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									                                                                         ISSUE#132 December 2012 / January 2013

                The Official Reece Customer Update

We welcome your feedback so please send any comments by e-mail to outlet@reece.com.au or by fax to (03) 9274 0131.

WHAT A YEAR!                                                                                                    Don’t risk it,
                                                         PRODUCT                                                use a licensed
                                                         QUALITY                                                plumber.™

First of all, I’d like to wish all our       opportunities for your business. A couple        and further expanded our network through
customers a big Merry Christmas and          of fantastic examples include:                   the acquisition of Town Plumbing in NSW.
thank you for your support during 2012.         C
                                             •  onexcopperpressfittingsystem            Another really important aspect of our
It’s certainly been a huge year for the         that eliminates the need for solder           business has been continuing to support
plumbing industry. New regulations,             and flame.                                    the good work of the industry as a whole.
new products and new technologies                                                             This year, we extended our Product
continue to change the way we’re all            T
                                             •  hermannSolarhotwatersystems,
                                                                                              Quality Guarantee to all our bathroom
doing business and 2013 promises                which use passive sun tracking and
                                                                                              and plumbing Value Added Products that
more of the same.                               evacuated tube technology to heat
                                                                                              have been installed by licensed plumbers.
                                                water reliably and efficiently.
At Reece, we’re working as hard as we                                                         And once again, we ran our hugely
can to help make it easier for you to        •  uspexRadiantandREHAUprovide
                                                A                                             successful DIY disaster competition,
do business with us and to maximise             underfloor heating solutions that give        reinforcing the message of “Don’t risk it,
opportunities in a changing market.             plumbers a new source of business.            usealicensedplumber.”
An exciting part of this has been the        •  EHAURaupianothatcombinesthree
                                                R                                             Finally, we’ve always said that our
addition of online ordering to My Account.      sound deadening technologies into             customers are the heart of our business
It is a great example of how important we       one quality acoustic piping system.           and in 2013 we’re proving it by putting
see our online services in the future and                                                     you, our customers, on the cover of our
we’ll continue to develop it so it’s even       R
                                             •  oca–thearrivaloftheworld’sleading   diary. Thanks to the hundreds of Reece
easier and more convenient to get the           global bathroom brand at Reece.               customers that submitted their photos.
products you want fast.                      •  illitBackwashFiltersprotectahome’s
                                                C                                             We’re sure this will be our most popular
                                                entire plumbing system and ensure             diary yet.
Continuing on the technology theme,
bathroom products, bathroom inspiration         pure, clean water.                            Take care over the break, enjoy some time
and the Hot Water Decisions Guide are all    Of course, with so many exciting new             with your family and friends and we look
now optimised for mobile. These are all      products and initiatives, it’s important to      forward to seeing you in the new year.
great tools for when you’re out on site or   still remember basics. And a big part of
dealing with customers face to face.         this is making sure you have fast access to
On the product front, we’ve seen some        the products you need wherever you are in
really innovative developments that can      the country. That’s why we built an all new      Peter Wilson
save you time and provide new growth         Regional Distribution Centre in Brisbane         CEO, Reece
                                               A fresh approach
The                                            to healthier water
Crack                                          The new range of Cillit backwash filters remove sediment from residential or
                                               commercial plumbing systems, resulting in improved life of plumbing fixtures
                                               and fittings while also dramatically improving the quality of the water.


Leave it to a Japanese toilet
company to create the world’s first
‘poop powered’ motorcycle that can
travel up to 300 kms on biogas fuel.
                                               New to the Australian market, Cillit                 What’s more, foreign material entering the
After three years of ambitious talks,          backwash filters connect to the mains                water supply can also lead to the growth
Toto, best known for their innovation in       before water enters the property,                    of mould and bacteria that can damage
toilets, including heated seats, water         filtrating the entire system that leads to           people’s health. This makes the Cillit filter
jets and ambient background music,             the home or business. The filter removes             range a no brainer for customers that really
turned the ‘Toilet Bike Neo’ into a reality    sediment to prolong the service life                 want to protect their family’s well being.
earlier this year.                             of plumbing fixtures and fittings while
                                               making water very clean.                             With 100 years of history, Cillit is one of
The company debuted their doo mobile,                                                               Europe’s most successful water technology
which was designed to demonstrate              The special filter element traps foreign             brands, so it’s a name you can trust. Their
their commitment to the environment,           particles producing a supply of pure water,          range is suitable for domestic, commercial
by driving it around Japan and                 which is cleaned during the backwashing              and rainwater installations. The manual
dedicating a blog to Neo’s adventures.         process by flushing away the captured                Eurofiltro and automatic Multipur units
                                               debris.                                              come complete with a 90 micron sediment
However, the driver did not have any
                                               Most of you will be familiar with water filter       filter and built-in dual check valve backflow
part in providing power to the three-
                                               cartridges for drinking water, usually installed     prevention device.
                                               in the kitchen. But for water treatment to be
made from animal waste and sewage.
                                               really effective, it should begin at the point                 At Reece, we’re so confident
With a customised seat and huge paper          of entry to prevent harmful particles such as         PRODUCT
                                                                                                              that Cillit filters protect plumbing
roll at the back, the trike travelled over     rust or sand entering from the property.             GUARANTEE
                                                                                                              fixtures and fittings, we’ll extend
1000 kilometres in the process.                The pipes that run to a property from the                      the minimum 7 year warranty on
                                               street can be in less than perfect condition.        your bathroom Value Added Products by
But, before you line up to purchase the                                                             three years when purchased and installed
vehicle as your next preferred mode of         This can leave all manner of foreign material
                                               in the water, resulting in corrosion and             with the Eurofiltro or Multipur filter.
transport, the company has no plans to
put the motorcycle up for commercial           clogging of household pipes. When foreign
                                               particles enter the water supply it can result       So let your customer know all about this
sale despite a large following.
                                               in fitting and fixtures failing before their time.   exciting innovation today.
In other words, the great show                 So point of entry sediment filtration is really a
illustrated the possibilities in sustainable   self-paying investment for your client.
best thing for the toilet market.
                                                 To check out the entire Cillit range of filters, visit www.reece.com.au/cillit

                                                          The best Rainwater
                                                          Tank down under
                                                 Cillit Banner to come
                                                                     The Carat underground Rainwater Tanks
                                                                     Visit www.reece.com.au to find out more.

2    www.reece.com.au /outlet
The practise of plumbing
Master Plumbers have paired with the University of Ballarat to deliver                   One, two,
a plumbing pre-apprenticeship course.
This program gives plumbers a chance
                                                                                         three and
to guide and support students wanting
an apprenticeship in the plumbing
industry. It’s also a great way to check
out potential apprentices.
As part of the course, pre-apprentices
undergo two weeks work experience with a
plumbing employer to learn basic plumbing
skills and understand the industry.
For the two weeks, plumbers show
students a range of typical plumbing work,
providing them with an opportunity to get
their hands dirty and gives them a chance to
see what the job really involves.
The hours are normal work hours set by the
plumber and a nominal daily fee is required
for the student. WorkCover is all taken care
of by the University.
                                               If you can provide a work experience
The great news is most students end up
                                               placement to a pre-apprentice and
employed after they complete the course.
                                               help give a young person a start in the
Which goes to show that getting to see
                                               plumbing industry contact:
a potential employee in action is a good
                                               Alexandra on (03) 9321 0710 or
decider when thinking about offering
apprenticeships.                                                                         Chronic water shortages in
                                                                                         Zimbabwe’s second largest
                                                                                         city Bulawayo, have forced city
                                                                                         authorities to try and ration water
                                                                                         in the form of synchronised flushing
   Santa missed the                                                                      – a remedy that was first started
   good old days                                                                         two decades ago.

   when every house                                                                      The city’s two main supply dams have
                                                                                         been drying up due to drought, raising
   had a chimney.                                                                        fear of more water shortages before
                                                                                         the rainy season starts at the end
                                                                                         of the year.
                                                                                         In an effort to save water, Bulawayo
                                                                                         city council have asked more than one
                                                                                         million homeowners to flush their toilets
                                                                                         in the same 7:30pm time slot.
                                                                                         The idea of synchronised flushing was
                                                                                         first introduced over twenty years ago
                                                                                         at the height of a similar drought that
                                                                                         affected the majority of Zimbabwe. City
                                                                                         officials are trying this method again as
                                                                                         a way to prevent sewer blockages and
                                                                                         manage a water supply that is slowly
                                                                                         being depleted.
                                                                                         Poor hygiene and sanitation rise in times
                                                                                         of drought and have caused numerous
                                                                                         disease outbreaks in Zimbabwe in
                                                                                         recent years. The problem is especially
                                                                                         severe in suburbs—some of which go
                                                                                         for weeks without running water as
                                                                                         cities battle to maintain services.

     Smart Irrigation
     Solutions                                                                                             reece.com.au/enki

                                                                                                www.reece.com.au/outlet           3
       In The Pipeline                                                                                                                                             Our hours over
       Products for smarter plumbing                                                                                                                               Christmas
       Plumbing is changing, and there’s a lot more to it than pipes, trenches and                                                                                 If you’re not going to be enjoying some time
       taps. In The Pipeline keeps you up-to-date on a wide range of products.                                                                                     off, we want you to know we’ll be around
                                                                                                                                                                   too, except for some key days. We will be
         Rothenberger ROJET Jetters                                                                                                                                closed:

         Rothenberger ROJET Jetters are high pressure water drain cleaning machines.                                                                               Christmas Eve (Monday 24 December)
         Powered by a genuine industrial Honda petrol engine, there are 3 models                                                                                   All branches close at 12pm on this day
         available - The ROJET 4000, 4300 and 5000.                                                                                                                Christmas Day
                                                                                                                                                                   Tuesday 25 December
           Draincleaningapplicationsinclude:                                                                                                                  Boxing Day
             - High pressure clearing of tree roots from drains                                                                                                    Wednesday 26 December
             - Removing grease, fat and debris                                                                                                                     New Years Eve (Monday 31 December)
             - Sand and silt removal                                                                                                                               All branches close at 12pm on this day
             - Cleaning out culverts for proper drainage control                                                                                                   New Years Day
             - Manhole wash down                                                                                                                                   Tuesday 1 January
         • ncludesaworldleadingBertolinipumpwhich
            ensures superior performance with a longer                                                                                                                Thursday 27 December
            running life.                                                                                                                                             to Saturday 31 December
         •  oruseupto200mm(8”)pipe
                                                                                                                                                                      All branches will be open for Plumbing,
             (ROJET 4300 & 5000 only)
                                                                                                                                                                      Bathroom Life and Irrigation.
         • Nozzlesavailabletoclearanyblockage
                                                                                                                                                                      Trading hours for Onsite vary, please
         • Robust,rustresistantgalvanisedframe                                                                                                                  visit www.reece.com.au/outlet for
         • Portableunitsthatcanbehard-mounted                                                                                                                   more information.
         •  eavydutysteelhosereelwithsewerhose,                                                                                                              Only the following Civil and hvac-r
            rated to 5000psi                                                                                                                                          branches will be open during this period:
                                                                                                                                                                      Civil                             Hvac-r
                                                                                                                                                                      Doveton                           Clayton
                                                                                                                                                                      Docklands                         Docklands
                                                                                                                                                                      Enoggera                          Artarmon
    EXPANDING THE NETWORK                                                                                                                                                                               East Brisbane
                                                                                                  New Store                                                                                             Sunshine
                                                                                                  South Penrith
                                                                                                  Units 6&7/39 York Rd                                              So enjoy your break. And call your local
                                                                                                  South Penrith NSW 2750                                            Reece branch or phone 1800 032 566
                                                                                                                                                                    for more information or visit
                                                                                                  Ph: (02) 4721 7888
                                                                                                                                                                    www.reece.com.au/outlet for
                                                                                                  Fax: (02) 4721 2362                                               a detailed list of our Christmas
                                                                                                  Manager: Adam Glover                                              period hours.

    Main Price Changes                                                                                             For the full list of price changes or if you have any queries, please see your
                                                                                                                   Reece Branch Manager or visit www.reece.com.au/outlet for further updates.

  Supplier                                                                  Products                                                                             % Increase                                  Date Effective
  LW GEMMELL                                                                Plumbing products                                                                        VAR%                             01 December 2012
  ACO-POLYCRETE                                                             Concrete & drainage                                                                      VAR%                                01 January 2013
  ITW BUILDEX                                                               Fasteners                                                                              2.9-3.5%                              01 January 2013
  LAMINEX INDUSTRIES                                                        Laminex panels                                                                              5%                               01 January 2013
  PROMAT                                                                    Fire protection products                                                                 VAR%                                01 January 2013

       Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber.™
       Reece. Supporting the plumbing industry for over 90 years.

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   4      www.reece.com.au /outlet
For 15 years, Reece has been hard at work promoting the               We asked judge, Phil Denman, for some feedback on the general
‘Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber’ message - and the             standard of entries and he said ‘I think it highlights the reasons
reason is pretty simple. You’re working with dangerous                why we have a regulated industry. Some of the DIY examples
materials and you need to be highly skilled to perform                are just plain dangerous. I think the grey water recycling/solar
certain tasks safely and correctly. Plumbing is a regulated           HW/gas installation doesn’t deserve a prize, rather multiple fines
industry for good reason.                                             for stupidity.’
So promoting ‘Don’t risk it’ is important for our industry and the    Judge, Andrew Clarke, went on to say ‘There was some amazing
community.                                                            creativity throughout the finalists. Interesting how many Hot
                                                                      Water services are in the final list, when they pose the greatest
Of course, there are still exceptions to the rule. And in honour of
                                                                      risk if something goes wrong.’
all those home hacks we created the DIY Disasters Competition.
This year, you’ve obviously been on the lookout as we’ve              Tim Swift, said ‘The competition allows the industry as a
received a whopping 116 submissions - each an outright                whole to clearly see what is being done out there in the DIY
contender for the title of Australia’s dumbest plumbing job.          wonderland. Scary stuff considering the real potential community
                                                                      risks identified.’
With so many ridiculous and dangerous entries, it was hard to
pick a single winner, but we got there in the end. However, before    Judge, Jeff Patchell, summed up the competition best saying
we reveal the winner, a huge thanks to everyone who submitted         ‘It is of continuing concern just how many consumers fail to
entries. The quality was once again outstanding.                      understand the safety issues surrounding hot water cylinders/
                                                                      pressurised systems. Whilst we are aware of these examples
Entries were judged on a rigorous criteria that included risk to
                                                                      in this competition - it is frightening to think how many go
self, risk to others, risk to the environment, complexity of design
                                                                      unnoticed, until perhaps the point of an explosion or accident.’
and of course, the funny factor.
                                                                      So a big congratulations to this year’s winner, Tim Cole from
The judging panel comprised some of Australia’s sharpest
                                                                      Queensland, who will be getting $3000 cash along with a new
plumbing minds including:
                                                                      website (to the value of $3000) for their plumbing business.
Tim Swift, Master Plumbers Association of Western Australia           And also well done to our 10 runners up, Scott Capegreco
representative on State Plumbing Regulator Board (PLB of WA)          (NSW), Kyal Higgins (WA), Nick Kuhn (SA), Rob King (VIC),
                                                                      Paul Thomas (VIC), Brad Hayes (VIC), Harry Bennetts (VIC),
Shayne La Combre, Director, Plumbing Industry Commission              Chris Walker (QLD), Wayne Newman (NSW and Allround
                                                                      Plumbing (WA), who each receive a Milwaukee FUEL Hammer
Andrew Clarke, Executive Officer, Plumbing Industry
                                                                      Drill Driver and accessories.
Association of South Australia (PIASA)

Jeff Patchell, founder and publisher of Plumbing Connection
Magazine                                                                Visit Outlet online at www.reece.com.au/diydisasters to
                                                                        see the winning entry as well as all the finalists. You can also
Phil Denman, Principal Advisor, Plumbing Legislation &
Standards Branch, Building Codes of Queensland, Dept of                 read what the judges had to say.
Housing and Public Works.

                                                                                        Just three of the runners up.
Congratulations to this year’s winner, Tim Cole from
Queensland, who will be getting $3000 cash along with a new
website (to the value of $3000) for their plumbing business.
This one pretty much left the judges speechless apart from a few choice words
from Tim Swift, ‘Its so wrong on so many levels - gas, water, sanitary, building.
The place needs a demolition order put on it and fast’. Phil Denman also chimed
in suggesting, ‘...this guy has way too much time on his hands!’.

                      Tim’s story
                      Old Mate wanted his gas instantaneous
                      hotwater system repaired. He was told that
                      the complete gas installation would have
                      to be brought up to scratch before repairs
                      could be done. He didn’t like that idea too
                      much, so said “leave it as it is then.”
                      So we wrote a gas defect notice. Would
                      have been flatout getting to it though
                      because of the stinking grey water tank
                      and all the other ‘Dad & Dave’ pipework
                      and stuff.

                                              Proudly supported by

                            Keep your eyes open and phones at the
                            ready to capture a DIY disaster to enter
                            in our next DIY Disasters Competition.

                And keep reminding your customers:
                Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber.™

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