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Telecommunications means the procedure by which information can be exchanged over
distances by the help of optical fibers / electronic means which can be a cable, telephone,
telegraph or broadcasting. In order words it is often defined as the branch of technology that is
concerned with communication.

Normally telecommunication takes place between a sender and a receiver both of which
constantly changes their role in order to continue the communication. However it is common for
multiple transmissions to take place at the same time. Internet is an ideal example of this. Other
examples include:

    Telephone networks

    Taxicab dispatch networks

    Police and fire communications systems

    Corporate and academic wide-area networks (WANs)

    Groups of amateur radio operators

 With the prevailing situation in the job sector, telecommunications field is booming. More and
more people are being hired in this sector every year. And without proper educational
qualification one will not be able to join this sector as this field requires a certain degree of
skills and expertise without which they will be not be able to perform in their professional
So where should the candidate get enrolled in order to develop the skills required? Birmingham
City University offers online masters in telecommunications programme. The university has
prepared the study materials keeping in mind the needs of the job market so that once the
candidate completes their course they can immediately join the job sector.

Module Descriptions

 Telecommunication Systems

 Data Communications Systems

 Project Management and Research Methodology

 Mobile and Wireless Communications

 Management of Network Services

 Master’s Project / Dissertation

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However Birmingham City University has
made a set of entry requirements that needs      The high level usage of wireless
to be fulfilled before the candidates can        communication in the last few years has
enroll.                                          created various job opportunities in this
                                                 domain, making it one of the largest
Entry Requirements:                              employment sectors. And the demand
                                                 for this wireless communications, audios,
    The candidate needs to have at least a      videos, graphics and data services will
     Second Class Honours Degree or              increase with a rapid growth in the near
     similar educational qualification in        future as the current generation is getting
     appropriate discipline.                     more tech savvy by the day.

    However the university is willing to        For example as the new voice technology
     consider the student if they can submit     is the in thing the demand for people who
     necessary documents mentioning that         can develop this technology will be on
     they possess the required skills and        the rise. These kinds of jobs are not only
     expertise required to complete the          interesting and creative but they also
     course.                                     provide job satisfaction. Some of the
                                                 current in demand openings are:
    International Students will need to
     have an IELTS score of 6.0 for this                Electrical and electronics
     programme.                                          engineers
                                                        Computer software engineers
                                                        Systems analysts
Job Prospects:
                                                        Customer service professionals
The subject is such that the candidates need
to possess technical skills before they can
apply anywhere. Nearly every domain
requires telecommunications for carrying on
their work and the dependence on the
telecommunication industry is increasing

A career in this sector requires high level of
project management skills. This sector can
be divided into wired and wireless, satellite,
other telecom providers and even the cable

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Description: Telecommunications is one of the most happening industries in the present context. Thousands of people are hired every year across the globe. And if one has the required educational qualification they can easily become a part of this rapidly growing industry.