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Intro to Forensic Medicine


									                        FORENSIC MEDICINE
                            INTRODUCTORY CLASS

               Introduction to forensic medicine, various branches, its
                     importance and utility in civilized society

Our relationship

Teacher student relationship require
      • Trust
      • Love
      • Respect

                                  Our expectation

I) excepted from you
• Respect of teachers
• Discipline in class / college/ university
• Punctuality & consistence
• Follow pre-designed academic schedule
• Acquire/display/ latest/best possible knowledge/skills
                                  Ii) expected of us

•   Transfer of adequate knowledge
•   Proper guidance
•   Counseling when required
•   Solving academic problems

                                     Our subject

                                  Forensic medicine

Forensic medicine

•   Forensis = law
•   Medicine = knowledge about                               human structure &

Alternate words for forensic medicine

•   State medicine
•   Legal medicine
•   Court medicine
•   Tibb-e-sharia

•   Forensic medicine, legal medicine or state medicine is a branch of medicine which
    deals with the application of knowledge and principles of medical science to help law.


    branch of forensic medicine which deals with poisons, their properties, the
     symptoms they produce and therapeutic measures used to antagonize their toxic
     effects. It also deals with diagnosis and detection of poisons and various chemical
     tests used to identify them in living as well as dead.

Why a medical man is involved in legal procedure:

 Doctor is the only scientific man who knows all about human machinery & its
 He can certify any defect or otherwise in the structure, function & behavior of
  human body.
 He believes in facts not in presumptions.
Scope of forensic medicine:

three main areas

 Clinical forensic medicine.
       (medico-legal examination)
       deals with living person
       ex: certification of age, sex, injuries,capability of performing sexual inter
       course,examination of victim & assailant in sexual offences.

2. Forensic pathology

Dissection of dead
Post-mortem examination or

3. Forensic sciences:

Associated scientific fields used
For crime detection.
• Dactyloscopy (finger prints)
• Forensic radiology
• Forensic anthropometry (osteology)
• Forensic odontology (dentistry)
• Ballistics (guns)
• Questioned documents
• Forensic biology (serology, semen, hairs)
• Forensic entomology (insects)
• Trace evidence (criminlistics)


• Any social harm defined and made punishable by law
Ingredients of crime
• Mens-rea (legal term) latin
   • Evil intent
   • Role of mind
• Actus reus (legal term) latin
   • Wrong action
   • Role of body
   Without these two elements, crime can not be committed.
Forensic medicine schedule:

•   Moreover students will attend autopsies in the mortuary.

•   Students are directed to visit accident and emergency department of chk to see
    medico legal cases of injuries, sexual offences, road traffic accidents and

                                 Course objectives
•   Legal procedures
•   Laws related to medical man
•   Personal identity
•   Autopsy
•   Thanatology ( death & its medicolegal aspects)
•   Traumatology (mechanical, regional, fire arms, explosions,burns,heat, cold,
    electrocution, road traffic accidents)
•   Asphyxia
•   Forensic sexology which include- virginity,impotency &
    sterility,pregnancy,delivery,abortion,artificial insemination,sterilization.
     sexual offences, sexual perversions
•   Crimes against new born ( infanticide, battered baby,       s i d s)
•   Forensic serology (including biological specimens, dna finger printing)
•   Forensic psychiatry
•   Trace evidences
•   Toxicology
       i- general toxicology
      ii- special toxicology

For study:

Recommended material:

• Class notes
•   Books
•   Principles and practice of forensic  medicine-nasib.r.awan
•   Text book of forensic medicine and toxicology- c k parekh 6th edition
•   Text book of forensic medicine and toxicology- krishan vijj 4th edition
•   Modern toxicology- pillay
•   ellenhorn’s medical toxicology-2nd edition


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