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Table of Contents

    1. Daniel Roberts Lecture on June 23rd
    2. Brown Marmorated Stinkbug Update
    3. Innovative Viticulture
    4. Upcoming Meetings
           a. Maryland Summer Field Day
           b. Sprayer Calibration Workshop (5 core credits)
           c. American Society for Enology and Viticulture Eastern Section Annual Conference in Baltimore
           d. Pennsylvania Quality Alliance hosts Clark Smith Enology Workshop
           e. Jim Wolpert and Jesus Yuste
    5. Enology Instructor Position Available at Surry Community College in NC

Daniel Roberts: It isn’t everyday that one of the best viticulturists in the US visits Pennsylvania. Daniel is a practicing
viticulturist so he comes armed with information from the vineyards of the north coast of California. There are few in the
world who understand the connection between soil-plant-climate as Daniel does and the wines made by his clients clearly
demonstrate the quality and success of his work. Daniel will offer a lecture on these topics and other observations from
his visit on Thursday, June 23 , 10-noon at the Lancaster Farm and Home Center. If you aspire to high quality wines, you
should hear what Daniel has to say. See attachment: Daniel Roberts Reg-Info.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: It’s hard to know what the impact of BSMB will be in vineyards this year. Last year the
bug was devastating to fruit growers in the region and there is no reason to believe it won’t find an attraction to grapes.
So while it is too early to sound the alarm, it’s never too early to educate and prepare for what may be a problem later in
the season. A lot of work has been going on around the region to understand and control BMSB. Our Penn State
entomologists have written an fact sheet update on BSMB. See attachment: BMSB Update.

Note: Doug Smith is not a researcher but he is just as determined to get rid of BMSB as any tree fruit grower. His homegrown
experiments yielded some very interesting results which you can read about at

Innovations in the Vineyard: A visit to Tamanend Winery in Lancaster got me thinking again about pushing fruit maturity
in cooler wine areas and what are the reasonable limits of what growers can do to manipulate environment to benefit wine
quality. Creativity is what we do in this country and industry so it’s no surprise that we have growers pushing the limits of
technology and sanity in search of a better bottle of wine. I also have some observations about white wine making. See
attachment: Tents and Tunnels.
The Maryland Summer Field Day is coming up on Saturday, June 18 at Gray Wolf Vineyard in Avenue, MD. Topics
include vineyard soils, grape IPM and how to start a cooperative winery. For information and registration, please go to

Sprayer Calibration Workshop: In-depth educational training sessions to demonstrate airblast sprayer calibration will be
held the week of June 20 at three locations in Pennsylvania: 6/20 FREC/Biglerville, 6/22 Wexford, 6/24 LERGREC/North
East. George Hamilton, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Resources Extension Educator,
assisted by Steve Gatcombe, will present an informative hands-on airblast calibration demonstration applicable to both
small and large scale commercial farming operations. Five pesticide recertification core credits have been assigned for
these meetings. For additional information, please email your questions to The program is supported
by grant funds, and there is no charge or need to register in advance. Details can be found at (thanks to Dr. Tara Baugher for this announcement).
American Society for Enology and Viticulture Eastern Section Annual Conference in Baltimore: July 11-14, 2011,
Sheraton Baltimore North, Towson, MD
For the past five years I have had the pleasure to serve on the scholarship committee with Dr. Terry Bates as chair. I get
to read applications and each year I am astonished by the talent, accomplishment and passion of the student applicants
who are the future of our industry, both in production and research. These are amazing kids and they deserve your
attention and support. Hearing them present their papers may be the most compelling reason to attend this outstanding
conference. A tour Maryland wineries has been organized for Monday, July 11. On Tuesday the conference will feature an
IPM symposium, followed by student and research presentations during the two-day annual meeting. This year will also
feature the debut of the first annual Oenolympics, a student competition designed to test the practical and esoteric
knowledge of our viticulture and enology students. Wednesday’s award banquet will feature recipients of the best student
papers awards and the ASEV-ES student scholarship, made possible by generous donations at the Wineries Unlimited
auctions. Tuesday’s symposium, “Pest Management: Impacts in the Vineyard and Winery”, will focus on new and
potentially emerging pests in eastern grape growing regions of the U.S. and Canada, information on management
strategies, and the potential impacts of pest management decisions on both vineyard and winery production. The focus of
the Symposium is on providing growers and winemakers with up-to-date, practical knowledge that they can use in their
operations. More detailed information on the Symposium and Conference programs, the pre-conference tour, and
registration is available at Everyone in the Pennsylvania wine industry is encouraged to attend
the conference and become a member of ASEV-ES!!

Pennsylvania Quality Assurance Group Summer 2011 Workshop: Two Days with Clark Smith: An Immersion in
Wine. August 3 and 4, 2011 from 9AM-5PM. Lancaster Farm and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster, PA
17601. Registration fee: $275 per person (free to members of PQA). Includes 450 page syllabus ($100 Value). Space is
limited to 30 attendees so please sign up now! This two-day workshop is based Smith's UC Davis short course with
emphasis on topics chosen as the most relevant to Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic winemaking. An abbreviated list of
topics is appended to this notice (see attachment: ). There will be opportunities for Mr. Smith to offer opinion and
suggestions on your own wines. Please bring samples for tasting if you wish to participate. A free presentation on “Music
and Wine” the afternoon of the 4 at no cost. See attachment: PQA-Clark Smith Reg-Info

Jim Wolpert and Jesus Yuste in Pennsylvania (save the date!): August 10, 2011. Following the practical experience
of Daniel Roberts we are pleased to offer to Pennsylvania wine growers two of the best academic viticulturists in the
world. Dr. Wolpert was the chair for the Viticulture and Enology Department at the University of California at Davis for
many years and served as the state viticulturist for over two decades. I met Dr. Jesus Yuste during my tour of Spain in
2010 where he is the viticulturist at the ITACYL, the research station in Castilla y Leon, one of the great wine provinces of
Spain. This is far flung viticulture from our small vineyards in Pennsylvania but they are coming to present their ideas,
research and experience that leads to the production of great wines. Please mark your calendars for this workshop.
More information, including location is forthcoming.

Enology Instructor Position: Surry Community College in Dobson, NC is looking for an enology instructor to teach in
their outstanding V&E program. For more information, please visit

Please visit the Pennsylvania Wine Grape Network for more viticulture news, information and events at

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