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Volusion e-Commerce Solutions


Asahi Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions in the New York Metro Area. We have a diverse team of highly talented professionals with a solid foundation in technology and online marketing.

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									                                 ASAHI TECHNOLOGIES
                                       INFINITE DEMANDS .EMPOWERING SOLUTIONS

Volusion e-Commerce Solutions
Volusion e-Commerce platform provides entrepreneurs with tools to create, manage, market, and
secure their online business

which integrates shopping cart functions, payment gateways, hosting options and marketing
capabilities to enhance your store traffic and ultimately business

 Volusion has the best marketing features of any e-Commerce software, from E-mail marketing,
social networking to mobile adaptive tools.

Adaptable for mobile devices, Volusion helps to promote your store’s credibility optimized for mobile

Integrated one page checkout :
Volusion was also the first e-Commerce software to offer this feature

The standout feature about Volusion is the support options available, apart from a knowledgeable
community, Volusion provides a 24/7 telephonic, email or live chat support.
  Volusion e-Commerce Development features

     Product            options       Smart
     comparison                       Match™

Volusion                                Sell your
CDN for                                 products on
Fast loading                            Face book

                  Integrated one-
                  page checkout
At Asahi Technologies, we strive to render
you innovative solutions to leverage the
competitive market. Looking for Concrete5
services in New York, you don’t have a better
choice than Asahi Technologies. At Asahi
Technologies, we understand your business
requirements and the importance of a CMS for
your online business
Skype Id : senthil.seo
Phone: 646.205.2271
Fax :832.550.9724

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