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									                                 MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA

                                              Central Florida Chapter

                                          F                  CUS                        Orlando—>

Four Star Chapter—2003—2004—2006 –2009                        May 2012                          Volume 54Issue 5

                                               President’s Message                 School.
                                                                                    Each Cadet received a check for
                                               The April Chapter luncheon          $1,000 and a plaque.
                                           featured our Eleventh Annual Cadet         Lockheed Martin Corporation
                                           of the year program and it was a        contributed $4,500 towards the
                                           great success.                          awards and the remaining funds
                                               The nine top cadets of the year     came from our Annual Golf and
                                           were selected from the 30 JROTC         Auction held each year which is
                                           schools located in Central Florida.     Chaired by COL Dick Aldinger and
                                               The winners were Cadets Amy         LTC Mike Patterson.
                                           Bonilla and Armando Santin from            COL Bill Gates has managed the
                                           Boone High School, Cadets Sebas-        Cadet of the Year Program for a
                                           tian Catano and Jeancy Rossy from       number of years now and I want to
                                           Celebration High School, Cadet          personally thank him for all his hard
 LTC Robert M. LePage, USA, Ret.           Spencer Wiesner, Hagerty High           work.
                                           School, Cadet Timothy Wofford,             Our MOAA Leadership Awards
                                           Lyman High School, Cadet Justin         program is almost complete with
              Inside this issue:
                                           Kraus, Ocoee High School, Cadet         30 Leadership Medals awarded to
                                           Aubrey Hoffman, West Orange             the top Junior leader in each of the
Key Personnel & phone numbers         2
Meals/Reservations Information             High School and Cadet Daniela           30 JROTC schools and the Army
                                           Acosta Correa, Winter Springs High               (Continued on Page 5)
Chapter Board Minutes                 3
Chaplain’s Message
TAPS                                                                 MAY PROGRAM
The Officer Placement System (TOPS)   4                            NOVELS—
                                                         CIVIL WAR NOVELS—DR. MICHAEL J. DEEB
Special Offer
Life Membership
Help Your Survivors Now
Retired Officers Wives Club
                                           Michael J. Deeb earned his Liberal Arts undergraduate
Citrus Club Membership                     degree from Aquinas College and a master’s degree
New Members
ID Card Procedures                         from Michigan State University. His doctorate was
Retired Officers Wives Club           5
                                           earned from Wayne State University in management
Cadets of the Year                    6
                                           He spent twenty years in teaching & administration at
Membership Application/Renewal        7    the high school, college and university levels. Following
                                           the teaching career he was hired as an administrative
            DATES TO NOTE!                 Assistant to the Chairman of the newly created Depart-
Sat, May 12 & Sat, June 19 10:00 am:       ment of Interdisciplinary Education at Wayne State University. During his
Board of Directors meeting at Ascension    four years in this position he was responsible for the design and implementa-
Lutheran Church Office
                                           tion of the newly consolidated teacher training departments. This task in-
Sun, May 13, Mother’s Day
Sat, May 19, MOAA Luncheon & Armed         cluded the creation of a secretarial pool and instructional modules for the
Forces Day                                 professorial staff to use in teacher training.           (Continued on Page 2
Volume 5 4 Issue 5                                                        FOCUS                                                          Page 2

     Chapter Communications Numbers
Office Phone                407- 646-4283                                          CHAPTER LUNCHEON
Office FAX Number           407- 646-4213
(Mark FAX messages “For MOAA“)
 Mailing Address: MOAA CFC, Inc.
                  PO Box 141025                                               Saturday Meeting May 19, 2012
                  Orlando, FL 32814-1025

      KEY PERSONNEL/OFFICERS                                       11:00—12:00 Social Hour - Lunch at 12:00
    (All telephone numbers preceded by (407)
PRESIDENT                                            Location: Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, Wymore Rd. Altamonte
LTC Robert M. LePage USA, Ret.            298-7228
                                                     Springs Second traffic light on 436 West of I-4, 1 block South of 436
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT                                 West of I-4, 1 block south of 436.
COL William J. Gates, USAF, Ret.          788-8923
               E-mail:                                          Menu
LTC John Ruzich, USA, Ret.                359-7273   #1 Pot Roast with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Medley
  Mrs. Patricia Green, AUX.              774-7933    #2 Chicken Cordon Bleu with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable
ASSISTANT SECRETARY                                  Medley.
Capt Charles J. Fitzgerald                314-3707
               E—mail:              Both with Cole Slaw, Rolls, Butter, Coffee, Water Iced Tea and
LT COL Joseph Hines, USAF, Ret.         788-3696
                                                     Strawberry Shortcake.
              E-mail:                              #Price: $16.50, including gratuity.
COL Carol L. Reagles, AUS, Ret.          657-7219    Reservations: Not later than noon, Tuesday May 15.
               DIRECTORS 2011-2013                          Call: Kit Frazer at (407) 834-4864 OR e-mail kitfra-
COL Roger Hakola, USA, Ret.
                                         313-0304 OR Fran Klingberg at (407) 645-5304
LT COL John Harman, USAF, Ret.          788-1260          If you must cancel your reservation, please do so as early as possi-
CWO Robert L. Hoy, USA, Ret.            324-7616     ble—regrettably, we must bill “no-shows” for the cost of the meal.
               DIRECTORS 2010-2012
CAPT Robert S. Rosen, USN, Ret.         880-6279
              E-mail:                                             MAY
CAPT Karen E. Dennis, USNR. Ret. 493-5122
               E-mail:                                        NOVELS—
                                                                       CIVIL WAR NOVELS—DR. MICHAEL J. DEEB
LTC Mike Patterson, USA, Ret.           240-7609
 LTC Sylvester Johnson, USA, Ret.        805-0518    Following the awarding of his doctorate, he was hired by Utica Schools to fill
           STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS                 the new position of Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. He supervised all
NOMINATING COMMITTEE                                 administrators for elementary and secondary education serving 25,000 students.
   CAPT Bob Rosen, USN, Ret.            880-6279
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                                 During his stay, he changed the report card system, introduced new textbooks
  LTC Mike J Patterson, USA, Ret.       240-7609
PROGRAM COMMITTEE                                    for all elementary subjects and created a scope & sequence curriculum for the
LTC Robert M. LePage                    298-7228     elementary and middle schools.
  LTC Robert M. LePage, USA, Ret. 298-7228
CHAPLAIN & PERSONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                After his work in education, he owned and operated an accounting firm. His
  Chaplain (MAJ) David P. Mulder        831-7788
           work also included the design and sale of employee benefit programs for group
               OTHER COMMITTEE CHAIRS                life, dental, disability, medical ins. coverage and retirement savings plans such
   CWO Robert L. Hoy, USA, Ret          324-7616     as 401ks, and tax deferred payroll deduction programs. He also implemented
RESERVATIONS COMMITTEE                               sec. 125 payroll plans for his client business owners and worked with them on
  Mrs. Kit Frazer, AUX.                  834-4864
              E-mail:       business continuation planning and personal retirement planning.
  Mrs. Fran Klingberg                    645-5304
   LTC Robert M. LePage, USA, Ret. 298-7228          Dr. Deeb has been retired since he sold his accounting practice. He now lives in
   LTC John Ruzich, USA, Ret.            359-7273
                                                     Sun City Center, Fl. He can be reached at (813) 633 4647.
             E-mail:         Over the last five years he has written a series of four historical novels set in the
   LTC Robert M. LePage, USA, Ret. 298-7228          era of the American Civil War. You can review his work at
ROSTER/MEMBER DATA BASE                     He is currently teaching classes on American History
   LTC Robert M. LePage, USA ,Ret 298-7228
   Mrs. Patricia Green, AUX             774-7933     in his community and marketing his novels at appearances in both in Michigan
Web Site Coordinator                                 and Florida when he gives presentations.
  Mr. Michael Paquin                    754-

 Published monthly except July by the Military Officers Association of America Central Florida Chapter, Inc. P.O. Box 141025, Orlando, FL, 32814-1025. The
 Chapter is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, affiliated with National MOAA and the Florida Council of Chapters, MOAA, but not associated with the De-
 partment of Defense. The views expressed are not necessarily those of MOAA, the Florida Council of Chapters, or the Department of Defense.
Volume 54Issue 5                                    FOCUS                                            Page 3

            Chapter Board Meeting                                         chaplain—
                                                                 From the chaplain—about Chaplains
                                                                As I write this, my oldest grand-
       MOAA Board Meeting April 14, 2012                    daughter, Julie, and her husband are
                                                            packing up in preparation to leave after
CALL TO ORDER: LTC Johnson led the invoca-                  a delightful week’s visit to my wife
tion. LTC LePage led the Pledge of Allegiance and           and I. I had the privilege of officiating
called the meeting to order.                                at their marriage in Virginia a year ago,
QUORUM: A quorum was established: attendees                 and it was a real treat to have them
were LtCol Hines, COL Hakola, Mrs. Green, CAPT              visit us.
Rosen, LTC Johnson, COL Gates, Capt Fitzgerald and          Their presence brings back many
LTC LePage.                                                 memories in addition to that marriage
MINUTES: The minutes of the March 10 meeting                ceremony. Julie, her sister, and their
were approved.                                              mother lived with us for a time, when their father, like so
TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s report                  many of us, was assigned elsewhere. I remember her as a
was approved. The 2011 financial records were re-           tiny infant, in the same crib that was mine as a baby. I re-
viewed by COL Fost. There were no discrepancies or          member her as a toddler, during her elementary, middle,
deficiencies.                                               and high school years, and as she grew into a lovely and
SECRETARY’S REPORT: A thank you letter from                 very gracious young woman. Now I look forward to seeing
the Center for Independent Living for our wheel chair       her own children–my great-grandchildren, should the Lord
ramp efforts and contribution was received.                 be pleased to provide them.
COMMITTEE REPORTS                                               I realize too that someday we must part, for I’m not go-
Programs:                                                   ing to live forever. That thought brings a tinge of sadness,
                                                            but then I consider that, for those of us who hold to this
       April - JROTC Cadets of the Year                     faith, goodbye on this earth is not goodbye forever. The
       May-Dr. Michael Deeb, author of several civil        great beauty of that faith is that we may have the assurance
war books                                                   of seeing our loved ones again, in a wonderful place where
       June -Mr. Harold Barley, Executive Director,         there is no need for doctors, cars, money, or chaplains (I’m
Metropolitan Orlando Planning                               sure the Lord will find something for me to do!).
       September-COL Susan Neugebauer, MOAA                     There’s not a person in our Chapter who has not experi-
Area Vice President                                         enced the loss of someone close to them; may that precious
       October -Dr. Gloria Payne will speak on PTSD         hope sustain each of us when we must part from a dear
Membership: The current count is 355. The last dues
collection letter has been sent. Fifty-two delinquent                      In His love—Chaplain Dick
members will be dropped.
JROTC: Twenty-three applications have been inter-
viewed for scholarship awards.       Nine awards of
$1000 each are planned for the most outstanding ca-
dets.                                                         The Chapter extends deepest sympathy and sincerest
NEW BUSINESS: The Treasurer announced that our              condolence to the famil and friends of:
CD will mature 5/13/2012. After discussion, a mo-
tion passed that the CD be renewed.                         COL Ned B. Mabry, USA, Ret., who died sometime in
Announcements                                               March 2012.
April 21 -JROTC Award Luncheon
May 12 -Board Meeting                                       CDR George F. McClure, USN, Ret. who died March 26,
                                                            2012 and is survived by his wife Glenda.
Respectfully submitted, Patricia Green, Secretary
Volume 54 Issue 5                                       FOCUS                                                   Page 4

       Central Florida MOAA Chapter TOPS                                    HELP YOUR SURVIVORS NOW
                                                                   If you have a family, one of the most important things
I am the Central Florida MOAA Chapter TOPS (The                 you can do during your lifetime is laying out the plans to
Officer Placement System) representative. This is a             take care of your family after you die. Upon your death,
new position in our chapter and with your help; we              your survivors can expect to receive certain payments and
have an opportunity to assist fellow officers in career         benefits from the federal government, but it’s up to you to
transition. Do you remember how unsure you were                 help your survivors.
when you departed military service for a civilian ca-
reer? Did you ask others how they did it and about                 MOAA has several publications, listed below, which
their experiences? I’d like to invite you to help others        will give you an excellent start in this process. You can
by joining the national or local network of volunteers          request these documents by e-mail: or by
to provide advice on your current or previous profes-           calling 1-800-234-6622.
sion. If you are an officer in a career transition, please               - Help Your Survivors Now—A Guide to Plan-
request our help. For more information, please contact          ning Ahead
me at or 407-359-7273.                           - Survivor Benefit Plan—Security for Your
            John Ruzich, LTC, USA, Ret.                                  - Survivor’s Checklist—First Steps for Moving

                  SPECIAL OFFER !                                   Also, you can request assistance in Orlando from the
                                                                Retired Activities Office Phone: 407-646-4204 and Fax:
 An opportunity to win a free meal at a Chapter                 407-646-4212. Office hours are 10:00 am—2:00 pm
meeting and here is how it works:                               Monday through Friday. Personnel at this office are all
⇒ Make copies of the membership application/                    retired military and they can provide you with the various
   renewal from on page 7.                                      agencies and telephone numbers to include notifying the
⇒ Insert your name (please print) on the bottom                 retired finance center.
   line of the form— on the line “New Member                        Your survivors should know the location of your in-
   Referred By“.                                                surance policies, retirement orders, birth certificate, your
⇒ Give the forms to friends, neighbors, work as-                current Retiree Account Statement and any other docu-
   sociates, etc, who are former officers or retired            ments of importance before and after your death.
   officers or a widow or widower.of a former offi-
⇒ For every new member’s application received                         RETIRED OFFICERS WIVES CLUB
   with one year’s dues payment and with your                   The Luncheon meeting will be Tuesday May 15 at the
   name on the form’s bottom line, we will receive           Elks Club, 12 N. Primrose Drive, Orlando. The Social hour
   a complimentary meal at one of the regular                will begin at 11:00 a.m. and lunch will be served at noon.
   Chapter meetings                                          The Program will be Installation of Officers. Please call
                                                             Reservations Chairman Shirley Clark at 407-831-2544 be-
                                                             fore noon on Friday May 11.
                 FLORIDA CHAPTER
Life membership in the Chapter is available on a
“Sliding Scale” dues fee schedule as noted below:                                      INSURANCE
        * Age 46—50:                       $375
        * Age 51—55                        $326                  MOAA has worked with Marsh Affinity Group Services,
        * Age 56—60                        $299                  a service of Seabury & Smith, Inc. since 1981 to adminis-
        * Age 61—65:                        $269                 ter Group Insurance Plans. These plans have been negoti-
        * Age 66—70:                        $238                 ated exclusively on behalf of MOAA members and their
        * Age 71—75:                        $204                 families. As an active duty or retired MOAA member,
        * Age 75 and above                  $135                 you may qualify for insurance to complement your and
It you have already paid your dues for 2008 and desire           your family's military entitlements. Choose from TRI-
to convert to a Chapter Life Member, deduct the                  CARE Supplements, Term Life insurance, Long Term
amount you already paid ($10 or $15 as appropriate).             Care insurance and others. For more information, go to
Volume 54Issue 5                                           FOCUS                                          Page 5

         PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE (CONT)                                                 NEW MEMBERS

                                                                   Mrs. Jane G. Denisenko, AUX.
and Air Force ROTC units at the University of Cen-                 1321 Carlton St.
tral Florida. I would like to thank those in our Chapter           Longwood, FL 32750-7524    407-831-0389
who took their person time to attend and present the
MOAA Medal to each of the Cadets.                                  Mrs. Diana L. White, AUX.
                                                                   3448 Herringridge Ct.
                    Bob LePage                                     Orlando, FL 32812-0000    407-275-3448


    I am Captain Robert S. Rosen, USN (Ret), a
life member of MOAA, a longtime member and
past President of our Central Florida Chapter, and
                                                                            PROCDURES FOR ID CARDS
a member of the Board of Governors of the Citrus
                                                                        Army Reserve Center
Club. The Citrus Club is a very prestigious private
                                                                        3701 Corrine Dr., Orlando, FL 32803
business club in Orlando. It offers excellent oppor-
                                                                        (407) 643-2322
tunities for social and business networking.
                                                                        M-F 0830-1230 & 1330-1530
    The regular initiation fee to join is $500. As a
                                                                        National Guard Armory
member of the Board of Governors, I can offer,
                                                                        8385 Daetwyler Dr., Orlando, FL 32862
for a limited time, an initiation fee of only $250
                                                                        (407) 650-4303
to prospective members that I sponsor into the
                                                                        Tuesday & Thursday 0900-1530
                                                                        Naval Support Activity Orlando
    The Citrus Club is a private club with limited
                                                                        12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826
membership. Prospective members must be in-
                                                                        (407) 380-8565
vited to join and sponsored by a current member.
                                                                        Monday—Friday, call for appointment
Only members of the Board of Governors can of-
                                                                        Patrick AFB, Cocoa Beach
fer the reduced fee. There are many levels of
                                                                        (321) 494-6144
membership from Young Executive to Platinum
                                                                        MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL
and Signature Gold Unlimited. Each level has a
                                                                        (813) 828-2278
different monthly fee. The club serves breakfast,
                                                                        PSD NAS Jacksonville, FL
lunch, and dinner, has a business room with com-
puters, printers, and phones available for mem-
bers free use, a spa, and many social functions.                                     VOLUNTEERS
The club has recently completed a $4 million dol-
lar renovation. The club is located on the 18th                CAPT Thomas Bates has over 300 hours at ORHS as a
floor of the building at the corner of Orange and              Spiritual Care Volunteer.
Jackson Street in downtown Orlando. This club                  Mrs. Laura Hernandez has during the last fourteen (14)
was designed for professionals, like yourselves, in            years volunteered 2,300 hours.
mind. I would be happy to sponsor you into the                 Mrs. Reba Dellamonico has been a volunteer at Florida
Citrus Club.                                                   Hospital for over 29 years with 5,000 plus hours.
                                                               Mrs. Mary Wooden averages 40 hours per month com-
  Call me at 407-810-1549 or email me at capt-                 bined with Quilting Angels and active in her community for additional information:                  Crafts group.
and set up a tour of the Club.                                 Lt Col Jim Cardarelli, a volunteer in the Community Ser-
Bob Rosen                                                      vice Department, Orange County Sherriff’s Dept. for the
                                                               past three years. Also, was a volunteer at the VA for over
                                                               11 years with 3,500 plus hours.
Volume 54 Issue 5                                   DAY—
                           AWARDS AND RECOGNITION DAY—APRIL 21, 2012                                 Page 7

Cadets Amy Bonila and Armando Santin, Boon High School, Cadets Sebastian Catano and Jeancy Rossy, Celebration
High School, Cadet Spencer Wiesner, Hagerty High School, Cadet Timothy Wofford, Lyman High School, Cadet Justin
Kraus, Ocoee High School, Cadet Aubrey Hoffman, West Orange High School and Cadet Daniela Acosta Correa, Win-
ter Springs High School.
Volume 54Issue 5                                             FOCUS                                                  Page 7


                 Central Florida Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

Eligible persons: Retired, Former or Active duty Commissioned or Warrant Officers of the seven uniformed services of the
United States, and surviving spouses (eligible for Auxiliary Membership) of persons who would have been eligible, if living. Ap-
plicants for membership in the Central Florida Chapter are required to be members of National MOAA. Dues are presently
$15 per year ($10 for Auxiliary) for calendar year 2012 Please complete all applicable portions below and mail check payable
to “MOAA, CFC, Inc” to the address indicated in “Amount enclosed“ box, below.
This is my membership Application ___, or Renewal ___ (Note, if this is a Renewal, complete the form only if there are
changes – otherwise, just sign and enclose your check)

1. NAME (please print, first, MI, last ____________________________________________________________________

2. Address ______________________________________ City __________________________ FL, ZIP ________________

3. Telephone # ___________________________________ Spouse (if applicable) ________________________

4. E-mail address, if applicable ________________________________@_________________________

5. Birth date _____________________________

6. National MOAA (TROA) member # (from mailing label of The Military Officer magazine) ________________________
For Regular Membership
(Check as applicable) Retired Officer ____ Former Officer _____ Active Duty Officer _____ Rank/Grade _________
Service: Army ____ Navy ____ Marine Corps ____ Air Force ____ Coast Guard ____ USPHS ____ NOAA ____
For Auxiliary Membership (Complete items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, above, plus the following)

Deceased Spouse name (First, MI, Last) _________________________________________

Spouse service ________________ Grade/rank _____________
                                                                                      Amount enclosed:
Meeting programs _____            Ceremonies (Patriotic events) _____                    Dues
Chapter Officer _____             Personal Affairs _____                                   Regular $15          $______
Membership recruitment _____ Newsletter (editor, get ads, etc.) _____                         OR
Reservations (take phone calls, check in members at meetings) _____                        Auxiliary $10        $______
ROTC/JROTC (coordinate program and/or make presentations at schools’                     ROTC/JROTC
awards functions) _____                                                                     (Voluntary)         $______
                                                                                         Community Service
OTHER ______________________                                                                (Voluntary)         $———
                                                                                      Total enclosed            $_____
New member referred by________________________________________
                                                                                       Please make checks payable to:
                                                                                         MOAA CFC, Inc.* and mail to:
                                                                                         PO Box 141025
                                                                                         Orlando, FL 32814-1025
                                                                                      Publish my name in the roster
                                                                                      Yes ___ No ____
                      A returned newsletter means the Chapter has wasted approximately $1.00 !

Military Officers Association of America                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
Central Florida Chapter                                                                       U.S.POSTAGE
PO Box 141025                                                                                     PAID
Orlando, FL 32814-1025                                                                         MID FL-FL
                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 93206


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