Organization by pengxuebo


									                                                                                                                          Corporate Data - Organization 33


                                                                                                             Textile Company

                                                                                                             Plant, Automobile & Industrial Machinery Company

 General Meeting of Stockholders                                                                             Aerospace, Electronics & Multimedia Company

 Board of Directors           Board of Corporate Auditors   Chief Financial Officer
                              Corporate Auditors

                                                                                                             Energy, Metals & Minerals Company

 Chairman                                                   Chief Information Officer

 President                                                                                                   Chemicals, Forest Products & General Merchandise Company
 and C.E.O.

                                     Headquarters               Corporate Planning,
                                     Management Committee       Finance, Accounting & Credit

                                                                                                             Food Company

                                     Directors,                 Human Resources, Affiliate Administration,
                                     Auditors & Executive       General Affairs & Legal
                                     Officers Meeting

                                                                                            Audit Division   Finance, Realty, Insurance & Logistics Services Company


                                                                                                             Overseas Offices

                                                                                                             Domestic Offices
34 Corporate Data - Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies
Textile Company                                 Plant, Automobile                                 Japan Entertainment Network K.K.
                                                & Industrial Machinery Company                      Cable/satellite television network of cartoon
Subsidiaries                                                                                        channels
                                                Subsidiaries                                      Star Channel Inc.
CI Fabric Ltd.
 Manufacture and wholesale of fabrics for       ITOCHU Plant & Machinery Corporation                Cable/satellite television network of movie
 apparel and home furnishings                     Export and import of small/medium-sized           channels
ITOCHU Intex Corporation                          plant and machinery
  Wholesale of industrial textiles              IMECS Co., Ltd.                                   Energy, Metals & Minerals company
ITOCHU Home Fashion Corp.                        Ship owning, ship management and                 Subsidiaries
                                                 accounting of foreign shipping companies
  Manufacture and wholesale of home
  furnishings                                   ITOCHU Energy Solution Co., Ltd.                  ITOCHU Technometal Co., Ltd.
                                                  Sale of equipment and systems for energy          Wholesale of steel products
Hom-Com Network Co., Ltd.                         conservation, electricity supply by dispersed
 Support for home care service providers for      power system                                    Yutaka Steel Industries Co., Ltd.
 the elderly                                                                                       Processing of steel plates
                                                ITOCHU Automobile Corporation
Marusan-Ai Corporation                            Export/import and domestic sale of motor        Tokyo Steel Center Co., Ltd.
 Dyeing and finishing of polyester fabrics         vehicles, parts and plants                       Processing of steel sheets
I-TEX International Inc.                        ITOCHU Construction Machinery Co.,                Nikko Co., Ltd.
  Wholesale of garment materials                Ltd.                                               Wholesale of steel pipe and tube
Roy-ne Co., Ltd.                                  Wholesale of construction machinery             Hiroshima Steel Center Co., Ltd.
 Manufacture and wholesale of woven and         ITOCHU Sanki Corporation                           Processing of steel sheets
 knitted products                                 Wholesale of industrial machinery               Shiga Coil Center Co., Ltd.
UNICO Corporation                               ITOCHU Texmac Corporation                          Processing of steel sheets
 Manufacture and wholesale of uniforms            Wholesale of textile machinery                  ITOCHU Non-Ferrous Materials Co., Ltd.
Uni Kids Corporation                            Century Medical, Inc.                               Wholesale of non-ferrous metals and
 Import and sale of Chicco brand products        Wholesale of medical equipment and                 products
MARIELLA BURANI JAPAN Co., Ltd.                                                                   ITOCHU Oil Exploration Co., Ltd.
 Import and sale of Mariella Burani brand       Associates                                          Exploration and production of hydrocarbon
 products                                                                                           resources
                                                Century Leasing System, Inc.
Hunting World Japan Co., Ltd.                    Lease of machinery and equipment                 ITOCHU MARINE Co., Ltd.
 Import and sale of Hunting World brand                                                             Charter and operation of oil tankers, sales of
 products                                                                                           bunker fuel oil
Richard-Ginori Japan Corporation
                                                Aerospace, Electronics                            ITOCHU Oil Terminal Co., Ltd.
 Import and sale of Richard Ginori &            & Multimedia Company                                Operation of oil storage facilities
 Pagnossin Group brand products
                                                Subsidiaries                                      ITOCHU Energy Marketing Co., Ltd.
CI GARMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.                                                                        Wholesale of petroleum products
 Retail of men’s and ladies’ apparel and sale   ITOCHU Airlease Corporation
 of garment materials                             Lease and finance of commercial aircraft         ITOCHU LubNet Inc.
                                                                                                    Sale of lubricants and auto-parts
ITOCHU Modepal Co., Ltd.                        ITOCHU Aviation Co., Ltd.
  Manufacture and wholesale of apparel            Sale of aircraft and related equipment          OCL Corp.
                                                                                                   Lease and maintenance of cask
Liondor Co., Ltd.                               ITOCHU Mechatronics Corporation
 Manufacture and wholesale of men’s apparel       Sale of NC machine tools and industrial         Associates
JOI’X CORPORATION                                                                                 World Energy Development Co., Ltd.
 Sale of men’s apparel                          ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation                  Development of oil, natural gas, and other
                                                  Sale, system integration and services of         mineral resources
TOMMY HILFIGER JAPAN, INC.                        computer networks and equipment
 Sale of Tommy Hilfiger brand products                                                             ITOCHU ENEX CO., LTD.
                                                Info Avenue Corporation                             Wholesale of petroleum products
ITOCHU Fashion System Co., Ltd.                   Application service provider
  Comprehensive consulting in the fashion                                                         Laurel Corporation
  industry                                      Space Shower Network, Inc.                         Wholesale of petroleum products
                                                 Cable/satellite television network of music
ITOCHU Textile Institute, Inc.                   channels
  Research, developing, and consulting                                                            Chemicals, Forest Products
                                                ITC Networks Corporation
CI Shopping Service Co., Ltd.                     Retail network of mobile phones                 & General Merchandise Company
 Sale of everyday items aimed at ITOCHU                                                           Subsidiaries
 Group employees and families                   Associates
                                                JAMCO Corporation                                 ITOCHU Kenzai Corp.
Associates                                                                                          Wholesale of wood products and building
                                                 Maintenance of aircraft and manufacture of
                                                 aircraft interior                                  materials
Ayaha Corporation
 Manufacture of tire cords, etc.                                                                  Sanko Plywood Co., Ltd.
                                                EXCITE Co., Ltd.                                   Manufacture of plywood
Dunhill Group Japan Ltd.                         Internet directory, search engine and
 Import and sale of Dunhill brand products       information provider                             Daishin Plywood Co., Ltd.
Leilian Co., Ltd.                               CRC Research Institute, Inc.                       Manufacture of plywood
 Retail of ladies’ apparel                       System integration, outsourcing and              ITOCHU Forestry Corp.
                                                 consulting services                                Landscape architecture, greenery
                                                JSAT Corporation                                    development, and wastewater treatment
                                                 Satellite telecommunications and                   systems
                                                 broadcasting services
                                                                                Corporate Data - Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies 35

Everson McCoy Homes Inc.                         ITOCHU Sanplus Co., Ltd.                          ITOCHU Property Development, Ltd.
 Marketing of North American-type imported         Manufacture of polyethylene film and related       Development and sale of housing
 houses                                            materials                                         (apartments, condominiums and homes) and
                                                                                                     management of office buildings
ITOCHU LUMBER Co., Ltd.                          TOHO EARTHTECH, INC.
  Assemble and wholesales of lumber and           Exploration and production of natural gas        ITOCHU Housing Co., Ltd.
  building products                               and iodine                                         Real estate agent and property consultant
ITOCHU Pulp & Paper Corp.                                                                          Century 21 Real Estate of Japan Ltd.
  Wholesale of paper, paperboards, packaging     Food Company                                       Headquarters of real estate franchise system
  materials, and wood pulp
                                                 Subsidiaries                                      ITOCHU Urban Community Ltd.
APP Japan Ltd.                                                                                       Operation and management of real estate
 Sole agent in Japan for APP, the largest        ITOCHU Sugar Co., Ltd.                              property
 paper manufacturing group in Indonesia            Manufacture and processing of sugar and
                                                   by-products                                     ITOCHU Commnet Co., Ltd.
ITOCHU Ceratech Corp.                                                                                Operation of rental residents
  Manufacture and sale of processed refractory   ITOCHU Safco Co., Ltd.
  raw materials and building products              Processing and sale of sugar and                ITOPIA Home Co., Ltd.
                                                   confectionery materials                           Planning and execution of homes
ITOCHU Windows Co., Ltd.
  Manufacture and sale of insulating glass       ITOCHU Rice Corporation                           ITOCHU Insurance Services Co., Ltd.
                                                   Rice wholesales                                   Insurance agency
  Incubating and managing e-Business             ITOCHU Feed Mills Co., Ltd.                       i-LOGISTICS CORP.
                                                   Manufacture and wholesale of compound             Comprehensive logistics services
I.C.S. Co., Ltd.                                   feeds
  Sale of tires and wheels                                                                         Naigai Travel Service Co., Ltd.
                                                 ITOCHU Kinuura Marine Terminal Co.,                Travel agency
Royal Stage Corporation                          Ltd.
 Catalog shopping for the wealthy                  Food warehousing                                Associates
Retail Branding Co. Ltd.                         Japan Foods Co., Ltd.                    Securities Co., Ltd.
 Retail support business                           Production of soft drinks                        Online stock brokerage
HARTS MARUHARA CORPORATION                       ITOCHU FRESH Corporation                          CREDIA CO., LTD.
 DIY store                                         Processing and wholesale of perishables          Consumer loan and business loan
BEAVER TOZAN CORPORATION                         ITOCHU SHOKUHIN Co., Ltd.                         Priva Corporation
 DIY store                                         Wholesale and distribution of foods              Online consumer loan
ITOCHU FINE CHEMICAL Corporation                 Nishino Trading Co., Ltd.                         eGuarantee, Inc.
  Wholesale of fine chemicals and related raw      Wholesale of foods and sundries                   Integrated payment solutions through
  materials                                                                                         the eGuarantee financial portal for BtoB
                                                 CI Foods Systems Co., Ltd.                         marketplaces and financing providers
ITOCHU Plastics System Co., Ltd.                  Food wholesales
  Development and wholesale of synthetic                                                           ITOCHU Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
  resins and related products                    Yayoi Foods Co., Ltd.                               Insurance broking services
ITOCHU Techno-Chemical Inc.                       Manufacture of frozen prepared foods
                                                                                                   Superex Corporation
  Wholesale of superfine chemicals                Tower Bakery Co., Ltd.                             Logistics center
ITOCHU Agri-System Co., Ltd.                      Processing of dough and bread for SEVEN-
                                                  ELEVEN convenience store chain          Inc.
  Wholesale of agricultural materials and                                                           Online travel agency
  related products                               Universal Food Co., Ltd.
                                                  Planning and service providing in food           Other Operations
DAILITE Co., Ltd.                                 service business
 Manufacture and sale of plastic products,                                                         Subsidiaries
 such as large polyethylene-tanks                Family Corporation Inc.
                                                  Planning, distribution and supply of             ITOCHU Management Consulting Co.,
ITOCHU POLYMER INC.                               merchandise for FamilyMart convenience           Ltd.
  Wholesale of resins and plastic products        store chain                                        Market research and analysis, business
                                                                                                     support and consulting
The Japan Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.             Associates
 Manufacture and other operations for metal                                                        ITOCHU Mabis Inc.
 pretreatment chemicals                          Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.                                  International and domestic trading
VCJ Corporation                                   Integrated manufacturer of cooking oil and
                                                  soybean protein                                  ITOCHU Shared Management Services Inc.
 Wholesale of video software and plastic                                                             Finance and accounting shared service,
 products for convenience-store chain and        Yoshinoya D&C Co., Ltd.                             business support and consulting
                                                  Operation of Gyu-don store chain and the
                                                  other new business                               Career Plaza Corporation
Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.                                                                          Executive placement, temporary
 Management of chemical storage                                                                     employment, outsourcing, training seminars,
 warehouses and transport of chemical and                                                           and outplacement
 other cargos                                    Finance, Realty, Insurance
                                                 & Logistics Services Company                      ITOCHU Human Resource Services Inc.
Associates                                                                                           Human resource management consulting,
                                                 Subsidiaries                                        personnel data management and payroll
PPG-CI Co., Ltd.                                                                                     service
 Wholesale of float-glass                         ITOCHU Finance Corporation
                                                   Loan and venture capital investment business    ITOCHU General Services Inc.
TAKIRON Co., Ltd.                                                                                    Facility management and interior works
 Manufacture of plastic products including       ITOCHU Capital Securities, Ltd.
 flat and corrugated plastic sheets                 Structuring and distribution of fund of funds
                                                   and other investment products
C.I. KASEI Co., Ltd.
 Manufacture of PVC pipe and film and
 related materials                                                                                                           (As of July 1, 2001)
36 Corporate Data - Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies
Textile Company                                 MA International, Inc. (U.S.A.)                 ITOCHU Petroleum Co.,(Hong Kong) Ltd.
                                                 Distribution of portable construction          (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
Subsidiaries                                     equipment                                        International Trade of crude oil, LPG and
                                                                                                  petroleum products
ITOCHU Wool Ltd. (Australia)                    Associates
  Purchase and wholesale of wool and animal                                                     Associates
  hair                                          Mazda Austria G.m.b.H. (Austria)
                                                 Wholesale of motor vehicles                    Mitsui-Itochu Iron Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
ITOCHU Textile Materials (Asia) Ltd.                                                             Investment in iron ore mining project
(Hong Kong S.A.R., China)                       P.T.Astra Multi Finance (Indonesia)
  Wholesale of chemical fibers, filament yarns      Motor vehicle financing to customers           Kobe Alumina Associates (Australia) Pty.,
  and cotton yarns                                                                              Ltd. (Australia)
                                                                                                 Investment in manufacture of alumina and
Prominent USA Inc. (U.S.A.)                     Aerospace, Electronics                           mining of gold
 Import, export and wholesale of garments       & Multimedia Company
 and fabrics                                                                                    CHEMOIL Corporation (U.S.A.)
                                                Subsidiaries                                     Sale and distribution of bunker fuel
Prominent (Europe) Ltd. (U.K.)
 Import and wholesale of garments and           ITOCHU AirLease, Inc. (U.S.A.)                  Galaxy Energy Group Ltd. B.V.I. (British
 fabrics                                          Lease and finance of commercial aircraft       Virgin Islands)
                                                                                                 International Trade of crude oil and
Prominent Apparel Ltd.                          ITOCHU AirLease B.V. (Netherlands)               petroleum products
(Hong Kong S.A.R., China)                         Lease of commercial aircraft
  Production control and wholesale of textile
  and apparel                                   ITOCHU Aviation, Inc. (U.S.A.)                  Chemicals, Forest Products
Prominent Apparel (Shanghai) Ltd. (China)
                                                  Export of aircraft and related equipment      & General Merchandise Company
 Production control and wholesale of apparel    Innovative Information Systems Ltd.             Subsidiaries
                                                (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
Tianjin Huada Garment Co., Ltd. (China)           Wholesale of computer equipment               CIPA Lumber Co., Ltd. (Canada)
 Manufacture of uniforms                                                                         Manufacture of lumber and veneer
                                                ITOCHU Electronics Co., Ltd. (U.K.)
Qingdao Tri-Gents Clothing Co., Ltd.              Wholesale of office-use printers and           Siam Riso Wood Products Co., Ltd.
(China)                                           computer equipment                            (Thailand)
  Manufacture of men’s suit                                                                       Manufacture of particle boards
                                                ITOCHU Technology, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Fashion Europe Inc. (U.S.A.)                      Sourcing of computer hardware and software    Pacific Woodtech Corp. (U.S.A)
 Import and sale of Vivienne Westwood brand                                                      Manufacture of construction particle boards
 goods etc.
                                                Energy, Metals & Minerals Company               ITOCHU Pulp & Paper Asia Pte., Ltd.
Associates                                                                                       (Singapore)
                                                Subsidiaries                                      Supervising Wholesale of paper and pulp
Thai Shikibo Co., Ltd. (Thailand)                                                                 in Asia
 Manufacture of cotton yarn                     ITOCHU Project Management Corp.
                                                (U.S.A.)                                        C.I. Ceramics (Australia) Pty., Ltd.
ATR Wire & Cable Co., Inc. (U.S.A.)               Investment and supply in oil and gas          (Australia)
 Manufacture of steel tire cords                  industries                                      Sales and services for refractory materials
                                                                                                  and products
Nortons S.p.A. (Italy)                          South Western Ohio Steel Inc. (U.S.A.)
 Import and wholesale of apparel                 Steel service center                           PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.
Hangzhou Asahikasei Textiles Co., Ltd.          ITOCHU METAL MANAGEMENT PTE                       Wholesale of building materials
(China)                                         LTD (Singapore)
  Knitting and dyeing of spandex                  International trade of steel products         Am-Pac Tire Distributors Inc. (U.S.A.)
                                                                                                 Wholesale and retail of tires
                                                Dalian Teng Yang Steel Processing Co., Ltd.
Plant, Automobile                               (China)                                         Stapleton’s (Tyre Services) Ltd. (U.K.)
& Industrial Machinery Company                    Processing of steel sheet                       Wholesale and retail of tires
Subsidiaries                                    ITOCHU Stahl Europa Holding GmbH                ITOCHU Plastics Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
                                                (Germany)                                         Wholesale of plastic resins
Daihatsu Holland B.V. (Netherlands)               Sale of steel products
 Wholesale of motor vehicles                                                                    Plastribution Limited (U.K.)
                                                United Coil Center, Ltd. (Thailand)              Wholesale of synthetic resins
MCL Group Ltd. (U.K.)                            Processing of steel sheet
 Retail and wholesale of motor vehicles                                                         Hexa Color (Thailand) Ltd. (Thailand)
                                                ITOCHU Pipe & Tube Asia Pte. Ltd.                Plastics coloring compound operations
I.C. Autohandel Beteiligungen GmbH              (Singapore)
(Germany)                                         Trade and wholesale of steel pipe and tube    Hinbo International Industrial Co., Ltd.
  Holding company for car dealers                                                               (China)
                                                ITOCHU Pipe & Project Management                  Manufacture of plasticizer for vinyl chloride
ITOCHU Automobile America, Inc.                 (Europe) Plc. (U.K.)
(U.S.A.)                                          Trade and Wholesale of steel pipe and tube    CIPLAS America Inc. (U.S.A)
  Holding company for auto-related business                                                      Wholesale of synthetic resins
                                                CI Minerals Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
PROMAX Automotive, Inc. (U.S.A.)                 Investment in iron ore mining project          ITOCHU Specialty Chemicals Inc. (U.S.A.)
 Third-party logistics services                                                                   Wholesale of chemical products and
                                                ITOCHU Coal Resources Australia Pty.,             synthetic resins
TEXMAC, Inc. (U.S.A.)                           Ltd. (Australia)
 Wholesale of industrial machinery                Investment in coal mining and sales project   Associates
ITOCHU SysTech G.m.b.H. (Germany)               ITOCHU Petroleum Co., (Singapore) Pte.          Daiken Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  System engineering and sale of                Ltd. (Singapore)                                 Manufacture of medium-density fiberboards
  manufacturing equipment for electronic          International Trade of crude oil and
  devices and semiconductors                      petroleum products
                                                                             Corporate Data - Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies 37

Albany Plantation Forest Company of           ITOCHU Finance (Asia) Ltd.                        Overseas Trading Subsidiaries
Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia)               (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
 Plantation of eucalyptus trees for             Proprietary financial investment and             ITOCHU International Inc. (U.S.A.)
 papermaking                                    development of new financial business in
                                                Asia                                            ITOCHU Canada Ltd. (Canada)
Harris Daishowa (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.                                                               ITOCHU Latin America S.A. (Panama)
(Australia)                                   P.T. Skyline Building (Indonesia)
  Manufacture of woodchip                       Development and operation of office              ITOCHU Brasil S.A. (Brazil)
                                                buildings and residential projects
RubberNet (Asia) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)                                                          ITOCHU Argentina S.A. (Argentine)
 Sale of natural rubber                       Luisita Industrial Park Corporation
                                              (Philippines)                                     ITOCHU Venezuela S.A. (Venezuela)
Thaitech Rubber Corp., Ltd. (Thailand)          Development, sale and management of             ITOCHU Colombia S.A. (Colombia)
 Processing of natural rubber                   industrial parks
                                                                                                ITOCHU Mexico C.V. (Mexico)
P.T. Aneka Bumi Pratama (Indonesia)           Makati Sky Plaza Inc. (Philippines)
  Processing of natural rubber                 Development and operation of office               ITOCHU Chile Ltda. (Chile)
Bonset America Corporation (U.S.A.)                                                             ITOCHU Europe PLC. (U.K.)
 Manufacture of plastic shrink film            Cosmos Services Co., Ltd.                         ITOCHU Deutschland GmbH. (Germany)
                                              (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
Guangzhow ES Fiber Co., Ltd. (China)            Consulting and broking of insurance and         ITOCHU Italiana S.p.A. (Italy)
 Manufacture of bonded-fiber fabrics             reinsurance
                                                                                                ITOCHU Schweiz AG (Switzerland)
Shanghai Baoling Plastics Co., Ltd. (China)   Cosmos Services (America) Inc. (U.S.A.)
 Manufacture of plastic products               Consulting and broking of insurance              ITOCHU Austria GmbH. (Austria)
Shanghai Jinpu Plastic Pacaging Material      Gotoh Distribution Service, Inc. (U.S.A.)         ITOCHU Hellas Ltd. (Greece)
Co., Ltd. (China)                              Transport and warehousing                        ITOCHU France S.A. (France)
 Manufacture of polypropylene films
                                              Eurasia Sped Kft. (Hungary)                       ITOCHU España S.A. (Spain)
Tetra Chemicals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.          Transport and warehousing
(Singapore)                                                                                     ITOCHU Egypt, Limited Liability
  Sale and manufacture of MTBE                I & D Logistics Private Limited (India)           Company (Egypt)
  (Methyl T-Butyl Ether)                        Transport of automobiles
                                                                                                ITOCHU Middle East E.C. (Bahrain)
                                              Beijing Pacific Logistics Co., Ltd. (China)        ITOCHU Australia Ltd. (Australia)
Food Company                                   Logistics center
                                                                                                ITOCHU New Zealand Ltd. (New Zealand)
Subsidiaries                                  Guangzhou Global Logistics Corp. (China)
                                               Warehousing and trucking                         ITOCHU Taiwan Corporation (Taiwan)
Oilseeds International Ltd. (U.S.A.)                                                            ITOCHU Korea Ltd. (Republic of Korea)
 Safflower oil manufacture                     SIG Logistics, Inc. (U.S.A.)
                                               Distribution center for convenience-store        ITOCHU Asia Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
Associates                                     chain
                                                                                                ITOCHU Hong Kong Ltd.
Asahi Breweries ITOCHU (Holdings)             Associates                                        (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
Limited (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
 Holding company for China beer project       Beijing International Tennis Center Co.,          ITOCHU (China) Holding Co., Ltd.
                                              Ltd. (China)                                      (China)
Winner Food Products Ltd.                      Operation of tennis courts and rental
                                               residential projects                             ITOCHU Shanghai Ltd. (China)
(Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
  Manufacture and Wholesale of processed      P.T. Maligi Permata Industrial Estate             ITOCHU (Thailand) Ltd. (Thailand)
Cholburi Sugar & Trading Corp., Ltd.            Development, sale and management of
(Thailand)                                      industrial parks
  Sugar manufacture                           Cosmos Risk Solutions Ltd. (U.K.)
Nic Starch Products Ltd. (Thailand)            Consulting and broking of insurance and
 Starch manufacture                            reinsurance

Palmaju Edible Oil Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
 Refining of palm oil                          Other Operations
P.T. Aneka Tuna Indonesia (Indonesia)         Subsidiaries
  Production and marketing of canned tuna
                                              Telerent Leasing Corp. (U.S.A.)
CGB Enterprise, Inc. (U.S.A.)                  Distribution and lease of televisions and air
 Handling of grain and operation of barges     conditioners to hotels and hospitals
Taiwan Distribution Center Co. Ltd.           Master-Halco, Inc. (U.S.A.)
(Taiwan)                                       Manufacture of fencing materials
  Wholesale of foods and sundries             Enprotech Corporation (U.S.A.)
                                               Project management, industrial machinery
Finance, Realty, Insurance                     design and repairs
& Logistics Services Company                  BAURENT Baumaschinen Miet Service
                                              G.m.b.H. (Germany)
Subsidiaries                                   Lease of construction machineries
ITOCHU Finance (Europe) Plc. (U.K.)           Productos Y Equipos Internacionales S.A.
  Proprietary financial investment and         De C.V. (Mexico)
  development of new financial business in      Wholesale and retail of medical equipments
                                                                                                                         (As of July 1, 2001)
38 Corporate Data - Bank References

                  Bank References

                  Japan                                          Asia
                    The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd.                Chekiang First Bank Ltd.
                    The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation       Hang Seng Bank Limited
                    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd.            The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
                    The Fuji Bank, Ltd.                           Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Limited
                    The Sanwa Bank, Ltd.                          Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
                    The Asahi Bank, Ltd.                          State Bank of India
                    The Tokai Bank, Ltd.                          The Development Bank of Singapore Limited
                    The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd.            United Overseas Bank Limited
                    Shinsei Bank, Ltd.                            Malayan Banking Berhad
                    Aozora Bank, Ltd.                             RHB Bank Berhad
                    The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.        Bank of China
                    The Chuo Mitsui Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
                    The Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corporation   Europe & Africa
                    The Toyo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.            Barclays Bank PLC
                    Japan Bank for International Coporation       HSBC Bank plc
                    Development Bank of Japan                     Standard Chartered Bank PLC
                    The Norinchukin Bank                          COMMERZBANK A.G.
                    Shinkin Central Bank                          Deutsche Bank A.G.
                                                                  UBS A.G.
                  North America                                   Credit Agricole Indosuez
                                                                  BNP Paribas
                    Bank of America N.A.
                                                                  Credit Lyonnais S.A.
                    Bank One N.A.
                                                                  Societe Generale
                    Citibank, N.A.
                                                                  Natexis Groupe
                    The Chase Manhattan Bank
                                                                  ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
                    Bank of Montreal
                                                                  Banca Commerciale Italiana S.p.A.
                    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
                                                                  Credito Italiano S.p.A.
                    Royal Bank of Canada
                                                                  Credit Suisse
                                                                  The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
                  Central & South America                         N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
                    Bank Boston Banco Multiplo S.A.
                    Banco Nacional de Mexico                     Middle East
                                                                  Gulf International Bank B.S.C.
                  Oceania                                         The British Bank of the Middle East
                                                                  ANZ Grindlays Bank Ltd.
                    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
                                                                  Union National Bank
                    Westpac Banking Corporation
                    National Bank of New Zealand
                    Bank of New Zealand Limited
                                                                                      Corporate Data - Overseas Representative Offices 39

Overseas Representative Offices

North America                                               Middle East
 ITOCHU International Inc.                                   ITOCHU Middle East E.C.
 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors, Bank of America Plaza,          1st Floor, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bldg.,
 335 Madison Avenue, New York N.Y. 10017, U.S.A.             King Faisal Road, Manama, BAHRAIN
 Telephone: 1 (212) 818-8000                                 Telephone: 973-210238
 Facsimile : 1 (212) 818-8361                                Facsimile : 973-224935

Latin America                                               Oceania
 ITOCHU Latin America S.A.                                   ITOCHU Australia Ltd.
 P.H.Plaza Canaima, 7 Piso, Calle Samuel Lewis,Obarrio,      Level 29, Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, Sydney,
 Panama, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA                                  N.S.W. 2000, AUSTRALIA
 Telephone: 507-265-5422                                     Telephone: 61 (2) 9239-1500
 Facsimile : 507-265-5433                                    Facsimile : 61 (2) 9241-3955

Europe                                                      Asia
 ITOCHU Europe PLC.                                          ITOCHU Hong Kong Ltd.
 The International Press Center, 76 Shoe Lane,               28th Floor, United Centre, 95 Queensway, HONG KONG
 London EC4A 3PJ, U.K.                                       Telephone: 852-2529-6011
 Telephone: 44 (20) 7827-0822                                Facsimile : 852-2865-4631
 Facsimile : 44 (20) 7583-1847
Africa                                                       ITOCHU Corporation, Moscow Office
 ITOCHU Corporation, Johannesburg Branch                     Savvinskaya Office Building, 9th Floor, Savvinskaya
 4th Floor, Norwich Life Towers, Corner Fredman Drive and    Nab., 15 Moscow, 119435, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
 Bute Lane, Sandown, Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA                   Telephone: 7 (095) 961-1456
 Telephone: 27 (11) 883-6500 ~ 7                             Facsimile : 7 (095) 961-1447
 Facsimile : 27 (11) 883-6551

                                                                                                    (As of July 1, 2001)
40 Corporate Data - Corporate Officers

                   Corporate Officers

                   Minoru Murofushi
                   VICE CHAIRMAN
                   Masahisa Naitoh
                   Uichiro Niwa
                   Hiroshi Sumie
                    President, Food Company
                   Makoto Kato
                    President, Textile Company
                   Yushin Okazaki
                    Human Resources, Affiliate Administration,
                    General Affairs & Legal
                   Sumitaka Fujita
                    Chief Financial Officer; Corporate Planning,
                    Finance, Accounting & Credit
                   Mitsuaki Fukuda
                    President, Plant, Automobile & Industrial
                    Machinery Company
                   Akira Yokota
                    President, Aerospace, Electronics &
                    Multimedia Company                             Front row from the left:
                                                                   Executive Vice President Hiroshi Sumie, President and Chief Executive Officer Uichiro Niwa,
                   MANAGING DIRECTORS                              Chairman Minoru Murofushi, Vice Chairman Masahisa Naitoh
                                                                   Back row from the left:
                   Masaya Takei                                    Executive Vice President Sumitaka Fujita, Executive Vice President Makoto Kato,
                    President, Finance, Realty, Insurance &        Executive Vice President Yushin Okazaki
                    Logistics Services Company
                   Kiyomi Yamada
                    President, Energy, Metals & Minerals
                    Company                                        EXECUTIVE OFFICERS
                   Motonori Toyota                                 Motoyuki Katsube                               Tadao Nakamura
                    President, Chemicals, Forest Products &         Chief Executive Officer for Latin America;      General Manager, Affiliate Administration
                    General Merchandise Company                     President, ITOCHU Latin America S.A. ;          Division; Chief Officer for Asia Region
                                                                    Chairman, ITOCHU Brasil S.A.                    Strategy
                   CORPORATE AUDITORS
                                                                   Nobukazu Okura                                 Akihisa Matsumoto
                   Shonosuke Beppu                                  Chief Operating Officer, Chemicals Division     Chief Operating Officer, Energy Division
                   Toshio Konishi                                  Akio Maki                                      Jiro Takemori
                   Masahiro Asano                                   Chief Executive for Europe; Managing            Chief Operating Officer, Plant & Project
                                                                    Director, ITOCHU Europe PLC.                    Division
                   Yasuyuki Wakahara
                                                                   Kunio Sanefuji                                 Masao Kasama
                   Katsuhiko Kondo                                  Chief Financial Officer, Finance, Realty,       Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace &
                                                                    Insurance & Logistics Services Company          Electronic Systems Division
                                                                   Akira Kodera                                   Shozo Nozoe
                   Kenji Harasawa                                   Senior Vice President for Overseas Market,     General Manager, Finance Division
                    General Manager of Nagoya Area                  Textile Company
                                                                                                                  Etsurou Nakanishi
                   Akio Shigetomi                                  Kouhei Watanabe                                 Senior Vice President, General Manager
                    Chairman of Steel Business Integration          Chief Information Officer;                     Textile Division,ITOCHU International Inc.
                    Committee                                       General Manager, Corporate Planning &
                                                                    Administration Division                       Tsunekatsu Yonezawa
                   Yoshio Yoshino                                                                                  Assistant to President,
                    Executive Vice President, Food Company;        Satoshi Tanioka                                 Energy, Metals & Minerals Company,
                    Chief Operating Officer, Food Division          Senior Vice President for Affiliate            Steel Business Integration Committee
                   Sokichi Sasaki                                   Administration and Risk Management,
                                                                    Textile Company;                              Toshihito Tamba
                    General Manager for China; Chairman,                                                           Chief Operating Officer, Forest Products &
                    General Manager & Group Director of             Chief Operating Officer, Fashion & Sports
                                                                    Apparel Division                               General Merchandise Division;
                    China Business for ITOCHU (China)Holding                                                       Chief Information Officer, Chemicals, Forest
                    Co.,Ltd.;                                      Eizo Kobayashi                                  Products & General Merchandise Company
                   Nobuyoshi Umeno                                  Chief Operating Officer, Information
                                                                    Technology & Telecommunication Division;      Tetsuya Matsui
                    General Manager, General Accounting                                                            Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Food
                    Control Division                                Master of Net Valley
                   Toshio Kimura                                   Hiroshi Ueda
                                                                    Senior Vice President for Domestic Market,    Hiroyuki Isaka
                    Chief Operating Officer, Iron & Steel                                                          General Manager, Corporate Communications
                    Division                                        Textile Company
                   Tsutomu Miyakushi                               Masayoshi Araya
                                                                    Chief Operating Officer, Metals & Mineral     Shigeki Nishiyama
                    General Manager, Legal Division                                                                Deputy General Manager,
                                                                    Resources Division
                   Takeshi Tanimura                                                                                Corporate Planning & Administration
                    Chief Operating Officer, Insurance Services    Tetsuo Mori                                     Division
                    Division                                        General Manager, General Affairs Division
                   Yoichi Okuda
                    President & Chief Executive Officer for
                    ITOCHU International Inc.
                   Hiroyuki Shinoki
                    Chief Operating Officer, Media Business
                                                                                                                                             (As of July 1, 2001)

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