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3 Processes to Watch PowerPoint Presentation on HTC Windows Phone 8X


Methods to help users play PowerPoint on HTC 8X by converting PowerPiont to HTC 8X video with the help of PPT to HTC 8X converters like Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

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									3 Processes to Watch PowerPoint Presentation on HTC Windows

Phone 8X

Along with successful Android tools such as HTC Butterfly J, HTC

turns out to be a prominent mobile maker. By working with

extraordinary Windows 8 mobiles such as HTC 8X, the cellular

supplier is attempting to get more marketplace earnings. Crafted

seeing as a decent Windows mobile, HTC 8X needs to deal with

Lumia 920 mobile for the control in Windows 8 device sector.

Seeing as a born market winner, HTC 8X owns a big screen with

screen resolution of 1280x720, 8-megapixel backside digital camera,

fast dual-core processor chip, durable battery power and even

16GB inserted storage. Moreover, the Beast Audio, which claims

heavy bass voice and also sharp audio, gets HTC 8X an attractive

music player and the reasonable sale price assists the HTC Windows

cell phone take part in the group of low-priced smartphones.

"Exactly how can I Watch PPT on HTC 8X?" Powered by a Windows

based system, HTC 8X can get access to Office Mobile. As a result,

enjoying PowerPoint on HTC 8X is simply a simple task. Whenever

enjoying PowerPoint file on HTC 8X with Office Mobile, the tested

app may bring hidden challenges such as the loss of initial animated
effects of the PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, end users

always need to find out other flawless methods to play PowerPoint

on HTC 8X.

A good technique to aid end users play PPT on HTC 8X is to

transform PowerPoint to HTC 8X film. The transformation not

merely gets PowerPoint suitable for HTC 8X, but additionally retains

the animated effects of the PPT file. Therefore, to assist end users

watch PowerPoint on HTC 8X, three approaches on transforming

PowerPoint to HTC 8X film shall be coated in this post.

Method One: Turn PowerPoint to WMV movie

Is it possible to turn PowerPoint to film for HTC 8X while not

seeking advices from HTC 8X conversion software? Due to the fact

that WMV film is backed by HTC 8X, end users need to turn the

PowerPoint to a WMV film with the help of PowerPoint 2010. Even

though the transformation process may call for long response time

and even major CPU occupancy rate, it is more than a feasible plus

easy method to aid users watch PowerPoint on HTC 8X. By clicking

on "Save As" option in the list of "File", consumers can save the

PowerPoint presentation as a WMV film.
Method 2: Transform PowerPoint to AVI

Given that AVI film turns out to be in the accessible to HTC 8X, the

transformation approach from PowerPoint to AVI film is going to

allow consumers to view PPT on HTC 8X. To deal with the

transformation, users are required to transform the PowerPoint

slides to images and after that transform the images to AVI film

with the help of Ulead GIF Animator 5. For that reason, this

particular technique is an indirect approach to help end users deal

with the transformation from PPT to HTC 8X film.

Step 1: Wide open PowerPoint 2007, input the PowerPoint

presentation and then simply click "Save As" choice in the list to

keep the PowerPoint pages as PNG pictures.

Step Two: Acquire and also establish Ulead GIF Animator 5, open it

and also input the picture of first slide utilizing "Open Image…"

alternative in the list of "File". And then simply click "Frame" key

and select "Add Frame" alternative to input the photos of the slides

as frames. Next establish the transition time of each PowerPoint

Step 3: Then, click "File" option, go for "Save As" alternative and

after that pick "Video File…" to set the output data file as AVI film.

The Third Method: Convert PPT to MP4 film

The default films recorded by HTC 8X are usually MP4 films. As a

result, MP4 appears to be a advised format for HTC 8X film. Seeing

as the closing but not the most insignficant way, end users can have

fun with PPT file on HTC 8X just after converting the PowerPoint to

a MP4 film. To process the transformation approach, an amazing

PPT to HTC 8X conversion software such as Moyea PPT to Video

Converter can be remarkably wanted.

Step 1: Save and also release Moyea PPT to Video Converter, an

amazing device designed to manage the transformation from

PowerPoint to HTC 8X film.

Step Two: Open the convsersion program, click "Add" symbol to

input the PowerPoint for further transformation.

Step 3: To ensure they are allowed to view the modified
PowerPoint presentation on HTC 8X, end users need to arrange the

output data file as a MP4 film in the list of "Profile".

Step 4: Click on "Settings" option to get into Profile screen where a

variety of video parameters are provided. And then turn the PPT to

a good HTC 8X film by specifying the video measurement as

"1280x800", and also video codec as "H.264".

The Fifth Step: Soon after all of the measures, mouse click "Start"

option to begin the approach of transforming PPT to HTC 8X film. As

the transformation halts, end users can enjoy PowerPoint on HTC

8X freely.

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