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					                                                                                                   North Lawndale College Prep HS
                                                                                                     The Writing Rubric
      Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Date_______________________________________________
                                                                     An A essay has:                        A B essay has:                        A C essay has:                         An F essay has:                Your
                              Skill                                 ( 9.0-10.0 points)                      (8.0-8.9 points)                      (7.0-7.9 points)                        (0-6.9 points)                Points
                                 Thesis/Claim                                                                                             A somewhat effective thesis/claim       No thesis/claim (B), one that does
                                                               An exceptional thesis/claim (B)       An effective thesis/claim (B) that
                  The B: the statement of your argument;                                                                                  (B) that somewhat responds to the       not make sense, or one that does
                                                               that responds to the assignment         responds to the assignment
                           the essay’s “main idea”                                                                                                   assignment                    not respond to the assignment

                        Supporting Ideas/ Evidence
                                                                                                                                                                                   Either very few or no supporting
                    Ideas and evidence (As) that support           Exceptional supporting                   Effective supporting                 Supporting ideas/

                                                                                                                                                                                        ideas/evidence (As) or
                       your thesis/claim (B), including       ideas/evidence (As) that logically     ideas/evidence (As) that logically    evidence (As), which somewhat
                                                                                                                                                                                     ideas/evidence which do not
                      appropriate set-ups for secondary          support the thesis/claim (B)           support the thesis/claim (B)         support the thesis/claim (B)
                                                                                                                                                                                     support the thesis/claim (B)
                           Analysis of Supporting             Exceptional explanations that link      Effective explanations that link                                              Ineffective or no connection of
                                                                                                                                           Somewhat effective explanations
                                Ideas/Evidence                  the ideas/evidence (As) to the         the ideas/evidence (As) to the                                                 ideas/evidence (As) to the
                                                                                                                                          that link the ideas/evidence (As) to
                            Logical link of ideas/                     thesis/claim (B)                       thesis/claim (B)                                                              thesis/claim (B)
                                                                                                                                                   the thesis/claim (B)
                   evidence (As) to your thesis/claim (B)
                                 Introduction                  An exceptional introduction that        An effective introduction that     A somewhat effective introduction              No introduction, or an
                      A preview of the essay body that          includes a thesis/claim (B), its      includes a thesis/claim (B), its    that includes a thesis/claim (B), its   introduction without a thesis/claim
                  includes a thesis/claim (B) and gives its   context and a preview of the essay    context and a preview of the essay    context and a preview of the essay         (B), context or preview of the
                                    context                                  body                                  body                                    body                               essay body

                    Body Paragraphs and Transitions           Paragraphs with exceptional topic       Paragraphs with effective topic         Paragraphs with somewhat             Paragraphs with ineffective or no
                    Organization at the paragraph level;       sentences, supporting sentences       sentences, supporting sentences            effective topic sentences,            topic sentences, supporting

                       each paragraph has a clear topic           and concluding sentences              and concluding sentences               supporting sentences and           sentences or concluding sentences
                      sentence stating its main idea and                  (MELCon)                              (MELCon)                   concluding sentences (MELCon)                      (MELCon)
                      supporting sentences (MELCon).
                     Connections from one paragraph to         Exceptional transitions between       Effective transitions between and     Somewhat effective transitions            Ineffective or no transitions
                        another and within paragraphs              and within paragraphs                     within paragraphs             between and within paragraphs            between or within paragraphs
                                                                                                                                          A somewhat effective or off-topic          Ineffective or no conclusion
                    Fresh restatement of thesis/claim and        An exceptional conclusion                An effective conclusion
                        thoughtful ending to the essay
                                     Style                       Exceptionally advanced and
                                                                                                    Effectively advanced and complex        A mostly accurate vocabulary,           Inaccurate vocabulary; rarely
                     Vocabulary, sentence structure, and       complex vocabulary, frequently
                                                                                                     vocabulary, occasionally varied      some varied sentence structure and         varied sentence structure and

                      variety used to establish a unique        varied sentence structure and

                                                                                                      sentence structure and length                     length                                  length
                                 writer’s voice                            length
                                                              A tone that shows an exceptional        A tone that shows an effective        A tone that shows a somewhat          A tone that shows ineffective or no
                     An appropriate use of language that
                                                              awareness of audience, purpose         awareness of audience, purpose        effective awareness of audience,        awareness of audience, purpose
                      shows an awareness of audience,
                                                                        and occasion                          and occasion                       purpose and occasion                        and occasion
                            purpose and occasion
                             Grammar & Usage
                    No unintended run-ons or fragments,                                              Effective control of grammar and       Somewhat effective control of
                                                              Exceptional control of grammar                                                                                      A lack of control of grammar and
                       correct subject-verb & pronoun-                                                writing conventions, with few       grammar and writing conventions,

                                                              and writing conventions with no                                                                                     writing conventions, with frequent
                    antecedent agreement, correct tense,                                                 errors that do not prevent        with occasional errors that limit

                                                                           errors                                                                                                 errors that prevent understanding
                   correct punctuation, capitalization and                                                     understanding                       understanding
                     12-point font, correct margins and                                                 Mostly correct formatting           Somewhat correct formatting
                                                                     Correct formatting                                                                                                  Incorrect formatting
                   spacing and other assignment-specific

                 *Plagiarism will result in a zero for the entire draft.                                                                                                            Total Score: ___________/100

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