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									SSIS Education Launches Advanced Web Design Certificate Program offers web designing course and certificate program. The course deals with the
basics as well as advanced concepts of working in Internet-based careers. SSIS Education designing
course goes on to cover everything from basic art to the creation of illustrations, media publishing,
designing content for web pages, developing interactive web pages, creation of Flash animation, etc.

We provide you with innovative website designs fully customized to portray your business image in a
sophisticated, credible and professional manner. Our teams of experienced web designer ensure to
provide you with interactive web design which is unique yet simple and understandable. Our website
designing solutions pay you the best value of you money and helps you stand apart from the crowd in
order to attract the attention of potential customers.

The Web design advanced program begins with nine core classes. You then complete one or more
concentrations, which typically consist of three or four courses. At the end of your advanced program,
you'll participate in a live project under a technical in some of the reputed IT companies.

Course Outline:

       Adobe Photoshop
       Adobe Illustrator
       Adobe Flash
       Adobe Dreamweaver
       XHTML (Table less) / CSS
       Layout Composition
       Layout Quality Checks
       Testing and Uploading

Looking to advance your career as a Web designer or Flash designer. SSIS Education leading training
institute offers advanced Web Design Training in Chennai. We have a dedicated team of web and
graphic designer professionals with industry expertise.

About SSIS Education

SSIS Education courses focus on developing job skills & prepare students to become job-ready in a short
span of time. These courses involve in-depth study & application of concepts using the latest
technology. We builds the foundation for a career in 3D Animation, VFX, Gaming or Multimedia. SSIS
Education was set up in 2011 to train people for IT. In terms of Computer education and training. SSIS
Education is known for excellence in quality and for consistently delivering result.

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