How to Teach Writing Across the Curriculum - DOC by P-TaylorFrancisI


Now in an updated second edition How to Teach Writing Across the Curriculum: Ages 6-8 provides a range of practical suggestions for teaching non-fiction writing skills and linking them to children's learning across the entire curriculum. Providing a number of suggestions for teachers and putting emphasis on creative approaches to teaching children writing in diverse and innovative ways, it provides:Techniques for using speaking and listening, drama and games to prepare for writing Suggestions for the use of cross-curricular learning as a basis for writing Planning frameworks and 'skeletons' to promote thinking skillsInformation on key language features of non-fiction texts Examples of non-fiction writing Guidance on the process of creating writing from note-makingWith new hints and tips for teachers and suggestions for reflective practice, How to Teach Writing Across the Curriculum: Ages 6-8 will equip teachers with all the skills and materials needed to create enthusiastic non-fiction writers in their primary classroom.

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