Preparing and Cleaning After Sandy

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					Preparing and Cleaning Up after Sandy
As hurricane Sandy makes landfall the potential damages could be severe. The super storm has been
described as a nor’easter on steroids and will bring with it extensive rains, winds, sea swells and other
damage inducing occurrences.

But potentially the most destructive characteristic of this particular hurricane and storm system is that it
is predicted to affect the entire eastern coast of the United States and its potential harm and damages
will extend inland as far as the Appalachian mountain range and western Pennsylvania and New York
State. This means that parts of the country that may not typically, or at the least very rarely, encounter
hurricane forces and the consequential damages will become exposed to those risks as Sandy makes

The Effects in Boston
One of these areas not typically affected by hurricanes, but who now have to prepare and recover from
a very severe storm will be the area of Boston Massachusetts and its surroundings. Bostonians rarely
                                          need to prepare for the imminent threat of hurricanes but
                                          with Hurricane Sandy baring down on them the time for
                                          preparation is near to over and the time for clean-up and
                                          restoration is at hand.

                                         Because residences of such areas as Boston do not typically
                                         deal with the threat of severe damage from hurricanes they
                                         may be less prepared for one than others in the nation who
                                         face such threats every year, say like those people who live in
Florida, for example. This means that those people who reside in and around Boston will be less likely to
fully prepare their homes form the approaching hurricane due to the lack of experience and knowledge
in how to deal with an oncoming hurricane.

Avoiding Future Damages
While the time for the preparation for Sandy may have already passed for Bostonians the best way to
avoid damages in future massive storms is to educate oneself now on how to appropriately handle
facing such a threat as an incoming severe storm. Firstly, a family and individual should be prepare for a
natural disaster like Sandy by having an emergency action plan in place and a seventy two hour kit on

This emergency kit should include things that will be beneficial to you and your family should the power
be knocked out or if sections of your home are damaged which will diminish your shelter from the
elements until it is repaired. Consider including items such as flash lights, batteries, portable heaters,
extra blankets or clothing, dry foods or canned foods and water.
By having an emergency action plan and by keeping an emergency kit on hand in the home a family will
be able to adequately weather a massive storm like Hurricane Sandy. After the storm has passed the
process of clean up begins.

The main threat will be from water damage in Boston from the surging rain brought on by Sandy. Water
damage in Boston is not a frequent occurrence and clean-up of water should therefore be done by
professionals who will fully restore and repair potential water damages incurred upon your home.

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