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					Apparel Point of Sale to Your inventory management

When deciding on a Point of Sale system, there are many factors one has to account for. Is it more than
a glorified Cash Register? Does it perform inventory management? Does the software include reporting,
management, CRM tools etc? There are as many concerns as there are storefronts lining any main street
in any town.

The list of considerations is staggering. Just as important as any of these concerns is the question of how
to handle apparel. The Inventory management of clothes and shoes react differently than traditional
commercial items. When it comes to soft goods, one product or style can have a complete host of sizes,
colors and descriptions. A system needs to be designed with this in mind.

Visual Retail Plus grew out of a need for a graphical program to handle, maintain and track the fashions
peddled by some of New York City's most fiercely independent retail pioneers. Over the past 2 decades
the company has graduated to dominating local pockets of activity to stores from coast to coast, and
most recently has grown some strong roots overseas. Maintaining intersecting size scales and color
palettes was planned for VRP since its inception. I addition to how the goods must be handled
differently, apparel customers require a special handling all to themselves. By working hand in hand
with those same Independent retailers, the engineers at VRP have crafted a solution that addresses
their needs, and continues to grow with them. Loyalty programs and house accounts are superb, but
complicated clients being able to sort trending reports on styles, seasons, and colors purchased by your
most finicky fashionistas, is what would keep them coming back to your store over and over.

In the ever changing clothing industry, items tend to come and go quickly, it is vital to track every aspect
of this whirlwind of the meeting of commerce and high fashion. Cashiers also need tools for finding
clothing and shoes that go beyond SKUs and numbers. Being a graphical interface, the ability to see
photos for identifying stock or cross referencing a different color in the same style allow the sales
representative to offer an entirely different level of customer service. Customer relation and retention is
a breeze with VRP. Integrated credit card, gift card management, Purchase Orders, Barcode tag
generation, User definable fields, and many more are features that have always been a part of VRP, and
for any clothing or shoe store, you can use as much or as little of the program as you wish. It is a full
featured program with no hidden costs, or bait and switch packages. In the Realm of Shoes and clothing,
the software, Visual Retail Plus has no equal. We don’t just install our software on your computers, at
VRP, We Install Confidence!

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