canada and the United States

         $39.99/month – Residential Premium Unlimited Plan – Unlimited calling throughout Canada and the United
         States anytime, anywhere

         $55.99/month – Small Business Basic Plan – 1,500 anytime minutes of local and long distance calling
         throughout Canada and the United States. Incoming calls are free and unlimited, plus a free fax line

         $69.99/month  Small Business Unlimited Plan – Unlimited calling throughout Canada and the United States,
         plus a free fax line

**Vonage 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. See for details. Monthly rates
exclude fees for activation, premium services and taxes. International calls are billed per minute. Credit card &
high-speed Internet required. Other restrictions may apply. See for complete Terms of Service &
All Vonage service plans include the following list of features for no additional charge:
         Voicemail Plus

         Call hunt

         Call waiting

         Call transfer

         Caller ID

         Caller ID block (*67)

         Call return (*69)

         Call forwarding

         International call block

         Area code selection

         Repeat dialing

         Bandwidth saver

         911 dialing

         Web-based account management including:

                     Online voicemail retrieval and real-time billing

                     Real-time inbound/outbound call record details

         Great international calling rates, such as:

                     Berlin - 7 cents per minute

                     Hong Kong - 6 cents per minute

                     London - 6 cents per minute

                     Prague - 8 cents per minute

                     Seoul - 8 cents per minute

                     Sydney - 7 cents per minute

Product Demonstrations
In support of this announcement Novus will be demonstrating the Vonage Canada service together with Novus’ Cable
TV and Internet service at various residential buildings. Please visit for more details.

About Novus Entertainment Inc.
Novus Entertainment Inc. was established in 1996 to provide enhanced Cable Television and Internet services in
Vancouver, British Columbia over its own fiber optic network. Novus’ state of the art technology provides the
necessary broadband capacity to meet the requirements of the digital communications services of today and in the
future, including high definition digital television, Internet phone services, 100 mbps data transfer and IP video. Novus
is defining digital culture in Vancouver. For more information about Novus’ products and services, visit or call 604.642-6688.
About Vonage® Canada
Vonage Canada is an early pioneer of the Canadian broadband phone industry, setting the standard for pricing,
features, call quality and reliability for the entire VoIP category. Vonage's award winning service is sold on the web at and through national retailers like Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, The Source by Circuit City,
Staples Business Depot/ BUREAU EN GROS, Office Depot and CompuSmart. Vonage Canada is headquartered in
Mississauga, ON. For more information about Vonage's products and services, please visit or
call 1-877-272-0528. Vonage Canada is a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp. Vonage is a registered trademark of
Vonage Marketing.

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