Kyle Pendergrass: 2L at the University of San Diego School of Law

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					STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                  1. 800.973.1177

                           Kyle Pendergrass: 2L at the University of San Diego
                           School of Law
                           [By Rebecca Unzicker]
                           Mentoring has been a pursuit of Kyle Pendergrass’ since third grade when he began tutoring first graders in math. Trained
                           by his family at a tender age to give back to the larger community, Pendergrass has been involved in the University District
                           Food Bank, Toys for Tots , Relay for Life Cancer Walk , NASA High School Outreach , Habitat for Humanity, 2000
                           Hands Project, and the Kiwanis. While an undergrad at the University of Washington, he was a Husky Ambassador and
                           volunteered with the Kids Invent Toys day camp. At one time, Pendergrass mentored high school students in building a
                           robot that placed in the nation’s top 8% in a national robotics competition called For Inspiration and Recognition of Science
                           and Technology (FIRST).

“It’s just inherent in my personality,”            area high schools, encouraging students            fortunate to eventually enable themselves
Pendergrass said, regarding mentoring.             to set and achieve goals and to pursue             and to let them know that others care about
“I appreciate it when someone does it for          higher education. He also took on extra            them, he said.
me, and I just generally understand how            responsibilities as editor of the weekly
beneficial it is.”                                 newsletter, facilitated social events and          Another role model for Pendergrass is his
                                                   meetings, and coordinated the volunteer            96-year-old grandmother who volunteers
Now a second-year student at the University        activities. He also collected canned goods on      at the local retirement community in her
of San Diego School of Law, Pendergrass,           Halloween.                                         hometown of Colfax, WA.
26, also works as a patent agent at Cooley
Godward Kronish, LLP, where he expects             Citing his family, friends, and colleagues
to practice after law school. Having               as role models, Pendergrass also admires
selected the firm in large part based on           various historical figures who promoted
their commitment to pro bono work in the           human dignity and respect for others
community, Pendergrass plans to do pro             along with individual social responsibility.
bono legal work in addition to practicing          Community outreach groups enable the less
                                                                                                      “The funny thing is, she enjoys it,”
patent law.
                                                   Q. What do you do for fun?                         Pendergrass said. “She is the one who
                                                   A. Visit with family and friends. Hang out at      should be served, and she is doing the
“It’s always been a concern of mine to have
                                                   the beach. Read.                                   serving. She just enjoys it.”
an opportunity to give back,” Pendergrass
                                                   Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?         “Volunteering was just always apparent
                                                   A. I primarily listen to my iPod-I’m a big
                                                                                                      in my family,” he added. “My mother and
According to Pendergrass, volunteer work           fan of Johnny Cash.
                                                                                                      father opened my eyes to other opportunities
was modeled often and early in his family.
                                                                                                      outside of our middle-class life.”
When he participated in Habitat for Humanity       Q. What is the last magazine you read?
in grade school, it was at his mother’s            A. National Geographic Adventure
                                                                                                      According to Pendergrass, the most
urging, and they participated together,            magazine
                                                                                                      meaningful activities he has been able
building a home for a working mother and
                                                   Q. What is your favorite TV show?                  to participate in are those that involve
her children. In high school, Pendergrass          A. Arrested Development on Fox (now                mentoring youth. He said he enjoys
was a Husky Ambassador, giving speeches            cancelled)                                         encouraging them to attempt and achieve
to Seattle-area high schools and taking
                                                                                                      their goals, listening to their perspectives,
telephone calls from high school students.         Q. Who is your role model?
                                                                                                      and helping them realize their potential.
He also volunteered for the Kids Invest Toys       A. My family, my friends, my colleagues,
day camp.                                          and historical figures.
                                                                                                      “I enjoy helping them demystify the
                                                                                                      challenges they face,” he said. “I think
                                                   Q. What is something most people don’t
While a NASA undergraduate student                                                                    it’s important to help younger people
                                                   know about you?
researcher at the Johnson Space Center in                                                             advance their lives in positive directions-
                                                   A. ??? I’m transparent.
Houston, Pendergrass spoke with Houston-

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                            1. 800.973.1177

it’s beneficial to society at large to promote   he terms the “convergence of technology,       On The neT
obtainable and satisfying achievement.”          business, and law.”
                                                                                                University of San Diego School of Law
“Experiences like these have always kept me      “Patent law is a great fit,” he said. “IP/
grounded,” he added.                             patent attorneys are continuously introduced
                                                 to cutting-edge technology. They assist        Cooley Godward Kronish LLP

Planning to practice intellectual property/      clients in achieving commercial success

patent law after graduation, Pendergrass         by obtaining and managing their IP. They
                                                                                                Kiwanis International
chose those areas of law because of what         enable clients to make legal decisions.”


Description: Kyle Pendergrass Is A Second Year Student At The University Of San Diego School Of Law And Also Work As A Patent Agent. He Has Been Involved In University District Food Bank, 2000 Hands Project And Habitat For Humanity.
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