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                        Berkshire United Way

         2011 Annual Report
              EDUCATION/Helping Children and Families Succeed
              EMPLOYMENT/Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

            THE COMMUNITY ASPIRATION: Making Berkshire County a community of
            hope and opportunity where every individual and family lives, works and

            OUR MISSION: Improving the quality of life in Berkshire County by
            mobilizing resources to address community priorities and create
            sustainable change.
                        Berkshire United WayBerkshire United Way
                          FYE and Population Served
                 Service Area 2010-11 Service Area, Population Served and Funded Partners
                         by Funded25 Partners, 45 Programs in 26 Communities
                                                New           8
                                              Ashford                                  Savoy                  Barrington Stage Company
                                        Hancock                                         17                    Berkshire Children and Families, Inc.
                                                                                                              Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC)
                                                                                                              Berkshire Compact for Education
                                       23                                        Windsor                      Berkshire County Arc
                                                    136                              61                       Berkshire County Chapter - American Red Cross
                                                                  Dalton                                      Berkshire County Kids’ Place and Violence Prevention Center
                                             Pittsfield        1,206                                          Berkshire County Regional Employment Board, Inc. (BCREB)
                                              6,911                 Hinsdale                                  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berkshire County
                                                                       118        Peru                        Boys’ & Girls’ Club of Pittsfield, Inc.
                             Richmond                                              241                        Brien Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
                                  69        Lenox                                                             Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity
                                             297           Washington                                         Child Care of the Berkshires, Inc.
                       West                                  20                                               Construct, Inc.
                    Stockbridge                                                                               Dalton Community Recreation Association
                               Stockbridge           Lee                                                      Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc.
                             61                   1,049                  Becket                               Elizabeth Freeman Center
                      38                                                     131                              Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center, Inc.
                                                    Tyringham                                                 Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.
                                Great                       18                                                Lee Youth Association
                              Barrington                              110     Otis                            Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County
                 42             1,492            Monterey                                                     Pediatric Development Center Inc.
                                                       33                                                     Pittsfield Family YMCA
                                                                                                              Railroad Street Youth Project
                                                  35           Sandisfield                                    The Salvation Army of Pittsfield
           Mount    Sheffield
         Washington                            New
                              254           Marlborough             19

                                   Numbers represent town residents served during FYE 6/30/11
   Numbers represent town residents served as reported by funded partners for programs during FYE 6/30/11. Not all   as reported by funded partners. Not all programs
                                   were able to
   agencies were able to provide town-by-town data.provide town-by-town data.

Cover Photo: A volunteer team takes a break from brush- and trail-clearing work at Muddy Brook Elementary School in Great Barrington during Berkshire United
Way’s Day of Caring on September 15, 2011.

John Bissell, Chair
Greylock Federal Credit Union

Michael E Barbieri, Vice Chair
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank

Paul H Bruce, Treasurer
Legacy Banks                                                                                                   Berkshire United Way
Ruth Blodgett, Clerk
Berkshire Health Systems

Joseph G Bolus
Berkshire Life, a Guardian Company

Michael F Bullock
Berkshire Community College

Brenda Burdick
General Dynamics Advanced Information
Systems                                  Dear Friends,
Gerard Burke
Hillcrest Educational Centers            For the last two years we have partnered to lead Berkshire United Way during a time of significant
Gail Colantoni                           organizational transition. Working with the community we defined community goals around
Marian Fathers                           education and employment – not surprising, since research shows that education is the key to
Churchill Cotton                         secure employment, which leads to economic security. We implemented and continue to fine
Berkshire Life, a Guardian Company
                                         tune a competitive funding process to ensure our investments are directed to organizations most
M Janet Dohoney
Fairview Hospital                        aligned with these goals and able to measure the impact of their programs. As a result of this
                                         work and with your support, during FYE June 30, 2011, we were able to invest in 45 programs
Howard Eberwein III
Pittsfield Public Schools                through 25 agencies that impacted nearly 20,000 lives in Berkshire County. We’ve included a
Christine Ludwiszewski                   sampling of outcomes achieved through these programs beginning on page 1.
S. Berkshire Chamber of Commerce
                                         And because we know that real community change takes more than a series of individual
Denise Marshall
South Adams Savings Bank                 programs, we’ve also invested as a key partner and catalyst in specific initiatives:
Kenneth Myers
Kushi & Myers PC                             •	   Berkshire Priorities
June Roy-Martin                              •	   Early Childhood Think Tank
Quality Printing Company

Mark L Selkowitz                             •	   Pittsfield Prevention Partnership
True North Insurance Agency
                                             •	   Mass 2-1-1
Peter Stasiowski
Interprint, Inc.
                                             •	   Emergency Food and Shelter Program
Carter White
Community Volunteer                          •	   Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative
Michael J Wynn
Pittsfield Police Department                 •	   Berkshire Benchmarks
                                         All of these initiatives are focused around our key goals and involve broader collaborations,
Kristine Hazzard                         resource sharing and new and thoughtful ways of building support to create lasting social change
President and CEO
                                         in our community. For example, we need to drive down alarmingly high teen pregnancy rates
Nina Garlington
Director - Resource Development          and break the cycle of poverty and poor outcomes for young mothers and their children. We
Cheryl Odell Kendig
                                         also need to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early education in order to lay the
Director - Finance and Administration    foundation for a successful future. Details about these initiatives start on page 7.
Nancy Stoll
Director - Community Engagement and      None of this work would be possible without the remarkable dedication and support of our
Evaluation                               individual, corporate and foundation donors and volunteers who truly LIVE UNITED by showing
Maryanne Boenitz                         what it means to give, advocate and volunteer. It’s the collective power of Berkshire United Way,
Coordinator - Volunteers and Resource
Development                              other organizations, professionals, and members of our community that will lead to success in
Karen Cole                               creating dramatic and sustainable improvements here in the Berkshires.
Coordinator - Pittsfield Prevention
Partnership                              We thank you and hope you’ll take a moment to look through this report and learn more about
Julie Craumer                            our work and results over the last fiscal year.
Coordinator - Information Systems and

Rae Langsdale
Office Assistant

Bob Lee
Senior Campaign Volunteer
                                                  John Bissell                                              Kristine Hazzard
Marcia Parnell                                    Board Chair                                               President and CEO
Coordinator - Marketing/Communications

Jonah Slattery
Executive Assistant
     OUR GOAL: Helping Children and Families Succeed
      OUTCOME: All Children Arrive at Kindergarten Ready to Learn
      Invested $710,693 in 15 programs serving 5,025 children
      Early Education and Care                                                         Percent of Pre-School Aged Children Enrolled
      75% demonstrate effective social relationships and interpersonal skills             in an Early Education Program in 2009
      78% have documented intellectual growth                                          80.0%
      98% show alphabet awareness                                                      70.0%
      87% write letters and words                                                      50.0%

      75% have age appropriate language and cognitive skills                           40.0%

      Family Literacy                                                                  20.0%

      41% of parents communicate with children’s teacher                               10.0%
      41% of parents now know how to access services                                                    State            Berkshire County

                                                                                       Source: Early Education for All
      Therapeutic Services for Victims of Abuse/Trauma
      98% of children gained an improved sense of emotional and physical safety
      87% of children increased their self-care skills

      OUTCOME: All Young Adults Successfully Transition to Work, Higher Education or Training
      Invested $463,764 in 17 programs serving 8,303 young adults
      Youth Substance Abuse Prevention
      9% self-reported reduction in substance use                                                 MEET COLIN.
      Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development
      23% reduced risk-taking behaviors
      15% improved school attendance
      28% improved self esteem and ability to handle life’s crises
      85% youth say they’re more likely to act against abuse
      84% improved in problem solving and critical thinking skills

      College Readiness                                                         Colin was raised by his single mother who suffered from
                                                                                substance abuse and other issues. During his early teens,
      89% say college visits impacted their decision to attend college          she was often either high or incarcerated. By age 14 he
      54% showed improved class test scores                                     had started drinking alcohol and was involved in other
                                                                                risky behaviors. He learned about Barrington Stage Com-
      74% reported increased engagement in school                               pany’s Playwright Mentoring Program at school and joined
      65% of at-risk/disabled youth increased educational attainment            the program. Working with students with similar issues
                                                                                in a program that teaches them to share their stories and
                                                                                respond to the difficulties in their lives through theater
                                                                                helped him to re-focus on positive behaviors and establish
                                                                                goals for himself. He graduated from high school in June,
                                                                                has enlisted in the National Guard, and plans to attend col-
                                                                                lege when he completes his military commitment.

    OUR GOAL: Promoting Financial Stability and Independence
        OUTCOME: All Individuals are Empowered to Define and Achieve their Goals for
        Financial Independence and Career Success
       Invested $151,250 in 6 programs serving 1,282 individuals
       Job Skills/Apprenticeships
       100% learned a marketable skill
        20% obtained a job
        47% of newly employed retained job for a minimum of six months

       Financial Literacy
       100% developed and maintained a budget for at least 90 days

       Reading, Writing and English Proficiency
       33% improved test scores
       Berkshire United Way Day of Caring volunteers assisted in home construction at Habitat for Humanity’s site on Lincoln Street in
       Pittsfield in September 2010. Berkshire United Way also invested in Habitat’s “Building for Tomorrow” program, which was funded in
       collaboration with Berkshire Community Action Council. The program provides financial education, case management and mentoring
       to families to help put them in a position to obtain traditional home ownership or a Habitat home.

     OUR GOAL: Meeting Basic Needs
         OUTCOME: Individuals Move from a Safety Net of Services to Independently
         Meeting Their Own Needs and Managing Family Resources
         Invested $306,600 in 7 programs serving 5,163 individuals
         Emergency Housing/Shelter
         59% of those who accessed permanent housing
         retained it for 3-12 months                                                     Berkshire County Families in Poverty
         Nutrition and Food Pantry Support                                  35%
         32% of households were screened for and obtained                   30%                                                                   2010

         SNAP (food stamps)                                                 25%                                                                   2009
         259,078 meals were provided by Meals on Wheels                     20%
                                                                            15%                                                                   2007
         2,723 individuals were served a hot, nutritious meal               10%                                                                   2006

         on site                                                             5%

         15,147 meals were provided by a local food pantry                   0%
                                                                                    All families   With children under 18 With children under 5
                                                                                                            years              years only

                                                                            Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2011                                                                                                                               2
LEADERS IN GIVING - July 2010 through June 2011 Campaign
The                                               Tim and Leslie O’Brien
                                                  SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                                                                     United Parcel Service                              Gina and Darren Birchall
                                                                                                                                                        Berkshire Life, a Guardian
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jeffrey and Brenda Noble
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hill Engineers Architects
Tocqueville Society                               Onyx Specialty Papers Inc                          Tower $3,000 - $4,999
                                                                                                                                                        Company                                           Planners Inc

                                                                                                     Gregory and Michelle Adams                         John and Melissa Bissell                          Pat and Jack O'Brien
                                                  The Petricca Family                                                                                   Greylock Federal Credit Union                     Crescent Creamery Inc
La Societe Nationale                                                                                 SABIC Innovative Plastics
$100,000 - $249,999                               David and Madeline Phelps                          Berkshire Gas Company                              Kelly Blau                                        Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
                                                  Berkshire Medical Center
Josephine and Louise Crane                                                                                                                              Paul and Kimberly Bruce                           Gary and Arlene Schiff
Foundation Inc                                                                                       Ruth Blodgett and David Crane
                                                  Pittsfield Cooperative Bank                        Berkshire Health Systems                                                                             TD Wealth Management / Jewish
                                                                                                                                                        Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires                    Federation of the Berkshires
                                                  Sheffield Plastics Inc
Ordre de Fraternite                                                                                  Susan L Brate
                                                                                                                                                        Eric J Carlson                                    Naveena Shastri
                                                                                                     SABIC Innovative Plastics
$75,000 - $99,999                                 Len** and Marion Simon
                                                  Elephant Rock Foundation
                                                                                                                                                        Carlson Propane                                   SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                                                                     Peter A and Robin Buratto
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                                                                           SABIC Innovative Plastics                          Dr Paul C and Janet M Carter                      Tom and Betsy Sherman
Company                                           Patrick and Debra Sullivan                                                                                                                              RBC Wealth Management
                                                  Berkshire Bank                                     Christine and Tack Burbank                         William and Donna Chandler
Berkshire Bank Foundation                                                                                                                               Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        Denise E Stevens
                                                  TD Bank Charitable Foundation                      Jerry and Kate Burke                               Company                                           SABIC Innovative Plastics
Ordre de Liberte                                  Robert A and Claudia E Wells
                                                                                                     Hillcrest Educational Centers
                                                                                                                                                        Paul and Susan Clark                              Stevenson & Company
$25,000 - $49,999                                                                                    David F Capeless Esq                               Raymond James and Associates
                                                  Western Mass Electric Company                      Berkshire County District                                                                            Richard and Jane Sullivan
Charles and Kerry Crew                                                                               Attorney's Office                                  Gregory Coscia                                    Legacy Banks
SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                                                                                               SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Beacon $5,000 - $9,999                             John and Liz Cifu                                                                                    Michael and Dianne Supranowicz
Honorable John** and Mrs Jane                                                                        Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Drs Marjorie Devries and Joseph                   Berkshire Chamber of Commerce /
Fitzpatrick                                       Berkshire Eagle*                                   Company                                            Kravitz                                           Legacy Banks
Blantyre/Country Curtains/
Housatonic Curtains/The Red                       Berkshire Health Systems*                          Crescent Creamery Inc                              Susanne M Dombkowski                              Jack and Joanne Thomas
Lion Inn                                                                                                                                                General Dynamics - Advanced
                                                  Larry and Kelly Bird and Family                    General Electric Company                           Information Systems                               Pamela and Ralph Young
Greylock Federal Credit Union*                    SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                                                                     Joseph K and Mary Jane Handler                     Alice W Field                                     Carlo E Zaffanella
John** and Chara Haas                             William and Martha Booth                                                                                                                                General Dynamics - Advanced
                                                  Country Curtains Inc                               Douglas and Susan Happ                             Dr and Mrs John Galt                              Information Systems
The Legacy Banks Foundation                                                                                                                             Berkshire Eye Center
                                                  Kathy and David deCastro                           Interprint Inc                                                                                       Anonymous
                                                  The Hartford Financial Services                                                                       Emil and Lisa George
Membres de la Societe                             Group Inc                                          Judith R Kapernaros                                George DeGregorio Massimiano &                    Anonymous
                                                                                                                                                        McCarthy, PC                                      Onyx Specialty Papers Inc
$10,000 - $24,999                                 Gordon Dinsmore
                                                                                                     SABIC Innovative Plastics
Charlene Begley                                   Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Liberty Mutual - Give With Liberty                 Cynthia Hashim                                    Anonymous
General Electric Company                          Company                                                                                               SABIC Innovative Plastics                         SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                                                                     John and Nancy Lindsay
Berkshire Charity Auto Functions                  Nancy Fitzpatrick and                                                                                 George and Marilyn Haus
                                                  Lincoln Russell                                    Christopher Mathews
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Peak $1,000 - $1,999
Ruth P** and Nicholas Boraski                     The Red Lion Inn                                   Onyx Specialty Papers Inc                          Paul J and Maureen Hickey                         John and Cindy Abokhair
Retiree, General Electric Company                                                                                                                                                                         SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Robert J Fox                                       National Grid                                      Hill Engineers Architects
Braus Family Foundation                           SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                                             Planners Inc                                      Richard and Cathleen Aldrich
                                                                                                     Marcia and Daniel Parnell                                                                            Salisbury Bank & Trust
Crane & Co                                        Laurie Gallagher                                   Berkshire United Way                               Michael Hoffman
                                                  SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                                             TD Bank                                           Robert M and Coleen Allessio
Robert M Curley                                                                                      Raymond James and Associates                                                                         Berkshire Gas Company
Berkshire Bank                                    General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                           Dan Hogan
                                                  Information Systems*                               Kevin P Riley                                      General Dynamics - Advanced                       Carl Amick
J Williar and Susan Dunlaevy                                                                         Berkshire Bank                                     Information Systems                               Berkshire Life, a Guardian Company
Legacy Banks                                      GL&V
                                                                                                     Cynthia and Gregory Roberts                        Michael Richard Hopsicker                         Jay and Karen Anderson
Dr Armand V Feigenbaum                            Lawrence and Kristine Hazzard                      SABIC Innovative Plastics                          Ray Murray Inc                                    Pittsfield Cooperative Bank
General Systems Company Inc                       Berkshire Life, a Guardian
                                                  Company / Berkshire United Way                     Michael Tweed-Kent                                 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort*                      Suzanne C Arnholter
Dr Donald S Feigenbaum                                                                               General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                          Berkshire Bank
General Systems Company Inc                       Mr and Mrs James H Maxymillian                     Information Systems                                David and Suzanne Klausmeyer
                                                  J H Maxymillian Inc                                                                                                                                     Dennis Arseneau
G Felda and Dena M Hardymon                                                                          Wheeler & Taylor Insurance Agency Teddi Laurin                                                       General Electric Company
                                                  The Johnson Dealerships*                                                             Laurin Publishing Company Inc
Lawrence and Rosemary Harnett                                                                        John A Wood                                                                                          Richard A Bacon
SABIC Innovative Plastics                         Josh Billings RunAground                           SABIC Innovative Plastics         Bob and Elaine Lee                                                 SABIC Innovative Plastics
John F Krenicki Jr and Donna M                    Laurin Publishing Company Inc                      Anonymous                                          Christine Ludwiszewski and                        Henry J Bailly Sr
Krenicki                                                                                                                                                Greig Siedor                                      Berkshire Bank
                                                  Philip J McAvoy                                    Anonymous                                          Southern Berkshire Chamber of
Lee Bank*                                         Country Curtains Inc                               Onyx Specialty Papers Inc                          Commerce                                          John and Kathleen Barber
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Petricca Industries Inc / Elder
David and Susan Lombard                           MINTEQ/Specialty Minerals                          Anonymous                                          Jack, Sam and Jake Lyons                          Services of Berkshire County
                                                                                                     SABIC Innovative Plastics
Denise and Howard Marshall                        Ken and Nancy Sewall                                                                                  Brigid A Makes                                    Michael and Michelle Barbieri
South Adams Savings Bank /                                                                                                                                                                                Pittsfield Cooperative Bank
Flynn VW Audi BMW                                 Marilyn and Steve Sperling                         Summit $2,000 $2,999                               Joan and Martin Messinger
                                                  Greylock Federal Credit Union                                                                                                                           Brian Bastuba
Mildred Elley                                                                                        The Barrington Foundation, Inc                     Beth and Monty Mitchell                           SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Stop & Shop Company Inc                                                                               General Dynamics - Advanced
The Murray Family                                                                                                                                       Information Systems / Charles                     Allison and Mark Bedard
                                                  Benjamin J Sullivan Sr                                                                                Stark Draper Laboratory Inc                       Adelson Moynihan Kowalczyk PC /
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Crescent Creamery Inc
All SABIC donor levels include company match amount *Donors whose donation is all or in part in-kind **Berkshire United Way sadly mourns the passing of a devoted community supporter
Listings represent pledges for 12-month period from 07/01/2010 to 06/30/2011. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we apologize for any errors/omissions. Please contact BUW at 413.442.6948 with any questions.

        LIVE and DINE UNITED: Restaurant Days was celebrated
        during the month of April 2011. When patrons dined
        at one of 25 restaurants on its participating day, a
        portion of their check was donated to Berkshire United
        Way. “We appreciate the opportunity to give back to
        the community – doing well by doing good is what we
        are all about,” said Perigee restaurant owner Dawn
        LaRochelle. Live 95.9 and the Berkshire Eagle were
        media sponsors. Quality Printing supplied the posters.

Christopher M and Luanne Bednar                   C Jeffrey and Judith Cook
General Dynamics - Advanced                       Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook
Information Systems
                                                  Churchill and Patricia Cotton
Charlie and Claire Bercury                        Berkshire Life, a Guardian
Greylock Federal Credit Union                     Company / Target

Maryanne K Boenitz                                Douglas and Elizabeth Crane
Berkshire United Way                              Crane & Co / The Brien Center

Lori Borelli                                      Thomas R Creed
SABIC Innovative Plastics                         Berkshire Bank

Mark A Bourne                                     Shelley and Gary Crippa
SABIC Innovative Plastics                         Berkshire County District Attorney's
                                                  Office / Berkshire Community Action
Austin and Lynda Brazee                           Council
Brazee & Huban, CPAs /
Berkshire Medical Center                          Rosemary C Crosier

David and Donna Bruce                             Shaun and Tracy Cusson
Lee Bank                                          Hillcrest Educational Centers

Brenda Burdick                                    Kirk and Brenda Daehling
General Dynamics - Advanced                       Specialty Minerals                                 Michael and Ellen Eagan                           Gregory Hammond                                    Matthew and Jennifer Kerwood
Information Systems                                                                                  General Dynamics - Advanced                       SABIC Innovative Plastics                          Town of Richmond / Berkshire
                                                  Nelson and Ruth Darling                            Information Systems                                                                                  Community College
Carolyn Mower Burns                                                                                                                                    Dr John Hanson and Dorothy
Berkshire Children and Families                   Justin Davies                                      Dr Howard J Eberwein III and                      Murphy-Hanson                                      William B and Marilyn Kirby
                                                  SABIC Innovative Plastics                          Lareina M Higuera                                                                                    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
David and Teresa Buttelman                                                                           Pittsfield Public Schools /                       Peter Harrison
Specialty Minerals                                Ronald and Jayne DeAngelis                         Berkshire Medical Center                          Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Judy and John Kittredge
                                                  Petricca Industries Inc                                                                              Company
George M Candelet                                                                                    Robert and Cheryl Ericson                                                                            Cori and Bob Knightly
SABIC Innovative Plastics                         Deborah C Delaney                                                                                    Louann Harvey                                      SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Berkshire Medical Center                           Lance R Faniel                                    Berkshire Bank
Charlene and Michael J Caritey                                                                       Berkshire Life, a Guardian                                                                           Rick and Carolyn Koch
SABIC Innovative Plastics /                       Eugene Dellea                                      Company                                           Charles and Joanne Hessler
Berkshire County Arc                              Berkshire Health Systems                                                                             General Dynamics - Advanced                        Don and Lisa Kuczarski
                                                                                                     Michael and Mary Fazio                            Information Systems / Berkshire                    Pittsfield Cooperative Bank
Robert and Carolyn Coco                           William DeMarco                                    Greylock Federal Credit Union                     Medical Center
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        Berkshire Medical Center                                                                                                                                Kevin and Edna Kuliga
Company / Berkshire County Arc                                                                       Michael Ferry                                     Marc and Jennifer Hodgson                          GL&V
                                                  Dery Funeral Homes Inc                             Berkshire Bank                                    Specialty Minerals
Timothy and Sharon Coe                                                                                                                                                                                    Raymond and Elaine Kushi Jr
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        George and Kathy Desmarais                         David Field                                       Andrew S Hogeland                                  Kushi & Myers PC
Company                                                                                              Interprint Inc                                    SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Sandra and Frank Dignard                                                                                                                                Debbie and Allen Kushnet
Luis M Coelho                                     Country Curtains Inc                               Susan M Fitzgerald                                David Jackim                                       Greylock Federal Credit Union
General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                          SABIC Innovative Plastics                         SABIC Innovative Plastics
Information Systems                               Daniel and Linda Dillon                                                                                                                                 Nancy and Gary Lamoureaux
                                                  Greylock Federal Credit Union                      John C and Elizabeth Fontaine                     JC Penney*
David Cohen                                                                                                                                                                                               Frederick A and Ellen F Lantz
United Parcel Service                             John and Judy DiSantis*                            Paul A Fortini                                    Cassius and Paula Johnson                          Berkshire County District
                                                  Qualprint                                          Raymond James and Associates                      Berkshire Medical Center                           Attorney’s Office / Herberg Middle
Leonard and Ileen Cohen                                                                                                                                                                                   School
Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook                      M Janet Dohoney                                    King and Debbie Francis                           Mr and Mrs William C Jones
                                                  Fairview Hospital                                  Wells Fargo Bank                                  Berkshire Health Systems                           Dr Anne and Peter Larkin
W Kelly and Deborah B Collins Jr
Colt Insurance Agency                             Gilbert and Norma d'Oliveira                       Dr and Mrs Ellis M Fribush                        Mr and Mrs Howard Kaufman                          William and Marilyn Larkin

CompuWorks*                                       Christopher and Patricia Doyle                     Nina and Peter Garlington                         Robert and Kathleen Keegan                         Lynne Lavinio
                                                  The Brien Center / Berkshire                       Berkshire United Way /                            Crescent Creamery Inc                              Berkshire Medical Center
Gwen and Tom Connolly                             Medical Center                                     Interprint Inc
Berkshire Country Day School                                                                                                                           John and Kathy Keenan                              Gerald and Michelle Lee
                                                  Dennis D Duff                                      Elizabeth M Gore                                  Crane & Co                                         City of Pittsfield
Sean and Debra Connors                            Sheffield Plastics Inc                             Berkshire Bank
Berkshire Medical Center                                                                                                                               Diane and John Kelly                               James LeGacy
                                                  Thomas Dunton                                      Sam and Heather Graham                            Berkshire Medical Center                           SABIC Innovative Plastics
Steven and Lisa Conroy                            SABIC Innovative Plastics                          SABIC Innovative Plastics
Hillcrest Educational Centers                                                                                                                          Ellen Kennedy                                      Dr Eugene and Augusta Leibowitz
                                                  Alexander P Durant                                 Drs Richard Greene and Lindsay                    Berkshire Community College
James and Karen Consolati                         SABIC Innovative Plastics                          Crampton-Greene                                                                                      Mrs Ann Levine
Berkshire Life, a Guardian

All SABIC donor levels include company match amount *Donors whose donation is all or in part in-kind **Berkshire United Way sadly mourns the passing of a devoted community supporter
Listings represent pledges for 12-month period from 07/01/2010 to 06/30/2011. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we apologize for any errors/omissions. Please contact BUW at 413.442.6948 with any questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             4
Paula M Lewis                                     Robert and Eileen Mercer                            Mr and Mrs Vern Palen                             William Russell                                   Target
Berkshire Bank                                    Berkshire Life, a Guardian                          J H Maxymillian, Inc                              SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Company                                                                                                                                                 Christopher Tassone
Leonard and Elaine Lipton                                                                             Drs Fred and Elaine Panitz                        John Ryall and Lori Flynn                         United Parcel Service
Lipton Energy                                     Arthur and Sara Milano                                                                                SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                  Berkshire Heath Systems /                           Tracy Perkins                                                                                       John E Toole
Colleen M Lussier                                 HospiceCare in the Berkshires                       SABIC Innovative Plastics                         John S Rys and Kathleen A Rys                     LV Toole Insurance
TD Wealth Management                                                                                                                                    Phillips
                                                  Joseph D Miller                                     Maureen Phillips                                  Greylock Federal Credit Union                     Lee F Trapp
Rick MacDowell                                    SABIC Innovative Plastics                           Greylock Federal Credit Union                                                                       Sheffield Plastics Inc
MINTEQ/Specialty Minerals                                                                                                                               Joseph and Christine Salek
                                                  Chip and Lori Moore                                 John and Donna Quallen                            Specialty Minerals                                Jim and Maryellen Tremblay
MacFarlane Office Products                        Greylock Federal Credit Union /                     General Dynamics - Advanced
                                                  Berkshire Medical Center                            Information Systems / Taconic                     Jan Salzer-Ogden and Elton Ogden                  John S and Barbara Tulloch
Wayne Mackenzie                                                                                       High School                                       Berkshire Medical Center /                        Western Mass Electric Company
SABIC Innovative Plastics                         Angela Motler                                                                                         Berkshire Housing Development
                                                  Legacy Banks                         Stephen and Allison Rada                                                                                           Marjorie and Ed VanDyke
John MacVeigh                                                                          Sheffield Plastics Inc / Community Dr and Mrs Stuart H Sandrew
Interprint Inc                                    David W Murphy Sr                    Health Programs                                                                                                    Dick and Shirley Whitehead
                                                                                                                          Joseph and Susan Santora
Macy’s                                            Gerry and Joanne Murray              Jodi Rathbun-Briggs                Legacy Banks                                                                    Ellen I Whittaker
                                                  Greylock Federal Credit Union        Greylock Federal Credit Union
Michael Makes and Esther Conolly                                                                                          Gary and Carol Scarafoni                                                        Michael J and Vicki Wynn
David J Tierney Jr Inc                            Ken and Lynn Myers                   Jeff and Pat Rayner                                                                                                Pittsfield Police Dept
                                                  Kushi & Myers PC / Pittsfield Public Wellesley Financial Group          Francis and Pamela Schultz
Brenda Manarchik                                  Schools                                                                 SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                       Louis and Maryann Yarmosky
SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                              Dr F Peter and Mary L Rentz
                                                  George D Nagelschmidt                                                   John W Schutack                                                                 Jeffrey A Yeager and
William Mannix                                    SABIC Innovative Plastics            Brenda A Reynolds                  United Parcel Service                                                           Laura H Rotenberg
General Electric Company                                                               General Electric Company                                                                                           Berkshire Life, a Guardian Company
                                                  Alan Nakamura                                                           Stuart Schwartz
Jay and Kelly Marion                              SABIC Innovative Plastics            Don and Marie Richardson           Mineral Technologies                                                            Karen and Richard Zink
Greylock Federal Credit Union /                                                        United Parcel Service / Taconic                                                                                    Berkshire Gas Company / Canyon
Gladys Allen Brigham Community                    Bruce Nayowith                       High School                        Bill and Martha Selke                                                           Ranch in the Berkshires
Center                                            Fairview Hospital
                                                                                       Tony and Wendy Rinaldi             Mark and Betsey Selkowitz                                                       Anonymous (8)
David M Markham                                   Paul and Julie Negrini               Berkshire Health Systems           True North Insurance Agency
General Dynamics - Advanced                       Pittsfield Cooperative Bank                                                                                                                             Anonymous
Information Systems                                                                    Rebecca and Matthew Riordan        Cecilia C Shea                                                                  Crescent Creamery Inc
                                                  Robert and Gretchen Niebauer         Country Curtains Inc               SABIC Innovative Plastics
Andrew A and Judith Matthews                      Crane & Co                                                                                                                                              Anonymous
                                                                                       Dick and Paula Rivers              Nancy A Sherman                                                                 Greylock Federal Credit Union
Theresa M McCoy                                   Richard and Dana Noble                                                  SABIC Innovative Plastics
The Berkshire Eagle                                                                    Darlene M and Robert M Rodowicz                                                                                    Anonymous
                                                  John P Northington                   Berkshire Medical Center           Cindy Shogry-Raimer                                                             Lee Bank
Mark and Sarah McKenna                            HSBC                                                                    Greylock Federal Credit Union
Legacy Banks                                                                           Thomas J and Dianne M Romeo                                                                                        Anonymous (5)
                                                  Chris and Gayle Norton               Berkshire Medical Center           David Sicker                                                                    SABIC Innovative Plastics
Jackie and John McNinch                           MINTEQ/Specialty Minerals                                               SABIC Innovative Plastics
Lee Bank                                                                               Laura Rosenthal                                                                                                    Anonymous
                                                  John and Anne O'Brien                Berkshire Life, a Guardian         Craig Smith and Virginia Stanton                                                Sheffield Plastics Inc
Kevin and Judy Mealey                             Crescent Creamery Inc                Company                            Smith
Berkshire Life, a Guardian
Company                                           William O'Connor                                    June Roy-Martin and John Martin                   Laura B Smith                                      Notch $750 - $999
                                                  Charles Stark Draper                                Qualprint                                         General Dynamics - Advanced
Drs Fred Mensch and Andrea                        Laboratory Inc                                                                                        Information Systems                                David Albert
Bodine                                                                                                Mayor James M Ruberto                                                                                Berkshire Medical Center
                                                                                                      City of Pittsfield                                Thomas J Stanley
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Timothy Armstrong
                                                                                                                                                        Mundi and Sydney Smithers                          The Brien Center
                                                                                                                                                        Cain Hibbard & Myers, PC
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Donald and Carol Atwater
                                                                                                                                                        Eric W and Joanne Sutherland                       Berkshire Community Action Council /
                                                                                                                                                        Spence                                             Laurin Publishing Company Inc
                                                                                                                                                        General Dynamics - Advanced
                                                                                                                                                        Information Systems / Dettinger                    George W Austin
                                                                                                                                                                                                           George Baldasarre
                                                                                                                                                        Diana Taft                                         Interprint Inc
                                                                                                                                                        United Parcel Service

                                                                                                                                                        EGREMONT EAGLES: Egremont Elementary School
                                                                                                                                                        fifth-graders raised $560 for Berkshire United
                                                                                                                                                        Way as part of their annual service project, which
                                                                                                                                                        focused on “Kids Helping Kids.” The Eagles
                                                                                                                                                        service club chose Berkshire United Way as the
                                                                                                                                                        recipient of their efforts “so that other kids in
                                                                                                                                                        the community can have access to heat, food
                                                                                                                                                        and great educational and physical programs.”
                                                                                                                                                        To raise funds, the Eagles made posters, visited
                                                                                                                                                        classrooms, and presented at a school assembly.

All SABIC donor levels include company match amount *Donors whose donation is all or in part in-kind **Berkshire United Way sadly mourns the passing of a devoted community supporter
Listings represent pledges for 12-month period from 07/01/2010 to 06/30/2011. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we apologize for any errors/omissions. Please contact BUW at 413.442.6948 with any questions.

Jason Baumgart                                     Butch and Mardi Fezzie                             Mary and Rene Manghue                             Daniel A Peterson
Interprint Inc                                     Berkshire Medical Center / TD                      Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        General Dynamics - Advanced
                                                   Wealth Management                                  Company / Reid Middle School                      Information Systems
Paula S Beck
Country Curtains Inc                               Dr Craig W Fischer DMD PC and                      Janine M Maschino                                 Joseph Petretta
                                                   Donna L Ferriere                                   Greylock Federal Credit Union                     SABIC Innovative Plastics
Berkshire Hills Coins & Antiques                   Berkshire Medical Center
                                                                                                      John Masten                                       Frances A Premerlani
Amber and Robert Bertolino                         Amy Fish                                           Greylock Federal Credit Union                     Berkshire Bank
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Housatonic Curtain Company
Company                                                                                               Kimberly Mathews                                  Sean Quinn
                                                   Ann F Fitzpatrick-Brown                            Legacy Banks                                      Berkshire Life, a Guardian
Best Buy                                           Blantyre                                                                                             Company
                                                                                                      Stacy McCann
Matthew S Burno                                    Gobel & Hollister                                  Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        Dwight H Reid
General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                           Company                                           Crane & Co
Information Systems                                Terrence and Mary Jane Hanlon
                                                   Stevenson & Company                                Ronald McCumber                                   Richard A Riedel
Christina M Busch                                                                                     General Dynamics - Advanced                       General Dynamics - Advanced
Berkshire Bank                                     William O Herrick                                  Information Systems                               Information Systems
                                                   Crescent Creamery Inc
Therese and Mike Callahan                                                                             Jeffrey M McFarland                               Roberts & Associates Realty
Berkshire Medical Center /                         Stephen P Hodgin and Joanne                        General Dynamics - Advanced
Pittsfield Post Office                             Larsen                                             Information Systems                               Kathleen M Roche
                                                   General Electric Company                                                                             Crane & Co
Lynne Marie Carlotto                                                                                  Shawn and Lora McGrath
Legacy Banks                                       Michael and Dyane Hogue                            Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        Ralph E Roosa
                                                   Berkshire Medical Center                           Company                                           GL&V
Michael and Elaine Christopher
                               James M Holian                                                         Deirdre McKenna                                   William Ryan
John and Deborah Ciullo        Sheffield Plastics Inc                                                 Berkshire Medical Center                          Greylock Federal Credit Union                       JOSH BILLINGS RUNAGROUND:
Modern Mold & Tool/Magnus Mold                                                                                                                                                                              Proceeds from this iconic
                               Robert R Humberston                                                    Roderic McLaren                                   Alycia Sacco-Duquette and
Steven and Elizabeth Como      Berkshire Bank                                                         General Electric Company                          Christopher Duquette                                Berkshire County event
United Veterans of America –                                                                                                                            Berkshire Life, a Guardian                          generously benefit Berkshire
Berkshire                      Michael W and Theresa L Jerome                                         Connie Mele                                       Company
                               Greylock Federal Credit Union                                          SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                                             United Way. Pictured here
Kyle A Cooper                                                                                                                                           Arthur and Katherine Sanders
Berkshire Medical Center       Don and Janet Johnston                                                 Ryan Melle                                        Crane & Co
                                                                                                                                                                                                            are two participants from
                               Greylock Federal Credit Union                                          Berkshire Bank                                                                                        the Kids’ Race.
Margaret D Cormier                                                                                                                                      Dennis Schilling
Berkshire Life, a Guardian     David** and Barbara Kalib                                              Andrew and Laura Mick                             Crescent Creamery Inc
Company                                                                                               The Berkshire Eagle / City of                                                                        David E Valicenti
                               Deborah Kelley                                                         Pittsfield                                        Jacquelin Sciola                                   Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook
Thomas D Cornellier Sr         SABIC Innovative Plastics                                                                                                Berkshire Medical Center
Interprint Inc                                                                                        Glenn P Miller                                                                                       Eileen P and Raymond Walczak
                               Richard and Liisa Kelly                                                General Dynamics - Advanced                       Helen-Mary Shaffer                                 Egremont School / General
Susan Crofut and Ben Luxon     Berkshire Bank                                                         Information Systems                                                                                  Dynamics - Advanced Information
                                                                                                                                                        Dr Gregory and JoAnn Shouldice                     Systems
Brian J Cunningham                                 Cheryl Odell Kendig                                Pete and Michelle Mirante                         Berkshire Eye Center
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Berkshire United Way                               Greylock Federal Credit Union                                                                        Diane L Wall
Company                                                                                                                                                 Sheila M Silsby                                    SABIC Innovative Plastics
                                                   Kevin and Cathleen Kinne                           Gail M Molari                                     Berkshire Medical Center
Deborah and Thomas Curry                           Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook                       Molari Employment & HealthCare                                                                       Wal-Mart
Specialty Minerals                                                                                    Services                                          Brenda L Silvano
                                                   Daniel L Kinney                                                                                      American Red Cross, Berkshire                      Thomas A Weeks
Gwen Davis-Ouillette and Mark                      Legacy Banks                                       Roland M Morin                                    County Chapter                                     New York Life Insurance
Ouillette                                                                                             Interprint Inc                                                                                       Company
TD Bank                                            Charles Kittredge                                                                                    Sharon and Lester Simmons
                                                   Crane & Co                                         Patricia Morrison                                 Berkshire Bank                                     Paul Wemple
Linda B Day                                                                                           Berkshire Medical Center                                                                             MINTEQ/Specialty Minerals
                                                   Clare and Brad Klose                                                                                 Kenneth and Christine Singer
Kelley DeLorenzo                                   Greylock Federal Credit Union                      Corey Mullen                                      Berkshire County Arc / United                      Richard E Whalen
Berkshire Children and Families                                                                       MINTEQ/Specialty Minerals                         Cerebral Palsy Association                         Berkshire Bank
                                                   Stephen Kramek
David A and Hope Dery                              General Dynamics - Advanced                        Steve Munger                                      Barbara and Paul Smachetti                         Bill I Wheelock
Dery Funeral Homes Inc                             Information Systems                                Berkshire Bank                                    Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         South Adams Savings Bank
                                                                                                                                                        Company / Taconic High School
Carl Desrochers                                    Peter and Roberta Lafayette                        John and Joanne Murphy                                                                               Jay and Kelly Wickliff
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Berkshire Bank Foundation                          Stevenson & Company                               Thomas P Smith                                     Crane & Co
Company                                                                                                                                                 National Grid
                                                   Laurie LaMarre                                     Michael and Elizabeth Nolan                                                                          Liuedean Lewis Wilson
Joan DiMartino                                     Berkshire Medical Center                           Berkshire Medical Center                          Lawrence Spatz                                     SABIC Innovative Plastics
General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                                                                             Berkshire Medical Center
Information Systems                                Thomas J Laureyns                                  Randy Oberle                                                                                         James Wojtaszek
                                                   Four Seasons Heating, Cooling &                    Crescent Creamery Inc                             Peter and Andrea Stasiowski                        Greylock Federal Credit Union
Harry W Dupont                                     Refrigeration                                                                                        Interprint Inc
GL&V                                                                                                  Katherine M O'Brien                                                                                  Richard M Ziter MD
                                                   Charles Leach III                                  Pittsfield Police Dept                            John and Judith Stoklosa
Shaun Dwyer                                        Berkshire Bank                                                                                       General Dynamics - Advanced                        Anonymous (2)
Berkshire Bank                                                                                        Dennis Olszewski                                  Information Systems                                Crane & Co
                                                   Kathleen M Lein                                    Ray Murray Inc
Walter and Cindy Ego                               Berkshire Bank                                                                                       Brian and Rachel Tomkowicz                         Anonymous
Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires                                                                        Peter A Palleschi                                 Smith, Watson & Company, LLP /                     Greylock Federal Credit Union
/ Berkshire Life, a Guardian                       Michelle Lowe                                      Berkshire Life, a Guardian                        Berkshire Medical Center
Company                                            Specialty Minerals                                 Company                                                                                              Anonymous
                                                                                                                                                        Charles B Troccia Sr                               Macy's
Dr Anthony G Ellrodt                               John and Marlene MacFarlane                        Edward J Paquette                                 Pittsfield Cooperative Bank
Berkshire Medical Center                           MacFarlane Office Products                         General Dynamics - Advanced                                                                          Anonymous
                                                                                                      Information Systems                               Lisa Trybus                                        Ray Murray Inc
Joan M Evans                                       Robin L MacPherson                                                                                   Greylock Federal Credit Union
Adult Learning Center                              Berkshire Life, a Guardian                         Crosby and Barbara Perry                                                                             Anonymous
                                                   Company                                                                                              Laughran S Vaber                                   Town of Dalton
All SABIC donor levels include company match amount *Donors whose donation is all or in part in-kind **Berkshire United Way sadly mourns the passing of a devoted community supporter
Listings represent pledges for 12-month period from 07/01/2010 to 06/30/2011. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we apologize for any errors/omissions. Please contact BUW at 413.442.6948 with any questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             6
    •	        Berkshire Priorities, in partnership with Berkshire United Way, is a group that mobilized after the release of the 2009
              Berkshire Benchmarks Community Impact Baseline Report. The report included the most recently available Berkshire County
              MCAS results, which indicated that only about 60% of our third graders are proficient in English and Math. Determined to
              significantly increase Berkshire County’s proficiency rates, Berkshire Priorities is today assessing best practice options,
              formulating a map of existing local resources, and gathering key local data in order to mobilize the community for action.

    •	        The Early Childhood Think Tank is working to promote, support and make high-quality early childhood education available
              to every child throughout Berkshire County. The Early Childhood team jump-started their efforts with childhood literacy
              activities like the recent county-wide “Wee Read” event and efforts to make Berkshire County a “Reach Out and Read”
              Book End County, where every pediatrician provides a book to children at well-child visits from birth to age five, and is now
              formulating a comprehensive strategy.

    •	        The Pittsfield Prevention Partnership (PPP) is all about youth and adult education to promote safe behaviors in our young
              people. Some PPP activities include “Shoulder Taps” surveys in which teens, accompanied by a discreetly located police
              officer, test adult willingness to purchase alcohol for them. The PPP also played a key role in the highly successful Berkshire
              County Prescription Round-up, which collected and safely disposed 1,000 pounds of prescription drugs. They conducted
              “Safe Prom” presentations, participate in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and helped compile results of the 2011
              Prevention Needs Assessment Survey, which measures youth risk and protective factors and is a critical tool for creating
              strategies to address areas of concern and for measuring impact over time.

                                                                     Board member and Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) senior
                                                                     vice president Ruth Blodgett, PPP Coordinator Karen Cole, and
                                                                     BHS Pain Management Initiative Coordinator Ann McDonald
                                                                     with representatives from the National Guard and the US Drug
                                                                     Enforcement Agency at the Berkshire County Prescription Round-up
                                                                     held on September 25, 2010, at Berkshire United Way’s parking area
                                                                     in Pittsfield and other locations throughout the county.

         •	     Mass 2-1-1 is the easy-to-remember toll-free number to call for free statewide access to health and human services information
                and referrals. It’s the link between people who need help and people who can give help. Berkshire United Way helps fund Mass
                2-1-1 to ensure there is sufficient coverage and access in the region and also provides oversight as a member of the council of
                Massachusetts United Ways which created the service.

    •	    Berkshire United Way administers the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter
          Program (EFSP) in Berkshire County, which was created to help people with economic emergencies. The funding is made by a
          national board that is chaired by FEMA with local representatives from the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, United Jewish
          Communities, Catholic Charities USA, the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, and United Way Worldwide. The
          local board solicits proposals from qualifying organizations and then determines how funds designated by FEMA are to be
          distributed. Funds pass directly from FEMA’s EFSP program to the local agencies that are awarded funding. During 2010,
          $83,462 was distributed to eight organizations in Berkshire County.

    •	    The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative is made up of community members and practitioners in education, health care and
          social services concerned about alarmingly high and increasing local teen birth rates. In 2009, the teen birth rate in Pittsfield
          was 55.1 births per 1,000, an increase of 41.3% from 1996. During the same time period, the state rate decreased 31.2%. To
          understand local perceptions, 900 youth and adults were surveyed throughout Berkshire County. Three key actions were
          recommended: 1) Improve access to comprehensive sexuality education that goes beyond the “sex talk” to helping youth
          navigate personal relationships; 2) Improve access to condoms and other contraceptives during hours and in locations
          youth frequent and feel safe; and 3) Ensure youth perceive opportunity and hope for a bright future. Over 100 concerned
          citizens attended the first community conversation in Pittsfield in April. Three work groups are meeting to develop and
          implement strategies addressing the three key actions.

                                                                                                     More than 100 advocates, teens and
                                                                                                     concerned citizens attended the
                                                                                                     April 2011 “Community Conversation
                                                                                                     and Call to Action” organized by
                                                                                                     Berkshire United Way and the Teen
                                                                                                     Pregnancy Prevention Initiative held
                                                                                                     at Taconic High School in Pittsfield.
                                                                                                     Here Massachusetts Alliance on Teen
                                                                                                     Pregnancy executive director Patricia
                                                                                                     Quinn shares survey results with the

    •	    Berkshire Benchmarks and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission supply Berkshire United Way with data collection and
          analysis assistance. Starting in 2009, baseline data on community conditions was compiled and shared and is now updated each
          year. This allows for measuring and reporting changes in community conditions over time and ensures accountability for Berkshire
          United Way, its funded partners and the community. Learn more about community conditions at

         Join one of the initiatives or advocate for one aspect of our work or a goal that’s particularly important to you – like comprehensive
         health/sexuality education in our schools, or access to high-quality early childhood education. Visit for
         more information.                                                                                                                    8
    LIVE UNITED - July 2010 through June 2011
    Thank you to the nearly 850 volunteers who                               VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES                                   HOURS
    contributed 10,124 hours towards achieving our                           Volunteer/Community Meetings                            1,402
                                                                             Day of Caring                                           1,012
    community goals. Our work would not be possible                          Workplace Campaigns                                     3,415
    without their remarkable dedication and support.                         Special Events                                            154
                                                                             Grant Application Funding Reviews                         730
    Board members, committee members, funded                                 Funded Partner Monitoring Visits                          267
    partners, businesses large and small, youth,                             Administrative/Office Support                           2,973
    students and our individual volunteers - all working                     Berkshire Youth United                                     171
                                                                             TOTAL HOURS                                           10,124
    together to create sustainable change in Berkshire
    County. How does that break down?
    Here are some examples:
    Each year local businesses provide employee volunteers to support our annual
    campaign. Some work inside their own company to coordinate the campaign and
    organize fundraising events. Others, like the group pictured here, meet with other
    local businesses and organizations to share the value of investing in Berkshire
    United Way and demonstrate our shared commitment to improvements in our
    community. Thank you to the 279 campaign volunteers who contributed 3,415
                                      Day of Caring
                                      worked on home
                                      construction at a
                                      Habitat for Humanity
                                      site on Lincoln
                                      Street in Pittsfield
                                      as well as home
                                      improvements and
                                      landscaping in
                                      the surrounding
                                      Thank you to the
                                      146 volunteers who
                                      contributed 1,012

    Volunteers also help with office and administrative support as well as special projects.
    Some are long-time contributors. Others are student interns, who help us during
    school breaks or in conjunction with job-training internships. Pictured here is a small
    group of volunteers at our office last summer. Thank you to the 32 office volunteers
    who contributed 2,973 hours.

                                                                                   All volunteers who participated in the Grant Application
                                                                                   Funding Reviews attended training sessions prior to
                                                                                   the evaluations to ensure a common understanding of
                                                                                   community goals and assessment tools. Thank you to
                                                                                   the 73 volunteers who contributed 730 hours.

      LIVE UNITED - Board, Committee and Initiative Members
BERKSHIRE UNITED WAY                            Lauren Cimini                      Jennifer Stokes                 Kelley Delorenzo                  Teen Pregnancy Prevention
COMMITTEES                                      Country Curtains Inc               Pittsfield Public Schools       Berkshire Children and Families   Planning Committee
                                                                                                                                                     Rudi Bach
Building Committee                              Gail Colantoni                     WORKPLACE CAMPAIGN              Sue Doucette                      Railroad Street Youth Project
Joseph Bolus, Chair                             Marian Fathers                     EXECUTIVES                      Pittsfield Public Schools
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                                                         Mike Callahan                                                     Brenda Barlow
Company                                         Arthur Milano                      Pittsfield Post Office          Amy Kacala                        Railroad Street Youth Project
                                                Berkshire Health Systems                                           Berkshire Regional Planning
Richard Mendel                                                                     Brian Donnelly                  Commission                        Nakeida Bethel-Smith
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                      Gerry Murray                                                                                         Elizabeth Freeman Center
Company                                         Greylock Federal Credit Union      Amanda Francoeur                Eric Lieberman
                                                                                   General Dynamics                MA Dept of Early Education and    Ruth Blodgett
Jeffrey Noble                                   Kathleen Tisdale                                                   Care                              Berkshire Health Systems
Hill Engineers Architects                       Berkshire Life, a Guardian         Linda Greenbush
Planners, Inc                                   Company                                                            Flavia Mastellone                 AnnMarie Carpenter
                                                                                   Mark Kaley                      Berkshire Community College       Pittsfield Public Schools
Ronald Spring                                   Investment Committee               Greylock Federal Credit Union
                                                Mark Selkowitz, Chair                                              Douglas McNally                   Karen Cole
Community Investment                            True North Insurance Agency        Joseph Maffuccio                Berkshire Readiness Center        Berkshire United Way
Oversight Committee                                                                Greylock Federal Credit Union
Denise Marshall, Chair                          John Cifu                                                          Mary Nash                         Christa Collier
South Adams Savings Bank                        Berkshire Life, a Guardian         Anne and Parker Oppermann       Berkshire Compact for Education   Berkshire County Kids’ Place &
                                                Company                            Country Curtains Inc                                              Violence Prevention Center
Michael Bullock                                                                                                    Debra O’Handley
Berkshire Community College                     Michael Hashim                     Jennifer Wager                  Berkshire Children and Families   Patricia Garvey
                                                Hashim & Spinola                   Berkshire Medical Center                                          Berkshire Probate & Family Court
Holley Burfoot-Rochford                                                                                            Wendy Provencher
Williams College                                David Klausmeyer                                                   Central Berkshire Regional        Liliana Gutierrez
                                                                                                                   School District                   IBM Corporation
M Janet Dohoney                                 Raymond Murray                     INITIATIVE COMMITTEES
Fairview Hospital                               Ray Murray Inc                                                     Anna Singleton                    Elizabeth Hall
                                                                                   Berkshire Priorities            Williamstown Community Chest      Tapestry Health Systems, Inc
Barbara Emanuel                                 Len Simon**                        John Bissell, Chair
Berkshire Works                                                                    Greylock Federal Credit Union   Maggie Steele                     Kristine Hazzard
                                                Ellen Whittaker                                                    Berkshire County Head Start       Berkshire United Way
Amy Kacala                                                                         Debra Blatt
Berkshire Regional Planning                     Resource Development               Group Restoration               Eloise Stevens                    Carole Hilderbrand
Commission                                      Brenda Burdick, Chair                                              Berkshire County Head Start       Salvation Army
                                                General Dynamics - Advanced        Ruth Blodgett
Delight Maston                                  Information Systems                Berkshire Health Systems        Samantha Zawistowski              Nadia Kiesel
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                                                                                         Lee Youth Association             Elizabeth Freeman Center
Company                                         Michael Barbieri                   Erik Bruun
                                                Pittsfield Cooperative Bank        JPC Capital                     PPP Steering Committee            Amanda L’Etoile
Jodi Rathbun-Briggs                                                                                                Ann Marie Carpenter, Chair        Northern Berkshire Community
Greylock Federal Credit Union                   Theresa Boucher                    David Capeless                  Pittsfield Public Schools         Coalition
                                                Pittsfield City Hall               District Attorney’s Office
Michael Wynn                                                                                                       Lisa Parise, Vice Chair           Dorothy Mack
Pittsfield Police Dept                          Edna Kuliga                        John Doscher                    The Brien Center                  Helen Berube Teen Parent
                                                                                   Berkshire Community College                                       Program
Ralph Young                                     Marie Paradise                                                     Rev Hannah Anderson
                                                Greylock Federal Credit Union      Jennifer Dowley                 St Stephen’s Episcopal Church     Patricia Malumphy
CI Software Selection                                                              Berkshire Taconic Community                                       Berkshire County Commission on
Committee                                       June Roy-Martin                    Foundation Inc                  David Cachat                      the Status of Women
Amy Kacala                                      Qualprint                                                          Pittsfield Community Television
Berkshire Regional Planning                                                        Shirley Edgerton                                                  Katrina Mattson
Commission                                      Workplace Campaign Cabinet         Massachusetts Department of     Karen Cole                        Tapestry Health Systems, Inc
                                                Michael Barbieri, Chair            Developmental Services          Berkshire United Way
Denise Marshall                                 Pittsfield Cooperative Bank                                                                          Kate Merrigan
South Adams Savings Bank                                                           Kristine Hazzard                Bob Cornwell                      Northern Berkshire Community
                                                George Baldasarre                  Berkshire United Way            Pittsfield City Hall              Coalition
Dana Welts                                      Interprint Inc
Hillcrest Educational Centers                                                      Nathaniel Karns                 Jason Cuyler                      Lannie Moore
                                                Christina Barrett                  Berkshire Regional Planning     Berkshire County Sheriff’s        Railroad Street Youth Project
Finance                                         Berkshire Community College        Commission                      Department
Paul Bruce, Chair                                                                                                                                    Noelle Murphy
Legacy Banks                                    Brian Donnelly                     Susan Lombard                   Kelly Marion                      North Adams Public School
                                                                                                                   Gladys Allen Brigham Community
Joseph Bolus                                    Laurie Gallagher                   Denise Marshall                 Center                            Edward Perlak
Berkshire Life, a Guardian                      SABIC Innovative Plastics          South Adams Savings Bank                                          Berkshire Medical Center
Company                                                                                                            Jacqueline Roy-Elliott
                                                Ellen Kennedy                      Elizabeth Neale                 Berkshire Medical Center          Kathleen Phillips
John Cox                                        Berkshire Community College        Conte Community School
Hillcrest Educational Centers                                                                                      Nancy Stoll                       Jennifer Stokes
                                                Kevin Kuliga                       Paul Perachi                    Berkshire United Way              Pittsfield Public Schools
Carol Leibinger-Healey                          GL&V
Adelson Moynihan                                                                   Michael Supranowicz             Sgt Mark Trapani                  Brian Thayer
Kowalczyk PC                                    Kathleen Lein                      Berkshire Chamber of Commerce   Pittsfield Police Dept            Berkshire Taconic Community
                                                Berkshire Bank                                                                                       Foundation Inc
Tim Koch                                                                           Early Childhood Think Tank      Patricia Turner
General Dynamics - Advanced                     Theresa McCoy                      Nancy Stoll, Chair              District Attorney’s Office
Information Systems                             The Berkshire Eagle                Berkshire United Way
                                                                                                                   Dan Zunitch
Kenneth Myers                                   John Ryall                         Maureen Atwood                  Business Point Systems
Kushi & Myers PC                                SABIC Innovative Plastics          Pediatric Development Center
Human Resources Committee                       Cindy Shogry-Raimer                Jennifer Bleezard-Gauthier
Gerard Burke, Chair                             Greylock Federal Credit Union      Child Care of the Berkshires
Hillcrest Educational Centers

**Berkshire United Way sadly mourns the passing of a devoted community supporter                                                                                                                                                           10
     Cash And Investments                       2,284,774
     Pledge Receivables, net of Uncollectible     924,293             Investment by Goal/Outcome
     Other Receivables                             62,921
     Property and Equipment                       318,630

     Total Assets                               3,590,618

     Community Investment Grants                1,605,671        $151,250                             $710,693
     Accounts Payable                              36,023
     Designations Payable                          141,779
     Loan Liability                               121,309                    $463,764
     Total Liabilities                          1,904,782

     Unrestricted:                                            All Children Arrive at Kindergarten Ready to Learn

      Designated for Operations                   410,610
                                                              All Young Adults Successfully Transition to Work, Higher Education or
      Designated for 3 mo. Reserve                591,046     Training

      Property and Equipment                      183,586     All Individuals are Empowered to Define/Achieve their Goals for

     Temporarily Restricted                       166,644     Financial Independence/Career Success

     Permanently Restricted                       333,950     Individuals Move From a Safety Net to Independently Meeting Their

     Total Net Assets                           1,685,836

     Total Liabilities and Net Assets           3,590,618

      Campaign revenue                          2,699,716
      Donor Designations to Outside
     STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Parties              (378,123)
      Grants - State and Federal                   119,909
      Investments, In-Kind and Other               530,238
       Campaign Revenue
     Total Support and Revenue                   1,943,470
                                                2,971,740     Revenue, Gains and Other Support
       Donor Designations to Outside Parties        378,123
       Grants -
     EXPENSESState and Federal                      119,909
       Investments, In-Kind and Other
      Community Investment Grants                  530,238
      Other Community Revenue
     Total Support and Investments              2,971,740
                                                    461,191                 $530,238
      Fundraising Expenses                          291,501
      Support Services                             212,378
     Total Grants and Other Distributions       2,555,489          $378,123
       Community Investment Grants                1,590,419                                     $1,943,470
       Other in Net Assets
     Change Community Investments                   461,191
       Fundraising Beginning
     Net Assets at Expenses of Year                 291,501
       Support Services                             212,378
     Total Grants End of Year
     Net Assets at and Other Distributions       2,555,489
                                                                                Campaign Revenue

     Change in Net Assets                          416,251                      Donor Designations to Outside Parties

     Net Assets at Beginning of Year            1,269,585                       Grants - State and Federal

                                                                                Investments, In-Kind and Other

     Net Assets at End of Year                  1,685,836


                      Ruth P. Boraski
                      Berkshire United Way friend and Tocqueville supporter Ruth Boraski passed away on September 28, 2011,
                      at the age of 86. Mrs. Boraski was a volunteer at the Berkshire Museum and for the Berkshire Medical
                      Center Auxiliary. She was very active in children’s activities and with her husband, Nick, established the
                      Ruth P. and Nicholas Boraski Children’s Endowment Fund in 2001 at Berkshire United Way to support early
                      childhood initiatives. In light of that leadership and commitment to the community, in 2005 Berkshire
                      United Way recognized Nick and Ruth by creating the Ruth P. and Nicholas Boraski Leaders in Philanthropy
                      Award to honor the individual, couple or group who has demonstrated by their personal example, as well
                      as financial commitment, their dedication to improving the quality of life for everyone in our community
                      regardless of their means.

                      John H. Fitzpatrick
                      One of Berkshire County’s most influential business, political and philanthropic figures, John H. Fitzpatrick
                      passed away on July 23, 2011 at age 88. “Jack” and his wife, Jane, together grew a local business empire
                      anchored by the Red Lion and Country Curtains. He served as a Massachusetts state senator from 1973
                      to 1980, one of only seven Republicans. While state senator, he was chosen as one of four Legislators
                      of the Year by the Massachusetts League of Cities and Towns. Berkshire County residents since 1958,
                      the Fitzpatricks’ commitment to the community extended beyond business and politics to numerous
                      philanthropic organizations over the years, including Berkshire United Way, where Mr. Fitzpatrick was a
                      long-standing member of the Tocqueville Society. In September 2009, Berkshire United Way honored Jane
                      and Jack Fitzpatrick and their family with the J. Edward Dery Memorial award for lifetime achievement in
                      community giving and caring.

                      John C. Haas
                       Since 2000, John C. Haas and his wife Chara Haas, philanthropists and long-time Berkshire County
                       homeowners, have provided funds to Berkshire United Way to help existing donors grow their leadership
                       contribution over time. On April 12, 2011, at the age of 92, Mr. Haas passed away. Mr. Haas spent his
                       professional career with Rohm and Haas and was also devoted to his family and philanthropy. In 1986, the
                       Haas’s and their family trusts gave a $1 million challenge grant to match United Way Worldwide Tocqueville
                       giving. Locally, the Haas’s have been members of the Berkshire United Way Tocqueville Society and provided
                       annual gifts to support the Berkshire United Way Leadership Challenge.

                       Leonard S. Simon
                      A Berkshire United Way Tocqueville Society member with his wife Marion since 2004, and valued member of
                      the Investment Committee for many years, Leonard S. Simon, former CEO of Rochester Community Savings
                      Bank and RCSB Financial, Inc., died on December 24, 2010 at the age of 74. He served as a trustee of the
                      Teachers Insurance Annuity Association and chairman of its Investment Committee and was a director of
                      the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. Before entering the banking industry, Mr. Simon was a professor
                      at the University of Rochester’s William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. After retiring
                      to the Berkshires in 2001, Mr. Simon and his wife, Marion, became founding members of the Volunteers in
                      Medicine Berkshire (VIM) clinic, providing free health care service to people living in the Berkshire region
                      who lacked medical insurance.
Back Photo: Muddy Brook Elementary School staff and students at the school’s playground. Berkshire United Way Day of Caring volunteers had just finished
spreading new mulch on the playground.
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