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									                                          3-798-853-32 (1)

TV(1-3ch)•FM/AM Radio
                                                                              • Built-in automatic winding mechanism which winds up
Operating Instructions                                                          the earphone cord.
xxxx                                                         •                • Power saving features — the power goes off
                                                                                automatically after more than 80 minutes.
ICF-620R                                                                      Precautions
                                                             •        1
Sony Corporation ©1996 Printed in Japan
                                                                 90           • Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or
                                                                                in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, or
                                                             •                  mechanical shock.
                                                                              • When the casing becomes soiled, clean it with a soft
                                                                                cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Never
                                                                                use abrasive cleansers or chemical solvents, as they may
                                                                                mar the casing.

                                                                              If you have any questions or problems concerning your
                                                                              unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

                                                                              Frequency range:
                                                                                 FM: 76 – 108 MHz (TV: 1– 3 ch*)
                                                                                 AM: 530 – 1605 kHz
•                                                                             Power output:
                                                                                 4 mW (at 10% harmonic distortion)
                                                                              Power requirement:
•                  80                                (                           3V DC, one CR2032 lithium battery
                   )                                                          Battery life:
                                                                                 Using Sony CR2032 lithium battery
                                                                                 FM: Approx. 55 hours (0.02 mW)
                                                                                 AM: Approx. 120 hours (0.02 mW)
                                                                              Auto power off function:
                                                                                  More than 80 minutes
•                                                                             Dimensions:
                                                                                 Approx. 56 x 86 x 10 mm (w/h/d)
                                                                                 (2 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 13/32 inches) incl. projecting parts
                                                                          6      and controls
•                                                                             Mass:
                                                                                 Approx. 44.5 g (1.6 oz.) incl. battery
                                                                              Accessory supplied
•                                                                                Sony CR2032 lithium battery (1)

                                                                              Design and specifications are subject to change without
• ‘ ’                                                                         * Receivable only in Japan




                  FM: 76 108 MHz (TV: 1–3ch*1)
                  AM: 530 1,605 kHz
                  4 mW EIAJ*2/16 Ω
                  DC 3 V
                    CR2032 1

                  FM     55               0.02 mW
                  AM     120               0.02 mW

                      56    86     10 mm
                  (                   )(EIAJ)
                      44.5 g

                      CR2032 1


A                                                                                        English
    3 CR2032
                                                                                         Installing a Battery
                                                  B                                      (See Fig.A)
    1                                         1
                        2                                                                1   Slide the battery compartment lid in the
                                                                                             direction of the ” and release.
                                                                                         2   Take out the battery compartment.
                4                             •                                          3   Insert the battery with the flat (+) side facing
                                                                                             upwards, until it is located in position.
B                                                                                        4   Push in the compartment.

                                              •                                          When to replace the battery
                2                                                                        When the sound becomes distorted or unstable, replace
                                                                                         the battery with a new one.
        1                                     2
                                                                                         See “Specifications” concerning battery life.
                            Yellow end mark
                                                                                         Notes on lithium battery
                            xxxx                                                  AUTO   • Insert the battery with polarities correctly aligned.
                                                   WIND                                  • You cannot charge the battery.
                            2                                                            • When the battery will not be used for a long period of
                                                                                           time, remove it.
                            AUTO WIND                                                    • Wipe the battery with a dry cloth to assure a good
                                                       5cm                      AUTO       contact.
                                                                                         • Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers as doing
                                              WIND                                         so may cause a short-circuit.
                                                                                         • Do not break up the battery nor throw it into fire, which
                                                                                           might cause it to explode. Carefully dispose of the used
                                              •                                          • In case of battery leakage, wipe off all battery fluid in
C                                                                                          the battery compartment before inserting a new battery.
                                AUTO WIND
                                                                        C                • Keep the lithium battery and the radio out of the reach
                                                                                           of children. Should the battery be swallowed,
                                                                                           immediately consult a doctor.
                                              1        POWER/AUTO OFF
            1                                      “ ON
                                              2 BAND FM TV1 3         AM
                                                                                         Using the Built-in
            4                        2                                                   Earphone (See Fig.B)
                                              3        TUNING
            3                                 4        VOL                               1   Pulling the earphone out from the unit

                                                                                         • When pulling out the cord, do not grasp the earpiece.
                                                                                           Otherwise, it may damage the earphone.
                        Dial scale            POWER/AUTO OFF            OFF ”            • Do not pull out the cord any further than the yellow
                        xxxx                                                               mark at the end of the cord.

                                                                                         2   Winding up the cord
                                                                                             While holding the earphone cord, slide AUTO WIND.
                                                                                             The cord will be wound up automatically.

                                                                                         When the earphone cord is not wound
                                                       POWER/AUTO OFF            “ ON    Pull out the cord about 5 cm (2 inches) and slide AUTO
                        A                                                                WIND again.
                                              POWER/AUTO OFF            “ ON
1                   ”
                                                                                         • When you pull out or wind up the cord while listening
                                                                                           to the radio, a noise may be heard.
                                                                                         Operating the Radio
                                                                                         (See Fig. C)
                                                                                         1   Slide the POWER/AUTO OFF in the direction
                                              FM                                             of “ ON.
                                                                                         2   Select FM (TV 1-3ch*) or AM with BAND.
                                                                                         3   Tune in the desired station with TUNING.
                                                                                         4   Adjust volume with VOL (volume).
                                                                                         * Receivable only in Japan

                                                                                         To turn off the radio
                                                                                         Slide POWER/AUTO OFF in the direction of OFF ”.

                                                                            FM           When the radio turns off unexpectedly
                                                                                         The radio is turned off automatically after more than 80
                                                                                         minutes to prevent unnecessary wear of the battery. To
                                                           2      3                      listen to the radio continuously, slide POWER/AUTO
                                                      FM                                 OFF to “ ON
                                                                                         If the radio does not turn on after sliding POWER/AUTO
                                                                                         OFF to “ ON, or if the radio turns off unrelated to the
                                                                                         Power Auto Off feature, the battery is exhausted. Replace
                                                                                         it with a new one.

                                                                                         To improve reception
                                                                                         FM: Since the earphone cord serves as an FM antenna,
                                                                                             extend it for better reception.
                                                                                         AM: Since the ferrite bar antenna is built in the unit,
                                                                                             rotate the unit horizontally.

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