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									The Importance of Sleep for Baby's
For Baby, sleep is not only for a rest. But for baby, sleep has a big role in collecting
energy, brain development, growth, and also emotional development. A baby should
need enough energy to do many activities. A baby should have a bright brain in learning
many new things. Good growth can be seen in baby’s body shape and height. Emotional
development is needed by a baby when a baby begins to socialize with many kinds of
friends in a social life and at school. So hopefully, with good emotional development
since a baby, a child can make good friends, choose the best things, and solve many

Generally, a baby is recommended to sleep for about 12 hours a day. And it is also
suggested that a baby should have a good sleep, not only a long sleep. That’s why, it is
important to create a comfortable atmosphere in baby’s sleeping room, such as clean,
quiet, healthy, and fresh. So, a baby will get the quality of sleep.

Some signs when a baby doesn’t sleep enough :

   1.   A baby will whine because of fatigue.
   2.   Some babies are more active than usual.
   3.   Easy to rampage (tantrum).
   4.   The area under the baby’s eyes gets reddened.

The baby who has enough sleep will :

   1.   Get a good growth.
   2.   Rarely tantrum.
   3.   Easy to response the stimulation.
   4.   Always happy and smile.
   5.   Rarely get obesity.
   6.   Have a powerful brain in processing al information.
   7.   Move on actively, but in normal capacity.
   8.   Rarely get sick.

Nutritious food and beverage is good for the baby. But enough sleep also has an
important role to maximize the role of nutrition has given to the baby. That’s why,
provide enough and good quality of sleep to your baby. Create a comfortable
atmosphere of your baby’s sleeping room, such quite, fresh, clean, healthy, and no TV
and Computer. Determine a schedule for your baby’s sleep. And it will discipline your
baby to obey th schedule has made and to sleep regularly. So, help your baby’s growth
with good sleep to make your baby smarter and healthier.

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