; Atomic Model Project Grading Rubric
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Atomic Model Project Grading Rubric


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									                                Pre-AP Atomic Model Project

TEK 8.5 A: Describe the structure of atoms, including the masses, electrical charges, and
locations of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in the electron cloud.
TEK 8.5B:      Identify that protons determine an element’s identity and valence electrons
determine its chemical properties, including reactivity.

Project Instructions:

Part 1: Atom Model
   1.      Choose one element from the periodic table between Lithium, atomic # 3 and Neon,
           atomic # 10.
   2.      Make an accurate and neat 3 dimensional atomic model representing the element you
   3.      Label each part of your atom and include the name of your element
            The following must be labeled on your atom!
                    - Name of atom/element
                    - Protons
                    - Neutrons
                    - Electrons
   4.      Your atom must be able to hang from the ceiling (it cannot be too large, too small or
           too heavy).
   5.      You may only use non-perishable items to make your model (i.e. styrofoam,
           toothpicks, paperclips, string, wire, paper, cotton balls, etc.).
                    - Make sure the materials that you use accurately represent each atomic
                        particle (i.e. Size, mass)

Part 2: Element in the same group/family
   1.      Choose another element from the same group/family as the element you chose for
           your original model.
   2.      Draw and label a Bohr model of each of the elements you chose on a separate sheet of
           computer paper
   3.      Identify the name of each element and the number of protons, neutrons and electrons
           next to each model.
   4.      Compare and contrast your two elements. List at least 2 similarities and 2

Project Essay: Write a paragraph about your atom including all the following information.
This must be written in paragraph form using correct spelling and punctuation.
Note: Only write the essay about your original atom model
            Atomic #
            What determines the identity of your element
            Mass number (atomic mass rounded to the nearest whole #)
            Number and electric charge of the protons, neutrons and electrons
            Whether your atom is metal, non-metal or metalloid
            Number of valence electrons
            Group #
            Period #
            Chemical properties
            Physical properties including reactivity
                         Atomic Model Project Grading Rubric

Name: _______________________                      Atom: _______________________

                                           Atom Model

Model Requirements              Possible points           Total points earned
3 Dimensional model             5
Atomic # 3-10                   5
Name of element                 5
Protons – correct #, location   5
and labeled
Neutrons – correct #,           5
location and labeled
Electrons – correct #,          5
location and labeled
Atomic particles accurately     5
proportionate in size (mass)
Poster Board – Bohr Model       10
Illustrations of atoms
Similarities and differences    5
between elements
Total                           50

                                          Written Essay

Written Essay                   Possible Points           Total points earned
Atomic #                        2½
Mass                            2½
Identity of the atom            5
# and charge of protons         5
# and charge of neutrons        5
# and charge of electrons       5
Metal/Non-metal/Metalloid       5
# of valence electrons          5
Group # and Period #            5
Chemical properties             5
Physical properties             5
Total                           50

Final Project Grade:                                           __________________

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