Zambales Travel Guide: Why Rent a Van in Zambales

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					        Zambales Travel Guide: Why Rent a Van in Zambales

Zambales is very much perfect for travellers on a budget. Though it’s not intended for the international
and well-off tourists as the attractions are somewhat mediocre, it’s a great camping site for most college
kids or those who want to travel on a tight budget.

Zambales is a great tourist spot for those who love to explore islands. The islands and islets nearby
Pundaquit are the best to discover with your family and friends. It’s also the perfect place for some
beach camping.

The province is a 4-6 hour drive from Metro Manila and most of the travellers commute by bus. But if
you’re travelling with a group, it’s more money-saving and comfortable to travel by a rented van. With a
van your own, you can control where or what time you want to travel.

For the college kids or the twenty-something who are looking for a rough, low-key adventure, there are
hidden spots in Zambales that might just surprise you. Here are some of them:

The Relaxing Wildlife Farm. The Wildlife Farm in Botolan is one of the best places to visit. It features a
lot of different kinds of animals and its atmosphere is very relaxing. To learn and relax at the same time
is a great way to enjoy Zambales.

Tired of the Sand? Go for a waterfall hopping. Aside from having a coastal topography, Zambales also
has its fair share of mountains that has numerous waterfalls that are perfect for hiking and dipping into.

Visit Old Community. There’s an Aeta village in Zambales and it’s considered one of the oldest societies
in the country. Discover how they go about their daily existence. It would be a good thing to include
them in your travel photos.

See the Islands. Zambales has its own version of island hopping and the perfect place to do that is to
head on the Capones Island. Explore and see its old watch tower then pass by Camara, Snake, and
Grande Islands as well.
Taste their Mangoes. If there's one thing the Philippines is best known for, it’s having the most
delectable mangoes available. Though these aren’t the sweetest compared to those in Guimaras, they’re
still delicious. Buy them when they’re in season as they are cheaper.

With a Zambales van rental, you can see all these places at your own pace. You can even save more
money if you're with a group of a dozen perhaps. This way, you will enjoy your trip with a great
company and a comfortable transport service.