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One car rental agency, Cheap-Car Rental, charges $25.00 per day
plus 12 cents per mile for each mile driven. Another rental
agency, Rent-A-Car, charges $35.00 per day with an allowance of
100 miles for each day the car is rented and 8 cents per mile for
each mile driven over the mileage allowance. If a car is rented
for three days and has been driven a total of 300 miles (total) ,
at which rental agency would it cost less and how much less would
it cost?

Note: The mileage is calculated on the car when it is returned to
the agency. There is no penalty for driving over the daily mileage
allowance for any one day, nor a reward for driving under 100
miles per day. The rental agency only looks at the total mileage
when the car is returned.

     For full credit, you must do the following:
     1. Show all the steps you used to solve the problem. If you
used a calculator or did some of the work in your head, you must
write a description of the steps that you followed.

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