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Reasonable Gift


									Financial Gift
Without any reference to the Bible or Quran, I want us to talk about the act of giving out
to people in need; we don’t need to bring spirituality into it because most people don’t
really believe everything is spiritual. Simple truth is that when a man gives out in helping
hands to others, the return gets back in votes, no doubt it pays to give cash and other
valuables out to other people in need as soon as you detected or realized they are in need
of some certain things you could afford to provide for them.
         Gift is a present given out to any one we chose to offer in kind and friendship. In
the today’s dealing in our various societies, people give out gift to others for different
reasons, most times gifts roll from the elites to their peers because we so much believe in
the modern day belief that birds of the same feather flocks together while we neglect the
fact that the poor mostly needs from the rich in the society and that they should be shown
love (as if that is not the main reason of giving gifts out). Look into the way we live, the
difference has always been a bridge between the poor and the rich brought by ‘MONEY’,
it is the situation we found our world and no one is really willing to play safe by watering
a vine yard that is already dried. You as a person must know that dishing out financial
help to the needy bring good tiding and divine help back in reward and they are the best
people one should turn to any day any time to help. ‘What is the essence of living large
when there is no peace to manage all your financial profits’? That is the question you will
be forced to ask yourself when you start getting things wrong with the poor around you.
Stop wasting your cash away to something you don’t need when there are people round
you who could benefit from your financial strength to liberate their lives. Come to think
of how developed a community would be if the rich in it helps the poor every time the
need arises? I know your answer. Why then do many rich and influential figures in the
society give time and money to their peers alone or more than those who ordinarily
should have been their target financially and morally?
         In Africa, there are many rich and powerful people who would have left a huge
landmark behind them if only they could create employment opportunities for their
hustling society rather than go to Europe to keep their money, this is part of the world’s
problem and funny enough most of these rich guns have siphoned funds into their own
pouch from the same treasury the poor people that surrounds them should have benefited.
Huge irony of life is when you have enough from a source and then you do not care if the
source is protected or not, be prepared for the result. Start acting right, you do know that
the rule is give and it shall be given unto you, give to the needy in CASH and
EDUCATION, try playing your own part in curbing the delinquencies caused when they
are neglected by showing love to the right set of the needy. Money is the basis of life; it
is what we all need to make things happen for the less privilege, even for everything we
do as humans. It pays to help for you never know how quick it could come back to you in
reward. Those monetary success stories of yours are for particular reasons think about it,
you will understand that the circumstances you earn them are propelled by your urge and
hunger for cash, which is the same way the lowly rated people feel too. We are only
segregated by money, put yourself in poor people shoes sometimes and get the right
feelings off it, you will surely understand the real life we should be living as humans that
we ALL are. Financially you will be lifted up when you start considering those who you
can help monetarily. Start giving arms and advise to the needy. It is going to be a better
world if we all play well.

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