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Jenkins-Soffe_Finding Healing with a Memorial Service


									Finding Healing with a Memorial Service

Losing the people that we care about is a difficult part of life. We all have to experience the loss
which comes when a loved one's passes on, and these times tend to try us to the extreme.

The people that we love are what make up our lives and give us the direction that we need. They
influence who we are, how we think, and what we do with our lives.

When one of these people passes away, it tends to leave a hole in our lives that seems impossible
to fill. There is real agony that comes with loss and mourning and grief.

Dealing with Grief

The most important thing to realize in your own situation or as it pertains to others is that grief
needs to be felt in order for there to be catharsis. In order to heal, we need to feel the emotions
                                                          and live with the memories in order to
                                                          process the loss and to be able to start
                                                          moving on from it.

                                                        There is a lot that can be said here about
                                                        the meaning of life and the context that
                                                        people need to find in it. Suffice to say, the
                                                        cycle of life and death is something that
                                                        affects us all, and every person has to
                                                        ascribe their own meaning to the process.

                                                     A great way to feel catharsis and healing is
                                                     to attend a memorial service for a departed
loved one. Most funerals have these events in some form or another, allowing those who are in
attendance to work toward feeling peace on the matter.

Each memorial service is going to differ slightly from other ones that are attended. They reflect
the personality and the religion (or lack thereof) of the deceased, and they are going to likely
feature words spoken by those who were closest to them.

Moving On

Sharing stories and thoughts about the person who has passed on is a great way to be able to look
back on the life that they lived and to learn lessons from it. You also will be able to feel the
support of others throughout the event, since they will be gathered in one place for a last official
It is important to note at this point that feelings should be felt during a memorial service in order
to encourage healing. Whether it is sadness or anger or disbelief or hopelessness these feelings
are real and need to be paid attention to.

Whatever your reaction is to the passing of a loved one, you can take heart with the support of
others who are in attendance. These events have a way of bringing people together and giving
some real context to life.

Life is short, so it is critical to learn all that we can while we are here as well as appreciating
those who have had the biggest impacts on our development. Saying goodbye and being with
other loved ones is an excellent place to process a situation and to start moving on with life.

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